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  1. Riga vs. Vilnius: life, country, places, people - Europe
  2. Most American-Like European City?: Scandinavia, appearance, water
  3. Which European country smiles the most?: life, people, friendliest, traits
  4. Black Sea, Russian navy: crime, expensive, shallow, areas - Europe
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  7. Italian diplomat held for child abuse in Philippines: life, time - Europe
  8. D day landings: country - Europe
  9. RAF Bear Hunt: people, Russian, time, Latin - Europe
  10. 19hr in Copenhagen: places, train, cheap, travel - Europe
  11. News, Eiffel Tower turns 125: Facts you need to know: famous, 2014 - Europe
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  13. Catalan nationalism and imperialism in the Kingdom of Valencia: people, speak, Spain - Europe
  14. Direct flights to Croatia's Airports: cheap, travel, time - Europe
  15. Is a White Christian Armenian more European than a Muslim Albanian of Turkish decent?: crime, country
  16. Western Europe: country, places, people, German
  17. Help! How to view the EU Elections??: country, people, German - Europe
  18. Job offer in Dusseldorf: 2013, country, jobs, people - Europe
  19. Cigar and Cigarettes Cost at Paderewski Airport? - Europe
  20. Ebay Purchase VAT Refund: country - Europe
  21. What European countries feels like the following states: country, England, Germany
  22. Massive African immigration to Spain continues: country, train, black, work - Europe
  23. A Parisian vacation(and more).: life, country, place, train - Europe
  24. Advice on best way to move 500 pounds of tools to Europe, Slovakia: pay, moving
  25. 6 year old: international school or full German immersion??: living, house, English - Europe
  26. Barcelona Metro escalators: time - Europe
  27. More Sophisticated: Stockholm vs. Hamburg vs. Vienna: German, culture, famous - Europe
  28. What is French public opinion of Gerard Depardieu becoming a tax refugee?: country, people - Europe
  29. Normandy June 6th: 2013, people, living, speaking - Europe
  30. Electric Appliances: relocating from US to Spain, and shipping: place, moving, cheapest - Europe
  31. Traveling Europe and French: places, people, English, speaking
  32. A good club in Amsterdam: safe, place, pay, expensive - Europe
  33. 1990 - 2005: Bulgarian Dark Age of Photography: country, foreigners, quality, time - Europe
  34. Relocating to Europe, need help: best, life, place, people
  35. China president visits the Netherlands for the first time: English, Chinese, 2014 - Europe
  36. Denmark November 2014: move, cheap, travel, relocating - Europe
  37. define my phenotype!: country - Europe
  38. Cost of living in vienna: life, place, move, cheap - Europe
  39. Watch as 1000 years of European borders change: time, Italy, Poland
  40. Explain the Fertility Rate problem: life, cost, jobs - Europe
  41. Which is culturally closer to France itself: French-speaking Belgium or Switzerland?: country, German - Europe
  42. Italy's Triangle of Death near Naples: safe, places, Italians, travel - Europe
  43. Disneyland Paris: another POV: cost, people, black, living - Europe
  44. work culture in Amsterdam? (ING): life, people, German, lifestyle - Europe
  45. Help chosing a dormitory at Wageningen (The Netherlands)?: best, people, accepted - Europe
  46. Farming in the Netherlands in the 1700s-1800s: life, English, Dutch - Europe
  47. Bosnia’s Other Calamity: best, country, people, nationality - Europe
  48. Admission Requirements for Getting Masters in Europe?: England, school, international
  49. Ukraine election of May 25: crime, people, Russian - Europe
  50. If you had unlimited funds, would you rather live in London or Paris?: cons, Parisians - Europe
  51. News, When Swedes swear, they do so in English: people, German, Sicilian - Europe
  52. Where to Au-Pair?: country, place, German, climate - Europe
  53. Driving from Vienna to Venice: places, culture, beautiful, famous - Europe
  54. Where would you rather live for the rest of your life...?: people, UK - Europe
  55. Which European Countries have the best music/music scene?: German, UK, rich
  56. What are the main differences between Czech and Slovak Cultures: country, people - Europe
  57. What are Slavic stereotypes / cultural commonalities?: people, German, work - Europe
  58. 4 Shot At Jewish Museum in Belgium: life, country, people, population - Europe
  59. Why is the number of Swedish speakers increasing in Finland?: people, Finnish - Europe
  60. Pickpocket problems in Europe train stations: crime, people, features, rich
  61. Why do people say that I look French?: country, place, black - Europe
  62. How much wine do Italians drink a day?: place, people, German - Europe
  63. What's with Sunday trading laws in Germany?: life, jobs, people - Europe
  64. Culture of Italy?: best, life, country, place - Europe
  65. Countries in Europe that you can live on £500 (614 Euros) a month?: country, German
  66. The Balkans/Former Yugoslavia States: country, places, people, UK - Europe
  67. European Parliamentary Elections 2014 Results: country, people, work, Swedish
  68. How do you prounounce German umlauts?: Germans, English, Finnish, speaking - Europe
  69. Northern European Language to Learn: country, people, German, English
