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  1. Expats in Europe from USA: best, country, living, culture
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  12. Advanced Happy Birthday to Italian...: people, German, work, speaking - Europe
  13. Hillow guys , someone could anwser this: difference - Europe
  14. Relocation on the Brain!: crime, best, life, cost - Europe
  15. Paris City of Light vs Rome the Eternal City: best, life, people - Europe
  16. Amsterdam vs Copenhagen: cost, people, living, pay - Europe
  17. apartment living in mainland europe ( for families ): best, life, people
  18. Trump Remarks Baffle Sweden: crime, life, 2014, country - Europe
  19. salesman who works or has worked abroad?: best, country - Europe
  20. Questions on a trip to Northern Italy: places, people, climate - Europe
  21. Sweden, seamlessly switching car lanes: country, people, English, accepted - Europe
  22. about renewing Russian passport: best, country, place, jobs - Europe
  23. Norwegians and Snuff: people, dangerous - Europe
  24. Eight days in/around Munich: best, cost, train, German - Europe
  25. the beaten path?: place, people, work, stereotype - Europe
  26. Americans travel to Russia needed: best, place, train, people - Europe
  27. Reunion Island, France: crime, best, life, country - Europe
  28. Are Aubervilliers and Bobigny safe for tourists?: France - Europe
  29. What This Country Is Thinking Of The Other Independent Sovereignty Game.: people, German - Europe
  30. Who went to Cap d'agde?: best, place, people, German - Europe
  31. Am i the only one that loves Eindhoven: people, rich, Dutch - Europe
  32. Why does Athens have so much graffiti?: crime, country, places - Europe
  33. Which southern European nation has the most blonde people(Balkan nations, Portuguese people, Italians and Spaniards)?: country, Greek
  34. Finding housing in Munich: best, cost, place, train - Europe
  35. Balkan countries, are you doing better than under Yugoslavia?: best, life, country - Europe
  36. Bullet proof glass wal around Eiffel tower?: people, cons, time - Europe
  37. Troia Portugal visit: best, life, places, train - Europe
  38. Getting through to Italian men...: life, country, place, people - Europe
  39. Has been to or lived in Faroe Islands (weather, cost of living, things to do, public transport, ): place, jobs - Europe
  40. VRR Area Small Towns: cost, place, train, pay - Europe
  41. Wineries in Vienna: best, country, places, cheapest - Europe
  42. State Owned vs Privately Owned?: cost, 2013, people, work - Europe
  43. Will Ireland go the way of Quebec?: best, life, place - Europe
  44. US to Europe (Italy) adapter: standard
  45. Old Ukrainian poster, could someome tell me what is says? Thanks.: life, black - Europe
  46. visiting France: train, rent, German, expensive - Europe
  47. Switzerland - Sending American children to school: life, cost, country - Europe
  48. Vienna, Paris, or Frankfurt----soccer/football: German, moving, move, kids - Europe
  49. choosing german city for study: life, cost, country, place - Europe
  50. The East-West cultural and genetic divide in Bulgaria: country, people, black - Europe
  51. Valencia, España where to buy soccer jerseys. Donde se compran camisas de fútbol?: cost, people - Europe
  52. searching for friend in Germany: people, English, move, speak - Europe
  53. Swiss people shopping in Germany?: cost, living, pay, rich - Europe
  54. Smoking culture in Spain: places, train, people, house - Europe
  55. Zurich vs Zug vs Lucerne: cost, places, people, living - Europe
  56. Donald Trump - not an honorary citizen of Baden-Baden: cost, country, people - Europe
  57. The most popular sites in France?: people, English, culture, speaking - Europe
  58. Amsterdam vs. Stockholm travel: best, place, rent, work - Europe
  59. Let's talk about the Romanian language: best, country, features, Italian - Europe
  60. 2017 Romanian Riots~!: German, speaking, live - Europe
  61. St. Petersburg/Moscow/Kiev/Odessa- for nightlife and vibrancy?: best, safe, place - Europe
  62. Schleswig-Holstein vs. Scandinavia: Germany, Poland, German - Europe
  63. Copenhagen vs Stockholm for young family: best, country, train, people - Europe
  64. College in Europe: country, places, people, pay
  65. Who has been to Spanish Africa?: Spain - Europe
  66. Eindhoven & Hengelo Opinions?: safe, place, train, people - Europe
  67. Travel Advice for Frankfurt am Main: best, life, country, place - Europe
  68. Android app to watch European Winter sports?: best, German, move
  69. Rotterdam new capital of cool??: places, people, expensive, travel - Europe
  70. Need pictures: living - Europe
  71. Where to vacation for scuba diving, adventure, and cuisine?: life, cost, place - Europe
  72. News, Move over Suez, hello Stad – Norway to build world's first tunnel for ships.: cost, places - Europe
  73. what country of Europe after a visit modified completely its previous opinions.And Why ?: best, place
  74. countries outside the U.K Ireland and America that have a large number of redheads?: country, people - Europe
