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  120. Ireland: best, country, places, people - Europe
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  133. Who is having the worst economy? Europe or the USA?: country, places
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  148. i really want to move to europe from usa: best, country
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  157. Study abroad help...Australia or Europe?: best, life, country, places
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  159. The European Union - the New Soviet Union?: best, country, people
  160. Man Russia has gotten bad race wise: crime, country, dangerous - Europe
  161. Malta - Europe one from Malta?): best, place, people
  162. Has been to Continental Europe lately?: best, cost, places
  163. A Typical Day In the life of a parisian...go: country, dangerous - Europe
  164. Help us find out WHERE we should MOVE, in Europe preferably ?: best, life
  165. Quebec is to France what Mexico is to Spain - accurate analogy?: life, cost - Europe
  166. Best architecture in European cities: German, Germans, work, UK
  167. European teens look older than American teens: people, German, move
  168. moving to germany: best, life, train, people - Europe
  169. Stockholm, Sweden vs. Vienna, Austria: place, people, work, Swedish - Europe
  170. German country you would rather live in: life, places, people - Europe
  171. Never Been to Europe. WHERE SHOULD I GO??: best, life, country
  172. To the people of the Netherlands: country, place, Swedish, Dutch - Europe
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  174. Air France airplane lost in the middle of Atlantic ocean!: safest, dangerous - Europe
  175. about the Winters in Norway?: best, country, people, Norwegian - Europe
  176. USA vs. Europe: best, life, cost, country
  177. Is Smith a common name in Norway?: places, people, black - Europe
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  179. English to swedish translation help!!!!: best, Norwegian, speaking - Europe
  180. Do Europeans date/hang out with other european ethnicites?: country, people, German
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  182. Calling all Germans: homes, cities, entertainment - Europe
  183. Copenhagen- Where to live?: place - Europe
  184. News, Swiss Canton Bans Nude Hikers.: German, Germans, citizen - Europe
  185. To serve and to kill... Moscow tragedy..: life, people - Europe
  186. Marbella, Spain: people, visiting - Europe
  187. The best European capital city
  188. Barcelona Spain: safest, neighborhoods - Europe
  189. News, Rescuers hunt all night for Italy earthquake survivors.: people - Europe
  190. hotels in Tenerife that have private swimming pools?: hotel - Europe
  191. Dublin, Ireland -- Wiccans: time - Europe
  192. who can translate norwegian for me? :-): interest, color - Europe
  193. Going to the WC in Paris: visit - Europe
  194. Need To Water A Tree in Paris? Be Careful Out There: activity - Europe
  195. re France's workplace harassment laws: people, working, jobs - Europe
  196. News, Scottish drug-related death rate growing.: office, drug use, science - Europe
  197. News, Denmark's Hippie Haven Faces Shutdown.: kids, international - Europe
  198. News, Spanish bar invites insults from stressed customers.: work, Polish, working - Europe
  199. News, Small French town rebuilt after war with help from 'Gone With the Wind' author.: life - Europe
  200. News, The lost golf balls of Loch Ness.: index - Europe