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  1. What kind of RETIREMENT do people get in the EUROPEAN UNION as it's citizens?: life, country
  2. Ukraine... the truth of what's happening.: crime, best, country, place - Europe
  3. News, Seeking Death: 'Suicide Tourism' to Switzerland Doubles: people, rich, travel - Europe
  4. Algavre in popular? How many on this forum have been there? What would you compare it to?: life, cost - Europe
  5. I want to study abroad in Germany...: best, people, Germans - Europe
  6. Popular Music from Moldova and Macedonia and Montenegro: culture, international - Europe
  7. Career opportunities in Denmark: work, move, working, pay - Europe
  8. expats in Trieste?: life, people, living, rich - Europe
  9. Rusyn / Carpatho Rusyn: country, people, English, Russian - Europe
  10. Controlled substance scripts in Germany: Must leftover drugs be discarded by a certain time after being dispensed?: country, people - Europe
  11. Temporary move to Paris - can I work from there for my own US-based company?: best, cost - Europe
  12. Join me in refusing to lower ourselves to petty trolling or responding to obviously inflammatory: life, cost - Europe
  13. Ferry routes in Europe: life, country, places, train
  14. Neukölln, Berlin = Neu + Köln (new Cologne) But why 2 Ls?: place, German - Europe
  15. Belgrade: One of the better nightlife capitals in Europe? Fact? Or Fiction?: best, travel
  16. Favorite Cities (plural) in Germany: country, people, work, rich - Europe
  17. Western Europe travel spots: place, train, people, German
  18. Defining German traits in different German cities: life, cost, people - Europe
  19. Of the beaten track? Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, Rome Venice: places, train, German - Europe
  20. How do western European government retirement pensions compare to the US?: life, country
  21. 2 days in London and 2days in Paris ...must see places !!: England, bank - Europe
  22. internet in Czech Republic or Slovenia: people, living, UK, English - Europe
  23. Trip in Rome: life, dangerous, places, train - Europe
  24. Asda and Tesco like grocery store chain stores in Ukraine and Bulgaria: cost, work - Europe
  25. Music and singers in Serbia: attractive - Europe
  26. Request for - towns of Solikamsk aka Barowsk in Urals: German, Germans - Europe
  27. Shariah law in Belgium?: crime, people, move, time - Europe
  28. Driving from Paris to Frankfurt and in Between... Advice NEEDED: best, country - Europe
  29. Best Place visited in Southern Italy/Sicily?: life, dangerous, train - Europe
  30. What makes Zagreb so low on the 'must see' European cities?: life, places
  31. Looking for Family That Lived in Hain Poppenhause Schweinfurt Germany: people, work - Europe
  32. Vienna is the global spying hub: crime, black, German, UK - Europe
  33. European historic mobility 0 to 2012 CE: German, move, travel, time
  34. Is the immigration from Muslim and african nations to Europe very similar to Latin American Immigration to USA?: life, country
  35. Is IBIZA as hedonistic as people make it sound to be?: cost, country - Europe
  36. Investing in Europe-need: cost, German, apartment, work
  37. Questions for folks currently living in Copenhagen: life, cost, pay - Europe
  38. Russia forced to pay 50 billion to Yukos shareholders: 2014, Russian, cons - Europe
  39. on concentration camps in the Urals?: Russian, speak, names - Europe
  40. Got a job in Vienna - How much would be cost of living ?: life, work - Europe
  41. Stockholm--Its attitudes and neighborhoods: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  42. Black and Gay Life in France: best, people, living, live - Europe
  43. Most Urban Area in the Benelux (after Randstad)?: areas, people, live - Europe
  44. Croatia as the World's Naturists Capital?: country, place, people, pay - Europe
  45. Moving to Germany from USA: life, cost, country, place - Europe
  46. Vienna-Bratislava-Prague: best, country, train, people - Europe
  47. MARDİN the capital of miysticism: cost, place, travel, beautiful - Europe
  48. Were the Amsterdam canals originally used for where water goes when down the drain?: people, cons - Europe
