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  10. Do you know the 3 cities where are the oldest of World that are Oxford ,Salamanca,Bolonia and do you add Heidelberg .Wi: people, German - Europe
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  12. University sports in Europe: best, places, train, people
  13. Black Sea Ferries: crime, expensive, Bulgaria - Europe
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  27. In Modern Ukraine, People of Color Need Not Apply: life, country, place - Europe
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  30. Video, Dangerous Norway's Atlantic Ocean Road: bank, travel, beautiful, famous - Europe
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  32. What is the cheapest reliable car rental company?: place, train, rent - Europe
  33. Video: cranes fall on houses in Holland. August 3, 2015: cost, jobs, people - Europe
  34. USA fake santa won original santa :(: work, bank, kids, working - Europe
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  36. Information on Italian public schools: moving, English, live, international - Europe
  37. Sarkozy, Gysi and the end of white people: German, Germans, cons - Europe
  38. Best Portugal city for me?: work, English, climate, live - Europe
  39. New Years Eve in Europe: expensive, cheap, travel, cons
  40. 500 fairy tales discovered in Germany (over 150 years old): people, English, 2015 - Europe
  41. Barcelona VS London: vegan friendly and safe.: crime, cost, safest - Europe
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  46. cheap long term rent in Norway?: best, cost, country - Europe
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  50. How many people can this Antwerp venue hold if packed? - Europe
  51. Souda Bay - Has lived there?: places, people, living - Europe
  52. How much does stuff cost in Norway? (list inside): country, safe, German - Europe
  53. for people of France: safe, speaking, cons, names - Europe
  54. trying to find someone in Germany: life, Germans, time, France - Europe
  55. Need about Zurich...: best, place, train, cheapest - Europe
  56. Eastern Europe 2060: best, life, jobs, people
  57. [A Romania - How would you rank TIMISOARA with CLUJ & BRASOV?: best, Romanian - Europe
  58. Super Zoom of Eiffel Tower: beautiful, people - Europe
  59. Things you like more about CORK than DUBLIN?: country, places, people - Europe
  60. Is FLUENT in French? - Europe
  61. Let's Dance Us With This Utterance - Europe
  62. How different is Sweden from Norway?: country, people, German, work - Europe
  63. Moving to Vienna: best, work, move, live - Europe
  64. The future of Italy: best, life, country, people - Europe
  65. Germany and Poland: people, Germans, Spaniard, work - Europe
  66. Dating in Europe - Quiet Interesting: best, life, people, German
  67. Jean Claude Junker and entourage: crime, black, driving, English - Europe
  68. The Great Trojan Horse of the 21st century: country, place, people - Europe
  69. Do Russian Women come to America and go for American to men for a green card or do they come for a better life?: country, jobs - Europe
  70. your favorite European countries?: best, life, country, people
  71. why is it that I know so many French guy - American girl couples but hardly the other way around?: country, people - Europe
  72. Slovakian Approach To Islamic Illegal Immigration: crime rate, 2013, country, people - Europe
  73. Affordability of Leipzig: crime, best, cost, country - Europe
  74. thing about Syrian refugees entering Europe...: people, pay, travel
  75. The European Left: And its love affair with Islam: pay, work, Russian
  76. Is Portugal similar to Spanish speaking Latin American countries?: people, black, German - Europe
  77. Are most Eyropeans gay/lesbian?: life, jobs, people, German - Europe
  78. Welcome our new friends to Europe! :): best, life, country, place
  79. Countries with the Most Efficient Health Care in Europe?: best, cost, German
  80. Is Dublin Ireland a very dangerous city?: cost, country, safe - Europe
  81. Military defence of the EU countries: country, place, pay, German - Europe
  82. Talk me out of moving to Sweden: crime, best, country - Europe
  83. Why can't Europe stop migrants from coming to Greece by using military might?: life, country
  84. European travel- bad idea?: crime, life, place, train
  85. Planning A Trip through Europe: cost, German, Norwegian, cheap
  86. Which country in Europe his better cuisine for you ?: best, German, Greek
  87. Did Germany get overwhelmed?: best, country, people, Greek - Europe
  88. Racist plasters: 2013, people, black, Swedish - Europe
