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  46. for our resident españoles: country, people, English, speak - Europe
  47. French prime minister promises to implement equal marriage and adoption rights for gays: accepted, cons - Europe
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  55. Working in Italy or in europe: best, country, living
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  57. ever live in/near Novi Sad, Serbia?: best, people, German - Europe
  58. The Republic of Malta?: safe, people, English, expensive - Europe
  59. To body who has been to Munich Germany where is best place to live?: life, cost - Europe
  60. News, Germany May Tax Young Workers.: country, pay, Germans, cons - Europe
  61. Croatia may introduce civil partnerships for gay couples: Poland - Europe
  62. News, Nowegians sick of English in adverts: report: life, cost, country - Europe
  63. NYC, London, Paris, which is most expensive?: cost, living, pay - Europe
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  65. Interested in teaching in the Balkans, !: best, life, country - Europe
  66. The Poor People of Spain: crime, life, country, place - Europe
  67. Are Irish/Welsh/Scottish and English people still separate ethnicities in your opinion?: best, German - Europe
  68. Race relations in Europe vs America: life, country, people, black
  69. One week in France, what to expect: place, train, pay - Europe
  70. Why so many americans claim his country is the best, they prefer european cultures, lifestyles and the women?: safer, place
  71. Is Europe a continent or merely a region?: country, people, black
  72. Brazilians in Portugal ... and other European countries: life, country, place
  73. Better Skyline: Frankfurt or London: places, people, quality - Europe
  74. From Russia: life, country, place, people - Europe
  75. Does Spain have more in common with Latin America or the rest of Europe?: best, life
  76. Does Spain have racism? and can someone making a decent living there?: country, place - Europe
  77. Multiculturalism in Germany: country, people, Germans, cultures - Europe
  78. Living in Germany: Experiences: life, country, place, work - Europe
  79. Who's been to Spaghetti Western country?: safe, place, driving - Europe
  80. A to what to do with all the race based threads in the World subforums: country, places - Europe
  81. Are there European countries where the native language is actually DYING OUT in favor of English?: people, England
  82. Which European language is easiest to learn?: people, German, Portuguese
  83. job offer near Zurich: best, cost, country, safe - Europe
  84. What European are you from? I was if you could answer of my questions.: country, people
  85. How hard is it for a Westerner to socially fit into Europe? (going for a month): best, country
  86. Gun control / gun laws: crime, life, country, people - Europe
  87. for Europeans on car ownership: life, country, train, people
  88. Does watch European TV online from US?: England, Russian, Norwegian
  89. A Number of Tourists Not Impressed with France: life, country, place - Europe
  90. Central Europe trip: best, life, cost, country
  91. Age to rent a hotel room and car in Europe.: country, places
  92. Most centralist European countries: best, country, place, jobs
  93. Employer project in Germany (9-12mos): cost, place, jobs, train - Europe
  94. Moving to the Netherlands: country, jobs, people, pay - Europe
  95. Palermo vs Catania: best, life, cost, safe - Europe
  96. Is Celtic culture more like Germanic culture or Romance culture?: life, country - Europe
  97. Rank the nations in how purely Germanic they are culturally: country, people - Europe
  98. How religious is Poland days?: best, country, jobs, people - Europe
  99. Advice for someone going to Paris for the first time: best, cost - Europe
  100. What ethnic groups sunburn?: people, black, English, Scandinavia - Europe
  101. Is this a realistic French family? What social class would they belong to?: life, people - Europe
  102. Need Travel Suggestions: best, life, place, train - Europe
  103. What if white Americans moved back to Europe?: life, country, place
  104. Ethnogenesis of the Russians?: country, place, people, black - Europe
  105. Is there a genetic connection between the Hallstatt culture and British Isles?: people, German - Europe
  106. Who killed the British tourists in the French Alps?: crime, theory, kids - Europe
  107. Who's been to Gibraltar?: place, people, UK, English - Europe
  108. The Rude French: life, cost, places, people - Europe
  109. Phone in Germany: cost, country, pay, work - Europe
  110. Mongol Finns, violent suicidal drunks and other Finnish/Estonian stereotypes: life, country - Europe
  111. Why isnt the Swedish,Danish,and Dutch monarchy as visible as the British monarchy?: country, people - Europe
  112. Study Abroad: Brno, Wroclaw, Stuttgart, or Hannover?: life, cost, people - Europe
  113. Young family moving to Paris: country, place, train, living - Europe
  114. European country with the largest pop. of African descent?: people, black, German
  115. Feel of Madrid: best, life, country, places - Europe
  116. One week in Ukraine - Kiev, Odessa or both?: life, place, people - Europe
  117. Are Finns, Hungarians, Russians and Eastern Slavs part 'Mongoloid'?: crime, people, black - Europe
  118. Possibly moving with my large family to Cologne, Germany....housing: best, country - Europe
  119. Asians in traveled to/stayed in Europe before?: country, places
  120. Germany is root cause to the EUropean Crisis..: life, cost, country
  121. American living in Sweden...: life, cost, country, places - Europe
  122. Are Swedish women really the most beautiful in the world?: best, people - Europe
  123. How come no one ever talks about Eastern Europe?: life, places, people
  124. Who are the palest Europeans?: people, German, Greek, Germans
  125. Using American Debit card in London and Paris: place, train, people - Europe
