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  1. People of Sikkim (and perhaps more of Northern India): live - Asia
  2. Universities in India: country, cons, population - Asia
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  4. How common is atheism in Muslim countries in Asia?: country, places, people
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  6. General - Asia
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  8. News, McDonald's Meat Supplier Changed Expiration Dates - Asia
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  13. Singapore and Brunei dollars (and old Malaysian dollar) in Malay - Asia
  14. Which Asian languages sound most like Chinese languages?: country, people, speaking
  15. In waiting for My Destiny: life, cost, place, people - Asia
  16. Kurdish female fighter ‘killed herself’ to avoid being ISIS hostage: country, cons - Asia
  17. Have you watched Incheon Asian Games 2014?: country, place, population
  18. Singaporeans are starting to show frustration with PAP: best, country, people - Asia
  19. would you consider this lady asian? Mojgan Sherkat?: time, 2014
  20. Box office data in China for first half of 2014: people - Asia
  21. Top 10 Asian countries/regions by Population/Area/GDP, which ones are well suited for the future?: 2013, people
  22. Bacolod City and Negros Occidental,Philippines - Asia
  23. Best Restaurants in Cebu?: places, travel, hotel, compared - Asia
  24. help identifying medal I believe is from China: places, famous, 2014 - Asia
  25. Why do Balinese seem more genuinely friendly than Thais?: best, country, place - Asia
  26. Singapore: people, time, interesting - Asia
  27. Happy Independence Day to Indonesia - Asia
  28. Gas Explosions in Taiwan,24 dead: people, 2014 - Asia
  29. Taiwan and Hong Kong: country, speaking, time, areas - Asia
  30. Cebu Philippines/Phuket Thailand in Late Sept?: places, people, cons - Asia
  31. with Indian/Pakistani Artists/Painters?: people, live - Asia
  32. Batken Province, Kyrgyzstan: country, speak, travel, hotel - Asia
  33. Kyrgyzstan vs Kazakhstan: country, people, visit - Asia
  34. For who are interested in Singapore's politics: life, move - Asia
  35. The India Monsoons: life, experiences, time, water - Asia
  36. Influence of China and US in Asia: life, country, people
  37. Tourist places in Mumbai: best, country, travel - Asia
  38. Filipino peacekeepers abducted by al-Qaeda linked rebels: live, citizen, 2014 - Asia
  39. Is it public holiday at your country for end of fastin month ?: people, move - Asia
  40. Moderators !!: best, time - Asia
  41. Study in Malaysia: place, people, quality, school - Asia
  42. Asian Cuisine and Its Influences: people, cons, names
  43. Kuching vs Kota Kinabalu? (Malaysia): place, live, interesting, people - Asia
  44. 9% of Kuala Lumpur's population are foreign residents. An interesting trend?: move, cheap - Asia
  45. Future of Urbanization in Areas of Western China. Are there drastic, extreme alterations of urban projects?: place, people - Asia
  46. News, North Korea unveils new mushroom sports drink.: developed, interesting, 2014 - Asia
  47. Lonely Planet's Top things to do in Tokyo... additions?: life, cost, country - Asia
  48. Why timber NOT stone buildings were massively built in East Asia?: country, people
  49. HELOC hotspots - we go again - Asia
  50. Cosmetic market in Hong Kong: best, people, speak, cons - Asia
  51. India is the most tech gadget friendly nation: best, train, travel - Asia
  52. At Least 29 Dead in Freak Blizzard in Nepal - Asia
  53. British Raj influence in Nepal?: people, population, shallow, compared - Asia
  54. Recognition of Japanese Master degree: life, country, jobs, train - Asia
  55. Borobudur Temple VS Prambanan Temple (Indonesia): best, life, cost, country - Asia
  56. Will Singaporean accept third generation lee as PM ?: people, interesting, dangerous - Asia
  57. Vacation to asia for asia: crime, best, life, safe
  58. Keeping promise of a super Summer to my family.: crime, best - Asia
  59. Regional ancestry of Chinese and others - Asia
  60. Are there US Marines in Shanghai?: cons, time - Asia
  61. ever do a base camp trek in Nepal?: cost, dangerous, place - Asia
  62. Cheapest online pharmacy for Asia (Korea)?: live
  63. Unwed mother in Kazahstan: best, life, country, people - Asia
  64. study in korea!! HELP: country, places, speaking, cons - Asia
  65. Shanghai: What to See? What to Do?: life, train, people - Asia
  66. This is what North Koreans look like - Asia
  67. what is going on in Malysia?: country, places, cons, shallow - Asia
  68. Japanese Gov. supporting sex industry in Japan to be the most famous in Asia?: place, people
  69. DNA migration proves the Towel of Babel?: people, move, speak - Asia
  70. Imports from East Asia: country, compared, time
  71. Israeli Technology: cons, international, 2014 - Asia
  72. Is there something about the Sinosphere countries which sets them apart personality-wise?: places, people - Asia
  73. First Asian Countries and Cities you knew about as a kid?: life, country
  74. The most exotic place in Asia?: life, people, compared, areas
