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  1. Confusion with Scandinavia, Scandinavian peninsula, Fennoscandia and Nordic Countries: people, German - Europe
  2. Are the Polish-Lithuanian and Austro-Hungarian unions still evident?: people, work, Hungary - Europe
  3. Spain non-lucrative Residence Permit and Schengen Travel: country, people, living - Europe
  4. Sunshine duration in Europe: places, Scottish, Greece, live
  5. A Common-European Keyboard: German, English, Finnish, Swedish
  6. Is Something Is Not Amiss – Who Feels Like Doctor Who?: best, cost - Europe
  7. Where in Italy is this video from ?: time, Italian, Spain - Europe
  8. Amsterdam or Rome: country, time, visit, compare - Europe
  9. Curly hair in europe: black, Romanian, Italians, Italian
  10. North v.s South: best, life, German, work - Europe
  11. Bran Castle in Romania, been there?: best, places, train - Europe
  12. TEFL Jobs in Europe?: country, safe, work, English
  13. Ancient Greeks invented robots: best, people, theory, rich - Europe
  14. News, Eiffel Tower: Closed Thanks to ... Pickpockets: crime, country, safe - Europe
  15. A about Norway's dilemma due to the falling oil price.: country, safe - Europe
  16. Why is Galicia (the one in Spain, not Eastern Europe) not part of Portugal?: country, Portuguese
  17. Montenegro: Bar or Podgorica?: country, areas, live - Europe
  18. For Non-Freeloaders Interested in Relocating to Europe: country, places, jobs
  19. Racism in France: country, people, black, UK - Europe
  20. What is it like to live in Madeira/Funchal?: life, people, Portuguese - Europe
  21. Kosovo: country, people, move, cons - Europe
  22. What is the job situation like in Spain (Barcelona) right now?: jobs, pay - Europe
  23. Islamic Marriage in the Netherlands?: country, live, Italy, Dutch - Europe
  24. Oslo in October: life, house, expensive, travel - Europe
  25. Which has a better architecture?: 2013, German, Greek, UK - Europe
  26. Extended stay in Warsaw or Gdansk?: best, place, train, travel - Europe
  27. Killing Basques on sight is now banned in Iceland: crime, cons, interesting - Europe
  28. Liberland - a new self-proclaimed state between Croatia and Serbia: cons, visit - Europe
  29. Need help Best cities: France - Europe
  30. Iceland: hire car or not: cost, country, places, rent - Europe
  31. Need help with Rental car parking ticket in Paris: place, pay, work - Europe
  32. The country I loved is dead: crime, life, places, people - Europe
  33. Sun tax S: country, people, pay, property - Europe
  34. South of the southest: place, living, Greek, climate - Europe
  35. Warsaw v.s Prague: country, people, English, percentage - Europe
  36. Schools in The Netherlands: crime, best, life, cost - Europe
  37. Need help finding new place to live!: best, cost, safe - Europe
  38. Recommend Region in France: best, country, place, train - Europe
  39. with addresses in Venice, IT?: place, university, time - Europe
  40. Catalans vs. Portuguese vs. Castilians in history: country, place, people - Europe
  41. Job market and job diversity: Lyon vs Milan vs Madrid: cost, country - Europe
  42. Edgells in Europe: country, place, UK, England
  43. vilnius to cluj: best, dangerous, train, people - Europe
  44. Sofia, Bulgaria - been there and what is your opinion?: best, life - Europe
  45. Tourist like a local and visa restrictions questions: country, place, people - Europe
  46. Moving to Ireland: people, move, citizen, immigrants - Europe
  47. bargain items due to strong dollar against the euro?: German, Dutch, taxes - Europe
  48. military family relocating to Stavanger, Norway: country, living, facts - Europe
  49. Avoiding Turbo-folk music clubs in the Balkans.. or nay?: place, people - Europe
  50. Is Vienna a boring place to live for someone in their late 20s?: life, country - Europe
  51. SERBIA - Went to Belgrade & Nis - a very lively, fun country with great people.: best, friendly - Europe
  52. Montenegro is gorgeously beautiful...and so few tourists. How long will that last?: country, people - Europe
  53. The Polish - German Border: country, place, people, Germans - Europe
  54. Saakashvili faces criminal charges in Georgia: time - Europe
  55. moving to Austria: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  56. Which Spanish city has the best food?: move, Spain - Europe
  57. long term stay in France or Italy-: country, work, house - Europe
  58. Skopje Macedonia - quite an experience at night: people, beautiful, areas - Europe
  59. Sarajevo/Mostrar - both with well-touristed Turkish Quarters: country, place, people - Europe
  60. Is Sweden destroying itself?: dangerous, jobs, people, work - Europe
  61. seville or malaga: best, cost, places, people - Europe
  62. Questions about Scandinavia: country, people, England, stereotype - Europe
  63. Building styles varying on latitude: people, house, characteristics, stereotype - Europe
  64. EU proposes quotas for asylum seekers: life, country, safer, place - Europe
  65. Amsterdam cost of living?: life, country, places, train - Europe
  66. Poland: country, safe, place, people - Europe
  67. Best European Yotubers: German, English, Finnish, speaking
  68. Croatia - I didn't see the appeal of Split at all, but Dubrovnik made it all worth it!: best, place - Europe
