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  1. what do europeans think of this video?: country, people, move
  2. Is buying real estate in Europe a way to stay longer than EU 90 days?: country, people
  3. Cossacks: best, people, Russian, Polish - Europe
  4. Who lives or lived near US military bases?: place, people, living - Europe
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  6. My Epic, Real, Happy Travel Adventure in 5 Countries of Europe in France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Romania: best, life
  7. Can you help me with Spanish (EU) jokes?: Spain, Poland - Europe
  8. Anti-terror raids in Belgium - 2 dead: place, people, time, France - Europe
  9. Santorini or Crete or Mykonos? (Greece). Which would you prefer to visit? Why?: best, life - Europe
  10. why do many asians in america marry and date mostly whites: country, people - Europe
  11. Traveling to Iceland: people, expensive, time, interesting - Europe
  12. relocating for master's degree: life, cost, country, place - Europe
  13. Norse tales recommendations: 2015 - Europe
  14. Amsterdam, what neighborhood to stay?: hotel, neighborhoods - Europe
  15. What's something Irish people like ...: living, expensive - Europe
  16. Flag of Ireland: people, living - Europe
  17. The great European disaster movie
  18. How are young women from Malta like?: girls, Italian, dating - Europe
  19. Earning Degree overseas as a returning student: best, cost, people - Europe
  20. Fleeing war at home, Ukrainians seek security in Poland: 2013, living, work - Europe
  21. Clashes Intensify Between Armenia and Azerbaijan Over Disputed Land: crime, 2014, country - Europe
  22. English only professional jobs...: German, speaking, Germany, France - Europe
  23. Elect a Dictator. :): country, people, Russian, cons - Europe
  24. Good hotel in Amsterdam: country, safe, places, time - Europe
  25. Traveling from Sofia, Bulgaria to Poland: best, country, train, Polish - Europe
  26. Rostock, Germany....what's interesting about it?: place, train, house, population - Europe
  27. In what direction Ukraine is heading now?: crime, best, country - Europe
  28. Moving To Berlin, Germany: crime, best, cost, safe - Europe
  29. Anti-Americanism in Greece?: country, people, Greek, English - Europe
  30. what happens to mittlestand employees if their company goes bust?: jobs, train - Europe
  31. Czech Republic: Does Pilsen/Olomouc/Brno have nightlife like Prague? Which would be ranked #2 & #3?: country, places - Europe
  32. where is this music video taking place?: English, speaking, France - Europe
  33. who are the landlords in Germany?: cost, people, rent, Germans - Europe
  34. Asides from saving money, how do I go about this?: best, life - Europe
  35. Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood: country, people, moving, UK - Europe
  36. English as a business language in Spain?: country, place, jobs - Europe
  37. Travel to Europe and back?: country, people, work, university
  38. Condolences to the good people of France: work - Europe
  39. How Northern and Central Europeans feel about Southern Europeans immigrating in their countries?: country, jobs
  40. Visiting New Belgrade: best, place, time, interesting - Europe
  41. Surnames ending in -Man or -Mann: people, German, Germans, English - Europe
  42. How great is the Amsterdam nightlife?: best, places, Dutch, cons - Europe
  43. uestions about the Netherlands: life, country, place, train - Europe
  44. Europeans Looking For Greener Pastures in Africa: people
  45. Porto vs. Marseilles vs. Sofia vs. Sarajevo: best, population, France - Europe
  46. crete or sicily: places, Greek, beautiful, visit - Europe
  47. Should I get a guided tour or tour myself in Istanbul+Turkey: places, kids - Europe
  48. Freedom of movement restrictions. I need help: country, work, conditions - Europe
  49. Thinking of visiting germany: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  50. Would you recommend AVOIDING ALL of the Ukraine at this current time?: crime, country - Europe
