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  10. Is the 18th arrondissement the only neighborhood that doesn’t feel like the rest of Paris? - Europe
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  22. Do the Irish still hold a grudge against Britain for the Irish Potato Famine?: life, places - Europe
  23. I wish to buy the antic envelopes with marks on it of the period 1840-1900 - Europe
  24. Iberian Mask Festival - Spain and Portugal: cheap, live - Europe
  25. Costa del Sol, Spain locales that are similar to Santa Barbara, California: climate, areas - Europe
  26. Murder in Poland: country, people, Russian, Polish - Europe
  27. Smaller Appliances: life, place, people, German - Europe
  28. Why aren't people from expensive countries as stressed as people from expensive cities?: cost, country - Europe
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  30. Cologne bilingual schools: people, German, work, rich - Europe
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  35. Eastern European DNA Test: best, cost, people, black
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  37. A link between British and Spanish Genetics?: best, people, German - Europe
  38. How do you find this design: speak, Spanish - Europe
  39. European Populations and who they are similar too genetically (G25).: country, people
  40. Do majority of Germans hate Americans?: safe, cons, beautiful, Europeans
  41. Merkel's party's name: people, German, time, Germany - Europe
  42. Which neighborhoods in Paris have the highest concentration of refugees,: country, people - Europe
  43. coins in Euro area: cost, pay, difference, Latin - Europe
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  46. European Capital of Culture 2019: Matera or Plovdiv?: people, travel, visiting
  47. Why the radical difference right over the border?: best, place, people - Europe
  48. What European country has the most/least drug use?: people, black, German
  49. Germany and the embattled Angela Merkel: country, people, UK, Norwegian - Europe
  50. Marseille vs Belfast vs Naples vs Malmo: crime, best, country - Europe
  51. Provence Must Buys?: place, Italy - Europe
  52. Post-Monarchy South European misery reflected on coat of arms: country, people, German
  53. Favorite coast, French VS Italian VS Croatian VS Greek VS Spanish Vs Turkish: Bulgaria - Europe
  54. What are best places to eat in Amsterdam?: people, UK, English - Europe
  55. Police Shut Down Italy's First Sex Doll Brothel: life, place, work - Europe
  56. England vs Denmark: country, place, people, cons - Europe
  57. Which cities in Spain are most liberal?: country, people, cons - Europe
  58. Are the Maghrebis in Paris like the Latinos in NYC?: people, black - Europe
  59. Tell me about Finland for upcoming Winter visit: best, places, hotel - Europe
  60. Driving the NC500: friendly, travel, cons, live - Europe
  61. Lyon VS Milan VS Madrid: best, cost, place, train - Europe
  62. Genetic Affinity to Danish Zealander: people - Europe
  63. A pillar of revanshism on the Danube shores: crime, life, place - Europe
  64. Are Dutch and German countrysides blonder than large Scandinavian cities?: people, Germans - Europe
  65. The new €200 Europa series: 2014, people, work, UK - Europe
  66. Hungary – Ukraine: what does a new conflict forebode?: country, people, moving - Europe
  67. $64,000,000 Chateau Owned By Property Developer Ordered to be Torn Down in France: life, people - Europe
  68. Bomb detonated at Italian League party HQ - Europe
  69. How i book Rome Colosseum Tickets Online ?: cost, pay, English - Europe
  70. Why is Wales the least nationalist country on the British Isles?: places, train - Europe
  71. Which you prefer to visit or live in Madrid or Viena or Berlin and because-: life, country - Europe
  72. Highest-density districts in each Euro country: life, interesting, population - Europe
  73. How do I move to Austria?: best, country, living, moving - Europe
  74. The amazing French art thief: interesting, immigrants - Europe
  75. Intra-Western Immigration: how easy?: Portuguese, work, UK, bank - Europe
  76. News, Australia Issues Scary Warning on Strawberries: people, cons - Europe
  77. In which countries can I work legally without a visa?: country, place - Europe
  78. Italy's Shadow Economy: people, work, expensive, live - Europe
  79. Russia in color... 100 years later..: life, country, people, Russian - Europe
  80. Network Outages: time - Europe
  81. What would happen in Russia if Putin passed?: people, Russian, cons - Europe
  82. returning to Ireland: cost, place, people, pay - Europe
  83. Visiting Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Munich and Zurich. Looking for ideas.: best, country, places - Europe
  84. Historic Notre Dame on fire: work, move, cons, compare - Europe
  85. Germany, UK, Poland or Hungary?: best, cost, country, jobs - Europe
  86. Greece, Germany, France or Portugal?: country, jobs, people, pay - Europe
  87. Tell me where I should live: best, country, place, people - Europe
