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  6. Cities to visit in Italy and Spain. What cities you would choose to live or just to visit: crime, best - Europe
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  9. I want to move to EU for a few years from the US, being financially self sufficient, which countries can I qualify?: country, jobs - Europe
  10. Plovdiv, Bulgaria for long term Telecommute Stay: country, place, people - Europe
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  17. willing to shed light on why are Greeks/Italians considered one race ?: features, visiting - Europe
  18. Modern/international city definition: life, people, cons, developed - Europe
  19. How important is travel in European culture?: country, place, jobs
  20. Zurich vs. Seattle weather: people, living, live, time - Europe
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  22. What to do in Belgrade?: place, train, visiting, interesting - Europe
  23. What is the cultural differences between Italy and Spain?: country, Italians, Italian - Europe
  24. Business as Usual in Italy: 5 Star Movement Corrupt, Agnelli Family Leaves Forever: English, Italian - Europe
  25. Moving to Austria (Vienna): cost, people, living, live - Europe
  26. Which of elite categories of people have the most influence in your country?: black, German - Europe
  27. What language is studied you believe more after english today and in the future in Europe,the french ,Spanish,German,et: people, work
  28. Malta vs. Gibraltar: crime, cost, country, place - Europe
  29. Where are all of the Africans the media tells us are flooding into Italy?: country, jobs - Europe
  30. Getting from Lyon to Chamonix: best, cost, train, people - Europe
  31. What is Old Paris and New Paris?: people, living, travel - Europe
  32. Switzerland: two questions (Zurich and Lucerne): cost, country, places, train - Europe
  33. Lisbon/Madrid: place, Portuguese, cons, Spain - Europe
  34. Why isn't The Netherlands a republic today?: cost, country, people - Europe
  35. Storing luggage in Paris: places, train, hotel, airport - Europe
  36. Trains in France: cost, place, people, pay - Europe
  37. Planning six day trip to Paris and Amsterdam, need advice!: best, places - Europe
  38. In order to retire in Graz, Is 2400 Euros a month enough for 1 person?: life, cost - Europe
  39. -Paris vs Moscow: places, Russian, girls, beautiful - Europe
  40. Is Greece still nice to visit? Is it ok in the winter?: best, country - Europe
  41. for French posters: country, people, culture, developed - Europe
  42. Which European country has the most brunette people?: black, percentage, difference
  43. Ideal area for ecovillage: best, areas, water - Europe
  44. Obama makes fare well visit to Germany.: country, people, time - Europe
  45. Hungarian speakers out there?: Hungary, cons, names, Poland - Europe
  46. Are belly buttons indecent in European country?: crime, people, Spaniard
  47. How to travel Europe for cheap /free? (read details!): country, train, German
  48. difference between Le Pen and Fillon?: France - Europe
  49. When is a good time to visit Paris?: life, place, friendly - Europe
  50. Why are Dutch people from Gelderland and Noord-Brabant so different from one another?: country, train - Europe
  51. Spiritualism in Europe: best, life, people, lifestyle
  52. Are there tons of close unifying foundations between Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland? Czechoslovakian Polish Realm: best, life - Europe
  53. Labeling Broad Classification Zones Of Mainland Europe. Iberian, Latin, Austro Hungarian, Benelux, Baltic, Slavic, Other: life, country
  54. I Austria had an election: people, German, cons - Europe
  55. People of Spain and people of Italy ,.Very similar or very different ?: Spaniard, Russian - Europe
  56. Pregnant- postpone trip to Italy because of Zika threat?: country, safe, places - Europe
  57. Heading to Amsterdam in late January: best, life, country, train - Europe
  58. Paris to Prague: best, cost, safe, dangerous - Europe
  59. What are nice countries and cities in Europe where there are Software engieering jobs?: country, people
  60. A man is a boy who accidentally survived: work, house, move - Europe
  61. Is Dontcha know an Irish or Scottish expression?: country, people - Europe
  62. Spain's most unusual language? - Europe
  63. Greece and Israel as developed countries vs. Cyprus as developing country: pay, Greek - Europe
  64. in france or germany have negative experiences with refugees?: best, cost - Europe
  65. Least Racist Place in Europe?: best, country, people, black
  66. 10 days in Spain in December...: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  67. Travelling in Europe what are the differences between the French and Italians: best, place
  68. Hey, not all European countries had colonies or opressed natives!: life, country
  69. Which European country is easiest for an American to drive in?: living, driving
  70. Which European language is spoken more commonly in Europe?: country, people, German
  71. EU will give free Interrail pass to every 18-year-old on their birthday: best, cost - Europe
  72. Skiing in Europe: place, people, German, theory
  73. Mass anti-TTIP protest in Berlin today...: place, jobs, people, German - Europe
  74. What in Germany should a WW2 buff visit? (must be absolutely free!): life, cost - Europe