  49. News, One-Armed Cyclist Bogdan Ionescu Fined In Germany For Having One Handbrake.: move, 2014 - Europe
  50. Good (high) view of Hamburg?: beautiful - Europe
  51. a few questions about Berlin.: life, cost, place, people - Europe
  52. The Cyrillic alphabet in Europe: country, places, people, German
  53. Why did the tour de France start in England? Isn't that a little crazy?: place, German - Europe
  54. Tour of Scandinavia? - Europe
  55. ECB cuts rates to 0,05%: work, bank, move, live - Europe
  56. Paris Schools and nurseries: place, pay, moving, work - Europe
  57. Yugoslavia’s ultimate separation & disintegration into Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo & Macedonia: crime, life - Europe
  58. People from France - is there chance you might know this guy? - Europe
  59. advice by selling my Italian property: best, country, people, German - Europe
  60. Flying in to Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris????: best, work, travel - Europe
  61. U of Oxford…do we qualify for home tuition rate?: life, cost - Europe
  62. Latvia or Estonia or Lithuania (best country oft he 3 to visit on Holiday): people, black - Europe
  63. Visiting the Republic of Georgia: life, country, people, black - Europe
  64. the dullest places in Europe more unique than most of USA: life, country
  65. What do you know about Turkey?: best, country, safe, people - Europe
  66. Your favorite French speaking European cities?: people, attractive, population, live
  67. Sweden grows, but Swedes Shrink: country, people, German, Germans - Europe
  68. Religiosity in Scandinavia: country, place, people, work - Europe
  69. Same Sex Marriage in Germany?: country, people, work, friendliest - Europe
  70. Countries within 7 hour drive from your city?: country, German, theory - Europe
  71. Russia Most Educated Country In The World.: places, people, driving - Europe
  72. Quick advice on being black in Europe?: best, life, country
  73. Best Places to visit In Southern Europe.: cost, place, features
  74. Sunday shopping ban in Europe...: life, country, places, German
  75. Being polite vs Being Real: best, life, country - Europe
  76. Neighbor countries for visiting... How often?: country, places, people, driving - Europe
  77. Dear Europe, how about a little help. You live in this world too: country, place
  78. European Beer Styles and Taste: country, people, German, Germans
  79. Vienna vs Prague vs Budapest: best, country, people, German - Europe
  80. Italy - an amazing country: people, house, rich, Italians - Europe
  81. Lithuania? What's it Like?: country, people, Russian, time - Europe
  82. About the Netherlands: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  83. Leaving for Europe tomorrow! last minute tips?: best, places, train
  84. Malta vs. Monaco vs. Macedonia: people, Greek, England, speaking - Europe
  85. Which European nations tend to be less hedonistic/into partying?: life, people
  86. What are the second and the third most commonly foreing language in your country?: people, German - Europe
  87. Europeans: Which look / dress most like Americans?: country, people, German
  88. can I relocate to Europe from USA?: best, life, country
  89. Europe is Depressing: people, German, theory, UK
  90. 1 out of 6 people in France support ISIS: country, safe, Russian - Europe
  91. Euro hipster style?: life, people, black, German - Europe
  92. Do French Enjoy Their Own 20c Culture?: best, life, people - Europe
  93. What Happened to Sweden?: country, place, people, UK - Europe
  94. What would be the average height of the 500 shortest Dutchmen in Holland?: people, moving - Europe
  95. Are Europeans mature enough for diversity?: best, country, place, people
  96. Do the Nordic countries prefer Arabs or Blacks?: crime, life, country - Europe
  97. Old German/european men in Thailand: country, place, people, Germans
  98. Train vs. rental car: Amsterdam to Leipzig: cost, 2014, country - Europe
  99. Best European cities for Americans: life, place, people, UK
  100. Liechtenstein vs. Luxembourg: country, German, speaking, accent - Europe
