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  18. Isn't Europe Packing With The Types That One Wouldn't Wish To Work, Dine or Live With: cons, water
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  31. News, Driving instructors 'may offer lessons in return for sex', Netherlands government confirms: kids, pros - Europe
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  33. Meatballs: Northern vs Southern (Stereotypes): Swedish, Norwegian, cons, interesting - Europe
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  35. Best cost benefit city in Europe: country, places, jobs, people
  36. Egg beaters in sweden?: living, moving, English, Swedish - Europe
  37. For of you in favor of Syrian refugees watch this first...: country, people - Europe
  38. Living in Rennes: place, live, unemployment, France - Europe
  39. Brussels or Paris to Limerick: train, expensive, cheap, compared - Europe
  40. People of Spain and people of France very similar or very different ,mentality,cleaning, cities,coucine ,: best, life - Europe
  41. speak Lithuanian?: people, English, Finnish, Russian - Europe
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  51. Is Sofia, Bulgaria safe for a young woman?: country, place, people - Europe
  52. plains and flat towns in Slovakia?: best, country, people - Europe
  53. Vienna - Bratislava - Budapest - Prague - Rome - Munich 2 weeks trip in March: cost, train - Europe
  54. What makes Central Europe so magical?: best, people, German, rich
  55. Street View Reveals Evidence Of War In Vukovar: place, time, water - Europe
  56. how is the college admission process like in germany?: pay, transfer, university - Europe
  57. Stockholm vs Berlin vs Frankfurt vs Munich vs Hamburg vs Rest of Europe: best, life
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  59. Best City In Europe? (Vote): life, country, people, moving
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  61. Happy Thanksgiving Day to All: German, house, kids, live - Europe
  62. American Days: life, people, black, German - Europe
  63. How Do Most Europeans Feel Byzantium?: place, people, Greek
  64. Does Putin use Botox?: black, live, names, time - Europe
  65. Old Paris, France?: places, people, culture, speaking - Europe
  66. Wearing burqas will become an offense in Swiss Italian speaking region. Should this be enforced: place, people - Europe
  67. Do you think religious symbols should be kept out of public buildings?: country, work - Europe
  68. Why is southern Europe so heavily favored over the north in this forum?: life, country
  69. Why are there so many Americans in France?: life, country, people - Europe
  70. Public displays of religion in Europe: country, people, German, work
  71. College Grad looking to move abroad temporarily: best, cost, people - Europe
  72. Best late October vacation...Portugal, Spain, Sicily or Greece?: places, travel, cons - Europe
  73. The formation of the Russian nation: crime, country, Slavs, Chinese - Europe
  74. Do you think there are too many people in your country?: England, beautiful - Europe
  75. How well Christian immigrants from the Middle East integrate into European society?: country, jobs
  76. Is Cyprus a popular tourist destination?: places, people, German, Greek - Europe
  77. Christmas Markets Thrive On Snow: best, 2013, place, people - Europe
  78. Who are the most polite Europeans?: best, country, people, German
  79. Southern italians not white??What?: people, Greek, Portuguese, Spaniard - Europe
  80. How much currency is necessary?: country, people, Romanian, percentage - Europe
  81. Northern and southern europe?: German, England, stereotype, Scandinavia
  82. The Monarchies Of Europe: cost, country, pay, German
  83. Christianity growing in part of Europe: place, people, England, Russian
  84. Europe's Political Talk: country, people, Hungary, move
  85. Languages European students are required to study: people, German, Greek
  86. Should Spain and Portugal merge into one country?: people, stereotype, English - Europe
  87. NWO (Illuminati) taking over America: place, people, German, kids - Europe
  88. Italy and stereotype?: people, German, Germans, work - Europe
  89. Italians,spaniards,greeks and french: people, black, German, Germans - Europe
  90. Visiting Paris, but cannot speak French!: country, people, English - Europe
  91. Where would you place Hungary?: country, people, German, work - Europe
  92. Russian Royalty: country, people, English, developed - Europe
