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  156. Have you ever been.......: best, country, place, people - Europe
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  158. Is immigration a problem in Europe?: crime, country, dangerous, jobs
  159. How does Europe deal with immigration, illegal or otherwise?: life, cost, country
  160. Top 10 cities in Europe to visit: best, country, places, train
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  165. German Citizenship: best, place, people, work - Europe
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  167. from Sweden,Norway or denmark Help.: best, cost, country - Europe
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  172. American city and European counterpart.: life, place, German, work
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  183. USC or UKC living in Greece? - Europe
  184. What do Europeans think about Larry the Cable Guy?: beer, video
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  189. News, German Treasure Hunters Say They Have Found Hitler's Gold.: Germany - Europe
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  191. speak german.: Latin - Europe
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  195. Austria: country, train, beautiful, Italy - Europe
  196. News, 'Dracula's Castle' up for sale in Transylvania.: property - Europe
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  199. BERLIN News, Cows' ear hair and other waste hit taxpayers.: German - Europe
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