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  29. Tyroles Art Glass Co, Innsbruck, Austria?: English, rich, Spanish, Austrians - Europe
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  61. News Video, Raw: Lasers Blind Russian Ravers.: country, place, people - Europe
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  66. What cities in Europe have good job: best, country, jobs
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  98. Is immigration worse in Europe, or the United States??: best, life, country
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  102. Why is Europe have such a low birth rate??: life, country, people
  103. From Houston to Paris with a Wife and Child: cost, country, people - Europe
  104. The best european country?: life, places, people, German
  105. Do you consider continental France on the whole a warm or a cold country: best, places - Europe
  106. Why do so many Europeans smoke cigarettes?: life, country, dangerous
  107. Tax: US/FRANCE: best, cost, people, work - Europe
  108. Racism in Spain: country, place, people, black - Europe
  109. News, Think Gas is High? Try Europe.: cost, country, places
  110. What European cities or best for music Disc Jockeys?: life, place, people
  111. What's the best European country to move to?: life, place, people
  112. I am Swedish gal, ask me about Sweden: best, country, people - Europe
  113. Do Sicilians consider sicily a seperate country from Italy?: place, people, Greek - Europe
  114. need help finding old friends in Moscow: best, people, work - Europe
  115. List your top 10 favorite European cities: people, Greek, work, England
  116. help: search of a European city: crime rate, cost, country, safest
  117. Pics of Paris: life, work, France - Europe
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  119. American Mate working Options Switz/Germany: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  120. The best european city?: country, place, German, rich
  121. The Euro (currency): life, cost, country, jobs - Europe
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  123. What Are The Top 5 European Countries With The Highest Percentage Of Brunettes With Blue Eyes/Green Eyes ?: people, black
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  130. Blacks living in Europe: country, people, Portuguese, percentage
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  132. Albania: country, safe, place, pay - Europe
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  136. Gaining dual Citizenship in a EU Country based on parents / grandparents / g-grandparents!? done this?: people, black - Europe
  137. Paris: best, life, cost, place - Europe
  138. My grouping of the European countries: country, German, England, Scandinavia
  139. How hard is it for a US Citizen to move to Spain?: country, place - Europe
  140. Czech Republic - Germanic or Slavic?: best, country, people, Germans - Europe
  141. Most Obnoxious Tourists? The French: best, country, people, German - Europe
  142. Is Switzerland a nice Country to visit??: crime, best, life - Europe
  143. USA vs Europe: best, country, places, people
  144. France: best, life, country, place - Europe
  145. How are Indians treated in Europe?: life, country, jobs, people
  146. Europe's Immigration Problems: best, life, country, place
  147. USA-Georgia-Ossetia-Russia's conflict: country, place, people, Russian - Europe
  148. European region with best climate: best weather, island, summers
  149. I would like to relocate to Europe help ??: best, life
  150. Denmark Sucks!! happiest nation..? my ass!: crime, best, life, cost - Europe
  151. Welcome To Sweden: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  152. News, Russia: Poland risks attack because of US missiles.: places, Russian, cons - Europe
  153. Why moving back to the US (from Paris): best, life, cost - Europe
  154. Speaking English in Sweden: life, people, German, England - Europe
  155. Tensions and discrimination towards Russians in US: best, country, jobs - Europe
  156. Barcelona,Dublin,Stockholm and Vienna: best, life, country, jobs - Europe
  157. Is it easy to live as an illegal alien in Europe?: life, country
  158. Estonia - Nordic or Baltic?: country, people, German, Germans - Europe
  159. Travelers To Italy: German, work, bank, cons - Europe
  160. Favorite German city?: cons, beautiful, water, apartment - Europe
  161. St. Petersburg, Russia: best, place, train, moving - Europe
  162. News, Many Dutch prepare for 2012 apocalypse.: life, people, time - Europe
  163. Where in Spain: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  164. Paris-Neighborhood: crime, safe, dangerous, places - Europe
  165. Staying in Stockholm, Sweden for a year: best, country, places - Europe
  166. Do you think the European Union could dissappear?: cost, country, place
  167. News, How much do you make? It'd be no secret in Scandinavia.: crime, best - Europe
  168. Best Scandinavian country (POLL): people, German, Finnish, Swedish - Europe
  169. Euro Disney. How's it doing?: best, cost, country, places - Europe
  170. Zürich, Switzerland?: life, people, living, German - Europe
  171. Thinking of moving to one of the Scandinavian Countries: crime, life, cost - Europe
  172. berlin,germany how is it?: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  173. News, Italy starts controversial plan to fingerprint Gypsies.: crime, life, country - Europe
  174. How are African Americans viewed in Germany?: life, country, safer - Europe
  175. Germany: country, place, people, moving - Europe
  176. Dual Citizenship - Portugal/EU: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  177. News, Guinness, dancing as Obama-linked Irish town awaits vote.: people, house - Europe
  178. for expats living in Cyprus: cost, place, cons - Europe
  179. News, Swiss town converts nuclear bunker into 'zero-star hotel': yard, rated - Europe
  180. News, Naked hikers face spot fines.: people, German, Swiss, population - Europe
  181. News, Belgian 'Santa' gives half lottery win to the poor.: village, dollar - Europe
  182. French president's wife Carla Brunei: France, Italian - Europe
  183. News, German politician may auction his beard.: country, Germany - Europe
  184. News, Jewish group condemns Nazi funeral.: crime - Europe
  185. News, Scottish smokers to be paid for quitting.: health, payment - Europe
  186. Economics student looking for help with Monaco!: country, percentage, income - Europe
  187. News, Porsche eyeing 2,100 new German jobs.: Germany - Europe
  188. News, Dutch take to skates.: photos, events - Europe
  189. News, Berlin Wall goes under the hammer.: house - Europe
  190. Miss Euro 2008 Beauty Contest: color - Europe
  191. News, Spanish town blushes with annual tomato fight.: people, Spain - Europe
  192. News, German Group Claims Biggest Puzzle Record.: place, people, Germany - Europe
  193. riots in greece: people - Europe
  194. News, Poles Who Rescued Jews Honored in Warsaw.: train, English, travel - Europe
  195. News, Vienna’s dancing horses get first female riders.: train, Spanish, school - Europe
  196. France says virginity lie shouldn't annul marriage: country, pros, wedding - Europe
  197. Madrid Airplane Crash: American, about - Europe
  198. Best Places in Europe To Disc Jockey??Make Money??: move, wedding
  199. Imam Vehbi Ismail, Albanian Religious Scholar, Dies at 89: international - Europe
  200. News, Town issues fine to sea monster photo's.: index - Europe