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  1. Do European countries have an urban/rural politics divide like the U.S. does?: country, places
  2. Kiel and points north????: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  3. How to tell unhappy family we are moving: best, life, train - Europe
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  6. Croatian tv shows/celebrities and famous singers: attractive, beautiful - Europe
  7. Are Spaniard Women Materialistic? How do they compare with other Women?: people, German - Europe
  8. What is Tall Poppy Syndrome ?: life, people, UK - Europe
  9. Television Shows and Famous Celebs and Singers in Ukraine: country, Russian, time - Europe
  10. Sending a small package to the Czech Republic. Is it safe using postal service?: German, culture - Europe
  11. Random passport checks when crossing internal Schengen borders: country, train, people - Europe
  12. Spending a year in Denmark: best, cost, country, people - Europe
  13. Exit stamps: country, work, cons, time - Europe
  14. The Hellenic influence on Russia and the Middle East: Greek, names, Bulgaria - Europe
  15. What are the most modern cities in Europe?: German, Greek, Dutch
  16. Hey friends what's up ..: people - Europe
  17. Relocating: Barcelona OR Milan: life, cost, place, train - Europe
  18. German health spa for heart failure ?: cheap, travel, famous, Germany - Europe
  19. St Petersburg - Russia Nightlife: best, Russian, bank, travel - Europe
  20. help! Immediately! (Swizerland): phone, date, good - Europe
  21. French botanist discovered a new species of plant in the Amazon : Fructus cibus: home - Europe
  22. Medical insurance - I need good advice...: relocating, Bulgaria - Europe
  23. Swedish or Danish channels similar to NRK (Norway)? In NRK Norway you can watch the programs with subtitles in Norwegian: work, Finland - Europe
  24. Summer baking in France: life, country, jobs, people - Europe
  25. Driving in Montenegro: country, people, difference, dangerous - Europe
  26. Klitschko working towards Ukrainian Presidency?: best, dangerous, places, people - Europe
  27. Lisboa: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  28. Nursing in Norway: work, Norwegian, accepted, experiences - Europe
  29. Language software?: best, country, place, work - Europe
  30. move to France with young children?: life, moving, speak - Europe
  31. Language situation in Russia: country, places, people, Russian - Europe
  32. Scooters in France?: country, place, train, rent - Europe
  33. Oktoberfest off and running in Munich.: best, German, girls, famous - Europe
  34. News, France May Ban Words 'Mother,' 'Father' in Legal Records.: move, Spain - Europe
  35. Private health Insurance in Ireland: best, cost, people, pay - Europe
  36. New Russian Treason Law Comes Into Effect: country, work, interesting - Europe
  37. Finding a job as an RN(registered nurse) in Europe?: best, move
  38. For Love! Why ...: people, German, work, English - Europe
  39. Weight training in Europe?: country, places, people, rent
  40. USD to Euros in Germany: bank, expensive, accepted, cheap - Europe
  41. Driving in Corsica?: people, features, speaking, beautiful - Europe
  42. Western/Central Europe in July: best, life, place, train
  43. Cordoba Spain: rent, live - Europe
  44. News, In Europe, Speed Cameras Meet Their Technological Match.: best, cons, time
  45. How Difficult Is It To Find a Teaching Job: best, jobs, people - Europe
  46. ROL: Big Storm in Vladik?: people, work, English, Russian - Europe
  47. Staying in Paris: best, place, train, work - Europe
  48. Slovenia musicians: girls, time, famous - Europe
  49. American football on TV in Copenhagen?: place, work, live - Europe
  50. Difference in levels of whiteness: life, people, black, Greek - Europe
  51. Good resources for learning about French or German culture?: best, train, people - Europe
  52. News, German beer festival Drunk survives fall under high-speed train: people, house - Europe
  53. Americans retiring to Ireland: country, people, moving, work - Europe
  54. I am an American thinking about a motorcycle trip in Europe. What do I need to know?: best, cost
  55. Castle Road Germany Tour: country, places, living, driving - Europe
  56. actual differences between countries of Slovenia and Slovakia: life, cost, people - Europe
  57. Bestiality is Legal in Germany?: places, people, house, move - Europe
  58. Black Pete exposes the Netherlands' problem with race: country, place, people - Europe
  59. Germany: Quality of Living versus Happiness Rankings, especially for a non-German: crime, best - Europe
  60. The invention and who invented: life, cost, country, place - Europe
  61. Are Europeans friendly?: country, people, German, Germans
  62. Do European TV channels have this garbage?: best, country, people
  63. Estonia - Why is this little country so successful?: best, life, safe - Europe
  64. Independence for Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia?: best, country, people, black - Europe
  65. What do Italians actually look like?: country, place, people, black - Europe
  66. Germany for 4 weeks then London, Paris and Rome Aug 2013: place, pay, house - Europe
  67. Landmarks or places to see in Finland (and bus or tram service): country, train - Europe
