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  1. Italian miner takes 35 years' sick leave because he's CLAUSTROPHOBIC - then retires on full pension: cons, time - Europe
  2. Italians or Accialians....: English, reputation, move, time - Europe
  3. More similarities or more differences - Funchal/Medeira/Portugal & Terife/Canary Islands/Spain?: country, safer - Europe
  4. Best places to eat along the way: place, Chinese, cheap - Europe
  5. How much does it cost to travel from Trento(Italy) to European countries in 20 days: train, people
  6. Boring Brno? (Czech Republic's 2nd largest city): life, place, people - Europe
  7. Living in Slovakia - Roommates or alone?: people, pay, German - Europe
  8. For who's been to France recently.: crime rate, life, country - Europe
  9. Jet Crash at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport: Undesirable Person Elimination: place, Russian - Europe
  10. Temporary Living Options in Ireland: cost, country, places, people - Europe
  11. Trip to Tirana and surrounding cities in a week?: cost, country, place - Europe
  12. PORTUGAL: Buying a home.. look into it?: Portuguese, house, expensive - Europe
  13. Ebola outbreak: Nurse infected in Spain: people, index - Europe
  14. My pictures from Kiev, Ukraine, 2014: live, beautiful, visit - Europe
  15. Sevastopol and Crimea, 2014, my photos.: best - Europe
  16. Which group of people do you think overall have better proficiency in English?: German, Scandinavia - Europe
  17. Educating American kids in Switzerland: cost, living, German, apartment - Europe
  18. I have a about Europe...: people, German, work, cons
  19. Learning Castilian Spanish in Barcelona...Quixotic?: people, living, English, speak - Europe
  20. possibly moving to Ireland: country, place, train, live - Europe
  21. Is Europe full of ceremonial grandmasters?: country, place, people, German
  22. Which is more European? Finno-Ugric or IE language family?: country, people, German
  23. been to Kosovo?: country, place, train, German - Europe
  24. what are the cannabis laws in Amsterdam?: places, people, Dutch - Europe
  25. What should I see/ do in your country?: dangerous, place, travel - Europe
  26. Time allowance for regional airline flight?: 2015, travel - Europe
  27. Renting a Flat in Budapest: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  28. Homeless mentally ill...: crime, country, places, train - Europe
  29. Does Putin want to unite Russia with Turks, Asians and everything but Slavs: country, jobs - Europe
  30. American (Expats) in Portugal?: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  31. Could I Possibly Move to Europe with An English Degree?: best, life
  32. News, Pronounced dead, 91-year-old Polish woman awakens: life, house, Poland - Europe
  33. Find german in tokyo: English, travel, 2014 - Europe
  34. A week in Ireland: place, hotel, time, Bulgaria - Europe
  35. Denmark, the happiest country in the world: cons, statistics, time - Europe
  36. News, New breed of French protester: sheep.: France - Europe
  37. Netherlands doctor assisted suicide: life, people, German, UK - Europe
  38. Do car salesmen have the same poor reputation in Europe as in the US?: people, pay
  39. Restaurants in Belgium with best of best Belgian Waffles: place, train, Dutch - Europe
  40. How much would you have to budget for a week trip to Italy: cost, pay - Europe
  41. How do you feel about Muslims?: life, safe, people, interesting - Europe
  42. Cluj-Napoca...a good option if you were to visit only one Romanian city? Or is Bucharest really the city to go to?: country, people - Europe
  43. Is Slovakia extremely traditional compared to a majority of European countries?: life, country
  44. Temporarily living in EU - need advice for travel within EU: country, safe - Europe
  45. What is Austria’s current situation and international relations to geographic bordering countries?: best, life - Europe
  46. Which European country do you think has better English proficiency?: best, work
  47. Name Day in European countries: country, time, Italy, Poland
  48. Oslo for a day, what to do?: place, house, expensive - Europe
  49. Biggest difference between European and American culture to me.: life, place, people
  50. What Europe countires are easier for Self-Employed/Freelancers to move to?: country, place
