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  1. Can you spell 'language' correctly?: English - Europe
  2. Gdp per capita ranking in europe?: people, population, citizen, areas
  3. Russian wine: crime, best, black, Greek - Europe
  4. which is the least boring, Zurich or Frankfurt?: life, train, living - Europe
  5. Cross-border health services within the EU: cost, country, living, citizen - Europe
  6. German translation: living, ancestry, time - Europe
  7. Which European country has the best bland of cities: Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian
  8. The Criminal 500 Euro bill: cost, German, Greek, Portuguese - Europe
  9. American Sized Paper in Europe: German, work, English, live
  10. Taxes and public debt?: country, work, cons, working - Europe
  11. Ranking european metropolitan areas by gdp per capita?: work
  12. Are they really banning pork in Germany??: school - Europe
  13. Prior to this current wave of Moslem extremism, what issues did Europe have with Moslems migrants: crime, places
  14. Do the people from Sweden and Finland live in igloos?: life - Europe
  15. For you what makes a city rich ?: cost, people, living - Europe
  16. Have you heard about the Palomares accident?: Spaniard, Spain, famous - Europe
  17. Rome rich as milan?: people, German, cons, population - Europe
  18. Longer than 90 day sightseeing of Europe?: cost, country, places, train
  19. Booming European economy: country, German, Germany, Spain
  20. What did I say - now others too think Helsinki is grrreat: best, places - Europe
  21. Top universities for Environmental building/ sustainable home design in Scandinavian region?: best, cost - Europe
  22. English-language schools in Europe: German, Greek, international, Italian
  23. Pollution in western europe?: life, people
  24. Greek's collapse?: country, living, bank, time - Europe
  25. What makes eastern european cities more polluted than western?: German, UK, move
  26. Public debts in europe?: country, people, rich, bank
  27. Milan-rome,italy?: best, life, country, place - Europe
  28. France's situation?: Italy, Spain, Greece, conditions - Europe
  29. Why is Switzerland so expensive?: life, cost, country, train - Europe
  30. Bloc Identitaire: France, Italian, German - Europe
  31. Milan rich city?: country, people, Italy, live - Europe
  32. vacation to denmark: place, people, travel, beautiful - Europe
  33. Sub-Saharan immigrants in Spain: people, living, work, move - Europe
  34. Is racism in the Ukraine really that bad?: places, people, black - Europe
  35. Train recommendation, Paris to Perpignan: transfer - Europe
  36. Berlin Germany: place, moving, cheap, housing - Europe
  37. Amsterdam delivery service: cost, German, expensive, move - Europe
  38. visited the Camargue?: life, place, beautiful, time - Europe
  39. Weekend in northern Germany. LŁbeck, Rostock or Stralsund?: best, train, Swedish - Europe
  40. Are milan and barcelona really big metropolis or just cities?: people, nationality - Europe
  41. Travel Advice, -- Greece or Portugal?: best, cost, country - Europe
  42. work during study can cover my costs in Iceland?: life, country, living - Europe
  43. The North of Europe is superior in every way, s proof.: train, people
  44. Germans are happier!!!: people, work, stereotype, Finnish - Europe
  45. The Mysteries Of Europe: people, German, Romanian, Europeans
  46. relocate from US to Ireland?: cost, country, people, house - Europe
  47. European boarding schools: place, Portuguese, rich, reputation
  48. Danish secures backing for bill on taking migrants' cash: cons, pay - Europe
  49. Public debt italy and spain: best, country, people, theory - Europe
  50. Germans poisoning puppies??: crime, England, move, live - Europe
  51. How Much &c Is He Mourned In Your Part Of Europe?: best, people
  52. 28 Year old American - Job offer 30k Gross Vienna (Austria): pay, German - Europe
  53. Europe won't be Europe is a few decades: country, places, people
  54. Parisian Exports On Public Transport?: best, cost, train, work - Europe
  55. Lake Constance area for April->Jun rental price?: black, German, apartment - Europe
  56. Female minister/secretary of defense??: best, Hungary, time, interesting - Europe
  57. Crisis in southern europe?: country, places, people, cons
  58. Why are people so bad at English in Germany?: best, country, place - Europe
  59. swiss vs. german grocery prices: cost, country, places, people - Europe
  60. What is the biggest problem in Europe today?: best, country, jobs
  61. cities in Italy good for bicycling?: best, country, places, train - Europe
  62. Is Germany a perfect country with so many jobs??: life, place, people - Europe
  63. Old Town in Riga vs. Vilnius: cost, safest, place, train - Europe
  64. Do you think the EU should get rid of the Euro?: cost, country - Europe
  65. What kind of wild animals live in your area?: country, black, cons - Europe
  66. Terroristic attacks Belgium: crime, work, Russian, culture - Europe
  67. Italy and art: best, country, places, people - Europe
  68. Is northern italy one of the richest areas in europe?: German, England
  69. Muslims in Europe: Where do the chavvy ones generally come from?: country, people
  70. Best Way To Get From CDG(PARIS-CHARLES DE GAULLE) To Center Of Paris?: life, cost - Europe