  88. Recent move to Portugal: life, cost, country, safer - Europe
  89. Jobs in Germany with english language?: best, places, people, living - Europe
  90. Why are Romania and Moldova separate nations?: life, country, people - Europe
  91. Which have a higher quality of life? Livable US states (e. g. Massachusetts and Minnesota) or livable European countries: cost, safer
  92. Why are virtually all the forums about Europe on the internet full of Americans talking about blonde hair, races,: crime, life
  93. Has Paris really gotten this bad?: places, people, time, water - Europe
  94. Thinking of traveling to Spain ( would like advice): crime, best, life - Europe
  95. Eurotrip (28+): Eurorail pass or car rental?: best, cost, train, driving - Europe
  96. Uglich, Yaroslavl Oblast in Russia: best, life, people, work - Europe
  97. what is the european union ?: life, country, German, work
  98. How does E-mobility work in Norway?: best, life, country, safer - Europe
  99. What is life in Bavaria like?: place, people, German, Germans - Europe
  100. Has France become less aesthetically pleasing?: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  101. If Europe is concerned about the countries that America harms, why hasn't Europe stopped America?: people, UK
  102. Too much density is not good for mental health: life, places, people - Europe
  103. Ukraine trip help: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  104. What are the most lesser known backwards rural areas in Western Europe ?: crime rate, life
  105. Are priests highly regarded in Italy?: country, dangerous, people, Greek - Europe
  106. Crimea. Russian Territory or Ukraine?: people, work, cons, influence - Europe
  107. How do Serbians see the 1999 NATO bombing?: country, people, Russian - Europe
  108. Germany, France, UK, Ireland, Netherland or Spain for living? Which one is the best?: crime rate, life - Europe
  109. American's need a Visa to visit Europe starting in 2021: German, travel, citizen
  110. Lisbon neighborhood recommendations: country, safe, people, living - Europe
  111. How long can an American Stay in Europe?: cost, country, pay
  112. EU votes to end daylight saving time: cost, country, train - Europe
  113. How influential are royal families in European republics?: best, cost, country
  114. Has been to Iceland recently?: country, kids, cons, visit - Europe
  115. Moving to Russia with a fixed income of $1500/92,000p per month...Where?: best, life - Europe
  116. Estonia s*cks. Greedy neo-capitalists from Estonia: a case study: best, life - Europe
  117. Irish vs. Dutch culture: life, country, place, jobs - Europe
  118. Companies Sponsoring Americans in Italy: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  119. What is the criteria to attain French permanent residency?: life, places, people - Europe
  120. Visiting Amsterdam next month - last visit 30 years ago: best, country, places - Europe
  121. Is there a country where young women aren't so Americanized?: best, life - Europe
  122. Genetic similarity of modern populations to Vikings from Sigtuna Sweden: places, people - Europe
  123. Retiring in Andorra: crime, life, cost, country - Europe
  124. Am I wrong for hating Paris a little? This is a long read.: life, places - Europe
  125. European country judged by looks alone: place, German, climate, Italians
  126. Immigration to Europe: life, country, Polish, climate
  127. Are the Irish all that really friendly as people claim compared to the rest of Europe???: country, England
  128. Russia is a beautiful country: cost, train, people, cheapest - Europe
  129. Should Holland be considered part of Scandinavia?: life, country, people - Europe
  130. Is there a distinctive Swiss French accent?: people, German, Germans - Europe
  131. Leaving Munich aside, what's the most beautiful major city in Germany?: best, life - Europe
  132. Crazily hot weather in Europe this November?: work, climate, time
  133. Why such a high proficiency on English in Scandinavia?: places, people, driving - Europe
  134. Where in Continental Europe does it snow and get cold (besides Russia, Baltics, Scandinavia): country, train
  135. Is the attitude towards the Muslim migration to Europe very similar to the Latin American migration to the US?: country, people
  136. What Are The Differences Between the German Big Cities?: best, life, people - Europe
  137. An EU Army? And fighting against America?!?: cost, safe, German - Europe
  138. Austria Pulls Out and Refuses To Signs UN Migration Pact; Joins Hungary, and USA: country, Czechs - Europe
  139. Norwegian Warship Collides With Oil Tanker in Fjord After Nato Exercise: Russian, cons - Europe
  140. Which end the Europe will do?: cost, people, pay, German
  141. Can French citizens move freely to the French Southern Territories?: life, places - Europe
  142. Denmark vs Norway: country, place, rich, Norwegian - Europe
  143. What is the most “American” city in Europe?: population, beaches
