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  1. Finding a teacher...: living - Europe
  2. Science and technology innovation in Eastern Europe excluding Russia, Ukraine and Poland: life, cost
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  6. Germany; Car Plows Through Pedestrians in Muenster , Driver Has Killed Himself After: dangerous, place - Europe
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  11. Greece / cell phone?: work, time - Europe
  12. Varoufakis on Greece's Debt Bondage: best, country, people, black - Europe
  13. missing home!!: cost, English, cheap, water - Europe
  14. Canary Islands, best looking island compared to miami? which one would that be?: international, France - Europe
  15. Umweltzone enforcement in German Cities: safe, people, driving, travel - Europe
  16. Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuttion and Dior Bags: best, life, cost - Europe
  17. Visiting Europe for a second time?: best, country, people, Greek
  18. 2 Feared Dead in Terrorist Attack in Southern France: live - Europe
  19. Is it that old school European terrorists will find new targets ?: country, work
  20. Which tour of Europe should I take?: country, place, pay
  21. News, 2,505 naked women break skinny dipping world record: water, clothes - Europe
  22. Foodies: Portuguese, travel, cons, influence - Europe
  23. Are there services like Favor or Task Rabbit in Paris?? - Europe
  24. best way to get to hotel from Fiumcino Airport Rome: cost, train - Europe
  25. Cuckoo clocks/ parts knows where to buy them in EU?: people, black - Europe
  26. Which northern country should I move to?: crime, people, German - Europe
  27. Young person in Austria visiting: life, cost, safe, places - Europe
  28. want to a top 20 European cities with the most things to do for the people that live there?: German, Hungary
  29. Who has been to Ireland’s Gaeltacht?: country, people, areas - Europe
  30. Owning property in Portugal?: cost, country, people, living - Europe
  31. Paris Transit - Navigo Decouverte Availability: cost, work, English, travel - Europe
  32. Birthday Parties In North America and Europe: life, country, people
  33. If you visit Monaco: train, expensive, interesting - Europe
  34. Air pollution by car traffic, how do other countries handle it?: country, people - Europe
  35. Documents for confirming Polish citizenship...: country, German, cons, Germany - Europe
  36. Corsica, l’ile de beauté: country, place, attractive, beautiful - Europe
  37. Does know what area this is in Paris?: best, places, train - Europe
  38. What's the latest on Catalonia secession?: country, people, move, cons - Europe
  39. gift for German hosts inquiry: country, people, Germans, English - Europe
  40. house rent near linz: best, country, place, train - Europe
  41. Why has the Socialistic Party historically been more popular in Europe than in the US?: life, country
  42. About car rental: life, cost, country, train - Europe
  43. Is Geneva, Switzerland a multilingual City?: life, place, people, living - Europe
  44. Anti-Immigration party to win elections in Slovenia: beautiful, international - Europe
  45. Jaroslaw Kaczynski's re-shaping of Poland: time - Europe
  46. Taxation in Denmark on foreign pensions: country, pay, work, taxes - Europe
  47. German-speaking part of eastern Belgium: people, Germans, work, English - Europe
  48. Identify Hotel?: England, Germany, German - Europe
  49. Four Eritrean refugees rape 54 year old woman in Germany (court ruling): crime, country - Europe
  50. Possibilities in Europe for me (an American): best, life, country
  51. What is the British equivalent of a country bumpkin accent?: people, English - Europe
  52. Is prague a city with high english proficiency?: country, places, people - Europe
  53. News, GoBee Bike throws in the towel in France: cost, people, work - Europe
  54. Helsinki Hotels: best, time - Europe
  55. Man arrested after knife attack on German bus: citizen, Germany, citizenship - Europe
  56. Free French as a second language programs in France?: English, live, experiences - Europe
  57. De leader of the EU. (wasted): France, Russian - Europe
  58. Credit Cards with cash back rewards: people, pay, German, bank - Europe
  59. Living in Denmark: live - Europe
  60. Ariete says goodbye: best, people, work, move - Europe
  61. NBC host Katie Couric Amsterdam ice skating down canals: country, people, living - Europe
  62. Amsterdam vs Stockholm: people, work, climate, time - Europe
  63. Health care in France and Italy: country, people, travel, developed - Europe
  64. Motorway bridge collapses in Genoa: people, time, standard, Italy - Europe
  65. Convicted Murderer Escapes From French Prison With A Helicopter: time - Europe
  66. Is Switzerland the crossroads of Germany, Italy, and France?: country, speaking, influence - Europe
  67. Flag displays: places, UK, beautiful, time - Europe
  68. a move to Ukraine.: best, life, safe, place - Europe
  69. Galway on St. Patricks Day?: country, people, English, cons - Europe
  70. Nice Hotels in Berlin and Munich: train, German, work, travel - Europe
  71. studying longer than the normal allotted time for a major inquiry: country, people - Europe
  72. Would regions be receptive to my documentary series ?: crime, people, work - Europe