  75. Which Nationalities Dislike Spain...: people, Spaniard, Portuguese - Europe
  76. What's the best German city for Americans to move to?: people, work - Europe
  77. If Wallonia ends up with France, should Flanders become independent or join the Netherlands?: country, people - Europe
  78. My city Bordeaux, Gironde, France: best, life, cost, 2014 - Europe
  79. Scotland vs Spain: life, cost, place, jobs - Europe
  80. Immigration: country, people, German, Germans - Europe
  81. Smartest Europeans?: best, Norwegian
  82. want to relocate to Germany from U.S.: cost, country, people - Europe
  83. Defenseless woman gang raped in Spain by Civil Guard & friends: life, country - Europe
  84. You think I is equal western Germany to eastern germany in the economy and in the mentalty of the people: house, Finnish - Europe
  85. Hundreds of Muslim Migrants Leave Serbia on Foot and March Toward Hungary; They are demanding to be let in: country, people - Europe
  86. What kind of spiritual guides does Europe has?: country, places
  87. Will Volkswagen survive the Diesel emissions scandal?: cost, 2014, country - Europe
  88. Is the food better in high quality restaurants in Europe vs America?: best, country
  89. Move to Stockholm, Amsterdam, or Berlin?: best, life, country, places - Europe
  90. Favorite Scandinavian city: people, friendly, expensive - Europe
  91. Have you been to Parma or Bologna Italy?: best, place, people - Europe
  92. Brexit bombshell: place, people, UK, English - Europe
  93. Descendants of German Jews Reclaiming Citizenship - Eligibility: country, people, Norwegian - Europe
  94. Culturally speaking is Greece more European or Middle Eastern?: country, black, German
  95. France election 2017: country, work, names, time - Europe
  96. How to find shamanistic rituals to join in Scandinavia?: place, people, pay - Europe
  97. Questions for Russian citizens: country, people, black, moving - Europe
  98. Has Europe lost factory jobs to China?: crime, life, people
  99. Trump is the new president, how is it going to affect Nordic and Baltic region, Finland and NATO overall?: country, people - Europe
  100. which Europian country will be a good destination for medical tourism?: best, cost - Europe
  101. dangerous locations within Sweden that I should not visit?: country, places - Europe
  102. Cell Phone Use When Dining in Paris: life, places, people - Europe
  103. Of oligarchs and socialism: people, pay, German, work - Europe
  104. Which European country has more bald people?: Swedish, influence, time
  105. country where people are as friendly as in the USA?: life, cost - Europe
  106. Crossing Elbe river and Denmark to Sweden with a bicycle?: cost, country - Europe
  107. Warmest city in Europe during the end of November?: best, places, time
  108. Trade deal with Canada dead: country, people, work, accepted - Europe
  109. Is Germany really cheap?: best, cost, jobs, living - Europe
  110. Tell me about living in Spain: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  111. What is your favourite 'Nordic Cross' flag?: people, German, Finnish - Europe
  112. Pravda: War between US and Russia could be sooner than later: life, country - Europe
  113. Single migrant family will cost 320,000 Euro per year: crime, people, black - Europe
  114. Sunny countries with tall people?: country, places, German, Germans - Europe
  115. What are the reasons why Europeans are less likely to change their places of living?: life, country
  116. Countries where political discussions are common and where they're not?: life, country - Europe
  117. Map-Immigration in Europe: best, country, place, people
  118. Do you think Paris' dirtiness is part of its charm ?: best, life - Europe
  119. Chinese tourist in Germany ends up as refugee...: pros, live, living - Europe
  120. Opinions of Serbia: cost, country, place, people - Europe
  121. Traveling alone in Europe: An American's experience: best, country, place
  122. Are Agricultural Workers Treated Fairly In Europe?: best, life, cost
  123. Best City In Italy To Move To For Foreigners...: crime, life, 2014 - Europe
  124. Isn't it great to drop the grammatical genders in European languages?: people, English
  125. Where to for a christmas market?: best, 2014, safe, people - Europe
  126. WOW! Extremely False Misconceptions About European Immigration When Discovering The More Accurate Illustrative Display.: life, 2014
  127. Why are so many European countries anti-self defense?: crime rate, life, country
  128. How on earth does Romania have 96.1 home ownership rate?: place, people, living - Europe
  129. Why does France and Holland have the same flag?: German, Russian, Germany - Europe
  130. Greece is insanely beautiful: country, people, German, Greek - Europe
  131. Cheap housing in Stockholm?: best, train, rent, work - Europe
  132. Burkini ban in Cannes France: country, places, people, cons - Europe
  133. How Would You Describe Humour In Your Country?: German, Germans, Russian - Europe
  134. which europeans age most gracefully?: best, life, country, people
  135. Are Germans self hating?: crime, country, people, black - Europe
  136. How did Estonia leave the CCCP completely clean of the Soviet aesthetic?: life, country - Europe
  137. Want to travel with a sleeping bag, concerns....: country, safer, dangerous - Europe
