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  1. Prince Mikasa of Japan (1915-2016), 100; Emperor Hirohito's younger brother: time - Asia
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  12. Is the Indo-Aryan invasion a myth?: people, culture, move, population - Asia
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  15. This grand hotel in China would make Trump jealous: travel - Asia
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  19. singapore travel: hotel - Asia
  20. Uzbek people like South Korean people.: best, 2013, country, places - Asia
  21. Arabic language in China: life, places, people, salary - Asia
  22. Internet in Shenzhen vs Hong Kong?: place, people, move, cheap - Asia
  23. Gender-based banks in China?: cons, girls, interesting, construction - Asia
  24. are Guongdong Southern China mixed with Ghengis Khan Mongol blood?: place, people - Asia
  25. Residential Properties in Wagholi Pune: place, people, cons, pros - Asia
  26. Cultural aspects of White skin preference in Asia?: places, jobs, people
  27. Japanese Abandoned Houses Akiya: country, population, vacation, interesting - Asia
  28. Majulah Singapura . Happy 51st birthday to Singapore: pros, school - Asia
  29. Thailand rocked by eleven bombs in one day: people - Asia
  30. Singapore It's back - Asia
  31. What kind of Jobs are available in the Philippines for a French and German Speaker?: best, life - Asia
  32. Bangladesh Military and Foreigners: best, train, citizen, time - Asia
  33. Weather in China and population distribution: best, place, jobs, people - Asia
  34. Unique Hindu Names | Unique Hindu Boy Names: people - Asia
  35. Baikonur, Kazhakstan: time - Asia
  36. Inter Asia Super Railway?: cost, train, move, travel
  37. This to me is a mockery: crime, country, safe, places - Asia
  38. Queensland father dies after food poisoning in Thailand: country, safe, places - Asia
  39. is this marking KOREAN?: train, teacher, time, school - Asia
  40. Kuala Lumpur - where to stay: best, 2014, train, cheap - Asia
  41. At least 15 killed in knife attack near Tokyo: life, country, safe - Asia
  42. Vietnam - are 1,000 and 10,000 dong notes still in use?: people, move, time - Asia
  43. Why is the population of Taiwanese aboriginals so low?: country, people, culture - Asia
  44. Cantonese language instruction in Hong Kong schools: teach, international - Asia
  45. China officially forbids calling N. Korea leader Fatty: dangerous, people - Asia
  46. South Korean Law Changes: crime, country, people, pros - Asia
  47. Funeral Standards: place, people - Asia
  48. Memories of growing up poor?: cost, country, dangerous, jobs - Asia
  49. Are Mainland Chinese Tourists Better Off Visiting Taiwan Than Hong Kong: life, 2013 - Asia
  50. Teenager gives birth to baby in gym toilet and returns to volleyball game: life, country - Asia
  51. Singapore ask Hong Kong for return of armour vehicles - Asia
  52. Why Christianity is so popular in South Korea, but not in Japan?: life, culture - Asia
  53. Could China have kept the Outer Manchuria?: place, train, people - Asia
  54. Scorpions hunt for food - Asia
  55. Can Huawei become a Sony, Geely become a Toyota?: country, cheap, cons - Asia
  56. Interntional Settlement in Shanghai: cost, Europeans, international, dangerous - Asia
  57. Ask about visa: country - Asia
  58. Between Singapore/Bangkok/KL, which city has the best shopping malls?: cheap, interesting - Asia
  59. Is it safe to travel to Pakistan as a tourist from India ?: country, place - Asia
  60. Learning Chinese vs. Learning Arabic: speak, kids, time - Asia
  61. Do Chinese Workers Have Fewer Holidays than other countries: places, people, travel - Asia
  62. I have a .. HAZE in your atmosphere??: places, people, live - Asia
  63. Guangzhou's History with the British - Asia
  64. Anti-Christian sentiments?: crime, people, Europeans, 2015 - Asia
  65. Is it for westerns to become monk in asian country?: life, places
  66. Are there are schools in Guangzhou that still have classes taught in Cantonese?: places, move - Asia
  67. Republic of China(Taiwan) 1949 And After: cost, country, people, cons - Asia
  68. Which parts of Guangzhou has more Mandarin speaking residents?: country, places, people - Asia
  69. Ovens: people, live, names, westerners - Asia
  70. Minor Obtaining U.S. Visa from Sri Lanka: place, people, travel - Asia
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  72. visa free travel from phillipines: citizen, visit - Asia
  73. Long-term back to Asia--recommend city: crime, life, country, place
  74. Hong Kong Housing Authority Houses The Vast Majority of Working Class People: cost, live - Asia
  75. Halong bay in Vietnam: place, people, travel, conditions - Asia
  76. Why Was Hong Kong and Macau Not An Automonous Region Status?: country, places - Asia
  77. How to backpacking: best, travel, time - Asia
  78. Japanese vs Chinese: which is the best sounding?: jobs, people, speaking - Asia
  79. American thanksgiving in Asia: life, country, people, pros
  80. China has built the largest bullet train network: cost, places, people - Asia
  81. It is true Sally Yeh, the singer still cannot read Chinese writing?: best, country - Asia