  144. Europeans, why do you think you all care about caring about the health care of your people than Americans?: best, cost
  145. Should English be dropped as a Working Language of the EUropean Union after Brexit?: country, people
  146. Why is Russia uninteresting to Americans?: best, life, country, people - Europe
  147. Which country better to live in, Norway, or Netherlands?: best, cost, place - Europe
  148. Franco’s body being removed from Spanish shrine: life, country, place - Europe
  149. Western European Countries: country, people, German, cultures
  150. Is there a country where they don't don't have affirmative action?: crime, best - Europe
  151. What’s happening in the Baltic States?: country, jobs, people - Europe
  152. Is Ireland the biggest kip/craphole of developed European nation?: crime, country
  153. I hope the communist party in Russia wins back control of the Duma and the state government: life, people - Europe
  154. Racist video on Swedish national TV?: country, people, black, stereotype - Europe
  155. Is EU middle-class poorer than the poor in the US?: life, people - Europe
  156. European countries you visited? (POLL): life, country, people, German
  157. is the UK (and Ireland) more similar to the US or Europe: crime, best
  158. French, Italian and Spanish are the shortest Europeans?: life, cost, 2014
  159. Can't decide on which European languages to stick to and learn: country, people
  160. Seville in late October: life, people, climate, lifestyle - Europe
  161. Buying a property in Romania: country, people, apartment, Romanians - Europe
  162. Is multilingualism in Europe overrated?: life, place, people, German
  163. The sign of Christmas in Europe is the tree or the Belen . In what countries the Belen or the tree Predominates,: best, country
  164. Another month, another German girl raped by asylum seeker that was told to leave but stayed as illegal!: life, country - Europe
  165. Athens: a WONDERFUL European Capital if you know where to go: places, people
  166. How many generations until most Europeans speak more English than local languages?: country, people
  167. Are the British Genetically Nordic from the Bell Beakers? But culturally Unique?: people, black - Europe
  168. Is France becoming the new Greece?: best, life, jobs, train - Europe
  169. The cities with the most and fewest street trees in Europe?: best, life
  170. Northern & Southern Italians are totally different: country, people, living - Europe
  171. First time Driver in Austria/Germany/ Switzerland: best, cost, places - Europe
  172. What country in Europe is the most free?: life, safe, place
  173. Want to see Real Estate costs in GREECE but in U.S Dollars?: country, people - Europe
  174. Not trying to start political debate.: life, country, dangerous, house - Europe
  175. Lisbon or Barcelona? Which would you prefer and why?: life, places, living - Europe
  176. Do you feel Parisians are depressed?: life, places, people, work - Europe
  177. Battle of most livable cities: Vienna, Geneva, Stockholm, Copenhagen , Oslo: best, life - Europe
  178. What's the best way for an American to move to Scandinavia?: country, jobs - Europe
  179. A European Women.: places, people, black, work
  180. What’s going on in France?: life, country, people, pay - Europe
  181. How would Russia like it if Germany took back East Prussia?: crime, country - Europe
  182. Staying in Lisbon on vacation: best, place, train, Portuguese - Europe
  183. 330ml Coca-Cola Price Different countries: cost, country, people, pay - Europe
  184. Smaller European cities with LRT systems?: country, train, people, German
  185. Why are Northern Europeans more accepting of darker skinned people than Southern Europeans?: country, places
  186. Is Paris the European city with the most contrast?: life, country, places
  187. people of Celtic decent left in France or Germany?: place, Germans - Europe
  188. Europeans cities that look like a developing world city: best, country, place
  189. Is it safe to take my family to Italy days?: crime, place - Europe
  190. Election candidate who called for ‘new and better death camps’ is jailed: time - Europe
  191. Between what countries, believe you with the UE has improved the sympathy.-: country, people - Europe
  192. Dignitatis Humanae Institute: move, Europeans, Italy
  193. looking for Construction Contractor in Germany: apartment, houses, apartments - Europe
  194. Best month to go to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - Europe
  195. should the eu scrap daylight saving? - Europe
  196. TARGET Instant Payment Settlement: cost, place, people, pay - Europe
  197. Whats Malta like? what are your views on the place? worth a visit?: country, people - Europe
  198. What is the difference between a praca and a largo?: Portuguese - Europe
  199. What type of cookware is most popular in home kitchens, in France ?: Italy, Dutch - Europe
  200. The Magyar “Russkiy Mir” or how citizens of Ukraine make fealty to Hungary: cons, citizenship - Europe