  73. Christmas in Norway?: best, country, place, English - Europe
  74. Why is london so sprawling compared to other european cities?: beautiful, famous
  75. Why does the U.K. have a higher obesity rate than the rest of Europe: best, country
  76. Europe does not want the economic awakening of Italy.: best, country, place
  77. What is the most quintessential Nordic country?: place, Scandinavia, Swedish - Europe
  78. Just How Bad Is the European Heat Wave?: best, life, place
  79. Which countries do you agree/oppose to joining the European Union / Eurozone?: country, Hungary
  80. Russia Forum: place, English, Russian, Europeans
  81. What is the most scenic (geographically) country in Europe?: best, life, place
  82. The EU Spent a Bundle to Unify the Continent. It’s Not Working.: cost, country - Europe
  83. Italy to deport 500,000 illegal aliens: best, country, people, Italians - Europe
  84. The similarities and difference between Northern European countries: country, places, German
  85. What alcoholic beverage is Norway famous for?: best, places, people - Europe
  86. Non-tourist dressing for Italy: life, country, place, people - Europe
  87. English proficiency in the Netherlands is overrated: people, England, percentage - Europe
  88. Which country should I move to?: best, life, place, train - Europe
  89. Hero saves child dangling from 4th-floor balcony: life, country, safe - Europe
  90. Athlete is egged; Italy confronts racism: country, people, black, apartment - Europe
  91. International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg: country, place, German, moving - Europe
  92. Would a TV show about the seedy side of US rural life be successful in Eastern Europe ?: crime, country
  93. Italy, the EU, Euro, immigration, populism: best, country, train, people - Europe
  94. Macedonia Changes Its Name: Greek, cons, Greece - Europe
  95. lived in America and then moved back?: life, people, pay - Europe
  96. What do Austrians really think of Germans: best, life, country - Europe
  97. Country with the worst food: best, life, people, UK - Europe
  98. Would EU have been better as 2 smaller unions?: people, German, Greek - Europe
  99. EU versus USA: life, places, people, black - Europe
  100. Europe's Food Apartheid: cost, country, people, Portuguese
  101. Andalusia vs Extremadura: places, people, rich, friendly - Europe
  102. International tourist arrivals by country in Europe: places, people, cheapest
  103. advice : European friends: best, cost, country, jobs
  104. What is the best city in Europe for an American to live in?: crime, life
  105. If all present European countried had their monarchy, what would the pecking order be?: country, people
  106. First time trip to Helsinki: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  107. Cascais or Algarve for Retirement,: cost, place, apartment, expensive - Europe
  108. Austria’s chancellor calls for anti-migration 'axis' with Germany and Italy: country, places - Europe
  109. Ukrainian war.: German, Germans, Slavs, Russian - Europe
  110. Who has visited Naples and other places in southern Italy?: best, life - Europe
  111. What country in Europe has the most recognizable company brands: people, German
  112. How is the refugee situation in Europe: crime, people, German
  113. If I get a residence visa for Portugal, could I live in Spain?: country, people - Europe
  114. France. Immigration/ integration problems. We take what we want...: crime rate, best, safe - Europe
  115. Which European country has the most people wanting to move to the United States?: best, life
  116. Do people pay half of their paychecks for social programs in Europe?: country, work
  117. Spain's Interior Minister We will do everything uot; to Remove Our Border Fence in Ceuta and Melilla: country, people - Europe
  118. Where to go for 3-5 nights? Budapest? Vienna? San Sebastián? Ideas?: train, German - Europe
  119. EU girls?: pros, France, index - Europe
  120. Germany & Merkel: best, country, people, Germans - Europe
  121. What countries in Europe have real witches: country, place, people
  122. Under which circumstances Ukraine will become a full-fledged European state: crime, cost
  123. Living in The Netherlands: life, cost, country, people - Europe
  124. Why are Germans so much more sexually liberal? (less prude): country, people - Europe
  125. Is Moscow the greatest city in Europe?: crime, best, place
  126. Little known places to visit: life, country, place, train - Europe
  127. EU report says it could take up to 200 years for the balkans to catch up with the rest of Europe: Slavs, Bulgaria
  128. UN Importing African ‘Refugees’ to Italy — By Plane: country, place, people - Europe
  129. Why Finland and Denmark are so bad at Winter Olympics...: best, country - Europe
  130. Rome, Italy - C'mon now: country, people, work, English - Europe
  131. Paris - Wine laws: life, dangerous, place, people - Europe
  132. What happened to all the nobility/aristocratic families besides the Royal family: place, people - Europe
  133. Do you fear that immigration will destroy the culture and identity of your country?: life, place - Europe
  134. What are people in Slovenia like?: best, place, German, Germans - Europe
  135. What best European city for fun and first time visit: country, places
