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  1. How are resources for American get a job in Europe?: best, cost
  2. Portugal travel recommendations: best, country, places, train - Europe
  3. Canary Islands?!?!: people, German, Spaniard, England - Europe
  4. 22 year old male going to Istanbul for 7 days next month. Where is the nightlife center?: place, travel - Europe
  5. Liechtenstein, for an hour or two -- Vaduz? Steg?: country, people, driving - Europe
  6. Woonwagenbewoners/Kampers: crime, life, country, jobs - Europe
  7. Has migrated from the United States to the Netherlands under the Dutch American Friendship Treaty?: best, place - Europe
  8. Traveling by train from Hamburg to Copenhagen: living, German, work - Europe
  9. Perfect basecamp to explore the world: interesting, difference, Germany, Italy - Europe
  10. How do you move around? bike, walk, car, bus, train: cost, place - Europe
  11. Wanting to obtain portuguese citizenship through to establish ties to portugal: best, place - Europe
  12. Geneva climate in late June early July: best, people, work - Europe
  13. Man tries to hit policeman with hammer in Paris - Europe
  14. How difficult is it to get by in Greece as an English-only speaker?: country, places - Europe
  15. Italian winner green card lottery (marriage): travel - Europe
  16. Italy Economy - How is it?: life, cost, country, people - Europe
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  18. Belgian King Angered by Burger King: rich, time - Europe
  19. European cities similar to Cannes?: speaking, Spain
  20. Does Ireland have a suicide epidemic?: life, people, speaking, compared - Europe
  21. Quick on a travel situation and the Shengen zone: Finland - Europe
  22. Monégasque passport: cost, country, place, people - Europe
  23. Italy - Where to live?: moving, work, climate, beautiful - Europe
  24. Bus or Train from Rome to Munich: German, English, cheap - Europe
  25. Looking for child: people, German, move, time - Europe
  26. How big of a deal is regional identity in your country ?: people, UK - Europe
  27. Can Schengen visa extend to other western countries?: cost, country, German - Europe
  28. when visit a european country we capture a different environment .-What idea will you remind of each.-: people, Spaniard
  29. Do Europeans have eating contests?: life, German, UK, England
  30. Flight Lisbon and Porto: train, Portuguese, cheap, time - Europe
  31. Does automated border control make Europe less safer?: life, 2014, people
  32. In today's economic and political scenario which city should as an example to be followed: country, rich - Europe
  33. Bank of America picks Dublin as EU base after Brexit: black, moving - Europe
  34. Which European country is less affect by US policies and politics: influence, Greece
  35. News, Statue Missing From Italy Church Since 1946 Was in Family's Closet: life, work - Europe
  36. Most beauty driven country?: people, Russian, clothing, beautiful - Europe
  37. Salary for Budapest...: best, life, cost, people - Europe
  38. Compared to the US, what nationalities and cultures are associated with attractiveness in European countries?: country, people
  39. Who has walked the Way of Saint James?: people, cheap, time - Europe
  40. Stateless Nationalism/Regional Separatism in present day Europe: country, people, taxes
  41. 7 hour layover in Romania tomorrow. I have 4-5 hours to see bucharest. Top 3 things to do/see?: cost, Romanian - Europe
  42. What are your favorite European television shows?
  43. Who Was at Austerlitz for This?: people - Europe
  44. In Lisbon for 3 days, what should I do/see?: life, places, travel - Europe
  45. News, Italian court says lobsters must not catch cold before cooking: life, country - Europe
  46. post European dances: German, Hungary, speaking, France
  47. Paris- 16th arrondissement vs. Neuilly Sur Seine: best, safe, places - Europe
  48. Keep Erdogan's bodyguards out of Berlin.: country, black, German, Germany - Europe
  49. Ian Brady, Britain's Most Hated Man, Has Died: crime, best, life - Europe
  50. Best Greek island for young people: life, cons, time, visit - Europe
  51. The real takeaway from the French elections: people, France - Europe
  52. Portugal vacation time: best, train, people, Portuguese - Europe
  53. Historical Shift: More Syrians in Sweden now than Finns: German, move, Germany - Europe
  54. Help find my half sister in germany: best, life, Dutch - Europe
  55. Visiting London for the next three weeks: life, cost, people - Europe
  56. Strange places in Scotland to Visit: people, time, live, Scottish - Europe
  57. In Europe is it easier for someone who has a criminal record to get a job than in the US?: crime, life
  58. News, Finland's New Craze: Hobby-Horsing: country, Finnish, girls - Europe
  59. Is Macron a tax cheat?: bank, France, taxes - Europe
  60. What are free channels to watch French tv channels online?: German, English - Europe
  61. Algarve , Portugal: cost, country, train, people - Europe
  62. Moving to Madrid, best neighbors and way to meet people?: life, country - Europe
  63. Why is Hollande so unpopular?: people, time, France - Europe
  64. Spain- much more than Barcelona and Madrid: life, cost, country - Europe
  65. Poland - keep Trump there: crime, life, country, place - Europe
  66. Do you think Belgium is turning into a mostly French speaking country?: jobs, people - Europe
  67. Country with the greatest variation in regional accents: people, German, Sicilian - Europe