  51. DAFT and finding a place to live in Netherlands: best, cost, rent - Europe
  52. The 26 Most Hipster Neighborhoods In The World - a handful of them are in Europe...: safe, places
  53. Do Europeans still smoke a lot of cigarettes?: life, country, places
  54. Sweden/Germany/France have 30-50% GUN OWNERSHIP, whereas countries like UK/Ireland/Portugal/Poland, has 0-10%. WHY?: crime, country - Europe
  55. Finland vs Russia: life, country, place, house - Europe
  56. Teaching English in Germany: place, jobs, people, pay - Europe
  57. I want to move out of country: life, cost, places - Europe
  58. Unification of Romania is More Diverse Than Expected In Reality. Noticeable National Divisions in Areas of Country: crime, life - Europe
  59. Is Göteborg, Sweden a relatively safe place to visit or live in?: crime, life - Europe
  60. How do Europeans regard their royalty?: people, living, German, Romanian
  61. what are your thoughts on the U.S.?: country, people, black - Europe
  62. Stockholm for a day - what to do?: place, people, German - Europe
  63. Europeans: have you ever seen with VIOLET/PURPLE eyes?: best, country
  64. What are the two countries in Europe that have the two most similar languages: crime, people
  65. The real Germany (where?): best, life, cost, country - Europe
  66. Which European country has the most blonde people?: life, UK, percentage
  67. How can Spain still be a wealthy country with its huge unemployment rate?: life, places - Europe
  68. Bestiality is covering the Europe: life, people, German, UK
  69. Languages of Europe: country, people, German, Portuguese
  70. What's it like to study and teach in Spain? Is it feasible?: country, jobs - Europe
  71. The four Europes: German, work, UK, stereotype
  72. 10 days in Spain - Madrid, Seville....?: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  73. A salute to Latvia on her Independence Day - November 18: place, German - Europe
  74. All Destinations in Czech Republic outside of Prague, & Life to People Visiting, & Living in All Areas of Czech Republic: country, German - Europe
  75. Is hungary, czech republic, croatia really eastern europe???: life, country, place
  76. Thanksgiving celebration in Europe: country, people, work, Swedish
  77. Is Switzerland that perfect?: best, life, country, safe - Europe
  78. Germany named world's favorite country: 2013, place, people, UK - Europe
  79. Is WWII a good enough reason for Germany to donate a piece of land to overpopulated Netherlands?: black, reputation - Europe
  80. Paris next week: best, place, people, reputation - Europe
  81. Remnants Of Historic Austro-Hungarian Empire, Is There Prominent, Noticeable, or Subtle Sense of Identity Left?: life, country - Europe
  82. Your opinion on multiculturalism in Europe?: country, places, people, work
  83. Personal Questionable Opinions on Inmigrations and Multiculturalism in Europe: country, train, people
  84. Moldavia has the lowest Human Development Index in Europe: cons, quality
  85. Sweden vs. Norway: best, cost, country, black - Europe
  86. Switzerland and the smartwatches!: cost, train, people, black - Europe
  87. Do you ever see a country in Asia/Africa/Middle East opening itself up to massive European immigration?: life, people
  88. Favourite European Summer Vacation Place: country, people, English, Hungary
  89. Music Artists from Europe: country, UK, English, citizen
  90. Parallel (latitude): people, cons, difference, France - Europe
  91. How Northern Europeans (at least of 3 generations there) consider southern europeans ?: life, country
  92. What is your opinion about Armenia?: best, life, country, train - Europe
  93. Why Europe is different on accepting Migration than US: life, country, people
  94. Netherlands inn-to-inn Cycling: country, place, people, work - Europe
  95. How is blonde hair seen in Southern Europe?: place, people, black
  96. Should the people of pre-1996 EU member states be able to vote...: country, place - Europe
  97. Are white French men more attracted to WOC than say, white American men?: people, attractive - Europe
  98. What is Serbia like?: life, country, place, people - Europe
  99. Russian Orphanages: Violence, Neglect, and Isolation for Children with Disabilities: life, country - Europe
  100. Which 3 European countries would you most be interested to live in?: German, Hungary