  70. Italian PM vows to push for United States of Europe during presidency: cost, country
  71. Is your country more racist towards Muslims or Blacks(non muslim): crime, life - Europe
  72. Americans on this board, which European country are you most envious of?: best, life
  73. Serbia = Yugoslavia? (Like Russia and USSR): crime, country, people, UK - Europe
  74. Scotland's vote for independence: best, country, people, UK - Europe
  75. How would you pronounce this name? (French): pronunciation - Europe
  76. Religion in France and Germany: best, life, country, people - Europe
  77. A European Inferiority Complex?: best, life, people, living
  78. Food and Drink Just Tastes Better in Europe: place, people, pay
  79. Moving to Albania for a year?: best, life, cost, 2013 - Europe
  80. Stereotypes of Dutch, do they exist?: people, speak, cheap, time - Europe
  81. What's the Future of Europe Like.....: country, people, German, Germans
  82. Was Ireland a poor country in the early 90s?: cost, living, German - Europe
  83. How does a good 50 Euro Dinner at a good European Restaurant compare to a good restaurant in the USA?: best, cost
  84. Americans living in Europe, what do you miss about the USA the most?: life, place
  85. What country to add to a Netherlands trip itinerary?: life, train, German - Europe
  86. France and the Eiffel Tower: people, English, beautiful, time - Europe
  87. Why has Europe abolished the death penalty and America hasn't?: crime, life
  88. Most influential European nations by category: German, UK, Swedish, Hungary
  89. What European country best fits to you and why?: life, places, people
  90. Moving To Sweden: life, cost, country, place - Europe
  91. Turkey vs Germany: life, country, place, rich - Europe
  92. searching for paradise (according to myself): best, life, cost, country - Europe
  93. Quality of life in Nordic countries: crime, best, cost, country - Europe
  94. Why do Armenians and Azeris pretend to be European?: country, people, stereotype
  95. Is Europe interested in maintaining NATO?: crime, cost, country, people
  96. Are white people becoming a minority in Europe? Muslim takin over?: crime, life
  97. Hated the warm sodas without ice during my trip to Paris: best, life - Europe
  98. Is crime in Paris really that bad?: dangerous, places, apartment - Europe
  99. Share of young people aged 25-34 living with parents: life, cost, country - Europe
  100. Best place to live for muslim: life, German, work, UK - Europe
  101. Should Spain be a monarchy or a republic?: country, people, pay - Europe
  102. Most dangerous neighbourhoods and areas to avoid in your city or country?: crime, places - Europe
  103. Best Slavic Country to visit: cost, place, people, Russian - Europe
  104. In what European countries are American pop culture least pervasive?: best, country
  105. help us!: life, country, place, people - Europe
  106. European cities and public transit: life, cost, country, train
  107. Do Europeans envy the American lifestyle?: attractive, culture, cheap, cons
  108. Most affordable countries to visit in west Europe?: best, country, places
  109. Most overrated cities in Europe: rich, speak, visit, Italy
  110. Definition Of Floor Levels In France.: life, country, places, houses - Europe
  111. Provence vs Tuscany: best, life, country, people - Europe
  112. The French colonial legacy: best, life, cost, 2014 - Europe
  113. Dark hair (Mediterranean?), yes or no.: life, people, living, German - Europe
  114. Russia has the highest level of wealth inequality in the world...: life, country - Europe
  115. Are Spanish more liberal and open-minded than Italians? It to be the case: best, country - Europe
  116. Job offer in Brussels: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  117. Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores - European?: UK, speaking, cons, Spain
  118. Thoughts on Novosibirsk, Russia: crime, Russian, bank, move - Europe
  119. Which nationalities dislike Spain the most?: country, people, Spaniard, UK - Europe
  120. How much money does a EU couple with 4 kids and no job need to migrate to the UK, Belgium: country, place - Europe
  121. American parent needs manners advice for Europe: best, country, places
  122. Which nationalities dislike the Andorrans the most?: life, country, place - Europe
  123. Italy & The Economic Crisis: cost, country, people, work - Europe
  124. Cluster the EU countries into alliances: best, country, people, German - Europe
  125. Best food in Europe?: country, German, Greek, Portuguese
  126. Questions about Halle, Germany, is 1040Euros enough?: cost, places, people - Europe
  127. Would you take an overnight train in Europe? Is it safe?: best, dangerous
  128. Tips on Eating Well but Economically in Paris: best, cost, country - Europe
  129. about French Restaurants: best, living, German, work - Europe
  130. need help - Relocating to Germany: life, country, place, people - Europe
  131. Europe's most American city.: people, German, work, travel
  132. Which nationalities dislike the English most?: people, England, percentage, nationality - Europe
  133. Which nationalities hate Finland the most?: best, country, people, German - Europe
  134. I'll Always Have Paris: best, place, people, rent - Europe
  135. Overlooked European Cities: best, life, places, German
  136. is there still a moor race today?: people, black, German - Europe
