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  21. Best European Universities and Countries for a Woman of Color: country, places
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  37. Is IT a feasible employment area in Europe along with the US?: best, country
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  41. How long should it take for a DHL delivery to reach the US from Europe?: place, people
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  51. Flooding in Europe: dangerous, people, Swedish, Hungary
  52. Europe - continent, or concept?: life, people, traits, culture
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  62. Europe study abroad location?: attractive, culture, cons, Italian
  63. News Video, Smoke Bombs, Eggs Fly in Ukraine Parliament.: crime, black, Russian - Europe
  64. News, The Coming Flood That Will Wreck Paris.: people, work, bank - Europe
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  66. from Iceland??? :): best, cost, country, place - Europe
  67. Alabama to France???: best, country, place, people - Europe
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  69. from the Lower Rhine area?: English, ancestry, speak, Latin - Europe
  70. News, Fizzy 'Stalin' drink launched in Russia: report.: people, German, Russian - Europe
  71. Will Belgium divide into two parts?: life, country, German, Spaniard - Europe
  72. How is quality of life in Moscow, Russia for americans from LA or NY?: crime, best - Europe
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  75. Looking for on Italy and Spain: crime, life, cost - Europe
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  78. Sign: best, Norwegian - Europe
  79. baumholder Germany: country, place, people, living - Europe
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  82. What to use for European Population Stats?: best, people, time
  83. Rome: safer, people, Russian, hotel - Europe
  84. Pros and cons of EU / USA: crime, cost, country, train - Europe
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  86. Warsaw -vs- Krakow?: life, country, dangerous, place - Europe
  87. What a traveler dislike in USA and EU?: best, cost, country - Europe
  88. European country easiest to get a long-stay visa?: work
  89. Residency permits in the EU: country, work, nationality, live - Europe
  90. American JD worth in Switzerland or France? heeelp..: best, German - Europe
  91. Madrid or Granada?: train, cons, beautiful, famous - Europe
  92. In Spain, how is government policy formulated?: England, cons - Europe
  93. Help me Tranlsate French Song to English: life, cons, beautiful - Europe
  94. Ukraine: train, work, speak, live - Europe
  95. German homicide statistics: crime, Germans, work, reputation - Europe
  96. Novi Sad - Serbia: best, life, country, place - Europe
  97. American researching moving to Sweden: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  98. Anthony Bourdain visits Prague, Czech Republic: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  99. The francophone world: country, places, people, German - Europe
  100. Which Country Would You Rather Visit: rd 3, France or the United Kingdom?: life, places - Europe
  101. Most Beautiful City in Germany.: best, life, country, driving - Europe
  102. Religion In Europe: life, country, people, black
  103. Studying Abroad: Italy, Spain, or Australia?: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  104. While visiting Ireland, one should...: country, place, expensive, speaking - Europe
  105. Paris is so overrated!: best, life, place, people - Europe
  106. Which European country is it easiest for an English-speaker to live in?: people, living
  107. Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Berlin, Munich, other?: life, cost, country, safe - Europe
  108. What continental European country is most like England?: place, German, English
  109. How similar is Finland to the other Scandinavian countries?: best, country, people - Europe
  110. Americans and IRELAND?: country, places, people, work - Europe
  111. Which Eastern european country (central european actually) has the brighest future?: best, living
  112. help: Undergrad Internships and Racial/Cultural Tension in Europe: crime, best
  113. Moscow. Russia.: safe, place, people, Russian - Europe
  114. Seafood and European cities: places, German, expensive, Germany
  115. Swedish Government vs. Swedish citizens: life, cost, country, train - Europe
  116. Moving to Frankfurt Germany: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  117. to Residents of Europe uality of Life): crime, best, cost
  118. Magadan?: place, Russian, cons, live - Europe
  119. How easy is it to get around Europe by yourself?: best, cost
  120. What is it that makes a country European?: life, place, people
  121. Iceland best country to live in the world!?: life, place, people - Europe
  122. for Czechs and other Europeans: life, cost, country, people
  123. Germany: crime, life, cost, country - Europe
  124. How socially conservative is Krakow, Poland?: life, country, place, people - Europe
  125. Spanish and Portuguese - discussion: country, people, Romanian, Spaniard - Europe
  126. Which language best for Czech Rep. or Poland?: country, people, German - Europe
  127. Status of churches in secular European countries: people, pay, German
  128. Is Romania a Latin or Slavic culture?: cost, country, train - Europe
  129. France is paying unwelcome legal immigrants to leave: crime, country, jobs - Europe