  75. EU Parliment Proposes US Visa Requirement: country, pay, German, work - Europe
  76. State of the Irish language in Ireland: people, house, English - Europe
  77. Sweden reinstates conscription: crime, life, country, people - Europe
  78. The cost of car ownership in Spain: best, country, black - Europe
  79. Spain vs France vs Italy vs Wales vs ...: best, life, country - Europe
  80. Density of roundabouts in most European countries: country, people, German
  81. Visiting Kiev: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  82. Sweden, France, England...New wave of far right: people, black, work - Europe
  83. Outspoken Putin Critic Shot Dead in the Ukraine: crime, place, Russian - Europe
  84. Swedish terrorist attack?: country, people, citizen, time - Europe
  85. Holy Week in Spain: country, people, black, Spaniard - Europe
  86. Is Wienerschnitzel German fast food?: work, England, cons, time - Europe
  87. Spain and Gibraltar: country, people, pay, work - Europe
  88. Tell me about living in Vienna, Frankfurt, and Paris...: best, life, country - Europe
  89. Why does Corsica have so few people?: country, place, jobs - Europe
  90. Did Wilders lose because Netherlands hasn't been affected by Islam: country, place - Europe
  91. Life in the Netherlands for non dutch speaker...??: best, country, jobs - Europe
  92. Paris or Barcelona for memorial day weekend?: places, people, English - Europe
  93. housing costs in europe: people, living, house, Finnish
  94. European countries where nature/outdoors is more popular than cities/culture/history: best, life
  95. Going to visit Spain. Madrid or Barcelona?: best, places, train - Europe
  96. Erdogan has been superpowers now what?: best, country, people - Europe
  97. Clash of financial districs: bank, Chinese, interesting, difference - Europe
  98. Laundromats in Rome, Sorrento, Florence & Amalfi: best, place, train - Europe
  99. Making the move... Dual citizenship in Europe, which nationality to use?: people, German
  100. Europeans- Which of two ethnicities do you prefer?: life, country, German
  101. Understanding Finnish guys!: country, place, work, move - Europe
  102. Is Sweden safe for single lone women to visit?: cost, place, black - Europe
  103. so the Dutch consider the U.S. to be chaos ?: best, life - Europe
  104. Taking a US car to Europe for holidays: cost, country, pay
  105. Eurogroup President says Southern countries waste their money on drinks and women: people, time - Europe
  106. Out of Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Austria, which country would you live in?: crime, best - Europe
  107. Turks the future of Europe ~Erdogan: country, places, people
  108. Are Europeans with Rick Steves? What do they think of him?: best, life
  109. Late Night lifestyle: best, country, place, people - Europe
  110. Why Russia Fears Us.: life, cost, country, place - Europe
  111. Which of European languages do you think is most likely to become extinct?: country, place
  112. How can Italy get better?: life, cost, country, people - Europe
  113. Is it true, families have to get permission to name their child? Finland. Iceland.: places, people - Europe
  114. Belarussian News Belarus Maidan?: country, people, pay, work - Europe
  115. How would you rank France, Italy and Spain in terms of economic power, military strength and diplomatic influence?: country, people - Europe
  116. rental cost in your city: country, people, rent, driving - Europe
  117. I'd like to study in Germany.: best, life, country, jobs - Europe
  118. Is 175 CM short for a German guy?: work, time, standard - Europe
  119. Do the Irish and British still dislike each other?: people, UK, English - Europe
  120. Paris in May - Safe?: best, place, train, German - Europe
  121. How would you order cities?: German, move, cons, live - Europe
  122. After the Crisis, which of 3 countries do you see with best Economic future France Spain or Italy: country, places - Europe
  123. The Cossacks are making a comeback in Russia: country, people, Russian - Europe
  124. Are there strange pagan traditions in your country/city?: people, German - Europe
  125. American teen visiting friends in Finland this summer. Going on a Scandinavian road trip. Advice? Things to know?: crime, best - Europe
  126. Hello all , i need thank you: people, girls, time - Europe
  127. Why did you Russians hack the election?: country, Chinese, time - Europe
  128. Going to Moscow and want to rent a car, advices?: best, train - Europe
  129. Is Maternity/Paternity leave as awesome as I have heard?: best, cost - Europe
  130. Who moved from USA to Europe and why?: best, life, country
  131. Italians are very similar to Spaniards or just or superficial resemblance.: life, country - Europe
  132. What is your favorite mediterranean city?: cost, people, climate, culture - Europe
  133. Is it to retire in Europe?: best, life, cost
  134. Athens vs. Madrid: best, life, country, train - Europe
  135. Swiss German language: life, place, Germans, work - Europe
  136. What's it like to live in Hungary or Czech Republic?: life, country - Europe
  137. Trump slams NATO, criticizes Merkel, makes nice to Russia: country, people, pay - Europe