  93. Ultimately Deciding Whether I Am Living in Romania Next Year Or Not. Tell Me What You Think.: life, country - Europe
  94. Developed Europe.: German, UK, England, areas
  95. The Mediterranean Sea - European or African?: English, Europeans, time
  96. Germany vs Britain vs France: people, England, English, speaking - Europe
  97. Bulgarian and Romanian migration to Slovakia: country, people, Romanians, Finnish - Europe
  98. Trip around Europe Help!: country, train, driving, German
  99. The Modern Day Roman Empire!: best, country, Greek, work - Europe
  100. Importing US goods to Europe...: people, living, German, work
  101. The most uncomfortable and shocking truth for northern Europeans: people, German, England
  102. Homo- Europeaus: life, place, people, black
  103. Getting to and from Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport...: best, cost, country - Europe
  104. How Many Nationalities do You have?: country, people, Portuguese, Swedish - Europe
  105. Italians and italy's reputation?: crime, country, people, German - Europe
  106. Danish people, are you guys the happiest: life, country, place - Europe
  107. Central Europe - is it n Northern Europe or Southern Europe?: black, German
  108. Is france southern or northern europe for you?: country, place, German
  109. Isn't the Volkswagen scandal ironic for highly praised German work ethics?: train, people - Europe
  110. Is Belgium culturally more Southern or Northern European?: people, speaking, influence
  111. Paris vs milan?: life, country, work, English - Europe
  112. urgent advice where to move? italy or france: best, life, cost - Europe
  113. Best Cities of Germany for living.: life, cost, safe, place - Europe
  114. Finnish people seem to need help according to asylum seekers: best, safe - Europe
  115. A French-speaking Catholic person from Wallonia, Belgium: Northern European or not?: people, German
  116. Best cost benefit way of transportation in Europe?: train, people, cheapest
  117. Has Euro been destructive for Southern Europe and awesome for Germany??: best, cost
  118. Georgia. Obscure In Between Europe+Asia. Is There A Mainland Europe Classification Or Eastern European Identification?: life, country
  119. Quick, And Vast Magical Country Boundaries. Is There Emerging On Extra Nations Or Modified National Borders?: places, people - Europe
  120. Should the Swedes rule Spain?: best, country, people, German - Europe
  121. Germans beginning to regret welcoming muslims: best, jobs, people, work - Europe
  122. Spain and Catalan independence: best, cost, country, train - Europe
  123. Good salami from Russia: best, people, English, Finnish - Europe
  124. Teenage Austrian 'poster girl for the Islamic State' killed by group for trying to escape: life, country - Europe
  125. what are the Pros and Cons of Living in Germany?????: cost, people - Europe
  126. Is Germany Land of Happiness?????: place, Romanian, live - Europe
  127. If you were asked which country better represent Europe, which would you choose?: best, black
  128. Should the European Union be dissolved?: Hungary, time, Germany, France
  129. Why is Germany so unhappy?: life, place, people, Germans - Europe
  130. Copenhagen vs Stockholm vs Helsinki vs Oslo vs Rotterdam: best, cost, country - Europe
  131. The overseas possessions of Spain and Portugal: cost, places, people - Europe
  132. German man takes in 24 asylum-seekers and describes his 'disappointing' experience: crime, dangerous - Europe
  133. Does Europe have too many immigrants?: people, cultures, emigrate, Europeans
  134. Why Europe needs immigrants and refugees!: country, people, German, Germans
  135. Rainy, windy gloomy day: best, people, airport, France - Europe
  136. New refugee in Germany, need advice on where to start and where to settle: life, country - Europe
  137. Why is Belgium so underrated?: best, country, place, people - Europe
  138. Paris Attacks May Hand Presidency To Marine Le Penís Anti-Euro National Front: best, country - Europe
  139. How hard is it for a young 22 year old male to find work in europe ??: best, country
  140. Is it happening again in Paris?: people, France - Europe
  141. Is it true that there is absolutely NOTHING you can do in Norway that will cause you to serve more than 21 years in pris: crime, life - Europe
  142. Europeans do you have Muslim friends?: country, people, living
