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  14. Are other Europeans really less polarized politically and more tolerant towards cross party consensus in politics?: life, country
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  28. New Year Destinations in Germany: places - Europe
  29. Which European country is the most crazy about firecrackers and has the noisiest New Year celebrations?: best, dangerous
  30. News, Nine out of 10 Swedes say they're happy.: safe, place, people - Europe
  31. from Ukraine on: Latin - Europe
  32. Barcelona, Genoa, or Munich?: life, cost, safe, place - Europe
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  35. News, Scratch and sniff cannabis cards distributed by Dutch police.: people, cons - Europe
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  37. Venice, Italy - Losing population in historic area of city: best, jobs - Europe
  38. France tries eight men accused of funding militants: crime, people, move - Europe
  39. freiburg germany: best, life, place, people - Europe
  40. Obtaining a Master's Degree in Europe (Spain): reputation, accepted, citizen
  41. Petroleum Engineers in Spain: country, work, university, attractive - Europe
  42. The density of the city of Lisbon - Portugal: cost, country, place - Europe
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  44. Looking for tiles in Europe: house, travel, France, Italy
  45. Heilbronn, Germany: crime rate, best, life, dangerous - Europe
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  50. Large cities in Latin EUROPEAN would you rank as 'better' or 'worse' than Lisbon, and why?: country, people
  51. Belgian personal names: country, people, German, England - Europe
  52. need help: what's the interest for most of German importers: ancestry, culture - Europe
  53. News, ATHENS, Greece, Strong quake strikes Crete: Greek - Europe
  54. Spanish Elections: jobs, German, speak, cons - Europe
  55. Demonstration in Madrid: country, jobs, people, Greek - Europe
  56. Obama to visit Irish ancestral home: black, German, English, Swedish - Europe
  57. Mladic, the genocidal maniac is captured in Serbia!: crime, people, time - Europe
  58. German Driving Class B in English- LEHRMATERIAL UND THEORIEPR‹FUNG: living, license - Europe
  59. 10 days in Europe starting in Dusseldorf -- advice?: best, life, cost
  60. Cities near Moscow, Russia: life, place, people, black - Europe
  61. You wouldn't believe it, but...(American expat: best, life, cost - Europe
  62. Are to kunai illegal in Germany?: best - Europe
  63. The colonized areas of the Portuguese in Portugal? To what extent?: cost, country - Europe
  64. Help, I'm moving to Paris!: life, country, place, jobs - Europe
  65. The Happy Denmark Hoax: life, cost, country, place - Europe
  66. daily events of an average Austrian teenager?: experiences, time, Vienna - Europe
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  68. Romania: Summed up in 40 photos: best, people, black, cons - Europe
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  71. Frankfurt: train, driving, German, speaking - Europe
  72. Moving to Spain: best, cost, living, apartment - Europe
  73. Smoke & drink more to help the state, Russians urged: people, live - Europe
  74. What are the weather conditions like in Rome during early October?: best, climate - Europe
  75. India in Paris: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  76. News, Kangaroo testicle? Chefs in Serbia say, 'Yes!': rich, time, water - Europe
  77. Is Krakow more progressive and intellectual than the rest of Poland?: best, life - Europe
  78. Cheapest apartments in Copenhagen, Denmark.: best, life, people, living - Europe
  79. MOSCOW News, Students pose in lingerie for Putin.: Russian, time, university - Europe
  80. Attitudes towards English in Sweden.: best, country, people, living - Europe
  81. News, Nudists and swingers at war in France's 'Naked City': people, cons - Europe
  82. is there an english language newspaper from Cyprus?: features - Europe
  83. London vs. Paris: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  84. France's refugee problem from Tunisia: country, places, jobs - Europe
  85. Large Protests In France (Students & Workers) Over Retirement Plans: people - Europe
  86. Planning to move to switzerland...where is a good place to meet single ladies (ages 25-27): people, German - Europe