  126. Italy vs. Spain vs. Germany: best, life, country, people - Europe
  127. How many people live or have lived in Germany?: life, jobs - Europe
  128. Taxation in Europe: country, people, pay, work
  129. Is it to work in Denmark knowing very little Danish?: life, country - Europe
  130. How do I go to college in Europe????? Help!: country, place, jobs
  131. News, German doctors apologize for Nazi-era crimes.: best, place, people - Europe
  132. What's it like for Americans living in Ukraine?: crime, best, life - Europe
  133. News, Amid Economic Crisis, Spain Ponders Taxing Catholic Church Property.: country, people - Europe
  134. Genetic map of Europe - observations: train, people, German
  135. Wanting to obtain a Portuguese citizenship by marriage.: country, places, people - Europe
  136. What country was the first European country you ever visited?: place, people
  137. Moving toAmsterdam-- Experiences?: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  138. If you HAD TO move, which Eastern European country would you pick?: life, safe
  139. Are Italians more in tune with the Spaniards or the French?: people, German - Europe
  140. Job prospects in Europe...: best, life, people, pay
  141. Why are French people so superior and have the best culture: house, UK - Europe
  142. Work remotely in Europe... where?: life, cost, country, place
  143. Catalan language: people, black, pay, Portuguese - Europe
  144. News, Will banning marijuana sales to foreigners hurt Holland's economy?: country, UK - Europe
  145. Why are German cities so depressing?: country, place, people, bank - Europe
  146. Racism in Eastern Europe: best, country, places, people
  147. Most beautiful women in Europe?: Greek, Romanian, English, Finnish
  148. Why does Luxembourg have such an incredibly high standard of living?: country, place - Europe
  149. Where in Western Europe you wouldn't want to live?: country, place, people
  150. What do you feel is the least tolerant country in Europe?: people, German
  151. Going to Kiev for fun, where to stay: place, people, friendly - Europe
  152. Illegal to display the Nazi flag in Germany?: crime, Germans, move - Europe
  153. Do the Baltic countries have more in common with Slavic or Nordic nations?: best, cost - Europe
  154. Sexual Harassment in the European Workplace: best, country, place, train
  155. Which Europeans have the most and least diverse 'looks'?: people, German, Greek
  156. How are African Americans treated in Europe: life, cost, places
  157. Dullest large city in Europe?: life, place, people, German
  158. What English speaking New World country is most Celtic-influenced?: people, England, culture - Europe
  159. Useful tips if you're travelling to Italy: best, country, places - Europe
  160. For non-Americanophiles, what are qualities that YOU would credit the US culture with?: best, life - Europe
  161. for Frankfurt (DE/Germany): best, life, places, people - Europe
  162. Have questions about Italy or Ticino Canton in Switzerland? Ask me :): jobs, people - Europe
  163. Would it be stupid to go to Greece next summer?: country, people - Europe
  164. Prospect of starting a business in Iberia: best, cost, country - Europe
  165. Lets talk about Greece and what you like: country, people, Greek - Europe
  166. Americans and European ancestry: country, people, German, Spaniard
  167. Eastern Europeans: more reserved like N.Europeans or more extroverted like S.Europeans?: best, life
  168. How do Germanic White Supremacists view the European ethnicities/nationalities?: life, country
  169. How is French in Romania: country, people, driving, German - Europe
  170. Is Greece part of western Europe?: country, place, German, Greek
  171. Would you consider Europe one country as it is today?: places, people
  172. Which European cities have the most elegant and beautiful architecture?: Italian, Vienna
  173. Just for fun, what do Europeans think of American Cars?: life, cost
  174. How I would group European countries together: cost, country, place
  175. Advice on Visiting Rome: best, places, people, living - Europe
  176. Studying in Alsace, France: cost, country, people, pay - Europe
  177. Transferring money internationally (Germany -> US): best, cost, pay - Europe
  178. Copenhagen vs Barcelona: life, Spaniard, climate, live - Europe
  179. Italiy vs Germany: best, jobs, move, citizen - Europe
  180. Cheap cities in Europe: life, cost, place, people
  181. where is the best place to live in Sweden: Stockholm or Gothenberg: life, country - Europe
  182. Moscow Metro: best, cost, people, work - Europe
  183. Is Sicily really much more 'backwards' and traditional than the rest of Italy?: best, life - Europe
  184. News, Driving in France? Carry a Breathalyzer: cost, country, safer - Europe
  185. For of us who are old enough to remember the old Soviet Union: life, people - Europe
  186. Why doesn't Germany have a single, large megacity like London or Paris?: life, country - Europe
  187. Supersized Moscow: life, train, people, work - Europe
  188. Breaking news: Greece to be downgrared to developing status: life, country, places - Europe
  189. Spain to Africa by car: safe, Europeans, time, rent
  190. Is Europe still a good place for American Jazz Artists?: countries
  191. Revived Christianity in France: religion, different, layout - Europe
  192. Stockholm (vs) Copenhagen: life, nightlife - Europe
  193. Ex-pats in the Málaga area, Andalucía: living - Europe
  194. Traveling from Vigo, Spain to Aveiro, Portugal: best, train, airport - Europe
  195. Dam climbing goats!: Italian - Europe
  196. There is a city - Warsaw Poland - Europe
  197. Malmo rocks to lunchtime dance craze.: town, Scandinavian, news - Europe
  198. Viewpoint: Is Poland moving on from its turbulent past?: German, interesting, Germany - Europe
  199. Olimpic games or international nightmere: best, country, work, England - Europe
  200. Montpellier, France: train, people, expensive, travel - Europe