  138. Which Romance language do you like the most in terms of how it sounds?: Portuguese, Romanian - Europe
  139. European Random Thoughts: Russian, cons, accent, Europeans
  140. How folks are able to protect themselves from attackers?: crime rate, life, cost - Europe
  141. English people - still welcome in France & the rest of Europe?: life, country
  142. A religious civil war in France: crime rate, country, safe, people - Europe
  143. Grad school in Europe. Help me pick a city!: life, country, places
  144. Explosion in Ansbach Germany?: cost, train, Germans, population - Europe
  145. Is avoiding travel in Europe right now due to terrorist threats?: life, country
  146. Terror attack in french church: crime, people, German, house - Europe
  147. Germans - are they closer to Southern Euro than to Brits?: people, Spaniard - Europe
  148. Ethnic diversity in Moscow: people, black, living, German - Europe
  149. Should Germany adopt English as its official language?: country, people, Germans - Europe
  150. Turks don't look European: country, people, German, Greek
  151. Would you consider the Nordic countries (particularly Sweden to be more individualistic than Southern or Central Europe?: best, country
  152. My opinions about Germany: country, places, people, living - Europe
  153. Do European women believe in 100% gender equality when dating non-western men?: country, place
  154. Europe vs USA:which is more patriarchal ?: country, people, work
  155. visited cities?: place, train, expensive, time - Europe
  156. Most dangerous cities of europe?: place, cons, safest
  157. Most Red-Blooded Cities in Europe?: standard, Italy
  158. Is the Balkans too fragmented ethnically?: best, country, place, Greek - Europe
  159. best beer in europe?: German, expensive, water, Germany
  160. You think ,that remain the same the stereotypes good and bad of France Italy, Spain Uk and Germany.-: cost, country - Europe
  161. People who live in Ireland (or have done so recently) - tell this American why he SHOULDN'T move to Ireland!: life, cost - Europe
  162. What are the cultural differences between Sweden and Finland?: people, pay, house - Europe
  163. Just a gripe: Charles De Gaulle Airport: best, country, work - Europe
  164. How common are swimming pools in your country?: life, place, people - Europe
  165. What is the cultural differences between France and Italy?: life, place, people - Europe
  166. With what country Europe will sympathizes you, more or less and because with Italy,Spain,UK,Germany or Poland: life, people
  167. The Labrador of Putin and Angela Merkel: 2014, country, dangerous - Europe
  168. Does Europe have snow days in the winter?: country, places, train
  169. How threesomes and partner swapping are viewed in your country?: life, people - Europe
  170. The cousine haute and the popular cuisine of Italy France,Spain are famous .¿Which prefer and because?: country, place - Europe
  171. What do Germans know about making knives that we don't?: cost, work - Europe
  172. Munich Oktoberfest attendance down 50% from a year ago: German, work, citizen - Europe
  173. Which of do you consider Western countries?: crime, cost, country - Europe
  174. The death of Princess Diana: just an accident or murder?: place, black - Europe
  175. So many French dialects: speak, cons, accent, standard - Europe
  176. Most hated Western European countries by islamic terrorists?: life, country, people
  177. Do CD members voluntarily pay extra taxes?: cost, country, jobs - Europe
  178. free, budget friendly Italy: best, cost, place, train - Europe
  179. What do you think about five cities?: dangerous, places, people - Europe
  180. Who's the most popular Instagram guy/girl from your (European) country and what do you think of them?: time, Spain
  181. Countries with more would tourists.¿ Have to limit the visit to certain cities ?: best, life - Europe
  182. Visiting Ukraine: country, place, train, people - Europe
  183. What do Europeans think of their countrymen who emigrated in the past?: best, place
  184. New to Amsterdam, NL: life, country, people, living - Europe
  185. Estonian people - a cultural: place, German, house, English - Europe
  186. Earthquake in Italy. At least 24 dead: country, place, people, work - Europe
  187. Where in Spain should I go next?: best, life, country - Europe
  188. The british they did right or wrong with the Brexit ?: people, work - Europe
  189. CIA defines the Balkans in a bizarre way: best, English, Hungary - Europe
  190. Slump In French Tourist Traffic.: country, dangerous, people, Romanian - Europe
  191. Norway to build a wall: life, country, people, German - Europe
  192. Merkel and her loyal vassals conspiring yesterday:: best, cost, country - Europe
  193. No place like Florida in Europe, so where do people retire?: cost, living
  194. Which are the best cities in Europe, not capitals,for live or to visit of Spain France, Italy,Germany or UK,
  195. World Youth Day starts tomorrow: Poland - Europe
  196. Ireland in Ten Days: people, beautiful - Europe
  197. Most beautiful European skyline destroyed in WWII? Pictures :): travel
  198. Tour guide for Monaco / Monte Carlo - Europe
  199. Milan vs Rome?: beautiful, difference, Italian - Europe
  200. Toulouse - a nice place for a family?: best, living, France - Europe