  138. Know of Great French Music Besides Alizee?: English, rich, time - Europe
  139. Are there libertarians in Europe?: life, people, living, German
  140. Why is italian and french navy bringing migrants to europe?: country, people
  141. Crime rate in rural Spain and buying a farm/home: best, cost - Europe
  142. Why did London become the financial capital of Europe and not Paris: work, UK
  143. Nail bomb at Christmas German Market with a 12 year old boy: crime, country - Europe
  144. President Obama said America has a better Economy than Russia?: life, country - Europe
  145. Putin: cons, international, bank - Europe
  146. Are there peoples in Europe equivalent to the Amish?: life, country
  147. New year eve in Cologne - how many police in Dallas or Praque?: life, safe - Europe
  148. What is the most quintessential European city? (Excluding Brussels): best, place, Greek
  149. Discovery of France regions: best, country, place, people - Europe
  150. Netherlands vs Denmark vs Sweden - Which is cheaper?: best, cost, places - Europe
  151. Neighboring country most similar to Germany?: people, Czechs, speaking, France - Europe
  152. Which European country has the best traffic signals?: places, driving, Greek
  153. Why do Ukrainians Hate Russia: crime, cost, country, German - Europe
  154. Law enforcement and penalties a joke in Germany.: country, immigrants - Europe
  155. Moving to Portugal: crime, best, life, cost - Europe
  156. Likely 'Nice II' in Germany: people, Finnish, time - Europe
  157. Three people shot at a religious centre in Zurich: crime, German, Finnish - Europe
  158. New studies debunk the origins of the Finns and Samis: life, country - Europe
  159. Russian Ambassador to Ankara Shot Dead: people, kids - Europe
  160. Do you think Europe performed great in the 20th century?: life, country
  161. Are French people really that rude?: life, country, safe, places - Europe
  162. Czech Republic is officially Czechia on google map: country, people, English - Europe
  163. A for Swedes about immigrants: crime, life, country, jobs - Europe
  164. For 2 years Would you live in Russia or Malta or Cyprus?: best, life - Europe
  165. Has Spain's real estate market completely recovered?: places, people, moving - Europe
  166. which countries have the most interracial relationships?: German, Germans, accent - Europe
  167. German vs Russian language for west Slavic countries?: best, places, people - Europe
  168. France vs Slovakia as an English-speaking expat?: best, life, country - Europe
  169. Paris riots, what's going on in France?: people, black, German - Europe
  170. Most underrated urban areas (1 million+) in Europe?: life, place, people
  171. Why isn't hockey big in Poland?: 2014, country, people, German - Europe
  172. Paris suburbs: safe, place, train, living - Europe
  173. Male to female sex ratio by country in Europe: life, rich, travel
  174. with A Coruna or Galicia in general?: best, life, cost - Europe
  175. Best German-speaking city for an American expat engineer?: cost, country, places - Europe
  176. What happens to Moroccans jumping to Spain?: country, live, citizen - Europe
  177. What's with car burning?: crime, people, friendly, property - Europe
  178. Russia, the city Belgorod. Bolshaya walk photos.: people, house, climate - Europe
  179. Europeans strongly support Muslim immigration ban: people, German, time, interesting
  180. Louvre Terror Attack: country, people, work, pros - Europe
  181. Castles Of The Entire Land Mass. Tell Me Your Favorite Versions Or The Ones You Went To Before: 2013, country - Europe
  182. High context cultures in Europe: country, people, black, German
  183. Is it safe to travel to Europe?: crime rate, country, people
  184. Trendiest cities in Europe now: crime, best, place, people
  185. Is it a good idea to move to Europe from the US?: life, cost
  186. What are Austrian people like?: country, pay, German, Germans - Europe
  187. Are you motivated to move to the U.S. for better economic opportunities?: life, country - Europe
  188. What is the worst Islamic ghetto/no-go zone in Europe?: crime, dangerous
  189. What differences do you see between the cities of Italy Spain and France positive and negative: best, country - Europe
  190. Dutch election 2017: time, immigrants, neighborhoods - Europe
  191. Which cities will benefit from Brexit, if: country, place, people - Europe
  192. What is your impression about Serbian folklore(dance, songs and instruments)? - Europe
  193. In France, Gilles Kepel and Islam: time, famous - Europe
  194. Slovakian wines: cons, names, quality - Europe
  195. Spanish Laponia - Europe
  196. Guided walking/hiking tours of Ireland and Scotland: country, UK - Europe
  197. Top European Cities for Interior Designers: people, German, pros, citizen
  198. A Day in Palma de Mallorca: interesting, Spain, dangerous - Europe
  199. Analyzing Regions, States, Provinces Of Each European Country. Observing Simple Or Complex Trajectory Patterns.: people, black
  200. I will come back to Madrid, Spain, what to expect?: life, living - Europe