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  71. Deep Freeze engulfing Europe with sub zero cold - tons of people dead: life, areas
  72. Dutch Hitler strikes again...: crime, life, cost, country - Europe
  73. Do ALL Europeans have the recessive gene for light eyes?: people, black
  74. Do you find the Irish differ in personality from the English?: best, country - Europe
  75. News, up to 30,000 march against abortion in Paris: life, place, people - Europe
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  77. Ukraine: crime, country, people, black - Europe
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  79. Belgium is the only country that has never imposed censorship on adult films.: safe, people - Europe
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  86. Best places in Europe to visit in July: life, place, UK
  87. Most/least attractive Europeans?: Greek, Romanians, Sicilian, England
  88. Desomorphine- Crocodil -The disappearing of Russians is not quick enough for Kremlin!: life, cost - Europe
  89. Most European City of the Western Hemisphere?: country, place, people
  90. Italian vs Spanish culture: life, cost, country, places - Europe
  91. Out of the major European cities, which one would you prefer to live in?: best, life
  92. Why do mainland Europeans consider the British and Americans to be the same?: best, country
  93. Is Italy or Portugal famous for beaches? Usually I just hear of Spain, France, Croatia and Greece for beaches: best, cost - Europe
  94. Best European Cities for Living or Visiting: life, country, train
  95. What are Italian people like in different parts of Italy? (map included): crime, best - Europe
  96. The People of Greece - stereotypes of Greeks: life, country, places - Europe
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  98. Best Eastern European city/country to emigrate to from USA?: life, cost
  99. European women and interracial relationships, a curiosity of mines, can offer experience?: place, people
  100. Crete, Cyprus and Malta: how three Mediterranean islands compare to each other?: places, people - Europe
  101. London or Paris?: best, jobs, people, living - Europe
  102. London or Amsterdam?: best, place, work, house - Europe
  103. Three weeks in Europe: place, train, people, German
  104. I.R.A. memoirs: crime, best, country, place - Europe
  105. French Overseas Departments: country, places, people, black - Europe
  106. Why so many unreligious people in scandinavian countires?: life, country, place - Europe
  107. Lyon vs. Marseille vs. Manchester vs. Birmingham vs. Hamburg vs. Munich: best, life - Europe
  108. Southern Italians (Calabria, Naples, Sicily) - closest looking to which of: people, German - Europe
  109. Italian women (vs) French women: English, girls, difference, France - Europe
  110. Birthrates in Europe: country, people, pay, work
  111. Wild Balkans?: best, country, place, people - Europe
  112. Athens Riots, What's Your Reaction?: life, cost, 2014, country - Europe
  113. with Alicante, Spain? (or the Valencian Community in general): country, people - Europe
  114. Stockholm vs. Berlin vs. Zurich vs. Milan vs. Rome: best, life, cost - Europe
  115. Greek: what language does it resemble when you listen to it?: people, German - Europe
  116. Why is Slovakia so unpopular?: crime rate, country, people, work - Europe
  117. Are Celts and Germanics the same people?: place, black, Germans - Europe
  118. Putin the Terrible: crime, life, place, people - Europe
  119. What do you prefer, Romance or Germanic Europe?: life, country, place
  120. Vienna vs. Budapest vs. Prague vs. Bratislava vs. Zagreb vs. Ljubljana: best, life - Europe
  121. European Pastry Identification: Chinese, interesting, Latin
  122. Genetic Map of France - regional differences in people?: place, German, Germans - Europe
  123. The Turkish element in Germany: country, people, Germans, work - Europe
  124. Which European countries are declining fast?: best, life, country, jobs
  125. What makes FRENCH food so famous?: best, life, country, places - Europe
  126. Reports from Greece?: best, cost, country, safe - Europe
  127. The world's most popular country is Germany!!!: train, people, Germans - Europe
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  129. Going to school in Europe: best, life, cost, train
  130. Which Europeans look similar to Lebanese people? (multiple choice): Greek, Italians, ancestry
  131. Job Hunting In Switzerland: cost, country, jobs, German - Europe
  132. Is it just me, or could use a Europe forum?: life
  133. News, France bans ketchup in schools.: life, country, people, work - Europe
  134. Most religious parts of European countries: country, place, people, German
  135. Which European cities have the best public transportation? (Multiple choice): train, people
