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  1. Differences between Portuguese and German culture: people, black, Germans, work - Europe
  2. Finding rent in Poland without speaking Polish?: place, people, English - Europe
  3. Studying in Greece or Italy?: life, cost, country, safe - Europe
  4. Outside of the UK, how are South Asians seen in Europe?: best, country
  5. Interesting free speech case in Germany.: people, pros - Europe
  6. Italy in February: best, country, place, train - Europe
  7. Need Got offer to work in vienne, austria: country, people, living - Europe
  8. Have you ever experienced this with a job offer.: country, place, people - Europe
  9. Poland's Defense Minister: Military Modernization Program Underfunded!: best, country, speaking - Europe
  10. Best folk and traditional summer events around Europe: country, Hungary, time
  11. Flights from USA to France outside of Paris: people, airport, live - Europe
  12. is polish similar to serbian?: Russian - Europe
  13. I thinks Poland don't needs Naval in Defence branches: German, Finnish, Germany - Europe
  14. Is milan a dangerous city?: Italian - Europe
  15. Munich or Lisbon - which city do you prefer?: life, country, safe - Europe
  16. Interesting wilderness in Europe map: country, black, travel, cons
  17. Tarantella di Napoli, Fuliculi Fulicula, O Sole Mio - How much folkloric songs like are still popular in Italy?: cost, country - Europe
  18. Syracuse v Palermo: crime, best, life, country - Europe
  19. Is it very easy to become a German citizen?: life, country, safe - Europe
  20. Ukrainian Military and Foreigners: country, places, living, moving - Europe
  21. Which of the festivals prefer?Sanfermines ,seville fair,the Palio Siena or beer festival Munich: visit, famous - Europe
  22. Trains in France, who to buy tickets from?: best, pay, cheapest - Europe
  23. Outdoorsy jobs in Germany: salary, time, university, school - Europe
  24. How is life in small German cities?: people, work, standard - Europe
  25. Translation of a Paragraph on a Real Estate Sales Authorization Certificate: best, country - Europe
  26. which european country the people are more friendly to tourists according to your experience.-: best, dating
  27. Recent Austrian elections: country, jobs, German, Germans - Europe
  28. now that airBNB is banned in Berlin, what is the best way to find a temporary apartment?: place, people - Europe
  29. Summer in spain: life, cost, country, places - Europe
  30. What are the Objectively Best Beaches and Beach Towns in Europe?: cost, country
  31. Did Germany have a population boom at point??: people - Europe
  32. Racism and Nightlife in Athens, Greece: country, places, people, black - Europe
  33. Living in Graz: cost, country, people, German - Europe
  34. In his travels by the world in what country ate you better-: best, places - Europe
  35. Berlin,Munich,Madrid, Barcelona,Rome ,Milan,Paris which do you like more or do you prefer other smaller cities: country, places - Europe
  36. Religious castes in Switzerland are true today: country, people, Swiss - Europe
  37. does swedish citizen have an opinion of the flood of muslims: country, people - Europe
  38. How tolerant are the French towards bad singing?: best, cons, France - Europe
  39. Owning a home is a sign that you are of middle class ?: life, country - Europe
  40. Crucial referendum in the Netherlands: best, life, 2014, country - Europe
  41. Ukraine: The Hammer Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs victims?: people, speak, live, names - Europe
  42. remember the Spanish coup: country, people - Europe
  43. I want to visit all nature parks in Croatia -your tips?: best, life - Europe
  44. Napule: Italy - Europe
  45. Hitler's nukes found?: people, German, Germans, Russian - Europe
  46. Referendum in the Netherlands – venal game of the right parties: life, cost - Europe
  47. Milan after expo: people, German, Germans, Sicilian - Europe
  48. Stolen Goods Market (Paris): train, time - Europe
  49. Good time to retire in Ireland?: country, place, work, grandparent - Europe
  50. they think of the impressive processions easter in Spain ?: people, pay, cultures - Europe