  68. Looking to move from U.S to Germany: life, cost, country - Europe
  69. Most annyoing German Celebrities??: people, rich, ancestry, Germany - Europe
  70. Finland tv shows/celebrities: place, English, Finnish, Dutch - Europe
  71. What do Spaniards think of British people/Foreigners?: life, country, moving - Europe
  72. Woman from Central Europe, What Makes Them Unique?: country, places, people
  73. HELP:Hungary, Poland, Coratia, Czech Republic, ???: life, cost, country - Europe
  74. what's up w/the racism in soccer (football): country, place, people - Europe
  75. Solo travelling in Romania and Bulgaria?: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  76. Why do so many people from the British Isles look southern european?: black, German
  77. What does Angel mean in a name in Spain?: country, people - Europe
  78. Georgia (country) vs. Ukraine: people, Slavs, rich, names - Europe
  79. The 27+ Regions of France and the Overseas Collectivities of France.: life, country - Europe
  80. UK vs. Italy vs. Austria: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  81. Europe's hottest men: German, Greek, Germans, English
  82. Most Patriotic European countries?: best, country, place, people
  83. How popular is English language pop music on European radio?: country, place
  84. Bulgaria: cheap real estate, good weather, low taxes?: crime, life, country - Europe
  85. Europe will fail very soon: Too Many Immigrants: country, people, black
  86. French Actor Applies For Russian Citizenship to Evade French Taxes: places, people - Europe
  87. Russian & Irish Connection?: place, people, black, German - Europe
  88. Who are the Irish Travellers?: life, cost, place, people - Europe
  89. Italian Priest Says Women Are Responsible For Spousal Abuse: crime, dangerous, jobs - Europe
  90. Tech Sector in Istanbul?: best, life, country, places - Europe
  91. Immegration to England!: pay, driving, moving, work - Europe
  92. Rhone-Alpes region of France: Lyon, Grenoble, Chamonix, French Alps.: best, life, cost - Europe
  93. Merry Christmas, Europe!: best, time, Germany, German
  94. Investing in Spanish real estate still too risky?: best, country, place - Europe
  95. Driving in Russia: A Video: life, safe, people, pay - Europe
  96. catalonia or spain: people, work, speak, cons - Europe
  97. Which countries have the longest borders with your country?: German, England, Hungary - Europe
  98. What US cities are like German cities?: country, people, apartment - Europe
  99. Greece Leading Eurozone in Unemployment: life, country, safe, jobs - Europe
  100. Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania or Poland?: country, German, Finnish, attractive - Europe
  101. Angela Merkel: people, living, German, time - Europe
  102. Devoutly Catholic towns in Western Europe: people, Spaniard, culture, population
  103. Why is atheism so popular in Europe?: life, country, dangerous
  104. Do you notice Northern Europeans have smaller eyes than Southern Europeans?: people, German
  105. 6 months in Cordoba Spain with small child, to live near the University for husband's job. Ideas?: best, country - Europe
  106. Russian celebrities and tv shows: black, Italy, famous, school - Europe
  107. What's the reason for the rise of hatred towards Jews?: life, country - Europe
  108. Wages in Russia: best, life, people, work - Europe
  109. about Czech public records and cities: places, people, living - Europe
  110. Taking a gun to Europe: best, people, black, work
  111. Do shootings like this ever happen in Germany or Europe in general?: life, country
  112. Best place to move to that's not too expensive in Europe?: crime, life
  113. Americans living in Germany?: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  114. for Europeans: Is Russia based on its culture and involvement in European politics, considered a European?: country, people
  115. Country with the weakest national identity/unity?: places, people, German - Europe
  116. How does Russian culture differ from the rest of Europe?: people, German
  117. Spanish view on Latin America?: life, country, people, rent - Europe
  118. What to wear/not to wear in Paris (and London): people, clothing - Europe
  119. Regional stereotypes within countries: best, country, people, black - Europe
  120. Is familar with romania ???: crime, best, country, people - Europe
  121. How are East Asians treated in Europe?: country, people, black
  122. is Mexican food popular in Europe?: life, country, place, people
  123. How German was/is Poland?: best, life, country, places - Europe
  124. Can you speak minor European languages?: German, Sicilian, speaking, accent
  125. School education in Europe/USA/Russia: best, country, places, jobs
  126. Mass migration to England: why?: best, country, place, people - Europe
  127. Why is Europe LESS politically correct more tolerant than America?: crime, life
  128. Things to bring/differences btw America to Germany: life, cost, country - Europe
  129. Minneapolis Schools / Russian Schools Comparison: country, safer, work, Norwegian - Europe
  130. Is Vladivostok a European or Asian city??: places, people, work
  131. Travelling for Romance: German, English, reputation, speak - Europe