  71. Europe will embrace to work longer hours.: life, 2014, jobs
  72. How are American Latinos viewed in Europe?: country, places, people
  73. Are the Paris, France Catacombs FREE For Children Or Not??: cost, people - Europe
  74. Pharmacy Technicians in Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark , Norway, Sweden, Finland, or France?: best, life - Europe
  75. How are Finns feeling about being a neighbour of Russia??: people, Russian - Europe
  76. EU citizens, are you in favour of TTIP?: country, dangerous, jobs - Europe
  77. Polish magazine causes outrage with cover showing white woman being sexually attacked by 'migrants': people, black - Europe
  78. Deal between UK and EU to avoid Brexit: country, places, people - Europe
  79. European social network sites.: people, German, Finnish, Russian
  80. Is a degree in education useful in Norway?: best, country, place - Europe
  81. Taxes in spain,greece and portugal?: cost, country, people, black - Europe
  82. What happened to Finland?: best, cost, country, people - Europe
  83. What's up with Brandenburg Airport??: cost, people, German, work - Europe
  84. Is weed Legal In Europe?: crime, country, people, live
  85. Racism against italians?: people, expensive, Europeans
  86. Scandinavia Union + the UK: place, German, cons, time - Europe
  87. Russian Faces Up to Year in Prison for Denying Existence of God: people, work - Europe
  88. Peaceful country in Europe to live?: life, safe, place, people
  89. European cities not affected by influx of migrants into Europe?: life, 2013
  90. Free movement, education and work in Europe??: life, 2014, country
  91. Gdp per capita in european cities?: country, people, living, German
  92. Retiring in Spain vs. Retiring in Mexico for North Americans: crime, cost - Europe
  93. Which European countries have big aviation presence??: country, place, German
  94. Have two party systems died?: country, place, people, German - Europe
  95. Yanis Varoufakis gives birth to new Pan European project. What do you think?: people, work
  96. Should Europe create a Coast Guard to push back boats from migrants from Turkey to Greece?: country, safe
  97. Finland made cartoons for new immigrants Beginner's Guide to Finland: country, people - Europe
  98. Most of Western Europe is white!: country, place, people, black
  99. Germany has oil!!: country, people, Germans, percentage - Europe
  100. Renzi isn't a happy man!!: country, place, train, people - Europe
  101. Does your President or Prime Minister speak English?: German, UK, Russian - Europe
  102. Asking For Mother Of A Friend: Is it Safe in France?: life, cost - Europe
  103. What are your favorite palaces and castles in Europe?: cost, place, pay
  104. Who remembers the Cold War in Europe?: life, people, living
  105. Migrants in Greece Storm Macedonia Border with battering Ram and Rocks; Tear Gas Fired: life, country - Europe
  106. Best place to emigrate for young people?: country, black, German - Europe
  107. Syrian Asylum Seeker Linked to Mass Killing Is Arrested in Sweden: crime, life - Europe
  108. How is the refugee/migrant problem in Northern Italy?: life, country, people - Europe
  109. Is Greece Finished?: place, train, people, Greek - Europe
  110. Vienna named world's top city for quality of life: crime rate, best, people - Europe
  111. Need a traveling comrade visiting Europe next year!: best, country, place
  112. Will migrant crisis encourage emigration out of Europe?: place, black, Romanian
  113. Cities to great to fall: UK, rich, live, water - Europe
  114. 16 Things You Donít Know About Europe Until You Get There: people, pay
  115. Anti-immigrant 'Soldiers of Odin' raise concern in Finland: best, black, driving - Europe
  116. Advice needed: planning a trip to Germany: cost, safest, places - Europe
  117. How are you calling your wifey/hubby?: people, English, names - Europe
  118. Is it safe to go to Europe particularly Paris.: best, travel, time
  119. When will the EU become a single country: best, train, people - Europe
  120. Muslims bring stoning to Germany: people, pay, Germans, work - Europe
  121. Which Canary Island city do you prefer - Tenerife or Gran Canaria?: places, German - Europe
  122. How is Russia's economy: life, cost, people, cheapest - Europe
  123. European Support of Trump: German, cons, Germany
  124. What is up with graffiti in Milan?: life, Italians, cons - Europe
  125. Can someone tell me a bit about Norway?: train, people, German - Europe
  126. Is spain developed as italy,germany,france and uk?: best, life, country - Europe
  127. Brussels, Belgium (capital of the European Union): life, places, people
  128. The R Sound: people, German, English, speak - Europe
  129. Polish and German people, what do you feel about the so called Recovered Territories in western Poland?: country, places - Europe
  130. Isn't Animal Cruelty Less Intolerable In Regions Than In Others?: crime, best - Europe
  131. Poland's new government destroying the country.: life, driving, German, Polish - Europe
  132. How Wealthy Are 'Refugees': cost, country, safe, train - Europe
  133. Beautiful Dutch Man: culture, live, time, Italy - Europe
  134. Mein Kampf - Germans, have you read it?: crime, life, places - Europe
  135. Cologne new years sexual assaults - soldiers of odin/ extreme groups: crime, train - Europe