  51. 60% of migrants and refugees leaving for Europe this year are women.: crime, people
  52. Europe counting down to world's longest, deepest railroad tunnel: train, people, German
  53. What to see?? Leipzig-Vienna-Munich-Berlin: best, places, train, pay - Europe
  54. Merkel’s Bombers 7-8 Terror Suspects Linked to Paris and Brussels Attacks Entered Europe as Syrian ‘Refugees’: work
  55. Just Wanted To Thank Everyone For Their Help And our Paris Trip!!: best, place - Europe
  56. Greek capital controls: 2013, place, living, pay - Europe
  57. Portugal's minister resigns after threatening journalists of slaps on FB post: work, culture - Europe
  58. Best fit for retirement oriented American with moderate savings: cost, country, living - Europe
  59. One month in Europe what prepaid data sim card should I get?: cost, country
  60. In views of diversity, many Europeans are less positive than Americans: France, population
  61. Vatican City and how they live: country, people, work, property - Europe
  62. Moving to CATALONIA - help needed: house, beautiful - Europe
  63. What are major differences between Paris and Berlin? IN your opinion, which is better?: best, living - Europe
  64. News, This Italian Village Has 300 People Over 100 Years Old: life, country, place - Europe
  65. Is it very easy to get citizenship within the EU?: German, Finnish - Europe
  66. Barcelona/Lison trip-does my itinerary seem reasonable?: best, life, cost - Europe
  67. Putin uses the referendum as a level of pressure on the Western democracies: crime, best - Europe
  68. Living in Romania ?: place, people, Romanian, culture - Europe
  69. It Brits are having overspending issues just like US!!: country, people - Europe
  70. Another islamist attack in France: country, people, living, work - Europe
  71. According to their experience are certain the stereotypes of 5 differents countries of Europe.: places, people
  72. Are small towns in decline in Europe?: life, country, places
  73. Portugal, Galicia and Spain, the trifecta of misidentified annoyance: country, place, people - Europe
  74. Normal for Europeans Not to Rinse Dishes?: cost, country, places
  75. Why is the sun suddenly rising from the north in the Netherlands?: work, Dutch - Europe
  76. Be prepared if visiting France: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  77. Can I continue my education degree in Germany?: life, country, people - Europe
  78. 18 a 28 degrees is ideal temperature for me.In which country or part of a country abounds?What do you think?: life, places - Europe
  79. US expats now living in Spain, France or Portugal?: best, life - Europe
  80. Dalai lama speech about immigration: life, country, people, UK - Europe
  81. Moving from NYC to Germany: life, country, places, jobs - Europe
  82. Still there is resentment by the wars between european countries ,Germany France ,England Spain: crime, country
  83. Northern Europe: crime, life, country, place
  84. Welcome to Finland! / Witamy w Finlandii!: cost, country, people, moving - Europe
  85. Most beautiful/pleasant sounding European language?: life, people, English, Swedish
  86. Tragedy in Nice, France: life, people, move, time - Europe
  87. Sobbity sob for Europe: life, country, people, lifestyle
  88. Is Berlin really the coolest city in Europe?: life, people, German
  89. Do you think eastern European countries will be as diverse as France and England?: country, safe
  90. Do young Spaniards like bullfighting?: best, country, place, people - Europe
  91. Irish economy grew by 26.3% in 2015: best, cost, country, places - Europe
  92. Article:Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its work culture: crime, life - Europe
  93. Turkey like a pretty hardcore country: would like to see it in the EU one day?: best, cost - Europe
  94. Why do so many Irish people have English surnames?: country, place, German - Europe
  95. Shooting at shopping mall in Munich: life, people, German, work - Europe
  96. What do Germans think of Angela Merkel?: people, time, Germany - Europe
  97. Is the UK northern, central or western europe?: life, people, German
  98. Ax attack on train in Germany: life, people, black, Europeans
