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  1. St Moritz, Switzerland: time, visit - Europe
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  12. What is wrong with Czech and Slovak people? - Europe
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  14. News, 'Dying together was their deepest wish': Couple, 91, die in rare double euthanasia: people - Europe
  15. How bad is Goutte d'or/Boulevard Barbes?: life, areas, France - Europe
  16. News, All of France Mourns Its Very Own 'Elvis': life, people, rich - Europe
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  19. Eastern Europe travel suggestions: places, train, people, German
  20. Getting from Sofia to Sarajevo??: work, cheap, interesting - Europe
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  22. Has 9/11/2001 changed Europe?
  23. Lisbon, VS Nice VS Genova VS Valencia: country, work, cons - Europe
  24. Good news: EU registers 'highest economic growth rate in 10 years': country, time - Europe
  25. Private charity in Europe: Swiss, Europeans, time, international
  26. News, World's highest sandcastle built in German city.: work, travel, cons - Europe
  27. Frascati, Italy a very good trip: water - Europe
  28. best ski in Europe: country, place, visit, Bulgaria
  29. Hot from the oven, best beaches in Europe
  30. Kosovo independence: country - Europe
  31. How did Lake Baikal get seals when its far inland: time - Europe
  32. Underrated Poor Regions in Western Europe: Italy
  33. Most vibrant mid-sized EU cities: life, pay, UK, population - Europe
  34. Is Nice/Monte Carlo Safe?: best, cost, place, train - Europe
  35. Berlin vs. Dublin (Infrastructure, city life, history, value for money - Europe
  36. New European country: rich, move, Spain
  37. What are the safest areas in Dublin?: place, pay, moving - Europe
  38. What are Finnish people genetically?: living, German, Scandinavians, genetics - Europe
  39. 23 year old college student in Madrid for 10 days: best, life, cost - Europe
  40. What's the best European country for an American to move to?: cost, jobs
  41. The Canary Islands - 1962: people, live - Europe
  42. Best rail service in Europe: train, people, German, compared
  43. Do you thing Southern Europe would benefit from adoption of Protestant values?: best, country
  44. Must see places in Rome?: best, place, people, famous - Europe
  45. Was the Catalan referendum faked/rigged?: life, country, places, train - Europe
  46. Did Italian and Spanish continue to influence each other after the fall of Roman Empire?: country, people - Europe
  47. Why is Anglo-Saxon and Germanic Europe more developped than the rest?: country, place
  48. Expats Living in the EU part-time?: best, cost, country - Europe
  49. Video of World's longest pedestrian suspension bridge: train, Swiss, beautiful - Europe
  50. Whats really the language situation in Luxembourg?: cost, people, pay - Europe
  51. News, Swedish roofs can handle Santa's sleigh - if he's careful: houses, live - Europe
  52. A Beautiful Italian Town Will Pay You Up to $2350 to Move There,: cost, country - Europe
  53. Belgium, Euthanasia for psychiatric: people, conditions - Europe
  54. Christmas hats?: best, people, UK, expensive - Europe
  55. Is Istanbul secret its location? Europe /Asia: place, black, cons
  56. Catalan companies leaving Catalonia( economic discussion): country, people, living, pay - Europe
  57. Newly-elected Austrian majority parties agreed to repeal indoor smoking ban: people, population - Europe
  58. Beachgoers watch migrant boat land on Spanish shore: country, people, live - Europe
  59. to Europeans genealogy.: people, German, England, English
  60. So why did Europe suddenly learn English all of a sudden?: country, places
  61. As an American, using the Spanish medical system is an absolute joy: life, cost - Europe
  62. Which country would you like to see in the European Union next?
  63. Don't you think US media is too departed from Muslims to really understand the situation?: crime, best - Europe
  64. When will Eastern Europe surpass Western Europe?: life, country, German
  65. Catalonian parliament declares independence: people, work, cultures, cons - Europe
  66. What’s happening to Poland?: country, people, black, German - Europe
  67. What is your favourite innovation from the Nordics?: country, Russian, Swedish - Europe
  68. Does most of Western Europe (outside of Scandinavia) have seasons?: life, place
  69. Is Lisbon the new Barcelona: cost, 2014, place, people - Europe
  70. Is Estonia Nordic?: life, country, place, people - Europe
  71. Murder in Malta: crime, best, cost, country - Europe
  72. The Green and Germany: place, people, clothing, speak - Europe
  73. Recently of OCDE has declared Japan and Spain as the 2 countries with the longest life expectancy ,.Why do you think ?: crime, country - Europe
  74. Russia and Sweden: which is more European?: country, people, German
  75. Ethnic cuisine preferences Europeans: country, places, people, German
  76. Swedish Liberals Want to Dissolve Their Country in European Superstate!: work, Russian