  69. ROMANIA - Easily now one my favorite country of the 'former Eastern Europe countries': life, place
  70. Benelux history: country, place, people, German - Europe
  71. strangeness in Europe: place, people, time
  72. I feel very rooted to my country/traditions Is it normal for today?: life, people - Europe
  73. Do you think Eastern Europe will ever catch up to Western Europe?: country, Hungary
  74. How many european countries does an average european know?: country, people, German
  75. Russia has agency that hires trolls: best, life, country, people - Europe
  76. Conservative candidate wins polish elections !: life, country, influence, quality - Europe
  77. Sweden vs. the Netherlands: country, Dutch, travel, population - Europe
  78. Which Western EU country has the least non European immigrants: people, German
  79. can I show up with no job, and live there permanently?: life, cost - Europe
  80. Athens, Greece was NOTHING like I expected, and I mean this in a very GOOD way.: life, country - Europe
  81. Is multiculturalism in Northern Europe erasing identity?: life, country, dangerous
  82. Expatriates in Spain: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  83. Are the Irish rethinking their history?: dangerous, people, speaking, cons - Europe
  84. Eurovision 2015: country, English, Finnish, beautiful - Europe
  85. Germanic Europe: people, living, Germans, work
  86. European opininos of Americans: country, place, people, work
  87. Which countries are the Euro coins in your wallet from?: country, places - Europe
  88. Europe is still the closest thing to paradise on Earth: crime, best
  89. Are you atheist? In Which religion do you believe? Europeans only: people, work
  90. Eastern Russia, the next frontier: best, life, place, people - Europe
  91. Tell me about King Felipe VI: people, Spaniard, Finnish, live - Europe
  92. What's your Identity (Europeans only): best, German, English, Finnish
  93. life in portugal: best, cost, country, people - Europe
  94. Blondest Countries in the World: people, German, England, Finnish - Europe
  95. Irish Same Sex Marriage Referendum: crime, country, people, percentage - Europe
  96. Football (soccer) team you supports (Europeans only): best, life, Finnish
  97. Is poland north european ?: people, UK, England, Hungary
  98. Next Big European Destination: country, place, Romanian, Russian
  99. Your favorite Second City of Europe: country, work, population
  100. Never traveled before - I need advice?: best, cost, country - Europe
  101. Germanic culture in Europe: country, people, moving, Germans
  102. Vacation in Ialy: cost, country, place, train - Europe
  103. EU seeks approval from UN to sink human smugglers’ ships in Libyan territorial waters: country, people - Europe
  104. France is not so safe anymore is a regularly thrown around on the boards...why?: crime, life - Europe
  105. Anti-AntiRacist Legislation: country, people, work, rich - Europe
  106. Blonde Hair and blue eyes in Europe: life, country, people
  107. Is Italy considered northern Europe?: country, German, Hungary, Germany
  108. Cluj-Napoca or Bucharest?: best, country, place, people - Europe
  109. To which European countries could I move?: best, life, country
  110. Moscow vs. Berlin vs. Saint Petersburg vs. Hamburg vs. Munich vs. Cologne vs. Frankfurt: best, life - Europe
  111. Why are there so many porn stars from the Czech Republic & Hungary?: life, country - Europe
  112. Cultural differences and similarities in The Benelux countries: life, country, safer - Europe
  113. Prague is amazing the first visit, not so amazing for a second visit....agree or disagree?: best, life - Europe
  114. non-whites Americans moving to Europe asking for safety and racism: best, country
  115. Which region in Europe contributed the most to the enlightenment?: German, UK
  116. Germans exterminated 70% of Namibia's population!: country, people, cons, time - Europe
  117. Studying in Copenhagen or Gothenburg: best, life, people, work - Europe
  118. Are villages in your countries dying?: life, cost, country, safe - Europe
  119. Sarajevo - one of the most beautiful cities in Europe? - Agree or disagree?: cost, country
  120. Lisbon & Porto: 24% of residents are aged 65 or over.: life, jobs, people - Europe
  121. UK or Deustchland: best, cost, country, people - Europe
  122. African living versus Europe living: best, life, country, place
  123. I want to go to Eastern Europe but hesitant to go: crime, life
  124. Africa will rule Europe.: country, place, people, living
  125. How Europeans Evolved White Skin: people, work, theory, climate
  126. The relentless march to a more united Europe: people, work, UK
  127. do knock eggs?: country, places, people, Polish - Europe
  128. France bans skinny models and mannequins: life, country, people, work - Europe
  129. Why does Germany call their leader a chancellor...: license, Finnish, drivers - Europe
  130. Sweden wonders why record number of immigrants travel to join jihad: crime, country - Europe
  131. Population Growth Rates Europe/Africa vs Northern/Latin America: country, people, German
  132. Why is Kaliningrad...: crime, country, people, German - Europe
  133. Has been to Bulgaria?: best, country, Dutch, travel - Europe
  134. Are Americans really friendlier than Europeans?: places, people, German, Greek
