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  97. Zhou Enlai was gay: country, people, cons, citizen - Asia
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  109. Japan, South Korea reach 'final, irreversible' resolution to 'comfort women' issue: crime, country - Asia
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  112. Most livable Southeast Asian cities (for Westerners): best, cost, country
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  115. AIDs is running rampant in teenage Asians, ages 10-18.: life, cost, safe
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  124. Asian cultures tend to be offended by sarcasm of stupidity(e.g. in comedies, ) more so than others?: best, people
  125. East Asians are interesting species: people, cons, population, westerners
  126. Fast Food in Asia: place, cheap, live
  127. Vox: Americans have forgotten what we did to North Korea: crime, people - Asia
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  130. 1/4 of all Japanese men over 30 are virgin: cost, country, jobs - Asia
  131. To who have vested interest in Singapore: life, country, population - Asia
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  133. Abe: Japan's Apologized Enough: country, people, cons, population - Asia
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  138. China issues Human Rights Record of the US 2014: life, country, people - Asia
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  142. Chinese stock market lost 30% in 3 weeks: travel, comparison, housing - Asia
  143. Singaporean bullied by foreigner in our own land in an isolated case: country, train - Asia
  144. South East Asia preference towards China or Japan: crime, people, culture
  145. do other asians besides Chinese ever get bullied outside of asia?: crime, place
  146. What do you know about Russia?: country, train, people, cultures - Asia
  147. Understanding the Chinese: best, life, country, people - Asia
  148. Japan's 40 year old virgins: life, country, safe, people - Asia
  149. Ever wonder what Singapore looks like?: country, place, people, culture - Asia
  150. have/had a Vietnamese wife?: people, quality - Asia
  151. Singapore polls on sept 11 2015: best, country, speak, citizen - Asia
  152. Say What You Have Encountered Or Witnessed With Of The Astronomical Growth Or Changes In Asia The Past 3 Decades.: life, cost
  153. Which Asians are most tolerant of spicy/hot food? Which the least? Rank cuisines by heat. How tolerant are you?: names, famous
  154. Hong Kong China, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Mainland China, Singapore, Macau, & Brunei. Talk: best, life - Asia
  155. European Architecture Hot Spots In Asia: best, country, place, people
  156. Macau for a day - suggestions?: life, place, people, culture - Asia
  157. What is the best area of Tokyo to stay while on vacation?: life, cost - Asia
  158. Weird : Only for Singaporeans or for people whom have lived in Singapore for long periods of time: move, kids - Asia
  159. The uses of history: crime, cost, country, people - Asia
  160. MERS Raging in Korea, New SARS?: country, people, travel, live - Asia
  161. China's cultural barbarism on display during the Summer Solstice: place, people, cons - Asia
  162. Same Sex marriage in Singapore: best, people, cons, time - Asia
  163. Do you feel SAFE in Israel as a tourist?: crime, country, place - Asia
  164. Foreign (men) in Japan: life, country, people, move - Asia
  165. how prevalent is asian fascination with the west?: life, country, people
  166. What are non-Indians' opinions of India and Indians?: country, people, culture - Asia
  167. What of bopomofo replaced Chinese characters at an earlier stage?: train, move - Asia
  168. Central Asia and Caucasus republics -- been there?: cost, country, places
  169. Best places to visit in Vietnam: crime rate, place, jobs, travel - Asia
  170. Food for Japan and China: place, jobs, people, speaking - Asia
  171. if you want to know about the front runner for the post of next PM in Singapore.: best, speaking - Asia
  172. Sex at Singapore HDB corridoor: hotel, foreigners, time, westerners - Asia
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  174. Bangkok city: best, cost, place, train - Asia
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  178. Beijing clean air: best, cost, country, jobs - Asia
  179. What do you think of this Academic's proposal for Hong Kong? - NYT article: country, dangerous - Asia
  180. Young Asians In Asia Losing Hope: life, country, places, people
  181. Why did you come to Thailand and at what age?: country, place - Asia
  182. Places to visit in Pondicherry: best - Asia
  183. Is there a directory of travel agents in Asia ?
  184. Does this not look like the most corrupt election in the world?: places, people - Asia
  185. Dubai: Personal and Business Banking and Finance: place, live - Asia
  186. Singapore's new Political Cabinet - Asia
  187. Chinese economy is bigger, not smaller , by Center for Strategic & International Studies - Asia
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  193. Asian cities street scenes (pedestrian point of view): 2015
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  198. when ordering fresh water snails in Canto? - Asia
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  200. Political Asylum - Singaporean - Asia