  136. There are more or fewer differences between northern and Southern Italy or between the 4 distinct zones of Spain: country, people - Europe
  137. Doesn't Europe Produce The Best Alcoholic Beverages In The World: life, country
  138. U.S. Family looking to move for a year - where to?: life, cost - Europe
  139. German and Dutch written in the Cyrillic alphabet: people, English, Russian - Europe
  140. Local languages: country, people, Greek, Romanians - Europe
  141. Over 1000 men of Arabic descent molest, rape and touch German women in cologne during new years eve.: life, people - Europe
  142. American Retiring in Romania: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  143. Rail tunnel planned between Finland and Estonia: cost, country, train - Europe
  144. Why, So-Few Topics On Ireland?: best, country, people, England - Europe
  145. EU migrant crisis: Germany sends migrants back to Austria: country, driving, Germans - Europe
  146. Small German town sends refugee bus to Merkel's office: people, Russian, citizen - Europe
  147. What is wrong with Sweden's politicans??: people, Finnish, Swedish, culture - Europe
  148. Indo-European branches of languages: people, German, English, Scandinavians
  149. Europe is a blessed chunk of land: country, living, German
  150. European vacation advice: best, safe, places, train
  151. Are southern Spain and Portugal running out of water?: crime, places, people - Europe
  152. Sweden the rape capital of the world second only to Lesotho South Africa: crime, life - Europe
  153. Why do so many women in Spain smoke?: crime, country, people - Europe
  154. Are you celebrating friends day or valentines day?: time - Europe
  155. Where do Ukrainian refugees go?: life, country, place, jobs - Europe
  156. Is English widely spoken in Barcelona?: country, safe, places, people - Europe
  157. Farewell cash?: crime, life, country, place - Europe
  158. What's the opinion in your country same sex marriages and adoption?: 2014, dangerous - Europe
  159. Your favourite candidate who should be picked into Eurovision: best, cost, 2013 - Europe
  160. Stockholm Sweden: place, people, rent, apartment - Europe
  161. Want to escape to europe :(: country, living, pay, German
  162. What are the most well-off, Nordic countries/regions of Europe?: 2013, country
  163. stereotypes of the 4 largest european nations Germany,France ,Italy and Spain are true: best, country
  164. Why do Germans sacrifice themselves for refugees?: crime, best, country - Europe
  165. Why it is kept an issue that muslim culture would destroy European culture but American culture add nobody care?: country, jobs
  166. Italian economy barely grows!! GDP up 0.1%!!: best, life, country, place - Europe
  167. Paris global city?: places, people, English, Russian - Europe
  168. European Benefits: an Issue: best, country, people, living
  169. Real estate prices in Italy.: crime rate, people, pay, Italians - Europe
  170. Political differences across Italy: life, country, people, Sicilian - Europe
  171. European Apartments: cost, place, living, German
  172. Balkan countries youre like ???: best, country, rich, climate - Europe
  173. Why unemployment is a problem in EU??: best, cost, country - Europe
  174. Who like who in Europe...: best, people, German, Greek
  175. Bosnia, new EU member in 2025?: country, place, people, Romanians - Europe
  176. Europeans, what is your native country?: life, English, speaking, travel
  177. 22 Y.O. Swedish Asylum Worker Allegedly Murdered Today By Refugee in 'Youth' Asylum Center: crime, life - Europe
  178. can tell me about grenoble?: crime, best, life, country - Europe
  179. What is the best city to live in Europe?: life, people, work
  180. Danes ?: life, English, Norwegian, climate - Europe
  181. long term visa/residency France, Italy Spain: best, life, cost - Europe
  182. What nationalities do the French generally love?: best, country, people - Europe
  183. Been to Macedonia?: best, cost, country, dangerous - Europe
  184. Cheapest European city and: best, life, cost, country
  185. Nationalism in EU: German, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian - Europe
  186. How well did Italy do under Berlusconi?: best, life, cost - Europe
  187. Danish girl arrested for defending herself: country, people, pay, German - Europe
  188. Europe Is The Home Of The Broadcasting Or TV Licence-Fee: time, jobs
  189. 130,000 asylum seekers 'lost' in Germany: crime, people - Europe
  190. ROMANTIC dating sights (view, cafe, swimming pool, ) for couples in or near ROME, people?: country, places - Europe
  191. Latvian resistance stickers with symbol: German, English, moving, population - Europe
  192. Car Rental in Lugano (Switzerland): rent - Europe
  193. Rotterdam, have you seen this person?: people - Europe
  194. Quality of life in Europe - facts and views - overall life satisfaction: train, people
  195. An American's view of present-day Ukraine: Latin - Europe
  196. Police for spot fine for sexual harassment in Finland: safe, girls, time - Europe
  197. German police ordered to be silent about crimes committed by the migrannts - Europe
  198. Tips rent a home in Malta: best, safe, pay - Europe
  199. Vienna Austria debutantes ball. - Europe
  200. Help me find an old friend.: Germany, German - Europe