  135. Healthcare In Europe: best, life, cost, country
  136. Traveling to Eastern Europe this Summer- advice.: best, safe, place
  137. How can people in Spain afford to go out at night so often?: life, cost - Europe
  138. U.S. military convoy through Europe, too little, too late?: country, black
  139. CROATIAN beaches in May? Almost empty?: country, people, cons, beautiful - Europe
  140. Would you say BELGUIM or LUXEMBURG have a little bit of a French feel?: place, German - Europe
  141. A bit surprised Copenhagen has more milder winters than I had previously assumed...: German, Scandinavia - Europe
  142. Why are Germans less optimistic and individualistic?: people, England, English - Europe
  143. Your list of must see and dos in Europe: best, life, country
  144. Traveling to Spain next year: 2014, country, place, people - Europe
  145. Ljubljana + Zagreb. Who has been there?: best, country, place, train - Europe
  146. Russian Roulette, Vice: best, cons, quality, time - Europe
  147. European nations with close ties to Russia?: best, country, people
  148. would you live in Zurich or Lausanne?: cost, country, place - Europe
  149. availability of root beer in different european countries: country, people, UK
  150. Isn't Europe a much better place to live than the US?: life, country
  151. Going to Europe for a few years. What are the differences from the USA?: life, country
  152. Which food you prefer Spain?: best, people, Spaniard, expensive - Europe
  153. Find the country for me?: safe, place, people, work - Europe
  154. Non-whites who've lived in Eastern Europe: Where is the least racist place been to?: country, safe
  155. Pharmacy career in Germany: cost, country, places, jobs - Europe
  156. What do you consider to be the Bible Belt of Europe?: country, place
  157. Denmark: Full frontal TV show causes controversy in Denmark: people, Swedish, move - Europe
  158. Which countries in Europe have the best natural scenery?: country, places, rich
  159. Are younger Europeans more conservative/right wing?: country, people, German
  160. Migrants crossing Mediterranean from Libya/N.Africa: people, moving, population - Europe
  161. Spanish 13-year-old could walk free after killing teacher with a crossbow: crime, life - Europe
  162. Income required to live comfortably in Berlin or Munich: life, cost, living - Europe
  163. Western Europe culture: country, place, people, German
  164. Animal brothels in Denmark? Tell me this is a hoax...: crime, best - Europe
  165. Europe Gay and Gayfriendly destinations: country, place, people, Italians
  166. Cities in France: crime rate, best, life, country - Europe
  167. The argument, Why doesn't Europe allow more emigration from the United States ?: cost, country
  168. Will My Children Automatically Gain EU Citizenship: country, people, Spaniard - Europe
  169. Bran,Romania: country, safe, people, Romanian - Europe
  170. Are Finnish men shy?: country, train, people, black - Europe
  171. What are typical dishes of your country and region?: place, German, Sicilian - Europe
  172. should i move to europe?Berlin?: life, cost, safe, place
  173. My Epic, Real, Happy Travel Adventure on 5 Countries of Europe in France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Romania: best, life
  174. is iced coffee popular in Europe? if so, which countries?: country, German
  175. Århus & Odense worth it? 3 days in Copenhagen/Denmark: best, train - Europe
  176. Best European Country for an Asian American Exchange Student?: people, black, UK
  177. Best European country for low-skilled/unemployed people?: place, jobs, living
  178. anti-semitism in France: country, places, people, characteristics - Europe
  179. My opinion of who should have Crimea...: train, living, license - Europe
  180. The Netherlands judged to be breaking EU rules for failed asylum seekers: cost, country - Europe
  181. suggestions for hypothetical short-term move to europe: best, cost, country
  182. Russia bans movie.: life, country, driving, Russian - Europe
  183. Europe - a defeated continent?: work, UK, Russian, population
  184. Somalian Invasion: life, country, place, people - Europe
  185. Work and life in Romania: country, place, jobs, train - Europe
  186. Download limits: house, time, Spain - Europe
  187. lastminute travel - Europe
  188. In which country can one enjoy the best quality of life? - Europe
  189. Nepliget station (Budapest) to Cluj - bus?: train, pay, English - Europe
  190. Wallet found 65 years later ! - Europe
  191. feed friends: English - Europe
  192. for Eastern Europeans over the age of 50 (if there are ): cons, live
  193. Novum Hotel Ravenna Berlin Steglitz or Karl Marx Hostel in Neukolln?: cost, places - Europe
  194. Lovely Abandoned Resort in Cyprus: place, time, interesting - Europe
  195. News, El Caminito Del Rey, one of world’s most dangerous hiking paths, reopens in Spain 15 years after deadly accident: life, work - Europe
  196. First stop, SARAJEVO!: houses, hotels - Europe
  197. a couple european law questions: country, moving, property, move
  198. Dutch celebrations to mark Kings Day 2015 to take place on April 27: visiting - Europe
  199. Bohemian style clothes in Romania help...: clothing - Europe
  200. RWR card moving Austria, Need Urgent Help: cost, living, move - Europe