  68. UK vs France: best, cost, train, people - Europe
  69. Who prefer the blue Coast,Monaco,Cannes or the Coast of Sun,Marbella,Malaga.White towns: cost, place - Europe
  70. Planning a trip to Paris in March: safe, people, friendly - Europe
  71. Standard of Living in Poorest European Countries: country, place, train
  72. Your favorite drive: train, black, driving, German - Europe
  73. Bill Gates urges Europe to make it more difficult for Africans to reach the continent .: best, life
  74. American TV shows popular in Europe: best, country, people, German
  75. Is Brighton the coolest city in Europe outside of Southern Europe?: country, people
  76. Wedding Gifts in Ukraine? What amount of money is appropriate?: best, people - Europe
  77. Should banlieues have their own tours?: life, country, place, jobs - Europe
  78. We speak of European Union: country, place, people, German
  79. Germany and France to lead the EU: best, life, Germans - Europe
  80. Relaxed, less popular European trip ideas: country, place, train, people
  81. What happened to European alcohol culture?: country, places, people, German
  82. Ever seen a German western?: best, life, Germans, time - Europe
  83. After London and Paris what is the most important city in Eurpe: place, people - Europe
  84. Is Napoli the most criminal city in Europe?: crime, best, safe
  85. Why is it common to see American women go for French men but not the other way around?: best, country - Europe
  86. has Paris become a hellhole?: best, country, place, people - Europe
  87. Italy: Asylum Seekers Stage Protest Because Food is Served Before Dark During Ramadan: best, cost - Europe
  88. Drinking with lunch during workdays: country, people, German, stereotype - Europe
  89. 3 languages two years challenge: country, people, living, German - Europe
  90. Europe's Major City With Most Beautiful Natural Setting: best, country, places
  91. Which city impressed you the most from an architectural point of view?: beautiful, influence - Europe
  92. What are your thoughts on Bulgaria?: best, Greek, work, Hungary - Europe
  93. Siesta in Spain: life, country, people, Spaniard - Europe
  94. Does the American appeal still exist in Europe?: country, places, people
  95. Which countries would you like to see as neighbors: country, places, German - Europe
  96. I love Poland: country - Europe
  97. Why has Italy fallen into disgrace?: crime, 2013, country, place - Europe
  98. Schools for the rich in your country: best, German, work - Europe
  99. How has the US influenced the culture where you live?: crime, life - Europe
  100. Should British citizens who voted remain have the right to stay an EU citizen?!?: best, country - Europe
  101. What Italy needs to do to get out of its current situation?: crime, life - Europe
  102. Which Slavic country would you most like to live in?: climate, culture - Europe
  103. Why is the Neederlands so successful ?: best, country, people, percentage - Europe
  104. The Future of the European Union: cost, country, people, driving
  105. Which European country is less connected with politics: place, Swiss, citizen
  106. Personal privacy in Europe: life, country, people, UK
  107. Europeans without air conditioning: best, people, living, German
  108. Will Russia celebrate 100th year anniversary of October Revolution?: life, England, bank - Europe
  109. Why doen't Western Europe have mass murders like US?: country, places, people
  110. What is your favorite East European city?: places, Romanian, work
  111. Ireland vs Spain vs UK vs Austria: best, life, country - Europe
  112. What's wrong with Germany?: best, country, people, black - Europe
  113. In Spain 83% of the tourists who visit us repeat visits.And continue to grow- Should brak e in areas .HOW?: country, people - Europe
  114. The railroads of Europe: train, people, pay, German
  115. East Europe reputation: crime, country, safer, places
  116. Are the Chinese the new immigrants to Europe?: country, places, people
  117. Cosa Nostra 'declares war' on refugees as mayor says Sicily capital feels more like Istanbul or Beirut than Europe: crime, place
  118. Steps to learning German: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  119. Why are European societies so xenophobic towards Eastern Europeans?: country, place, jobs
  120. Gratuity in Europe: life, country, German, work
  121. A for European wonders.: life, places, people, black
  122. Video Tour of Paris: crime rate, life, country, dangerous - Europe
  123. Is there a political divide between rural and urban France?: best, country - Europe
  124. Are you against or in favor of the modernization of European Cities: life, train
  125. The man who will most likely become the next President of France,: best, people - Europe
  126. What's wrong with Sweden?: life, country, people, German - Europe
  127. Germany, Sweden or Denmark?: best, life, country, safe - Europe
  128. Which European cities will be become famous destinations to tourist: country, place
  129. Europeans, how do you think the low fertility rate of your country will impact it economically (>30y): best, people
  130. How to end terrorism in Europe?: country, people, work, UK
  131. Why is Catalonia so complicated?: cost, country, people, German - Europe
  132. Did something special happen in Portugal 100 years ago?: people, Europeans, time
  133. Iceland, Portugal and Denmark are the 3 most peaceful countries in Europe: crime rate, country