  101. Happy birthday to you...: country, people, German, Swedish - Europe
  102. World War 3 about to begin, Russia To Invade Europe Within Days: time
  103. Why Have Slavs and Northern Germanic speaking populations MONGOLID genes?: country, places - Europe
  104. Would I be able to make it in Sweden?: life, country, places - Europe
  105. Catalans push ahead for independence referendum: best, life, people, cons - Europe
  106. Europeans: What's your favorite type of music?: life, country, places
  107. What is French Nationalistic Mindset About Tropical Overseas Areas of France?: country, places - Europe
  108. Learning Russian and moving to the Russian Federation: life, country, place - Europe
  109. Why were the Hungarians much more innovative than Western European Great Powers?: best, country
  110. Why are Hungarians shockingly much better in Sports than Western great powers?: country, people - Europe
  111. are ghettos spreading in Europe?: people, German, Romanians, move
  112. Do other Slavic languages sound funny to you IF you speak a slavic language: people, German - Europe
  113. I am an American. I want to move to Switzerland/Germany- What are my options?: best, life - Europe
  114. Old photos about Budapest (1860-1920), before ww2. starts the real city!: 2013, country - Europe
  115. Differences between Western and semi-asian Orthodox civilization. The borders of the Western World in Europe.: train, Greek
  116. The most beautiful woman of Europe: Barbara (VIDEOS!!!): attractive, Chinese, time
  117. London & Paris - March, April, or May?: best, life, cost - Europe
  118. Choosing between UK and Scandinavia to live in a few years from now.: country, places - Europe
  119. First time in Paris (December 3-7): best, life, cost, place - Europe
  120. Europeans, what do you consider Hot/Cold temperatures?: places, people, climate
  121. Which european city has the friendliest and open people?: best, place, jobs
  122. Which indigenous European ethnic group is the closest genetically to Sub-Saharan Africans?: people, Russian
  123. My pictures from Kristianstad, Sweden: place, train, people, German - Europe
  124. what think americans of spain?: country, Spaniard, work, stereotype - Europe
  125. feel sympathy for 2 Austrian girls who want to come home from Syria?: life, country - Europe
  126. WHy are anglo/new-world whites so obsessed with race and EUrope?: country, people
  127. Underrated cities!!: best, life, place, people - Europe
  128. How often do French locals go up the Eiffel Tower each year?: life, country - Europe
  129. How is the tap water in Europe?: safe, places, people
  130. How different is Thessaloniki from the rest of Greece?: life, people, living - Europe
  131. Top 3 cities that interest you in Germany, and why?: life, people, English - Europe
  132. Do European guys date Indian girls?: black, English, attractive, move
  133. Where does Southern Europe in the Balkans begins?: country, people, climate
  134. why do Americans, Australians and Canadians get surprised people in Europe don't care where they're from?: best, country
  135. 'Let German citizens take in refugees', politician says: cost, country, train - Europe
  136. Where's the Pittsburgh of Europe? Meaning, the city most built into the hills and hillsides?: population, time
  137. eastern european countries are getting too 'pro-american': life, country, people
  138. Were German classic architecture original???: places, train, people, pay - Europe
  139. Cousin marriage in Europe: place, people, Romanians, theory
  140. Do Walloons think of themselves as French? Do Flemings think of themselves as Dutch?: life, country - Europe
  141. EBOLA Outbreak in SPAIN: people, driving, cons - Europe
  142. Are Caucasus countries considered to be EU or Asian countries?: country, people - Europe
  143. National identities in former USSR republics: country, places, people, pay - Europe
  144. Have of you ever met a Faroese person or been to the Faroe Islands?: country, people - Europe
  145. Brunettes' Paradise: country, people, Greek, Portuguese - Europe
  146. Diversity and charm of Romania, through pictures: best, life, country - Europe
  147. Thank you France: crime, best, cost, country - Europe
  148. Is Spain the Weakest of the Big 5 in Europe?: life, country, places
  149. Which nordic language is easier to learn for a native English speaker?: country, German - Europe