  51. France lets it's 75% tax expire: life, people, pay, rich - Europe
  52. Visual art from your country? LOL: people, moving - Europe
  53. Isn't Europe's Interest In Soccer Just Too Much: crime, best, country
  54. What was Europe like before middle ages: place, people, German
  55. Europeans: how would you feel if the indigenous ethnic group became a minority in your country?: life, people
  56. Denmark, the party country for Scandinavians?: life, cost, safe, place - Europe
  57. Which city would you prefer to visit? Sarajevo or Bucharest?: life, country - Europe
  58. Spain - Latin America relations: country, people, Spaniard, rich - Europe
  59. Norwegian-American tourists in Norway: people, German, work, UK - Europe
  60. Middle Easterners and Islam civilized Europe: life, people, Greek, theory
  61. Should Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia abandon both the EU and Russia?: country, jobs - Europe
  62. Naples White Pizza: best, place, Italians, speaking - Europe
  63. News: Readout of the President's Call with President Putin of Russia: life, cost - Europe
  64. Why do EAST European women have that look in their eye?: best, cultures
  65. RUSSIA: Gay American TV actor comes out, faces uncertain future with homophobic, America-hating co-star: life, country - Europe
  66. My definition of Western Europe: Hungary, time, interesting, Germany
  67. European urban legends and creepy stories.: places, people, driving, house
  68. A weekend: people, beautiful, airport, Finland - Europe
  69. Is EU going to collapse ?: best, cost, German, Greek - Europe
  70. Cities with best quality of life: cost, country, people, living - Europe
  71. Why do white/European people think they're so highly desired and admired by other cultures?: crime, country
  72. Gunmen attack a Danish seminar - Charlie Hebdo II?: people, work, Russian - Europe
  73. Integration: life, country, people, black - Europe
  74. Humid Subtropical climate - Cfa: work, house, move, cons - Europe
  75. what is a bad salary, for Berlin?: life, cost - Europe
  76. What states in the U.S. feel similar to European countries?: country, people
  77. Are Europeans aware of the situation in Canada?: country, people, German
  78. Underrated cities in europe: best, life, place, people
  79. Is Greece turning into Nazi Germany?: country, people, Greek, Germans - Europe
  80. Transnistria - break-away republic of Moldovia: country, people, Romanian, work - Europe
  81. Why oppose the EU?: people, living, work, UK - Europe
  82. The Spaniards and Their Dinner Times: people, living, work, travel - Europe
  83. Other French cities: Impressions of Orleans, Toulouse, and Marseilles?: best, country, places - Europe
  84. Why are Eastern Europeans/Slavic people so obsessed with certain ethnic groups?: characteristics, Slavs
  85. Which cities in Europe are most common to encounter GYPSIES?: country, place
  86. Coming to Kiev and trying to make acquaintances: life, country, safe - Europe
  87. Bordeaux vs Lyon vs Milan vs Venice vs Ljubljana vs Zagreb vs Bucharest: life, climate - Europe
  88. quality of life in Berlin for average middle-aged uncool person?: cost, place - Europe
  89. What city (cities) is the most soviet looking in Europe?: crime, places
  90. Why is French so popular in Barcelona?: life, place, train - Europe
  91. Is Estonia similar to Sweden and Finland?: best, country, people - Europe
  92. Origin of the Sami people?: place, German, work, theory - Europe
  93. Do Spaniards feel like they're grouped with other Spanish speaking nationalities?: life, country - Europe
  94. Racism alive and well in Europe: country, place, train, people
  95. 10 Hours of Walking in Paris as a Jew: country, place, people - Europe
  96. What's you favorite time period of Euro history?: people, cons, girls - Europe
  97. Leipzig: An art-vibe, just second to Berlin?: life, people, German - Europe
  98. Retiring in Italy?: best, life, cost, train - Europe
  99. Is Europe really turning Muslim?: life, country, safe, jobs
  100. Sweden says it will pursue a feminist foreign policy to counter macho Russian aggression: country, cons - Europe