  101. German Popular music: best, English, Germany, Germans - Europe
  102. Your favorite blond European country?: people, black, Italians, Italian
  103. Bornholm, Denmark, been there?: country, places, people, German - Europe
  104. What should happen with Islamic people in Europe?: Russian, clothing, move
  105. Europeans and summer vacation: best, country, train, people
  106. Faroe Islands and Svalbard and Gibraltar (worth visiting?: life, places, Spaniard - Europe
  107. Wealth of Europe by region: life, cost, country, people
  108. European Countries you know the Most and Least about?: country, people, German
  109. France: The rise of the National Front?: best, cost, country - Europe
  110. Are Italian Men Really That Short? Never Been To Italy: people, German - Europe
  111. How has Sarajevo changed?: country, safe, places, people - Europe
  112. Stay in Europe for quality life: country, German, England, travel
  113. Is Aarhus in Denmark worth a visit?: life, country, place - Europe
  114. Your favorite German speaking cities?: place, rich, time, interesting - Europe
  115. American Style Summer Camps?: country, places, train, people - Europe
  116. Suggestions for Italy vacation in Oct?: life, country, places, train - Europe
  117. Romania or Albania or Slovenia (which place is worth visting more of the 3): life, country - Europe
  118. French a useless language?: people, German, UK, English - Europe
  119. Which country has the most friendly girls ?: Spain - Europe
  120. How is Vienna Austria’s relation to Eastern European countries in close proximity: Czech Republic, Hungary, & Slovakia?: life, cost
  121. Apparently British and other North Euros are leaving Spain in droves: best, cost - Europe
  122. Why is Prague so cool?: country, place, people, driving - Europe
  123. Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg Benelux Identity. How Prominent Is This Unique Benelux Label to Connect Them Together?: country, people - Europe
  124. Study Abroad Decision: Amsterdam vs Barcelona vs Berlin vs Prague: best, life - Europe
  125. Rank the most attractive cities of Balkan Area cities in regards to atmosphere/beauty/vibe: best, life - Europe
  126. Outside of Copenhagen, how are the other cities of Denmark?: crime, country - Europe
  127. Biggest culture shock in Europe?: best, country, place, people
  128. Gothenburg: The friendly Stockholm?: life, cost, country, place - Europe
  129. Would you give up your seat on the train/bus?: people, work - Europe
  130. Should Europe give in and put air con in new homes?: cost, country
  131. Russia shoots down plane - is Europe's future another war?: crime, 2013
  132. What were you doing when the Berlin Wall fell?: country, people, living - Europe
  133. How do Apartment Dwelling Europeans Dry Their Clothes??: cost, place, people
  134. Food prices in Europe: cost, country, pay, expensive
  135. Interesting places near the Netherlands: place, people, driving, German - Europe
  136. Which of cities seem LEAST ATTRACTIVE to you - Athens vs Sofia vs Tirana: people, culture - Europe
  137. How bad is the fanaticism in Western Europe?: cost, place, rich
  138. Have you ever been to the Azores?: best, cost, places - Europe
  139. Are people from Europe 'nicer' and less egotistical than Americans?: place, German
  140. Deutschland besser als Kalifornia?: crime, life, people, living - Europe
  141. Weather in Stockholm/Oslo during September: place, Scandinavia, climate, time - Europe
  142. American family toying with expat idea: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  143. Are people in the Balkans more tolerant of teen girls dating older men?: places, culture - Europe
  144. Do the people of your country consider itself as a part of Europe?: best, life
  145. Finding Civil Engineering work in Europe: cost, country, places, jobs
  146. Comparing friendships in Europe and friendships in the U.S.: cost, country
  147. I've never met the stereotypical German: cost, train, people, Greek - Europe
  148. Tobacco bans across European countries: best, places, train, people
  149. How do I find a job in EU...USA is not what it used to be.: best, life - Europe
