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  1. When did Europe fully reconstruct post WWII?: places
  2. Garmisch-Partenkirchen July 2013: people, German, UK, hotel - Europe
  3. Marseilles / Nice (warm) vs Paris (cold) and culture?: life, place, people - Europe
  4. South Asian guy traveling to Eastern Europe, will he be: life, country
  5. Need advice on traveling around Europe this summer: best, place, train
  6. google maps Europe: train, German, Germany, France
  7. Are different parts of Switzerland more like each other or their adjacent countries?: country, place - Europe
  8. Which city would you most want to visit: Chișinău vs. Kyiv vs. Minsk vs. Odessa: best, life - Europe
  9. Southern Dublin / Ranelagh: Easy Walk to Trinity?: safe, visiting - Europe
  10. Czech citizenship with stateless Czech parent: country, work, nationality, cons - Europe
  11. Living in Vienna: crime, best, life, cost - Europe
  12. organized a 'small move' from US to Europe?: cost, place, people
  13. Madrid from May 1st-3rd: bank, famous, time - Europe
  14. How is Immigration in Europe for Asians? Is That More Successful with this part of Multiculturalism?: crime rate, best
  15. European nations and their colonies: country, German, Portuguese, Spaniard
  16. Should Cyprus Drop the Euro?: Greek, 2013 - Europe
  17. Europeans, what do you make of this link/discussion? (talk about race from a different forum): black, travel
  18. Iceland: life, places, people, UK - Europe
  19. Copenhagen vs Hamburg: best, life, cost, safer - Europe
  20. Still no biker gangs in Sweden?: life, people, Swedish, rich - Europe
  21. Vacation / Holiday Destinations for Various European Countries: best, places, German
  22. Are Swedish people really uptight and boring ?: time, Europeans
  23. American in Central Germany: people, speak - Europe
  24. Paris to Nice: best, places, train, cons - Europe
  25. Mifi devices in Europe (for smartphone access): best, country, driving
  26. Things to do in Nice, France / Monte Carlo / Monaco?: best, places, people - Europe
  27. when people in europe see a black american, are they hung up on race like in the US?: best, life
  28. Cellular Service in Paris and Barcelona?: cost, English, travel, international - Europe
  29. France or Switzerland?: crime, places, German, rich - Europe
  30. Moving to Paris: safest, place, living, rent - Europe
  31. European Union's freedom of movement for workers: place, nationality, travel
  32. Variety of looks (features and color) French people: places, black, German - Europe
  33. British/French bilingual drama The Tunnel: crime, country, work - Europe
  34. Ireland housing stock from 170 years ago: country, people, houses, percentage - Europe
  35. Have Of Moving Out To Europe: best, life, country
  36. English hybrid languages in Europe: people, German, Finnish, Swedish
  37. Going to Austria to study: country, German, cheap, pros - Europe
  38. Fashion/make-up/style of women by country: place, people, living - Europe
  39. Novi Sad, Serbia!: best, place, travel, beautiful - Europe
  40. Need moving advice from American Expats who live in Lisbon, Portugal: cost, country - Europe
  41. Spain - Madrid - foreign movie - belongs for the Europhiles: place, jobs - Europe
  42. Kickstarter project about Russia: people, Russian, time, interesting - Europe
  43. French home floor plans: best, life, country, places - Europe
  44. Twins ask to die together: life, people, work, live - Europe
  45. How do you feel about the Cyprus Bank Tax Plan?: country, people - Europe
  46. Is this a misconception? It like most Europeans don't visit the American South when they visit the US.: country, places
  47. Perception of East Europeans in United States and Western Europe: crime, life
  48. Belgium! What's it like?: life, country, place, people - Europe
  49. Athens Greece: best, life, country, safe - Europe
  50. In France, what kind of interracial couples are commonly seen?: country, people - Europe
  51. What location is considered to be the center of population of Europe?: German, speak
  52. How bad or good do Middle Eastern/Arabic looking people in Europe have it?: country, Greek
  53. Cost of living in Russia's cities: life, country, places, people - Europe
  54. trip to Luxembourg!: best, country, place, German - Europe
  55. Can you spot A European?: best, people, German, Germans
  56. PIGS becoming poor?: best, country, places, train - Europe
  57. Are most Dutch teenagers like this?: life, country, place, people - Europe
  58. Amsterdam vs Berlin vs London (working and living long-term): best, life, cost - Europe
  59. Europeans Favorite city in the United States: visit
  60. How popular is American Country music?: life, place, people, black - Europe
  61. Which is better for an English-speaking expat to live in: France or Spain?: best, life - Europe
  62. Why is smoking cigarettes so popular in Europe?: people, expensive, taxes
  63. Spending Dollars in Europe: best, country, place, German
  64. Richest/Most Balanced European countries?: best, country, people, living
  65. Belgium in 3 days, recommendations??: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  66. Barcelona vs Madrid vs Rome vs Milan: best, life, cost - Europe
  67. do the french hate americans?: crime, best, life, country - Europe
  68. Is life better in Europe now or before the Eurozone?: country, people
  69. The Music of Europe: country, Romanian, work, UK