  137. The future of Crimea: best, life, people, Russian - Europe
  138. Stockholm or Copenhagen: best, life, country, place - Europe
  139. Why do most people inEuorpean countries have bad teeth?: life, German, work - Europe
  140. How is St. Patrick's day celebrated in Ireland?: people, bank, culture - Europe
  141. Is Spain a third world country?: people, German, work, rich - Europe
  142. Veneto referendum held tomorrow on secession from Italy: place, people, pay - Europe
  143. France?: people, work, UK, grandparent - Europe
  144. What are European dental hygiene routines like?: life, place, people
  145. Can you generalize about the people who are natives to certain European countries?: country, place
  146. What do Americans think of Russia?: crime, best, life, cost - Europe
  147. Which Nationalities Dislike The Netherlands...: country, people, German, stereotype - Europe
  148. Are Greeks genetically closer to Italians or Turks?: people, moving, Sicilian - Europe
  149. Russia. All that concerns Russia.Аnswers questions citizen of Russia.: life, place - Europe
  150. I loved Europe but HATED (most) European Hotels!: cost, places, people
  151. Almost 6'5, too tall for european women?: country, people, black
  152. Are Danes and Dutch the most extroverted, convivial and friendly of the continental Germanics?: country, people - Europe
  153. Going Gluten Free in Europe: cost, country, places, pay
  154. 7-10 day trip - London + 1-2 other countries but not France/Spain: country, places - Europe
  155. France vs. the UK: life, cost, country, people - Europe
  156. Where did French immigrants go?: country, people, German, Germans - Europe
  157. Visiting Amsterdam end of May For 8 days: train, people, black - Europe
  158. News, 'Bikini ban' slated for Spanish island of Mallorca: place, people, German - Europe
  159. Are Britons blonder than Germans?: people, UK, England, stereotype - Europe
  160. European mediterranean world: best, life, country, people
  161. Athens Greece...Size?: people, cons, population, live - Europe
  162. Cost of living in Germany?: life, country, people, work - Europe
  163. With Russia being so land-grabby, why doesn't it annex Transnistria as an (autonomous) enclave?: crime, life - Europe
  164. Chinese police being sent to Paris to protect their own from Romanian gangs of thieves: country, place - Europe
  165. Racism- Northern Europe vs Southern Europe discuss: people, black, Portuguese
  166. Is Southern Germany at all culturally similar to Southern Europe?: people, Portuguese
  167. Do Russian Women like American Men?: cost, black, German, work - Europe
  168. Is Russia the last European empire?: crime, country, safe, people
  169. Do you think Stockholm needs more tourist attractions?: best, country, place - Europe
  170. Do most Russians currently hate Americans? If so, why?: country, safe, people - Europe
  171. Apartments in Berlin, Germany: General needed!: cost, safe, place - Europe
  172. Do you consider Greece to be a Balkan country: best, life, people - Europe
  173. music from Lithuania and Estonia and Latvia and Poland: best, people, Polish - Europe
  174. 20 other ways you can slice up Europe: place, people, German
  175. Can I get Spanish citizenship?: best, country, people, work - Europe
  176. Which EU country should I choose to live in?: life, people, German - Europe
  177. Switzerland May Soon Have World’s Highest Minimum Wage: life, cost, 2013 - Europe
  178. European Vacation: best, life, cost, safe
  179. Countries with cheapest shopping?!: best, cost, country, pay - Europe
  180. Do Germans speak English well ?: country, Dutch, Italians, speaking - Europe
  181. to the Spanish people concerning your economy and immigration?: country, jobs - Europe
  182. Most European country in Europe: life, people, stereotype, cons
  183. US Government Promoting Islam in Czech Republic: country, places, pay - Europe
  184. We are being sued in Italy-real estate: best, cost, 2014 - Europe
  185. Denmark vs Netherlands: Where should I go?: best, life, cost - Europe
  186. Madrid Vs. London: life, cost, country, place - Europe
  187. How far would a $5000 budget get us?: best, cost, country - Europe
  188. popular singers or music from Czech Republic or Slovenia - Europe
  189. Northern Ireland Survey (Bachelor Thesis help): time - Europe
  190. Westward Group Renewable Energy News Paris: 17 Power Markets in Spain Set to Join: Finland, 2014 - Europe
  191. News, Train passengers' horror as high-speed TGV pulls into French station........ - Europe
  192. Want to buy a old phone box? Remote German forest depot where thousands of phone boxes go to die.. - Europe
  193. Norwegian Government Assistance: living, pay, house, Polish - Europe
  194. News, Married Couples Separated by German Language Test.: country, international, Germany - Europe
  195. Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys (film): beautiful - Europe
  196. News, Human litter found in Europe's deepest ocean depths.: 2014
  197. Balkan Flooding Washing Free Land Mines?: 2014 - Europe
  198. News, Swiss group to allow assisted dying for elderly who are not terminally ill.: life, people - Europe
  199. Sex-traffic control: Air France exec, wife run prostitution racket worth millions - Europe
  200. Most racist country against Muslims: people - Europe