  136. Climate in Ireland..: country, people, Polish, travel - Europe
  137. Which Ireland cities/towns have you heard of?: best, country, place - Europe
  138. Traveling Solo Around Europe: best, life, cost, country
  139. What would happen if everyone just left Greece?: country, place, people - Europe
  140. Where in Eastern Europe should I visit first?: best, life, places
  141. Eastern Europe Travelling Suggestions: best, life, cost, place
  142. Dog waste in Paris and Amsterdam: places, people, house, UK - Europe
  143. Slovenia and Slovenian people: best, life, country, place - Europe
  144. In which European nations are the young people most traditional?: life, country
  145. European Citizenship: country, place, people, work
  146. The Sami people - nomadic indigenous people from Northern Europe: life, country
  147. What German-language country would you prefer to live in?: life, place, people - Europe
  148. European women are not as big on race as American women, is this true?: life, places
  149. News, Oktoberfest draws millions to Munich.: best, people, German, Germans - Europe
  150. Where in Europe can North Africans physically fit?: people, Sicilian, Spaniard
  151. Which european cities is worth visiting in January?: country, people, driving
  152. Denmark vs. Norway vs. Sweden (POLL): life, country, place, train - Europe
  153. European people: best, life, country, Spaniard
  154. France vs. Germany: life, country, places, people - Europe
  155. Does rural France look like the Midwest?: life, country, places - Europe
  156. Prague: What are the must see sights / must do tours or activities?: best, place - Europe
  157. American Girl Moving To Netherlands: best, country, people, black - Europe
  158. move to france in 3+ years: best, life, country, place - Europe
  159. Which Scottish towns/cities have you heard of?: best, place, train - Europe
  160. Where would you say Eastern Europe begins?: best, country, place
  161. Excellent Article about 'Homo Sovieticus': best, life, country, place - Europe
  162. Florence or London: best, life, place, people - Europe
  163. Spain and Portugal: people, German, Portuguese, English - Europe
  164. Netherlands vs. Denmark vs. Switzerland: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  165. How similar/different are people from Canary Islands from Spain?: best, country - Europe
  166. Estonia: best, life, country, place - Europe
  167. How well are the Chechens, Chuvash and Tatar people accepted in Russia?: crime, Greek - Europe
  168. News, Italy town mints own money to fight austerity.: best, cost, country - Europe
  169. Best Russian-speaking country to visit/live briefly?: life, place, expensive - Europe
  170. Europe's Multiethnic Cities?: place, people, German, Germans
  171. Germany vs Austria: best, country, places, train - Europe
  172. Best place to visit in Europe for winter?: cost, country, train
  173. Border between Netherlands and Belgium: Canadian, famous - Europe
  174. Ukraine lighting live dogs on fire: best, country, people, Russian - Europe
  175. How do Germans view Muslims?: country, people, black, work - Europe
  176. Which non-European tourists visit Europe the most?: places, people, Russian
  177. The Devil is in the Numbers: European Immigration: country, place, jobs
  178. Russians:: country, places, people, English - Europe
  179. Credit/Debit cards in Europe: best, country, place, pay
  180. What do you know about Moscow, Russia?: crime, best, life - Europe
  181. Impressions of Ireland towns....?: crime, dangerous, places, living - Europe
  182. Moving to Austria..Is right decision: life, cost, country, safe - Europe
  183. Who looks like Greeks? Multiple choice, last one.: people, Portuguese, Russian - Europe
  184. Canary Islands - the 'Hawaii' of Europe?: cost, country, place
  185. Euro-zone red alert: country, dangerous, black, pay - Europe
  186. Oslo, Norway - Terrorist Attack: best, life, country, people - Europe
  187. Terror attacks in Europe: country, people, work, England
  188. The intellectualism of Poland: best, life, country, people - Europe
  189. Are there many Jewish people in Eastern Europe, what happened there?: country, places
  190. Russia keeps her in secret!: people, black, Russian - Europe
  191. Pre-WW2 Seal of the University of Berlin: change, recent - Europe
  192. France - Getting unemployment benfits if working in UK: fit in, title - Europe
  193. Mortgage loan on property in Dublin, Ireland: where to, owner - Europe
  194. music scene in LYON, France: live - Europe
  195. from the former GDR (DDR): live - Europe
  196. : English, Russian - Europe
  197. Norway vs. Sweden vs. Denmark: people - Europe
  198. keflavik, iceland naval base: photos, hospital, records - Europe
  199. living in Madrid, Spain: office, business, recommend - Europe
  200. Madrid vs. San Francisco: life, people, visiting, compare - Europe