  87. been to Malaga or Castillo de Sabinillas Spain?: life, cost, place - Europe
  88. Toxic sludge floods town in Hungary kills 4: safe, people, living - Europe
  89. What is the most backwards country in Western Europe?: people, German, Greek
  90. going to medical school in Europe can enlighten me on it.....: best, cost
  91. 1st time visitor in Paris: country, place, train, friendly - Europe
  92. move to Florence italy: life, country, place, people - Europe
  93. Best skiing in Europe: country, people, German, cheap
  94. Good bye Sweden...: crime, life, country, people - Europe
  95. Alcohol in Norway...: life, cost, country, people - Europe
  96. Berlin vs. Vienna: crime, best, life, country - Europe
  97. Travelling in Europe - Help: best, cost, place, train
  98. do europeans consider asia 'overseas'?: people, living, German, England
  99. Americans-Three Countries in Europe to Visit: country, place, train, people
  100. How much do Americans know about European cities?: crime, country, place
  101. Is Malahide, Ireland commutable to Trinity College Dublin?: best, life, cost - Europe
  102. currently or recently in Naples?: crime, best, country, safe - Europe
  103. Where in Italy? Where in Sweden?: best, life, country, place - Europe
  104. Indian (India) guy planning a Euro-tour, where in Western Europe can I expect the most racism?: best, place
  105. Better for vacation in Summer Norway/Sweden/Finland or Italy?: best, life - Europe
  106. SPAIN advice needed...............: cost, country, places, train - Europe
  107. Germany At a Glance: life, cost, people, black - Europe
  108. Best EU City/Country for Entreprenuer from USA: cost, jobs, living - Europe
  109. What are the must-have items to buy as a tourist in SPAIN?: best, country - Europe
  110. IncomeTax In European Countries: life, cost, country, people
  111. Europeans, Russians in the US - do you hate the sour cream: best, life
  112. Spain-Retiring There & The Current Downturn: crime rate, life, cost, country - Europe
  113. Neighborhoods to stay in Barcelona/Madrid: best, safe, place, train - Europe
  114. Who do Sicilians look like to you?: people, Greek, Italians - Europe
  115. News, Irish pubs close in droves.: people, England, areas, taxes - Europe
  116. Best European City?: Russian, rich, interesting, France
  117. pictures of South of France: beautiful, Spain, apartment, houses - Europe
  118. Does Slovenia have a good economy and is it open to immigration?: life, country - Europe
  119. Canadian French vs. France French: people, English, Swiss, speak - Europe
  120. Irish accents, why do people say they sound American?: country, English - Europe
  121. Questions about Switzerland: best, places, people, living - Europe
  122. Poland - where to go?: life, place, driving, apartment - Europe
  123. Move to Berlin, Germany or stay in Toronto, Canada?: life, cost, country - Europe
  124. Moscow has most billionaires of city. How?: crime, life, country - Europe
  125. Riga or Bucharest: life, country, people, black - Europe
  126. Scandinavian birthday song?: Norwegian, Dutch, beautiful, time - Europe
  127. Spain Experience: life, country, place, people - Europe
  128. Places to live in Ireland: cost, country, safer, place - Europe
  129. Has lived in Ticino?: best, life, country, places - Europe
  130. What do you think of this grouping of eastern european countries?: country, places
  131. Friendliest city in Eastern Europe?: crime, life, cost, country
  132. Berlin vs Stockholm: crime, life, country, safer - Europe
  133. go to Dublin.....: life, place, people, English - Europe
  134. Will be in England for 3 weeks in January, which other European city should I check out?: best, life
  135. Norwegian-American looking to move to Norway: crime, best, life, country - Europe
  136. Belarus, Ukraine and Russia - how alike are the 3 countries?: crime, life - Europe
  137. European Housing: life, country, place, people
  138. Spain: How Do They Do It?: life, cost, country, dangerous - Europe
  139. Which French speaking country/region would you rather live in?: place, people - Europe
  140. 10 - This is the age we get married in Romania: country, place - Europe
  141. Europe According to Stereotype: best, English, Italians, Hungary
  142. UK worst place to live in Europe: Quality of Life Index: living, work
  143. which country in europe do you recommend?: best, life, cost