  70. The current situation between UK-Ireland. Are British and Irish people more friendly+connected with each other recently?: living, work - Europe
  71. Why did Moldova ever separate from Romania and became an independent country? Should Moldova continue independence?: people, Romanians - Europe
  72. What level of Scandinavian influence does Estonia have? Is Estonia more Russian Slavic or Scandinavian?: country, people - Europe
  73. Are there exaggerations and misconceptions for the economic problems that Italy and Spain have?: best, life - Europe
  74. Most boring countries in Europe?: life, France, Italy, Finland
  75. Russians oppressed in Latvia on the eve of elections: country, train, people - Europe
  76. Most useful language as a whole?: country, people, German, English - Europe
  77. Is the Netherlands really this bad for people of African descent?: best, life - Europe
  78. Most Important Language In Europe (after German & French)?: English, speak, France
  79. Language accents in European nations: people, UK, English, Swedish
  80. Russian mafia: safe, dangerous, people, black - Europe
  81. France legalises gay marriage and adoption: life, people, UK, move - Europe
  82. Should Turkey join the EU? - And how would you feel about more Turkish immigrants in the UK as a result?: country, people - Europe
  83. Most Beautiful Language ?: best, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian - Europe
  84. Warning To Traveling To Europe:: crime, places, people, German
  85. Disappearing European languages: German, English, grandparent, speaking
  86. Names and where they came from: German, Norwegian, ancestry, cons - Europe
  87. What language is closest to English?: train, people, German - Europe
  88. What books influence modern Europeans?: country, people, German, Spaniard
  89. Fast food in Europe - how does it vary by country?: cost, places
  90. Paris vs Rome vs London: which is the most 'must-see' city?: expensive, culture - Europe
  91. I France Was Progressive: country, people, German, stereotype - Europe
  92. Best Spanish Region to Live In: life, place, people, driving - Europe
  93. Undiscovered Gems of Europe (Cities not flooded with tourists): country, place, people
  94. Why Are There Very Few Unattractive Irish?: best, country, people - Europe
  95. Saint-Petersburg in may: best, safe, people, work - Europe
  96. Does Iceland have similarities to the UK & Ireland?: country, people - Europe
  97. Why are Eastern Europeans looked down upon?: cost, country, people
  98. Is Naples dangerous?: crime, train, work, reputation - Europe
  99. how do Dutch think of Chinese: best, country, place, people - Europe
  100. Czech Republic vs Hungary: life, cost, country, place - Europe
  101. Best European countries to grow up as a biracial child (if ?: life, country
  102. How similar is Hungary to its neighbors?: people, living, German - Europe
  103. Italy, France, or Germany?: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  104. Germany VS France VS Italy VS Denmark VS Sweden: crime, best, life - Europe
  105. to people who live in Europe only: life, features, lifestyle
  106. Which cities in Spain are most conservative/liberal?: best, country, places - Europe
  107. Where to Spend a Week in German/Eastern Europe: best, life, country
  108. Street View Tour of Baltic cities - Stockholm, Gdansk, Tallinn, Helsinki, Riga (choose your fav): best, life - Europe
  109. Why are the southern/western Euro cuisines so much different from one another: best, country - Europe
  110. Ski in Europe: country, place, people, living
  111. Moving to Europe from US: best, country, place, people
  112. Berlin vs Madrid: best, life, cost, place - Europe
  113. English fluency in northern Europe: people, German, Portuguese, Swedish
  114. Is Andalucia a good place to live?: crime, life, people - Europe
  115. What Continental European rock groups sing in English?: work, cons, live
  116. What makes the Czech Republic so cool?: life, country, people - Europe
  117. Black Sea - Odessa (Ukraine), Constanta (Romania), and Varna & Burgas (Bulgaria): place, living - Europe
  118. LEAST walkable cities in Europe?: crime, place, people, work
  119. What is Ukraine?: life, country, people, English - Europe
  120. Tina Turner is now a Swiss Citizen.: country, place, living - Europe
  121. Attending a wedding in Ukraine this summer - help!: country, place - Europe
  122. Electronic Dance Music: driving, German, work, Europeans
  123. The Three Europes: cost, country, place, German
  124. Which parts of Eastern Europe might be the most anti-American and the most pro-American?: crime, life
  125. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands to step down: cost, people, Dutch - Europe
  126. Montenegro: Who has visited? Impressions?: country, place, people, driving - Europe
  127. How expensive is Scandinavia?: cost, country, place, people - Europe
  128. Crete: crime rate, people, German, Greek - Europe
  129. Do Northern Europeans seem more intellectual in general than Southern Europeans?: life, people
  130. Eastern European and Scandinavian men not rated as highly as the women?: country, German
  131. Rank the European nationalities in how hirsute they are: people, German, Greek
  132. If you could only visit Europe once in your life, which dozen cities would you visit?: best, train
  133. Are Asians in France as Integrated as in Anglo-Countries?: country, people, living - Europe