  101. European countries by Human Development Index corrected for Inequality: best, country, train
  102. Ethnic Poles in Ukraine: people, Greek, English, Russian - Europe
  103. Move to Germany or Netherlands?: life, country, jobs, speak - Europe
  104. Europe 2015: country, work, bank, Chinese
  105. Is the North always better?: country, German, England, Scandinavia - Europe
  106. Young African American traveling to Italy in May: life, place, train - Europe
  107. Obama Admits Meddling In Ukraine.: country, people, Russian, conditions - Europe
  108. Perceptions/Reality of Canary Islands (spain)/Madeira(portugal) ----?: life, cost, place - Europe
  109. Next issue of C.H. magazine?: people, features, time, 2015 - Europe
  110. How many French people are fluent in English?: Chinese, speaking, population - Europe
  111. Muslim Imam: 'Islam does not mean peace; Thank Allah for Paris shootings': UK, move - Europe
  112. Muslim No-Go Zones: places, people, Portuguese, work - Europe
  113. Can multiculturalism(Islam in Europe) ever work?: crime, country, people
  114. Do events like the one today in Paris make you more in favor of gun ownership?: people, move - Europe
  115. “The situation is out of control, and it is not reversible (Islamization of France): country, people - Europe
  116. Fast Food of Europe: country, places, people, German
  117. who is more seen as foreigner Arabs/Indians in the U.K or Latinos in the U.S: country, places - Europe
  118. Eastern European ethnic groups: people, German, Romanians, Czechs
  119. Why are Brits moving to Spain and Italy ?: life, cost, country - Europe
  120. Ireland vs norway: best, life, country, place - Europe
  121. Euro-nightmare and how they see the USA (its funny video): best, life - Europe
  122. The baltic sea: life, place, people, work - Europe
  123. Where is Portugal ?: country, place, Portuguese, Spaniard - Europe
  124. Are there really places in Scandinavia with 99% blondes?: country, place, people - Europe
  125. Why does Portugal have low Muslim population?: cost, people, German - Europe
  126. At Least 11 Killed As Gunmen Attack Offices Of French Satirical Weekly: work, France - Europe
  127. Places to visit in Bulgaria and the nearest countries around?: country, safe - Europe
  128. Food prices: country, German, work, Scandinavia - Europe
  129. Your impression on the Spanish people.: life, country, German, Spaniard - Europe
  130. Why Is The Suicide Rate So High In Finland?: German, climate, cons - Europe
  131. Gross salary Euro 1997.20 for my PhD in Vienna: people, pay, German - Europe
  132. Switzerland vs. Austria vs. Germany: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  133. How will I look in the Netherlands?: country, place, people - Europe
  134. European Union, a fair union or a land grab?: cost, country, jobs
  135. Best European country relocation?: life, safe, jobs, people
  136. American exploring the possibilities of relocating to Europe: best, country, jobs
  137. Which European countries are most likely to restore their monarchies?: German, rich
  138. Why do white americans/colonials tend to be much more into race than ethnic europeans?: life, places
  139. Are Europeans more prone to homosexuality?: country, place, people, percentage
  140. Germany and PEGIDA: country, people, Germans, move - Europe
  141. Why English?: people, German, UK, England - Europe
  142. Help with 6-wk backpacking trip: cost, country, places, train - Europe
  143. Would Muslims and Islamic immigration decrease in Europe?: life, places, people
  144. Is this perception true? (cultural difference between Europe and N. America): best, country
  145. about freedom of speech in France: people, Norwegian, move - Europe
  146. People in Northern Sweden have the world’s weirdest way of saying ‘yes’: life, work - Europe
  147. Is Francois Hollande really a socialist?: English, speak, France - Europe
  148. Short visit to Reykjavik: people, work, travel, time - Europe
  149. Europe is most urbanized continent on Earth?: life, country, place