  89. Moving to Netherlands: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  90. How to put a Muslim in her/his place - Hispanic style.: crime, best - Europe
  91. E.U. Votes To Distribute Aslyum Seekers Across Europe: place, people, German
  92. Do you peronsally prefer Denmark, Finland, or Iceland?: best, people, attractive - Europe
  93. Your Views on Dating / Closed Minded??: best, country, people, German - Europe
  94. European music festivals: best, England, Dutch, culture
  95. Where Would You Rather Live? Game, Europe Version: German, rich, ancestry
  96. Is Political Correctness Killing Europe?: life, country, people, German
  97. Merkel wants new EU army: country, German, Germans, UK - Europe
  98. Why do white Americans care so much about Europe's demographics, despite having no connections to Europe other than DNA?: country, people
  99. Is Hungary getting a bum rap?: place, German, cons, live - Europe
  100. Most asian cities in europe: people, UK, Chinese, France
  101. the best European cities by region?: crime, life, people, German
  102. A Trojan Horse?: best, life, country, people - Europe
  103. Do you think the migrant crisis in Europe will eventually cause the cancellation of the Schengen area?: people, German
  104. The border between Europe Asia: crime, people, black, Russian
  105. Eastern Europe vs Western Europe Refugee Crisis: country, safe, people
  106. Dealing with Sads or Depression in the Netherlands?: crime, life, cost - Europe
  107. Are European villages still simplistic?: life, place, jobs, people
  108. Europeans look carefully. It's your future.: German, Russian, time, Germany
  109. We aren't bailing you out again: country, people, German, cons - Europe
  110. The Kremlin brings together the separative International: crime, place, people - Europe
  111. Knowing a bit of Portugal.: life, people, time, interesting - Europe
  112. German Facial features: people, Germans, Romanian, English - Europe
  113. Travel warning for Istanbul?: safe, people, bank, Dutch - Europe
  114. Most scenic, picturesque areas of Europe... .: country, places, train
  115. from Hungary, Austria..How's the immigration situation??: country, train, people - Europe
  116. can i seek asylum? en sweden ?: crime, life, country, living - Europe
  117. How many refugees should Europe accept from Islamic Countries at war?: life, country
  118. Cost of clothing: best, people, pay, German - Europe
  119. Online shopping in Europe: cost, country, people, living
  120. Why Euro nations refugees and others love them: best, life - Europe
  121. Why do Dutch and Nordic people talk so much about money?: best, life - Europe
  122. [Comparision] Florence-Tuscany or Palermo-Sicily: What is the better place for spending 4-5 years as a foreign student?: best, life - Europe
  123. Intolerance in northern Europe: country, people, German, stereotype
  124. Where does northern Europe end?: country, German, England, features
  125. What movies do you turn to when you get a pang of nostalgia for places in Europe?: life, place
  126. Climate in Den-Haag (Netherlands): life, people, English, Dutch - Europe
  127. Foi Gras: Are there european countries where they're prohibited?: people, France
  128. What US city would you live in? (European perspective): people, climate, expensive
  129. Black Sea: crime, places, Greek, Russian - Europe
  130. Do Europeans generally think of white Americans as white trash ?: country, people
  131. Non-Russians, what are the first ten Russian cities that come to mind (besides Moscow and St. Petersburg)?: country - Europe
  132. So... Greece, why can't they go back to old drachma while staying in the EU?: life, country - Europe
  133. Will Greece Get Another Deadline?: 2014, country, people, black - Europe
  134. So who isn't interested in Western Europe?: best, life, country
  135. Best European cities to travel to alone, where you can meet friendly people?: place, black
  136. Running of the Bulls: best, life, country, train - Europe
  137. Graffiti in the Nordic countries?: crime, places, train, people - Europe
  138. Is Denmark the happiest place on Earth?: life, country, people - Europe
  139. How many Europeans go to graduate school?: country, jobs, people
  140. How Catholic are Italians and Spanish people nowadays?: country, German, Hungary - Europe
  141. Is Finland not actually expensive?: cost, country, place, people - Europe
  142. European national stereotypes: life, place, people, black
  143. Which European people did you have the best experience with?: country, place
  144. What will happen to the African Refugees now arriving by boat in Europe?: best, life