  150. The Netherlands: A Lost Cause?: best, life, country, places - Europe
  151. Does France have more in common with Spain or Germany: country, places - Europe
  152. European perspective: Which U.S. state do you think is the most 'cultured'?: people, culture
  153. Slovakia: Eastern Europe or Central Europe, and why?: country, people, German
  154. Romania or Spain: life, country, safe, place - Europe
  155. No Chipmunks in Europe?: people, German, Finnish, time
  156. Has Croatia removed itself from a Balkan image?: country, people, rich - Europe
  157. Weather in St. Petersburg, Russia?: life, place, people, work - Europe
  158. How different is Luxembourg from the rest of the Benelux?: country, place - Europe
  159. What Makes Greece What it is?: country, place, people, Greek - Europe
  160. Finland-Russia: country, Russian - Europe
  161. Has ever listened to music from eastern Europe and what's your opinion about it?: people, Hungary
  162. Next It Tourist Destination: life, 2013, country, places - Europe
  163. What do Europeans think of Malta?: country, place, people, English
  164. The relationship between Finland and its neighbors: crime, life, country - Europe
  165. Popularity of team sports (other than Football): country, people, driving - Europe
  166. Prague vs Vienna vs Budapest: best, life, country, people - Europe
  167. for who have visited Europe...: life, place, train
  168. Paris Urban Area Demographics: country, people, black, German - Europe
  169. Kosovo & Serbia: country, people, work, travel - Europe
  170. apartment in Berlin: cost, places, people, living - Europe
  171. a new adventure in Europe: life, country, jobs, people
  172. Norways history in 30 seconds: country, places, people, German - Europe
  173. Regional stereotypes in your country: crime, place, people, German - Europe
  174. Hard to find American productsin Europe?: work, speaking, cons, quality
  175. Excessive Admiration of all things Nordic: best, life, country - Europe
  176. Where should i live in Europe..: life, country, place, German
  177. If you had 1 week to spend in Italy, where would you go?: country, places - Europe
  178. The best-managed former French colony?: country, people, England, rich - Europe
  179. Are Belgians friendlier than the Dutch?: train, people, work, friendliest - Europe
  180. Do Sicilians look more Greek or Iberian to you?: country, people, German - Europe
  181. if you're from europe: do you consider your own country to be the best in the world?: place, people
  182. Living in Bergen, Norway?: crime, country, place, people - Europe
  183. Top 3 cities that interest you in PORTUGAL, and why?: place, people, Portuguese - Europe
  184. France: Cap D'Agde - the naked city. Young or old or Snooty or what?: place, people - Europe
  185. Temperatures in European capitals in 24th October, 2014: conditions, time, Vienna
  186. Not Paris in France. We just never hear of Marseilles or Lyon. particular reason?: country, places - Europe
  187. Favorite Regions of Italy?: cost, place, people, black - Europe
  188. If Scandinavia was a country, would people view it differently?: place, German - Europe
  189. Denmark's TV Show - 'The Killing'. Was it popular in Europe?: crime, people
  190. Old Housing in Medieval-era districts in Europe: house, Europeans, time
  191. VENICE is one of the most interesting and lovely places in the world?: best, place - Europe
  192. Scandinavian countries---is it really that great to live there?: best, life, cost - Europe
  193. Places to rent for Expats in Netherlands: place, living, rich - Europe
  194. Growing old in Ireland ; not the best place to be.: life, cost - Europe
  195. What are the most elite social events that happen in London and Paris which you can attend?: people, black - Europe
  196. Which still existing nations were able to dominate of European Battle-fields?: German, Germans
  197. Search for Jutta Kasseck: live, Germany, German - Europe
  198. Greece's foreign policy is conducted through the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and its head, the Minister for Foreign Aff: country, Greek - Europe
  199. Travel to Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bordeaux and Paris.: places, work, interesting - Europe
  200. Living in Venice, IT: compared, compare, 2015, housing - Europe