  150. Scandinavians / Dutch and their Accents in English: best, country, people - Europe
  151. is Munich boring and conservative? what does this mean, exactly?: best, life - Europe
  152. Should Greece follow Ecuador and El Salvador and use the U.S. dollar as its legal tender?: country, people - Europe
  153. Is the Eurasian Economic Union the first step towards a political federation?: life, country - Europe
  154. Very Politically NOT correct: best, country, places, people - Europe
  155. Ethnic ghettoes in europe (the sad side of multiculturalism): country, people, black
  156. Would you visit Chernobil area?: life, places, people, work - Europe
  157. French rally signs written in English: people, Greek, culture, speaking - Europe
  158. Is Russia to blame for war in Ukraine?: best, country, people - Europe
  159. German Chnacellor Merkel does not look like a Happy person: people, Germans - Europe
  160. Best cities in Europe ?: life, cost, country, places
  161. We southern europeans should unite and form A subunions in EU: country, people
  162. Berlin vs Paris vs Rome: life, country, place, German - Europe
  163. Working Hours: 2013, jobs, German, cons - Europe
  164. Solar irradiance in europe: country, people, German, climate
  165. Is Putin a Dictator ?: people, German, names, Germany - Europe
  166. Spain or Argentina for gay American: best, life, cost, place - Europe
  167. Is **** about to hit the fan in Europe?: best, country, people
  168. Advice on studying abroad Belgium with partner: best, cost, country - Europe
  169. Will Greece be the next country after Argentina to drop from Developed status to developing status?: people, pay - Europe
  170. Cities to Visit While on a Work Trip to Geneva: crime, best - Europe
  171. Are there native dialects in country such as France, UK, Germany, Italy,Spain?: life, people - Europe
  172. The Timbre Of European Languages: German, Greek, English, Finnish
  173. Words untranslatable into english: people, German, Spaniard, house - Europe
  174. Are Spain, France and Benelux in the wrong time zone?: country, people - Europe
  175. Transisnatria: country, place, jobs, people - Europe
  176. How is Kaliningrad?: country, people, German, Germans - Europe
  177. Germans Open Their Homes To Refugee Roommates: country, place, people - Europe
  178. Switzerland - the most multilingual European nation?: people, German, Germans
  179. Greek Election: country, people, work, Russian - Europe
  180. Does everyone have European blood in them? (Asians, South Americans ect): place, people
  181. Why do people think Italians look attractive?: German, Germans, reputation - Europe
  182. Why different alphabets in Slavic languages?: Slavs, Russian, speak, interesting - Europe
  183. madrid v barcelona: best, life, people, areas - Europe
  184. Christian villages of Europe: life, country, people, Russian
  185. Companies that destroy the environment: 2013, place, German, UK - Europe
  186. Pictures of Italy: country, beautiful - Europe
  187. Paris attackers have been buried -- in France - Europe
  188. American Job Hunting In Ireland--how to the Irish view American workers?: jobs, people - Europe
  189. Je suis Charlie - Europe
  190. October Dublin Vacation: people, hotel, experiences, live - Europe
  191. Artist Visa Germany: people, moving, bank, income - Europe
  192. Are Czechs similar to Germans?: speak, Polish - Europe
  193. Nigel Farage and other figures of European Politics: interesting
  194. Greek Postal Service efficient? Need to ship a parcel to Greece. - Europe
  195. BELGRADE: Legislation mandates that all bars in the city must close at 1am: life, nightlife - Europe
  196. Are Olomouc & Brno a bit quiet in the summer months due to having large college populations?: places, areas - Europe
  197. Is Spain a great travel destination now with the Euro in the tank? - Europe
  198. Tax for expats in Romania: UK, comparison, pay, income - Europe
  199. Olymp Clubs/Gyms in St. Petersburg. - Europe
  200. This is my City - Lisbon, Berlin, Belgrade: time, interesting - Europe