  99. Islamist attack in Nice (France): country, people, grandparent, kids - Europe
  100. IPA Beers in Europe ?: train, people, German, work
  101. Major gentrification protest in Berlin!!: best, people, living, German - Europe
  102. How big is Euro Cup in Europe?: country, people, German
  103. The EU is dead: country, place, people, work - Europe
  104. How about Finexit or Finish!!!: crime, jobs, black, German - Europe
  105. Support for EU in your country: best, people, German, work - Europe
  106. Who's been to Sardinia?: best, life, 2014, country - Europe
  107. Brexit will lead to the acceleration of integration of the rest of the European Union!: best, country
  108. I want to live in Europe: best, life, country, place
  109. Why isn't Finland in EURO 2016?: time, international, Bulgaria, Greece - Europe
  110. Scottish and Northern Irish Independence: people, UK, England, English - Europe
  111. EU ministers press UK for quick exit.: place, people, black - Europe
  112. Country in which the land is cheapest (read details!): 2015, places, Sicilian - Europe
  113. France overtakes Britain!!: 2013, country, place, Germans - Europe
  114. Have French people in ever heard of a singer named Manu Chao?: Portuguese, school - Europe
  115. Would you want a United States of Europe: life, country
  116. peak/off seasons for Europe travel: expensive, cheap, time, visiting
  117. French are planning to kick English language from the EU!: country, German - Europe
  118. Bucharest or Sofia?: country, places, work, developed - Europe
  119. Can my dog claim benefits in Europe?: country, jobs, work
  120. Are Germanic Languages understandable with each other?: best, train, people - Europe
  121. Why spanish people slap each others all the time?: index, water - Europe
  122. Is it me or Spain is REALLY MODERN AND LIBERAL when compared to Italy?: crime, cost - Europe
  123. Is helsinki a dangerous european rich city after expo and international?: Finnish, cons
  124. What are EU achievements?: German, move, developed, Europeans
  125. Measures of your ideal coffee?: best, country, Italians, Italian - Europe
  126. Who are the rudest Europeans to tourists?: country, people, German
  127. Finland in trouble with low birth rates!!!: life, cost, 2014 - Europe
  128. Huge Migrant Brawl Erupts Under Train Station In Paris: life, German, Germans - Europe
  129. Merkel must go!!: people, German, work, move - Europe
  130. Denmark: demographic success story?: country, people, German, Germans - Europe
  131. Court Rules That Norway Violated Mass Murderer Anders Breivik’s Human Rights In Prison: crime, cost - Europe
  132. UK will not name their new polar research vessel Boaty McBoatface: people, cons - Europe
  133. Good news from Austria!!: country, people, Europeans, time
  134. Murmansk and Arctic tourism.: places, people, work, Russian - Europe
  135. Is this True about Denmark?: life, country, place, people - Europe
  136. Norway needs more defense spending.: country, Norwegian, standard, international - Europe
  137. My friend just told finland is starting slavery: country, people, pay - Europe
  138. Milan va barcelona: best, life, dangerous, place - Europe
  139. What are 5 top things that you would wish people to know of your culture/habits?: crime rate, best - Europe
  140. I'm sick of hearing American conservatives telling us what to do: country, German - Europe
  141. When In Paris Where To Exchange EURO To Dollar??: best, cost, country - Europe
  142. Why Germans have so unfavorable view of US??: people, 2015, houses - Europe
  143. People of what countries are shy?: country, place, German, Germans - Europe
  144. Do you think Luxembourgish should be one of the official languages in the EU?: people, German - Europe
  145. Gallup: People in Eastern Europe divided in their views about Russia and America: German, Russian
  146. What makes a city european ?: people, living, girls
  147. Are Police in Europe as Gestapo-like about arresting parents that let their kids play outside alone?: safer, people
  148. Are freedoms being taken away from Europeans: life, people, black
  149. when do you think Serbia will join eu?: country, place, rich - Europe
  150. Immigration Laws in Italy: country, place, people, moving - Europe