  150. Studying/Moving To Copenhagen, Denmark: life, country, places, jobs - Europe
  151. Bible in hotel rooms common?: place, cons, time, France - Europe
  152. What does your city smell like?: country, people, areas, water - Europe
  153. What do you think of California?: crime, best, cost, places - Europe
  154. Favourite City?: cost, friendly, expensive, living - Europe
  155. Missing a cruise ferry on purpose, legal?: cost, country, train - Europe
  156. Moving to Belgium Charleroi From USA: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  157. Would like advice about being an ex-pat in the Netherlands: best, life - Europe
  158. Porto, almost as cool as Lisbon?: best, life, country, people - Europe
  159. Are European politicians as insane as American politicians?: people, pay, German
  160. Is Vienna much like Paris?: life, train, people, German - Europe
  161. Brits behaving badly abroad...: cost, country, people, German - Europe
  162. another European throne changes hands: country, train, Spaniard, UK
  163. Pale Spaniards?: country, people, English, cons - Europe
  164. Planning a trip to Moscow, what to expect?: best, life, safe - Europe
  165. Paris' status in Continental Europe....basically, #1 without competitor? Or would disagree?: best, place
  166. is a Nazi era level of hatred towards Jews returned?: country, people - Europe
  167. Economy of Austria: country, train, people, German - Europe
  168. Parisian or Provence accent?: place, people, speak, pronunciation - Europe
  169. Visiting Barcelona: best, life, cost, places - Europe
  170. GDP per capita of the European metro areas: country, place, people
  171. Has visited Croatia?: best, life, country, places - Europe
  172. The 'EASTERN EUROPE' experience vs The 'BALKAN' experience?: life, country, places
  173. St, Petersburg VS. Moscow (?): best, life, dangerous, people - Europe
  174. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania?: best, life, country, dangerous - Europe
  175. Italy: Are Ethiopians/Eritreans treated better than other Black's?: best, people, Norwegian - Europe
  176. Which Countries Gives Best Salary in Europe or Western Europe ?: cost, country
  177. Russian Politics Explained (short video series): country, move, cons, influence - Europe
  178. Karelia - The lost Nordic nation?: country, people, German, Germans - Europe
  179. Low cost, but stabile/safe Europe? Homeschooling immersion project: life, place, jobs
  180. Backpacking Europe (with kids?): best, life, cost, places
  181. A for Germans (about Mozart and Freud): country, people, black - Europe
  182. MH17 worse than 9/11 for the Dutch: crime, life, country - Europe
  183. Living in Brussels?: life, cost, country, place - Europe
  184. Racism in Germany?: country, places, people, black - Europe
  185. Belarus vs Lithuania: country, places, people, German - Europe
  186. The Future of Odessa: crime, train, people, Russian - Europe
  187. Patriotism/Immigrant integration in Europe: country, places, people, German
  188. Lisbon vs. Madrid - what are things you'd only find in one, but not so much in the other?: life, places - Europe
  189. Copenhagen vs Stockholm - things you might see in one, but not so much the other?: country, people - Europe
  190. Unusual experiences had in the BALKANS that really made you think you were definitely in the BALKANS?: life, place - Europe
  191. Germany to leave NATO and EU, join BRICS??: cost, country, work - Europe
  192. It's funny because it's true: life, country, German, speaking - Europe
  193. Mitfahrgelegenheiten: Popular in other European countries?: country, place, train, people
  194. Greek Islands!: beautiful, names, visit, Greece - Europe
  195. Ivory wave synthetic drug causing panic in Mallorca's beaches: people, English - Europe
  196. Spain from Marinaleda?: visit - Europe
  197. Baljinder Chohan Bakery Location?: UK - Europe
  198. German sentenced to death in China (first time): international, Germany, live - Europe
  199. Sending money to canada and mexico from germany: cheap, bank - Europe
  200. What do Spanish women think of American men? - Europe