  75. The dark side of Dubai...: life, country, place, people - Asia
  76. been to RIYADH in Saudi Arabia?: country, place, people - Asia
  77. Will Singapore and Malaysia ever reunite?: country, people, cons, pros - Asia
  78. Is Dubai a safe place to live at?: crime, developed, citizen - Asia
  79. 'Malaysia for the Malay' types of laws in Malaysia: life, country, people - Asia
  80. Penang police seek Interpol help over nude beach activity: crime, best, country - Asia
  81. Will Singapore survive another 20 or 50 years ?: cost, country, people, population - Asia
  82. The future of JOHOR BAHRU (Malaysia) as Singapore's population swells...: life, cost - Asia
  83. Do you foresee a future EU-style setup of the ASEAN region someday?: country, people - Asia
  84. Headline: Malaysia's Sharia Law costs Non-Muslims their Kids: country, place, people - Asia
  85. Chinese firewall: best, life, people, hotel - Asia
  86. Korean vs Chinese owned supermarkets/grocery stores: cost, country, place - Asia
  87. Hot talking point in Singapore lately: people, compared, interesting - Asia
  88. What single country comes up in your mind when you hear the word Far East?: places, people - Asia
  89. Latinamerican music for our Filipino brothers.: best, life, cost, famous - Asia
  90. Life and business life in Hong Kong: country, places, train - Asia
  91. China city descriptions: life, cost, country, places - Asia
  92. How close are the Japanese and Chinese languages?: 2014, country, people - Asia
  93. Japan:Money and Language: best, life, cost, country - Asia
  94. Massive Protests in Hong Kong: country, people, move, kids - Asia
  95. Leave a note and wish Singapore Happy Birthday on Aug 9th !!: life, 2015 - Asia
  96. Boring in China: life, country, places, people - Asia
  97. Is it a tradition for Filipinos to get their automobiles blessed?: travel, time - Asia
  98. What do you think about the air-pollution in china: life, people, move - Asia
  99. 25 yr old Daughter off to China: best, cost, country, safe - Asia
  100. Is it time China gave Hong Kong back to Britain?: best, country - Asia
  101. How many of us knew HK was never a democratic system?: 2014, country - Asia
  102. Does China still feel exotic?: country, people, culture, speaking - Asia
  103. How is China (HK/Beijing/Shanghai) like during July/August?: best, country - Asia
  104. How bad is the pollution in south China days?: life, train - Asia
  105. Does Asia have famous, highly ranked universities?: best, cost, country
  106. Are Asians more interested in politics than westerners?: country, place, people
  107. Fast food in Asia - how does it vary by country?: cost, people
  108. do general population vietnamese speak nice english?: country, people, live - Asia
  109. Would you retire in Asia, if so where?: crime, best, life
  110. How Portuguese IS Goa?: cost, country, people, speak - Asia
  111. How come Vietnam is more open than rest of East Asia?: jobs, people
  112. China Just Overtook The US As The World's Largest Economy: cost, country - Asia
  113. Asia Workaholic culture: life, country, place, jobs
  114. Should the Philippines (or Indonesia or Malaysia) invite 50 or 100 million permanent immigrants from Europe/USA/Aus?: crime, life - Asia
  115. ASEAN Integration by 2015 Pros and Cons?: best, cost, country, jobs - Asia
  116. Are you surprised by how many people think Dubai is in India?: places, culture - Asia
  117. China leader Xi Jiping to visit SIngapore next year: country, places, people - Asia
  118. What does Macau have to offer?: best, life, place, jobs - Asia
  119. Popularity of sports in Asia: country, people, cons, famous
  120. I have uestions about the culture of the Philippines: life, cost - Asia
  121. Indonesia vs Malaysia: life, country, places, people - Asia
  122. Taiwan - what sightseeing is there: country, place, train, facts - Asia
  123. The one thing I hate about China...the cruelty of: country, people - Asia
  124. My impressions of Singapore: best, country, place, move - Asia
  125. How are Chinese Indonesians treated today?: people, culture, cons, citizen - Asia
  126. How did all the Indonesian islands become one country together: place, people - Asia
  127. All about METRO MANILA, Ph: best, country, places, people - Asia
  128. Indonesia's interest in Nazi imagery?: crime, place, people, time - Asia
  129. How do you find Singlish accent?: speak, kids, cons, foreigners - Asia
  130. What is Going On In Laos, A Foreign, Exotic, Obscure Southeast Asian country?: place, people
  131. Around 17,000 to 18,000 Islands of Indonesia. Is Every Island Unique? Cultural Vibrancy of Diversity Depending on Island: life, cost - Asia
  132. What are your 3 favorite asian nations ?(not include your country): people, beautiful
  133. Are most Asian countries classist/materialistic?: crime, life, country, people
  134. Hong Kong vs Singapore: best, life, cost, place - Asia
  135. How come Chinese pop culture never achieved the same global appeal as Japanese and Korean pop culture?: country, people - Asia
  136. Which city is more develop ,Bangkok or Kualalumpur ?: people, cons, developed - Asia