  144. Help me plan a trip to Europe!: life, place, train
  145. European views on U.S. capital tourism: best, country, place
  146. Europeans: Do you enjoy spicy or hot foods?: country, place, people
  147. difference between xenophobia in US versus Europe: best, country, dangerous
  148. How Foodie are Czech people?: best, life, country - Europe
  149. What countries are Latvia and Lithuania similar to?: cost, country, people - Europe
  150. Questions about a trip to Barcelona: best, country, place, train - Europe
  151. People of Spain and People of Portugal - very similar or very different?: country, Portuguese - Europe
  152. To Europeans: what are your spiritual beliefs?: life, country, people
  153. Bulgaria: best, country, place, people - Europe
  154. News, Spain's Tolerance of Gypsies: A Model for Europe?: crime rate, life, country
  155. Traffic Police in France: life, cost, safer, place - Europe
  156. is the culture of eastern European countries influenced by their historic empire?: country, people
  157. Italy:: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  158. For EU citizens only: which countries should join EU?: country, people, German - Europe
  159. Where to go in Europe for Christmas Vacation?: place, German, England
  160. Which European countries feel like they're stuck in the past?: best, country
  161. American moving to Sweden: best, life, country, place - Europe
  162. Moscow. Unrest. 11-12-15th of December.: time, visiting - Europe
  163. European weather compared to American weather.: German, moving, climate, cons
  164. Poland - Real Estate: best, country, place, people - Europe
  165. United Austria & Germany: best, country, people, Germans - Europe
  166. What are French people really like?: crime, best, life, country - Europe
  167. Swedes, do you still eat lutefisk?: people, Swedish, Norwegian, grandparent - Europe
  168. Italian women: life, moving, work, stereotype - Europe
  169. Scandanavian Freedom: best, country, safe, place - Europe
  170. Are there really cities outside of Europe that feel and look European?: life, places
  171. All about Lisbon, Portugal - plusses and minusus?: best, life, country - Europe
  172. Europeans' opinions of U.S. cities: crime rate, life, country, place
  173. What makes a country eastern or western European?: people, German, work
  174. Why isn't Finland considered a Baltic state?: best, country, Russian - Europe
  175. Backpacking Europe: safe, places, train, people
  176. Spanish Women: what are they really like?: country, place, train - Europe
  177. European cities' nightlife: best, cost, safe, people
  178. Business Information - Portugal: country, place, train, people - Europe
  179. Do American Men Have More Macho Insecurity Complexes Than European Men?: life, place
  180. Why are European women so hot?!?!: country, jobs, people, German
  181. wish they weren't a part of the EU?: cost, country, places - Europe
  182. RUSSIA pics of youth in the russian provinces.: life, country, places - Europe
  183. Would you consider countries part of the European family?: country, people
  184. need help deciding where to live in france: life, country, place - Europe
  185. Information on Dal Bello winery in Fonte, Italy?: English, visit - Europe
  186. Ukrainian way of protesting: time - Europe
  187. Ex Pats Living in Languedoc-Roussillon, France??: interest, advice - Europe
  188. Same sex marriage for Non-Swiss couple in Geneva?: pay, expensive, move - Europe
  189. Norwegian human rights organizations aim to stop deportation of Maria Amelie: house, English - Europe
  190. News, Swiss complete world's longest rail tunnel.: cons, index, construction - Europe
  191. What are the northern parts of the city of Rome like?: safe, hotel - Europe
  192. USA versus Europe International Student lifes: best, country, work, lifestyle
  193. To live in Denmark: country, pay, work, water - Europe
  194. Character and Culture of modern Day Greece: country, people, Greek - Europe
  195. Barcelona date weekend? Hotels/Clubs?: life, hotel, cons, time - Europe
  196. News, France wants new global finance system.: international - Europe
  197. Must be very hard in Greece right now...: violence - Europe
  198. News Video, Giant sinkhole opens in Germany.: people, houses - Europe
  199. To in Russia; Moscow Ballet Performance: best, Russian, speak - Europe
  200. Residency in Spain: living, work - Europe