  132. Are Austrians friendlier than Germans, in general? Are there reasons?: country, train - Europe
  133. The term Spanish ...from where?: country, places, people - Europe
  134. How are Black hair w/ Brown eyes viewed in Europe? (curiosity): country, people
  135. Is Portugal a Mediterraean country?: people, black, German - Europe
  136. Best Lake in Europe: train, rent, travel, cons
  137. Are the UK and France borderline cultures?: country, people, German - Europe
  138. Brussels, Belgium?: crime, life, cost, country - Europe
  139. Shopping Malls in Europe?: best, cost, country, German
  140. Article: Europe Is the Closest Thing to Paradise on Earth: best, life
  141. France vs Spain: life, cost, country, people - Europe
  142. From Moscow: people, Russian, pros, Europeans
  143. Are the French idiots?: crime, life, country, people - Europe
  144. Greetings from Ukraine.: best, country, English, speak - Europe
  145. Is the Asiatic 'admixture' in Slavs underrated?: life, places, people - Europe
  146. Living in Europe as cheap as ...: country, safest, people
  147. Italians - different flavors when abroad: best, jobs, people, black - Europe
  148. Germany officially the world's least funny country: people, Germans, stereotype - Europe
  149. Closest country to carry ginger ale soda?: life, living, German - Europe
  150. Russian Manufacturing For Export--Do-able?: best, country, place, jobs - Europe
  151. Taking the train in Europe: cost, country, place, people
  152. Most Scenic: Amalfi, Santorini or Dubrovnik?: cost, country, Greek, house - Europe
  153. Who will save Italy......a jiminy Cricket????: country, safe, place - Europe
  154. Has lived in Portugal?: crime, best, life, cost - Europe
  155. My impressions after travelling through Europe for a month: best, life, cost
  156. Independence for N. Caucasus Republics: Why And Why Not?: country, Russian, move - Europe
  157. Are Democracy and a Thriving Diverse Economy in Russia a Lost Cause??: country, place - Europe
  158. Denmark, The Netherlands, or Finland? Why?: best, country, place, people - Europe
  159. Europeans---How do you see the US election?: best, country, place
  160. Finnish-Russia Cross-Border Trade: country, place, people, work - Europe
  161. Prague, Berlin, Munich: best, train, German, travel - Europe
  162. Barcelona vs Milan vs Geneva vs Vienna: best, people, living - Europe
  163. Estonia or Vladivostok?: crime, best, life, cost - Europe
  164. Which city in France would be best for me (as expat)?: place, people - Europe
  165. Russian Defense Minister Is Fired: crime, country, jobs, people - Europe
  166. First European Nation to elect a minority as it's Leader?: best, country
  167. Plovdiv Bulgaria: place, people, travel, live - Europe
  168. The Sovietisation of eastern Europe: people, work, English, Russian
  169. Europe’s fastest-growing tourist destinations: life, place, UK, Russian
  170. Is enough basic Norwegian to make it in Norway?: best, country - Europe
  171. Russian Youth Looking To Socialism: people, move, cons, facts - Europe
  172. Stereotyping the Italians in Italy - why not?: life, jobs, people - Europe
  173. For or against legalization of Marijuana?: people, pay, moving, taxes - Europe
  174. Moscow in the 1930s: country, places, people, beautiful - Europe
  175. Where in Europe is being fat more/less socially accepted?: jobs, people
  176. What country is more like the US - England or Ireland?: people, nationality - Europe
  177. Moving to Denmark or Austria -- from America.: country, German, work - Europe
  178. How safe to send a package from the USA to St. Petersburg via USPS Priority Mail?: life, cost - Europe
  179. How is the relationship between France and her border neigbours?: country, people - Europe
  180. Work and immigration in Germany.: country, jobs, people, black - Europe
  181. Thoughts on Munich Germany?: life, cost, place, train - Europe
  182. Best looking women cities Europe: country, place, jobs, people
  183. Differences and Similarities between German Germans and Austrian Germans?: country, people, Czechs - Europe
  184. Barcelona vs Vienna (to live): crime rate, best, life, cost - Europe
  185. is it Worth the time???: country, places, train, German - Europe
  186. Sweden - more similar to Norway or Finland?: life, country, people - Europe
  187. Europe's Reconstructed: places, German, Germans, work
  188. Which is better - Paris or chocolate cake?: Russian, Dutch, compared - Europe
  189. Need advice on Berlin: best, life, country, place - Europe
  190. How has Europe changed in past 5 years: life, country, people
  191. Slavic language mutual intelligibility: best, people, German, English - Europe
  192. Will English ever become the First Language of most/all Europeans?: people, German
  193. More Russians Consider Leaving, Poll Shows: cost, people, move, live - Europe
  194. Video of a tornado in Taranto, Italy.: best - Europe
  195. Cemeteries in Auletta, Italy: time - Europe
  196. News, Tourist-bashing turns ugly in Berlin.: German, Germany - Europe
  197. Scavenger hunt help needed from Belgium: people, travel - Europe
  198. How many of you are from ?: country, living, work - Europe
  199. Sequel to 2008 Eurail pass trip: country, place, train, rich - Europe
  200. viewing tips for the 2013 tour finish in Paris: title, where to - Europe