  77. Spain will decriminalise euthanasia next year: life, country, people, Spaniard - Europe
  78. Dutch citizenship for American?: place, people, moving, England - Europe
  79. More division in the EU: Poland to get unprecedented punishment from Germany and France: life, country - Europe
  80. Christmas gift-bringers of Europe: German, UK, English, Finnish
  81. Why Greece is not Balkans or Eastern Europe: best, cost, country
  82. How many of Europe's Muslims stray away from the faith?: life, country
  83. Has Amsterdam's reputation become cheapened by the tolerance of cannabis?: crime, country - Europe
  84. Catalan regional elections: Anti-independence parties won by votes with 53%. Spanish party wins. 21 December 2017.: people, percentage - Europe
  85. London, Lithuania, Latvia.....suggestions? Sigulda?: best, cost, country, safe - Europe
  86. “New Year’s resolution” in European languages: best, life, German
  87. Is Italian The Closest To Latin: Romanian, work, English, features - Europe
  88. Germanic and Slavic Languages: theory, Finnish, Russian, time - Europe
  89. Experience moving to the Czech Republic?: best, life, country, safe - Europe
  90. Seeling Italian Lakes Tips: best, life, country, places - Europe
  91. Observations from my visit to Germany: best, country, safe, dangerous - Europe
  92. Would Milan be considered northern Europe?: people, German, work, features
  93. Where is the best and cheapest resort in Spain to go for a holiday?: cost, country - Europe
  94. Which European country...: people, Portuguese, work, UK
  95. France Italy and Spain they mark the best fashion in clothing and footwear in the World.What do you think?: people, German - Europe
  96. 10 Best countries to live in Europe in 2017: life, country, place
  97. Which (Mediterranean) country has the least building regulations?: Greek, property, cons - Europe
  98. The 5 powerhouses of Europe: German, Germany, France, Italy
  99. Who has visited Vatican City?: place, people, work, move - Europe
  100. Bled a hidden gem?: country, places, people, German - Europe
  101. In his experience .-¿What country has the most convinced citizens that their country is the best in the World.-: people, German - Europe
  102. Cities known for being business centers but that are a good touristic destination: rich, Europeans
  103. Few Japanese cars in Europe?: country, people, German, quality
  104. nice things to see and do on eastern coast or Adriatic Coast of Italy outside Venice: best, place - Europe
  105. Finland 100: life, country, pay, work - Europe
  106. 30 places in Europe you must see in your lifetime: best, place, people
  107. Is there a difference between the Greeks in Greece and the expat communities in Australia and USA?: life, places - Europe
  108. Too Few Europeans or People Who Have Been to Europe on This Forum: country, place
  109. Move to Italy when an adult?: life, country, place - Europe
  110. Europe’s Growing Muslim Population|Pew's demographics projection: crime, country, black
  111. Is Nudity really seen as no big deal in Europe?: best, life
  112. Curious about Danish Control Over Greenland...?: cost, country, people, living - Europe
  113. European car to solve the problem?: best, Hungary, move
  114. Is American Football popular anywhere in Europe?: life, country, people
  115. Free water in European restaurants?: best, places, people, pay
  116. Why is meat is expensive in France: life, cost, country - Europe
  117. At what age did you move out of your parents?: country, place - Europe
  118. Immigrant languages in Europe: life, country, people, living
  119. Finding job within the EU: best, country, places, jobs - Europe
  120. What are you thoughts on the North Korea US situation right now?: best, country - Europe
  121. Should Europe stick to its traditional classic architecture or adopt more futuristic look?: best, train
  122. Barcelona attacked: safe, people, Spain, immigrants - Europe
  123. Stabbings in Turku Finland: country, safe, people, German - Europe
  124. How Far Will One Million US Dollars Go in Belgium?: best, life - Europe
  125. American Looking in to Moving to Ireland: life, cost, country - Europe
  126. Favorite Alpine country: places, people, German, moving - Europe
  127. Do Europeans have as much of a hard on as the U.S when arresting people for drugs?: cost, country
  128. Common foreign license plates in tour area?: German, Romanian, work - Europe
  129. Wonder what Germans think about what is happening in the US now: people, international - Europe
  130. What do Europeans think about their statues and monuments?: best, life, place
  131. Why do antiterrorist police cover their faces?: UK, clothing, speak - Europe
  132. Do European celebrities get involved in politics?: best, people, living
  133. What is the etiquette at nude beaches?: place, people, German - Europe
  134. Who owns Europe's church buildings?: country, people, German, work
  135. Less known facts about European countries: best, country, place, German
  136. Spain starting to bounce back: life, country, work, rich - Europe