  134. Madrid vs Barcelona, your opinion!: best, life, country, safe - Europe
  135. Going around the Baltic Sea....: best, cost, country, place - Europe
  136. Are men in Europe as crazy for Scandinavian women as men in the US are?: best, people
  137. Going to Prague and Budapest in the summer, what can you guys tell me?: best, life - Europe
  138. What European Countries Would You Consider To ...: cost, Greek, cheap
  139. The Spanish vs the Italian Temperament: country, people, Greek, Portuguese - Europe
  140. Why do people still put down Ireland?: best, life, country - Europe
  141. Germany and FKK Sauna? Saunas in general in Northern Europe: best, place
  142. Belarus - one of the most overlooked European countries?: life, country, work
  143. What's the European equivalent of Las Vegas?: life, cost, place
  144. Corsica: crime, best, place, people - Europe
  145. Paris like such a love/hate city: best, place, people - Europe
  146. Russian mafia boss shot dead by sniper!: crime, life, living - Europe
  147. Are Sicilians very different from other Italians?: best, life, cost - Europe
  148. Is Istanbul a safe tourist destination?: crime, dangerous, place, people - Europe
  149. European Honeymoon: best, life, cost, country
  150. Europe and future immigration policies?: life, country, people, German
  151. Moving to Europe to start tech business and college: crime, best, life
  152. Is it safe for a black American male to travel East Europe solo?: German, Russian
  153. Place to Stay close to Ramstein AFB... Looking for Ideas: cost, train - Europe
  154. Soccer in European countries?: best, life, country, people
  155. Scottish vs Irish accent: life, English, speaking, areas - Europe
  156. Do you find Polish people friendly overall?: best, driving, German - Europe
  157. European nations with strong pro-Palestinian sentiments?: country, people, pay, German
  158. My mother says if I move to Europe, I will become a prostitute?: life, black
  159. Which European country has the most pride?: best, people, living
  160. American traveling to Moscow??: country, safe, place, train - Europe
  161. How do black citizens of the Netherlands feel about blackface and Zwarte Piet ?: country, people - Europe
  162. Best European country ever?: life, place, people, work
  163. Abandoned Russian villages.: people, pay, rich, property - Europe
  164. American CEO Ridicules French Workers: places, Chinese, live, time - Europe
  165. What part of Europe is more similar to the British Isles?: country, place
  166. Who has been to the Channel Islands?: place, people, English - Europe
  167. Think tank predicts 50,000 Romanians and Bulgarians will enter the UK every year: country, places - Europe
  168. Portugal vs Catalonia: country, place, people, black - Europe
  169. Bavarians vs Austrians vs Swiss Germans: best, life, places, people - Europe
  170. Identity of Frisians: people, German, work, England - Europe
  171. Romania - northern or southern Europe?: cost, country, people, German
  172. The Relations Between Countries In Europe+ Variation in Character/Personality/Lifestyle Tendencies/What They Offer...: country, train
  173. Are there really a lot of Americans in France?: best, life, country - Europe
  174. Family Sabatical in Europe?: best, life, cost, country
  175. What's holding up Romania from joining the Schengen Area?: crime, life, country - Europe
  176. Which country?: best, place, people, German - Europe
  177. Do you guys believe that Denmark's immigration laws breach human rights?: best, country - Europe
  178. Europeans too liberal about sex?: life, people, German, reputation
  179. Rank the ENGLISH ability of the following European countries:: country, jobs, train
  180. Russia or Belarus or Ukraine or Georgia or Moldova or Estonia: country, English - Europe
  181. When George Bush was in office, did of you Americans face hostility in Europe?: country, train
  182. Romanian campaign targets Brits by telling them all their women look like Kate and Pippa Middleton: life, country - Europe
  183. Cheboksary: A Unique European Destination: best, cost, safer, place
  184. Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, or Bosnia & Hergegavino - which one is most interesting to you, and why?: best, country - Europe
  185. My photos (and videos) of Bucharest and Romania: places, people, rent - Europe
  186. What's the most Westernized East European country, and what's the most Easternized West European country?: cost, people
  187. particular reason that SLOVAKIA is the very forgotten side of the former Czechoslovakia?: country, place - Europe
  188. Russia vs. Bulgaria (what is the difference between the 2 countries): best, country - Europe
  189. sicily next winter?: living, cheap - Europe
  190. what is North Ossetia and Bashkortostan in Russia?: cable, channel - Europe
  191. Lacedonia, Italia: Italy - Europe
  192. Seeking German speaking friend in CH or DE: English, Swiss - Europe
  193. Greeks Fight for Free Veggies in Athens: people - Europe
  194. everyone: best, live, citizen - Europe
  195. foreigners in Slovenia?: country, live - Europe
  196. showrooms in Barcelona?: Italian - Europe
  197. Is there a common 'Musicians Meeting Website' in Europe? Notably Northern Europe: train, black
  198. Zythos Bier Weekend (Leuven, Belgium - 26 Apr 2013): work - Europe
  199. help with Czech record system: work, live - Europe
  200. Nabokov the demon (again): 2013 - Europe