  130. Which European Union Country's Climate is Closest to Coastal So Cal?: best, cost
  131. use a Blackberry in Europe?: best, cost, country, work
  132. how is Poland viewed by the rest of Europe?: life, country, jobs
  133. Swedish IT industry vs. the US IT industry?: best, cost, country - Europe
  134. Europe - languages that sound similar: people, German, Greek, Portuguese
  135. Recruiting firms in Sweden: best, life, jobs, people - Europe
  136. Russia - Nizhny Novgorod (photo): English, Polish, foreigners, interesting - Europe
  137. How in the world does the Russian Federation have more college graduates than the United States?: best, place - Europe
  138. Would you like to live in Europe?: life, country, place
  139. What is TABOO in Greek Culture??: life, country, place, people - Europe
  140. Best Scandanavian country for me?: crime rate, place, people, work - Europe
  141. Russia in the FIRE: best, country, English, Russian - Europe
  142. What know They over........Germany?: best, life, country, place - Europe
  143. How does one go about becoming an expat in Paris?: best, life - Europe
  144. Which European country is best for a new business? Taxes, labor laws, red tape,: crime, UK
  145. Who speaks German?: life, place, people, living - Europe
  146. France is the best place to live says study: crime rate, life, cost - Europe
  147. More on France,: life, country, place, people - Europe
  148. Albania, most romantic place on Earth?: best, country, property, cons - Europe
  149. Driving in Italy: train, pay, English, Italians - Europe
  150. Crisis in Greece: life, country, jobs, people - Europe
  151. Where to stay in Southern Germany?: best, place, train, people - Europe
  152. Norway visit: best, country, place, UK - Europe
  153. The end of Belgium?: country, people, German, rich - Europe
  154. Is Spain a better place to visit than live in year round?: best, life - Europe
  155. Where to go backpacking: W. Europe/E. Europe/Middle East?: cost, country
  156. Protest at Russian mine blast site, 28 arrested: life, country, people - Europe
  157. Help me plan my Italy itinerary: life, places, train, driving - Europe
  158. Questions for Russians - finding a job in Russia: best, life, country - Europe
  159. Austria vs Switzerland. Which country is more conservative(or Nationalist)?: people, German - Europe
  160. Living in Stavanger, Norway: best, cost, country, safest - Europe
  161. Moving to Oslo, Norway!: life, cost, places, jobs - Europe
  162. Ukraine-Mother of Chernobyl...My city Kharkov.(Photo): life, cost, places - Europe
  163. Paris vs. Moscow: life, places, English, Russian - Europe
  164. Should the USA lift visas for Poles?: country, people, black - Europe
  165. News, Norway Builds the World's Most Humane Prison.: crime, life, place - Europe
  166. Visit to Moscow?: crime, cost, country, safer - Europe
  167. My Sincerest Condolences to Our Polish Friends: country, people, pay - Europe
  168. Living in Paris on US$70,000-US$75,000...?: life, cost, work, travel - Europe
  169. EU/US dual citizen a move to the EU later in life.: crime, best - Europe
  170. homeschoolers moving to Germany: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  171. Russia: part of Europe, Asia or neither?: country, place, people
  172. Europe Regions: life, German, Greek, Finnish
  173. Can the EU Survive Europe's Crisis?: country, people, pay, work
  174. Are African Americans better off in Spain or France?: best, country, places - Europe
  175. European Metropolises Don't Seem To Have Many Skyscrapers: life, dangerous, people
  176. May I have your advice for our trip to Amsterdam, Holland?: best, cost - Europe
  177. Visiting Europe: best, cost, places, people
  178. Between France,Spain,Italy, and Portugal which parties the most?: best, life - Europe
  179. France or Spain Quality of Life?: country, place, people, English - Europe
  180. News, Porn video shown on Moscow highway billboard.: people, pay, Russian - Europe
  181. Austria $500 Autobahn traffic ticket notice 6 months later: best, life, driving - Europe
  182. Ireland -off the beaten track: best, country, places, people - Europe
  183. Sharks in the Baltic Sea?: German, English, cons, difference - Europe
  184. Should a young person 23-30 years of Russia......: life, country, place - Europe
  185. France Rated Best Place to Live: life, country, train, people - Europe
  186. Latvia and Lithuania - eastern or northern Europe?: country, German, speaking
  187. Suggestions for a European trip...: best, places, train, German
  188. Living in France: crime rate, best, life, cost - Europe
  189. Watch Soccer in Seville (World Cup): places - Europe
  190. has been to Grimsel pass Swiss alps - Europe
  191. News, German village sells holes in road.: people, Germany - Europe
  192. FLE Education France?: country, work, famous, working - Europe
  193. News, Transport minister suggests autobahn ban on trucks passing.: German - Europe
  194. News, 250-year-old conviction to be reconsidered.: crime - Europe
  195. Berlin News, Politician moots dog-poop patrol for welfare recipients.: German, Germany - Europe
  196. For all you Germans-Hechingen: people - Europe
  197. Italian Wedding....: beautiful - Europe
  198. Cyprus, Malta, Italy slaughter songbirds...won't ever go there.: hunting, illegal - Europe
  199. RER-speed metro in Paris: cost, work, expensive, travel - Europe
  200. Saxony, Germany c.1900: place, move - Europe