  137. Slavic people are much colder than Germanic ones?: country, places, train - Europe
  138. Is Marseille the Naples of France?: crime, country, place, people - Europe
  139. A sign on the highway to Vienna promoting Islam, wtf?!: country, train - Europe
  140. In my experience Greek, Italian, Spanish friendliness is fake: best, people - Europe
  141. Where to go in Croatia: place, people, English, Norwegian - Europe
  142. Will the Visegrad Group ever leave the EU and form a new union?: cost, people - Europe
  143. Does Paris seem monotonous to you?: people, speaking, cons, beautiful - Europe
  144. How does it feel to be a Belgian?: country, people, English - Europe
  145. Madrid is undervalued amd unknown with respect others capitals of Europe.-¿Because: best, country
  146. Help me pick a third European city to visit: life, country, place
  147. Wien underrated ?: people, travel, population, live - Europe
  148. Which European country is worth moving to for foreigners?: cost, places, jobs
  149. a for Russians about an American visiting: train, people, work - Europe
  150. If your company moves you to another country in Europe.Which one would you choose and Why?: life, cost
  151. Anti-Tourism Protests in Europe - Isolated or Growing Problem?: country, places, people
  152. is Iceland affordable?: cost, country, place, people - Europe
  153. What is your opinion/what do you think about spaniards?: best, life - Europe
  154. scotland scandinavian?: country, UK, Scandinavia, DNA - Europe
  155. Would have France been a better country without immigration?: people, pay, Portuguese - Europe
  156. EUropean countries population project: country, German, work, UK
  157. Are you more likely to find people of different economic groups in the same neighborhood in Europe than in US?: places, black
  158. News, Asking a woman for her number may become illegal in France.: life, people - Europe
  159. Latin Americans and Europe: best, life, country, jobs
  160. 2017 German Post-Election: country, people, Russian, percentage - Europe
  161. Free speech in Germany: country, jobs, people, Germans - Europe
  162. What if Catalonia becomes independent?: best, place, people, UK - Europe
  163. The food scene in Lyon is amazing: best, life, 2013 - Europe
  164. Small cities big role: German, standard, Germany, France - Europe
  165. Which city or town looks the most like Sofia (Bulgaria)?: country, people - Europe
  166. France to push for Eurozone to integrate into a single great country!: people, work - Europe
  167. Questions about the French TGV: best, cost, train, people - Europe
  168. Basque And Catalan Struggles: country, safe, place, people - Europe
  169. Vacationing in Norway ( The Fjords uestions.: best, cost, train - Europe
  170. Did you know that Azores are a mini-continent?: country, Chinese, move - Europe
  171. Why are many Europeans so reluctant to have kids?: life, country, place
  172. Pakistani gangs in Europe: places, people, German, UK
  173. Migrant Situation in Europe: crime, people, German, work
  174. Why is breakfast in France boring?: best, cost, people, work - Europe
  175. Is Northern Italy basically exactly like Germany?: life, country, place - Europe
  176. Best water in Europe: country, UK, Scandinavia, Swedish
  177. News, Paris public park opens experimental nudist zone: people, work, time - Europe
  178. The multilingual ability of Europe's monarchs: people, German, Portuguese, Spaniard
  179. Are the various European cultures starting to meld ?: country, German, Greek
  180. Applying for TAPIF in France - advice on regions to choose?: best, English - Europe
  181. Switzerland vs. Czech Republic for living: country, people, work, Czechs - Europe
  182. Will Paris 2024 Olympics be beneficial for Paris?: cost, place, bank - Europe
  183. Let's talk about Greece: life, country, people, Greek - Europe
  184. Milan X Madrid X Munich X Marseille: life, safe, jobs - Europe
  185. National identity in Belarus .: crime, country, people, German - Europe
  186. Why are Eastern Europeans SO BIG?: country, people, Dutch, travel
  187. What is Europe's superlative natural feature?: best, life, country, place
  188. Most beautiful mountain towns: Russian - Europe
  189. Job Prospects for a Transportation Planner in Hamburg or Berlin: German, work - Europe
  190. Are locals in Saxony, Germany nice to expats?: country, place, people - Europe
  191. Antwerp - Excellent Restaurants? - Europe
  192. Murder/Crime rates in European Cities 2017: best, country, compared, compare
  193. Italian village performs its story, year after year: famous, time, live - Europe
  194. Stability in parts of Ukraine outside the war zone: country, people, influence - Europe
  195. ujpanat/horia, Romania- ???: visiting - Europe
  196. Home exchange?: school, Italy - Europe
  197. Exchange programs and culture where you live: people, kids, France - Europe
  198. Andorra the Paraguay of Europe?: place, people, Spaniard
  199. At Maltese festival, climbing the greasy pole is part of the fun - Europe
  200. Copenhagen - Know Where This Is? - Europe