  143. After the recent right wing attack in Sweden, can we now put to rest the myth of Sweden as a tolerant racial nirvana?: best, country - Europe
  144. Legalizing marijuana in Europe: cost, places, people, moving
  145. about getting to Berchtesgaden from Munich: best, life, cost - Europe
  146. Are Scandinavia and Ireland the most North America like parts of Europe?: place, people
  147. Hungarian stereotypes: country, people, black, Hungary - Europe
  148. If Russia would be run by Merkel than it ceases out to exist: crime, people - Europe
  149. What do what European cities remind you of?: places, train
  150. Paris airport to Paris: cost, safe, place, transfer - Europe
  151. Best Carnivals, Street parades, Festivals in Europe.: people, German, UK
  152. An Invasion of Europe as We Speak: country, places, train
  153. can I go to EU with 1500$: best, country, jobs, people - Europe
  154. Why so much traffic?: country, people, work, cons - Europe
  155. How to get a job in Europe?: best, country, places
  156. What is life in Slovakia like?: crime rate, best, country, safe - Europe
  157. Fallout from elections in Poland and Portugal?: life, country, people - Europe
  158. Are there discipline problems in European schools?: best, life, place
  159. How do Russians feel about Putin?: people, bank, cons, time - Europe
  160. What will be millions of migrants think of the European Winter?: country, places
  161. Looking to expat: country, place, people, work - Europe
  162. Where, The Best Newspapers?: country, German, work, UK - Europe
  163. Euro coins: life, country, cheapest, theory - Europe
  164. Portugal's parliament approves law allowing same-sex couple to adopt: country, Portuguese, citizen - Europe
  165. Most Western Europeans Wouldn't Fight For Their Country: people, living, German
  166. What would be for you the fashion capitals of the world?: time - Europe
  167. visited Siberia?: places, people, driving, Russian - Europe
  168. What Is European: country, people, Russian, culture
  169. Northern italy is southern or central europe?: Europeans, France, live
  170. Best located european city: rich, places
  171. Which is for you the most romantic small town of Europe,and why .For example Granada,Venecia,Florencia,Salzburgo: people, English
  172. Everyone in paris,ny,milan and london dress well?: country, people, stereotype - Europe
  173. American family moving to Northern Italy: best, life, country, people - Europe
  174. How safe is Southern Europe?: life, country, places, people
  175. How fast do baptism and religious marriages fall in your country?: life, people - Europe
  176. Northern and southern italy?: best, people, German, work - Europe
  177. Talk me out of moving to the Netherlands: best, country, place - Europe
  178. Why are the French attacks blamed on foreigners when the first terrorist turns out out to be French?: life, cost - Europe
  179. Came across this video on Islam...Scary stuff: jobs, Portuguese, English - Europe
  180. What is the world going to do with all homeless, orphans from Syria? many lost limbs, are burnt.: country, people - Europe
  181. Something to wine about: best, people, pay, German - Europe
  182. Shouldn't UN create free Muslim country for refugees?: best, cost - Europe
  183. Spain, Italy new targets for IS, reconquer southern Europe: country, place, people
  184. Why is spain so cheap: cost, country, places, living - Europe
  185. About France.: country, German, Germans, English - Europe
  186. Who's been to Albania?: life, 2014, country, place - Europe
  187. European Girls VS. American girls If you had a choice which one would you choose?: life, country
  188. Do the French still think that terrorism is a big lie ?: people, work - Europe
  189. Serbia - huge waterfront project - Belgrade waterfront - Europe
  190. Turkey shot down Russian plane: France - Europe
  191. The - Europe
  192. The Balkans are still the Balkans: 2015 - Europe
  193. How are individual EU nations dealing with the diesel VW?: train - Europe
  194. Italians'reputation in the time: people, cons, Europeans, immigrants
  195. Entertaining speech at EU Parliment by Nigel Farage - Europe
  196. People in Baltics, how's the life??: visit - Europe
  197. that differences see between Spain and Italy?stereotypes confronted: people, Spaniard, Italians - Europe
  198. Master in Film Directing in Europe: work, UK, English, expensive
  199. Medical care in Ireland: best, England, standard - Europe
  200. Looking for Fee only advisor in Zurich, Switzerland - Europe