  137. How long would you spend in each of Asian cities?: life, country
  138. Murder in China: crime, life, place, people - Asia
  139. Why is Thailand's culture highly sexualized?: country, places, jobs, people - Asia
  140. Another case of naked man in public in Singapore.. This time at HDB void deck: life, country - Asia
  141. How superstitious is your country?: cost, place, people, culture - Asia
  142. Hong Kong in say 5 years time: jobs, people, cultures, cons - Asia
  143. North Korea; The meanest nation in the world!: crime, country, people - Asia
  144. A about Mandarin: country, people, speak, cons - Asia
  145. I'm Scared to Discuss Tiananmen, and the Internet Is Partly to Blame: best, country - Asia
  146. Syrian Jihadists: life, country, safe, places - Asia
  147. Someone edited Singapore's Ruling Party PAP wikipedia page, read it while it lasts !!: life, country - Asia
  148. Why Singapore's PM should resign: best, cons, pros, names - Asia
  149. 56 ethnic groups of China: crime, people, speak, cons - Asia
  150. Comparison of physical appearance and fashion style of Southeast Asians
  151. So Is Jerusalem Really A Holy City For Arab Palestinian Muslims?: place, move - Asia
  152. North Korean Children on Children's Day (June 1): life, country, kids - Asia
  153. travelled to Jeju Island, Korea?: best, cost, place, train - Asia
  154. 1.3 million foreigners working in SIngapore: country, people, speaking, visiting - Asia
  155. Similarities between Indonesian and Hawaiian culture: country, people, speak, influence - Asia
  156. Interracial marriage in Singapore: country, people, cultures, kids - Asia
  157. Do a lot of East Asians dislike Indian food?: place, people, culture
  158. What religions preceded Islam in Indonesia and Christianity in the Philippines?: life, country - Asia
  159. Asians: Your culture shock experiences overseas!!: country, place, people, accent
  160. Crime in Japan: country, safe, place, people - Asia
  161. Philippine Population To Breach 100 Million on July 27: life, country, jobs - Asia
  162. Antique Province, Philippines: place, cons, construction - Asia
  163. What part of Asia to live/work next?: cost, country, safe
  164. Singaporeans: life, cost, country, place - Asia
  165. Best places to go in BORNEO! (Malaysia side or the Indonesian side?): life, country - Asia
  166. Most multicultural cities in Asia?: country, place, speak, population
  167. Deserves Independence (2014-)?: crime, best, country, people - Asia
  168. What do Americans love about Singapore: place, people - Asia
  169. What Asian Martial Arts do you think is the deadliest?: places, train
  170. Dating in Kuwait: people, hotel, pros, time - Asia
  171. Would you rather live and work in? HONG KONG or SINGAPORE?: life, country - Asia
  172. Most friendly Asian Country towards Americans?: people, girls, citizen, compared
  173. Yunnan, China earthquake kills 367. China, get your act together: country, place, people - Asia
  174. Why didn't Americans migrate to the Philippines like the Latin-Americans?: crime, best - Asia
  175. Introducing Santiago City, Philippines: life, people, cons, population - Asia
  176. Geological hazards: country, safe, move, cons - Asia
  177. Name Asian celebrities you know who are not your country's citizens: people, move
  178. Is it true that kids in China struggle to learn Chinese: life, people - Asia
  179. 8.8% of Singapore is Mainland Chinese...compared to Hong Kong? Changes in overall culture from it...: life, country - Asia
  180. What is your favorite country of four?: life, visiting, interesting - Asia
  181. Another Malaysian Airlines tragic incident in 4 months...MH17 was believed to be shotdown by pro Russian Separatists: people, travel - Asia
  182. 3 nights in Hong Kong - is that enough?: life, cost, place - Asia
  183. Looking at photos of Manila, I was shocked: best, country, cultures - Asia
  184. Visiting India?: life, cost, country, safe - Asia
  185. Do you think of Austronesians* as a different 'race' or group as mainland East Asians?: places, people
  186. Asian vacation - Bangkok or Hong Kong: cost, train, move
  187. Children's dream: visit - Asia
  188. Singapore anti soccer gambling ad: international - Asia
  189. Terror In Jerusalem 1 Dead 14 Injured: live - Asia
  190. Very Singaporean Song: 2013 - Asia
  191. Careers in Management after Graduation in Civil Engineering: cons, international, construction - Asia
  192. Tips for trips to Niseko in Japan: hotels - Asia
  193. Should Isan go back to Laos, and the Mekong delta back to Cambodia? - Asia
  194. Scientific research and development powerhouses in Southeast Asian countries: country
  195. What do you think of people referring to just Anglo-Celtic Australians as just Australians or Aussies?: move, cons - Asia
  196. Chinese Cuisine - Salmon Rangoon: places, move, time, live - Asia
  197. ***Asia Forum Guidelines***: appearance, time
  198. Wishing Malaysia Happy National Day !: best - Asia
  199. Malaysia My Second Home: foreigners, 2014 - Asia
  200. 3 most common mistakes when buying a home: cost, safe, place - Asia