  136. Ireland 2040: country, train, people, black - Europe
  137. Do Germans associate themselves with visegrad nations?: people, UK, Scandinavians - Europe
  138. Net salary. Madrid vs Dublin vs London vs Luxembourg: cost, country, place - Europe
  139. Why has Germany always lead continental Europe: country, Germans, work
  140. Are England and Germany similar?: country, people, Germans, English - Europe
  141. News, the eyelashes freeze: Russia sees minus 88.6 degrees F: people, work - Europe
  142. Best Eastern European Orthodox capital?: Hungary, culture, populous, Poland
  143. Macron admits that France would vote to leave the EU if a referendum were held: country, people - Europe
  144. For people who lived in both the US and Europe: which place is it easier to make new friends in (all being equal)?: life, country
  145. Just how bad are Gypsies in Europe?: crime, best, life
  146. Romance Languages and English: people, German, Portuguese, England - Europe
  147. American retirees in the Netherlands?: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  148. Culturally speaking, isn't Europe technically more conservative than the US?: German, percentage
  149. Online racist attacks against Miss Belgium's Asian heritage: best, country, people - Europe
  150. Greece vs Macedonia row: life, country, people, pay - Europe
  151. 🇮🇹 Migrants Barbeque Dog at Welcome Center in Italy 🇮🇹: country, people, Italians - Europe
  152. What are the possibilities for a US citizen to move to Europe?: life, country
  153. Should Italy and Italians be considered Germanic?: country, people, Greek - Europe
  154. Would you like to remove the daylight summer time in Europe as a whole?: life, country
  155. What Russian music bands do you know?: Finnish, time - Europe
  156. What the \%#*@? What's up with all Child Protective Services?: crime, pay - Europe
  157. Is it true that Italians dont consider southern Italians as being really Italian?: country, people - Europe
  158. Rome and Paris - How to get the most bang for your Euro: cost, place - Europe
  159. Is it a Russian problem or a technical problem?: people, work, English - Europe
  160. Multilingualism in France: people, German, Greek, English - Europe
  161. Help planning a two week Europe vacation: cost, country, place
  162. Is French Heavily Influenced By German?: people, English, time, school - Europe
  163. Is a Train Day trip to Paris (From London) Worth it?: best, safe - Europe
  164. Ukrainian native music!: Russian, cons, 2014, Polish - Europe
  165. What's left for Europe?: life, country, place, jobs
  166. German TV in the 1990s: country, Germans, work, English - Europe
  167. Why is northwestern Europe more Arabic-mixed than northeastern Europe: people, work, England
  168. Opening ceremony: Longest bridge in Europe: crime, country, people, Russian
  169. Are American cities more chaotic than European cities?: train, people, work
  170. Eastern Europe or Not Eastern Europe?: German, Hungary, cons, Germany
  171. Germany weather shutting things down?: place, train, people, apartment - Europe
  172. What is the most modernistic city in Europe: best, country, place
  173. Disneyland Paris: train, work, expensive, cheap - Europe
  174. french speakers help with comedian routine: best, people, work, English - Europe
  175. Herzegovinians (South Slavs) are the tallest people in the world: country, place - Europe
  176. Why is food in Europe so bad compared to America?: Europeans, visit
  177. The Italian Alps or the Dolomites: cost, train, speaking, travel - Europe
  178. How do Dutch culture overlap within its neighbouring countries?: country, German, work - Europe
  179. uestion about Belgium.......Why does it exist?: country, place, people - Europe
  180. Lisbon visit: place, train, moving, work - Europe
  181. The Most Popular Beach Destinations in Europe: cost, people, driving
  182. Italian food : heavy on carbs?: best, Greek, work, expensive - Europe
  183. The next Financial Capital of Europe: jobs, people, German, work
  184. Safety traveling through Israel/Palestine/Jordan: crime, safe, places, train - Europe
  185. France is terrible: crime, best, country, train - Europe
  186. 7-9 day vacation in Europe: best, country, places, train
  187. Which European country has more of beautiful women?: people, black, percentage
  188. Will Germans start killing wolves again?: life, places, people, moving - Europe
  189. GERMANY 1950s 27 min documentary: country, travel, dating - Europe
  190. Recycling facilities in your town or city: train, Spaniard, move - Europe
  191. How would TV shows about ETA and the FLNC be received in Spain and France ?: crime, life - Europe
  192. Gran Canaria - puerto rico vs maspalmas vs las palmas: best, life - Europe
  193. Youth Appeal and Old School Terrorist Groups: living, live - Europe
  194. Vacations.: best - Europe
  195. Worst prisons in Western Europe?: best, France, Spain
  196. Ancient Mediterranean Geography: Greek, compare - Europe
  197. Prolife of Pedro Almodovar: Spanish - Europe
  198. Spanish movie Los Chicos del Preu (1967) - A very good display of the Spanish phenotype spectrum: time - Europe
  199. Underrated rural areas with a culture of violence ?: crime rate, country - Europe
  200. Is of our members living in Berlin? - Europe