  151. The Embattled Swedes - ask them directly: country, place, people - Europe
  152. Are German companies proudly marketing Made in Germany ??: country, place - Europe
  153. Turkish Airlines or Air Berlin from Chicago to Berlin: pay, German, cheap - Europe
  154. Is MALTA a bit on the conservative side? And loud?: best, life - Europe
  155. Where should i live? Europe (germnay,france vs Canada: best, life
  156. Europe's non Euopean population.: people, UK, England, facts
  157. Describe European soup noodle / noodle soup dishes: people, German, house
  158. Chinese tourists have discovered Spain this year. Are masses of tourists.The same happens in other countries ?: country, places - Europe
  159. Real reason for housing crunch in Berlin..............?: country, place, jobs - Europe
  160. Is equivalent Northern Italy with Northern Spain?.- And South Spain with South Italy?What do you Think?: country, places - Europe
  161. Where in the Americas/Caribbean do Europeans frequently travel to?: cost, people
  162. A city to live in Europe which prefer you .Paris,Rome,London ,Berlin ,Madrid ,Barcelona: life, places
  163. European Boom: life, country, people, German
  164. Helsinki for over 15 hours, What to do?: best, people, work - Europe
  165. Which of the Royal Palaces of Europe impressed him most.-: German, English
  166. Germany migrants: country, people, Germans, stereotype - Europe
  167. What is the nicest/quaintest town in the Black Forest region of Germany?: country, travel - Europe
  168. The best non capital cities for live in Europe .Which you prefer and why ?: safe, train
  169. A map of Canada, superimposed over a map of Europe: country, living
  170. The must-visit restaurants in Paris?: best, life, places, train - Europe
  171. What is the largest attraction to CYPRUS? What is the main purpose for people visiting Cyprus?: best, country - Europe
  172. CRETE or CYPRUS...preferences? And why?: life, country, place, people - Europe
  173. Algarve Portugal - many immigrants like Lisbon?: life, country, places - Europe
  174. Would you stop traveling to Europe due to attacks?: crime, safe, places
  175. Naples, Italy/Amalfi Coast/Capri: best, cost, place, train - Europe
  176. Which European country has similar labor laws to US??: jobs, people, work
  177. Are the French kind to foreigners who speak only a bit of French, or are they condescending??: best, country - Europe
  178. Why was China united while Europe was not?: country, people, German
  179. Muslims: Should the rest of the world copy USA's strict immigration rules?: crime, country - Europe
  180. Why don't muslims in Europe integrate as well as they do in the US?: best, life
  181. Is it to live totally on welfare in Europe??: life, people
  182. Teenage Drinking in Europe: life, people, driving, work
  183. Why is the food so good in Estonia and so terrible in Poland?: country, places - Europe
  184. EAE Business School in Spain (Barcelona & Madrid): best, cost, work - Europe
  185. looking for paula Ansuini from circeo / sabaudia: work, live - Europe
  186. Web development in europe: German, English, Germany, university
  187. Spain: Basque cuisine earns fame: time - Europe
  188. Is tourism a paramater that a city has to have to be considered international? - Europe
  189. Berlin or milan?: best, work, rich, move - Europe
  190. My Ride in GE: German, Germany - Europe
  191. good program for learning polish?: German, English, Russian, grandparent - Europe
  192. Norwegian Slow TV: 2014 - Europe
  193. Entrepreneurship and Career paths in the Benelux countries: work - Europe
  194. Man With Fake Suicide Belt Arrested at Belgian Mall: international - Europe
  195. Luxembourg For Business: house, license, English, speak - Europe
  196. Radical nationalists in service to Kremlin: crime, country, people, black - Europe
  197. Expo's effect on milan?: people, international - Europe
  198. How being against being Radical Islam and unchecked mass migration is NOT islamophobic: crime, people - Europe
  199. Croatia: Sail Week vs The Yacht Week, Which Company is Better?: expensive, attractive - Europe
  200. Dispensable referendum in the Netherlands: country, place, people, pay - Europe