  134. Ultimately Why The Overly Simple Deconstruction Of France! Regions With A Drastic Alteration: life, country - Europe
  135. Do Scandinavian countries have 'liberal' attitudes toward gender in the workplace?: life, places - Europe
  136. Romania’s entire absence from acknowledging Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan. Aren’t they developing relations together?: country, safe - Europe
  137. International Travelers Have To Discover The Mysterious Treasures Of Poland. One Of Everyone’s Favorites: life, cost - Europe
  138. Why languages don't merge in Europe: crime, country, people
  139. What is your least favourite country in Europe and why?: best, people
  140. Discovery of central Spain regions: best, country, places, people - Europe
  141. Is Ireland the 'Texas' of Western Europe?: best, life, country
  142. majorca trip: life, cost, places, people - Europe
  143. Most aesthetically pleasing street/avenue in Europe?: life, people, living
  144. Mentally Ill people being the option to be put to sleep in the Netherlands. Is this for real?: life, living - Europe
  145. Madrid Vs Barcelona: more cosmopolitan?: life, place, people, black - Europe
  146. about Europeans?: places, people, speak, travel
  147. Oxford, Cambridge or Sorbonne: best, country, people, UK - Europe
  148. Turkey is neither European nor Asian, it is Turkey: best, 2013, country
  149. Least European city?: place, Europeans
  150. A few questions to Europeans their national health care systems.: cost, country
  151. magic trick for finding housing?: crime, best, life, country - Europe
  152. Why do many people forget...: places, German, Russian, rich - Europe
  153. Food:Spain vs Italy vs Greece: best, country, Greek, culture - Europe
  154. Should I move to Copenhagen or Stockholm?: life, country, place - Europe
  155. Spaniards, do you know who remembers the Civil War?: people, English - Europe
  156. Safety of German cities vs US: crime rate, safe, dangerous, people - Europe
  157. I think with Macron Paris will once again surpass London: best, cost - Europe
  158. Honeymoon In Europe: best, cost, place, driving
  159. Most corrupt country in Europe: best, people, work, international
  160. Terror Risk? Summer Travel: life, country, places, people - Europe
  161. An American Conservative Looks at France: crime, life, people - Europe
  162. Your favorite small countries in Europe: country, places, expensive, cheap
  163. Would you live in Venice Italy?: country, place, expensive, travel - Europe
  164. say your favorite dish of the Spanish gastronomy!!!: Spain - Europe
  165. The 2 most important wonders of the historic architecture in Europe.THE ALHAMBRA AND THE ESCORIAL,-OR NOT?: best, 2014
  166. American traveling to Slovenia, Croatia & Bosnia: place, people, driving - Europe
  167. Poor/Working Class White Subcultures in Europe: country, places, jobs
  168. Moving to Amsterdam: where to live?: best, life, place, train - Europe
  169. If you could name one thing that makes you proud to be European what would that be?: best, people
  170. Why does Croatia get all the coastline?: country, people, Italians - Europe
  171. Should I move to Paris or Madrid?: life, country, place - Europe
  172. Post a photo that describes your favorite city or place in Europe.: water, Spain
  173. US State Department Issues a Travel Alert for Europe: crime, places, people
  174. European country less prone to terrorist attacks?: people, UK, population
  175. Christian immigrants in Europe: best, country, people, black
  176. Paris VS Berlin (4 Day Visit): places, people, German, beautiful - Europe
  177. Another suicide attack thwarted in Brussels: best, train, people, Europeans
  178. Deadly forest fires in Portugal: life, country, place, people - Europe
  179. Brexit impact on foreign language learning in continental Europe: country, people, German
  180. I have to improve my English!!: best, people, work, Italians - Europe
  181. Well done, France!!: life, people, names - Europe
  182. Germany vs Spain: best, country, train, people - Europe
  183. How is Macron gonna help France out of the pit?: country, people - Europe
  184. Relatively Unknown Destination Zones All Over Mainland Europe According To Various Cities, Towns People Rarely Know.: 2014, country
  185. France rises as the U.K. falls: country, German, Greek - Europe
  186. A celebration of diversity: country, place, people, black - Europe
  187. Which European country has the most beautiful cities?: Polish, France, Italy
  188. Is Barcelona safe?: cost, places, people, areas - Europe
  189. Why is France so beautiful?: crime, country, people, stereotype - Europe
  190. Very interesting article on the Turkish Referendum: country, people, UK - Europe
  191. Celtic language mutual intelligibility: German, Portuguese, English, speak - Europe
  192. Hardest grammar: people, German, Greek, English - Europe
  193. Dutch retirees un the us: people, work, living, working - Europe
  194. Iceland soccer scene - Europe
  195. Ireland Life for Progressive Vegetarians?: friendly, neighborhoods - Europe
  196. Belgium, the wealthiest failed state?: time - Europe
  197. Americans living in Romania: best, time - Europe
  198. Italian Lake District Help: train - Europe
  199. Eurovision 2017 from an American - Europe
  200. You believe the stereotypes of the major european nations changed the opinion international of the S XX .XXI: people, German