  145. Personal places of interest in Europe (for yourself)...visiting/traveling: country, people
  146. Warmest city in the Netherlands?: crime, best, life, country - Europe
  147. Safe areas of Dublin, Ireland?: best, place, people, German - Europe
  148. How US students get a university degree for free in Germany: people, pay - Europe
  149. How many Spanish people are fluent in English?: German, Portuguese, Spaniard - Europe
  150. I have like 1 day this week to explore. I'm in Hamburg, I'd like to go .: best, country - Europe
  151. European country with the hottest women?: Spain, Europeans
  152. The €uro: country, German, Greek, Finnish - Europe
  153. Do french citzens listen to british music more than french music?: country, people - Europe
  154. Are Slavs and Russians lighter skin than Germans?: people, Romanians, Scandinavians - Europe
  155. Looking to move - France or Germany or ...?: life, country, place - Europe
  156. Population and Population growth in Europe: crime, 2014, people, German
  157. Why does Germany have such a low birthrate?: cost, country, places - Europe
  158. Lake Como Italy for Retirement?: cost, country, place, train - Europe
  159. What do Israeli people in Europe Think about dark skinned people: crime, life
  160. Muslim attacks diners in Paris: place, train, people, reputation - Europe
  161. Easiest European language to learn, (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary): people, German, Portuguese
  162. French sunbather beaten up by gang for wearing a bikini in Reims park: life, people - Europe
  163. saudi king and entourage shuts down public beach in French Riviera: people, work - Europe
  164. Why are German people so rude?: train, Germans, work, speaking - Europe
  165. Berlin? Amsterdam? Prague? Where to study abroad?: best, life, cost - Europe
  166. Italy may be the next Greece.: 2014, country, German, Germans - Europe
  167. Why are French cities tend to be small?: people, German, UK - Europe
  168. Best Nightlife in Europe: place, people, travel, beautiful
  169. How expensive is Switzerland exactly?: life, cost, places, people - Europe
  170. Do Russians born in the early to mid 80s have memories of the Soviet Union and the Cold War?: best, life - Europe
  171. Are Spain and Italy architecturally similar?: country, place, work, features - Europe
  172. What are the differences between Czechs and Slovaks?: country, place, people - Europe
  173. I really want to visit all of Europe, but I have a about McDonald's.: cost, pay
  174. Do you see the illegal African/Middle Eastern Migrants in your town?: people, black - Europe
  175. Best way of getting around Paris?: place, beautiful, time, visit - Europe
  176. Antisemittism high in eastern europe?: life, safe, people, Greek
  177. How hard is it to move to Europe ?: best, country, moving
  178. Which part of Europe has the best weather?: place, England, climate
  179. Growth and Decline of population across Europe.: people, German, live
  180. Inner Madrid and Paris: Which is more vibrant?: best, life, driving - Europe
  181. A Europe without Finland is not that hard to imagine. A Europe without Greece would not feel like Europe at all: country, black
  182. Is Belarus a dictatorship?: place, people, German, Russian - Europe
  183. What's the most northernized country in southern Europe and the most southernized country in northern Europe?: best, people
  184. Are most Europeans pure blood or 100% of their ethnicity?: best, country
  185. City in Europe: best, life, cost, country
  186. France is violating the Schengen agreement: work, UK, cons, Italy - Europe
  187. Finland's parliament in favour of forcing Greece out of the euro, says report: people, Greek - Europe
  188. Bavarian insularity: best, life, country, place - Europe
  189. The best drivers in Europe?: country, people, driving, German
  190. Can Europeans tell the ethnic difference themselves?: country, people, German
  191. Regional variation European languages: country, people, German, moving
  192. Who's going to Tomorrowland 2016 from the UK?: time - Europe
  193. How would you characterize Eastern Europeans ?: compare, people
  194. What do you think of the Fiat Doblo?: reputation - Europe
  195. welcome to Europe pamphlet givin to migrants before the journey
  196. Comedians making their career in a second language, in another country: life, German - Europe
  197. Hey, Norvegian students, what you think?: university - Europe
  198. Extreme sports ? Poling down hill: place - Europe
  199. Portugal offering citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews: move - Europe
  200. Dual citizenship... Name change?: country, France - Europe