  82. Most dangerous Indian cities?: crime rate, country, safest, place - Asia
  83. Singapore and Hong Kong: best, life, people, move - Asia
  84. What do you know about Sri Lanka: best, life, cost - Asia
  85. What happens when Kim Jong-un kicks the bucket?: life, place, population - Asia
  86. What is the cultural difference between South Korea and Japan?: country, place - Asia
  87. American citizen with pregnant Filipino. Does the American have rights?: country, move - Asia
  88. Why is India so behind (compared to China?): best, country, places - Asia
  89. What is your opinion on Chinese characters?: country, train, people - Asia
  90. Western understanding of WWII Asia: crime, country, people, speak
  91. Do you think the term South Asia is incorrect?: country, people
  92. Nazi rally performance in a Taiwanese high school: country, people, move - Asia
  93. Backpacking in Taipei, Taiwan: cost, safe, place, train - Asia
  94. Getting around Tokyo and Japan if you speak no Japanese?: cost, country - Asia
  95. So now Phillippines is no longer a minion of US: country, people - Asia
  96. What If Hong Kong Was Still A Colony?: country, people, speaking - Asia
  97. Does Think Hong Kong's Special Administrative Region Will Be Renewed In 2047?: life, cost - Asia
  98. What do Asians think about Native Americans?: people, speaking, population
  99. WHat climate does india have?: country, cons, time, areas - Asia
  100. What Makes Expats Stay in China?: life, cost, people, culture - Asia
  101. Noodle soup: best, places, culture, cons - Asia
  102. Does Japan ban people of other races, particularly non White or Non Asian people?: crime, country
  103. Hope to Go to Japan in 2020...Want to Eat, Breathe, Speak Japan...HOW to Begin?: best, life - Asia
  104. West Papua Genocide Goldmines: place, people, live, time - Asia
  105. Trying American BBQ for the first time: life, places, people - Asia
  106. The climate of China: country, people, time, westerners - Asia
  107. The untold story of Japanese war brides: life, country, place - Asia
  108. It is so hard to find a job in SIngpaore: place, jobs - Asia
  109. Thai king's condition unstable after hemodialysis treatment -palace: best, country, people - Asia
  110. Anthony Bourdain explains why, after touring 80 countries, his favorite destination will always be Japan: best, life - Asia
  111. How Would Mainland China Be Like If It Was Still Republic Of China ?: dangerous, people - Asia
  112. Difference Between Hong Kong and Guangzhou Cuisines: country, place, people - Asia
  113. Can Asian form an Alliance block?: train, cons, population
  114. The Olympics in Rio is almost . Asian athletes..: best, retirement, compared
  115. why indian people are the only people that are mostly comfortable people i ever seen...?!?: time - Asia
  116. China for Sabbatical?: best, cost, jobs, people - Asia
  117. trip to Japan. First, uestions.: best, life, cost - Asia
  118. Why is Bangkok considered a much more attractive city than Manila?: crime, life - Asia
  119. Is Chinese similar Vietnamese (language)?: people, speaking, cons, influence - Asia
  120. Does China have oil??: cost, country, people, speaking - Asia
  121. Gay marriage a no-go in China...: life, country, people, kids - Asia
  122. Do Koreans speak the best English?: country, places, people - Asia
  123. Would Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore be a good fit for me? help): best, life - Asia
  124. Would you consider Singapore a pedestrian-friendly city or a car-dependent city?: places, people - Asia
  125. Expat Guilt: life, cost, country, place - Asia
  126. Which Asian cities would suit me best to live next year?: life, cost
  127. The Israel the Arabs don't know.: crime, people, travel, citizen - Asia
  128. Amos Yee arrested: citizen, time - Asia
  129. Khmer and indonesian(particularly javanese): place, people, culture, speaking - Asia
  130. Philippines election: Duterte declares victory and promises change: crime, best, country - Asia
  131. Foreigners in Hong Kong: Should they study Cantonese or Mandarin? Why?: life, people - Asia
  132. Would you rather live in PENANG or CHIANG MAI?: place, people, cultures - Asia
  133. Best Island in Thailand after the Big 2 (Phuket and Samui)?: life, country - Asia
  134. Do you consider Japan to be conservative or liberal?: country, place, move - Asia
  135. Singapore Blogger Roy Ngerng to pay Singapore PM Lee $150,000 in damages: life, people - Asia
  136. Pakistanis are closer to Middle Easterners than to South Asians: country, people
  137. No escape? China's crackdown on dissent goes global: country, safe, people - Asia
  138. Japan Population Shrinks By One Million Census Confirms: best, life, people - Asia
  139. Are Indians Asian?: country, place, people, speaking
  140. Taiwan- Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake: country, people, cons, population - Asia
  141. Hong Kong outrage over Chinese subtitle switch: best, country, people - Asia
  142. What if Japan kept Taiwan and Sakhalin?: life, country, people - Asia
  143. Asian culture vs American culture at Lunch: best, life, country
  144. North Korea Developing Nukes?: country, people, culture, move - Asia
  145. India help???: safe, speaking, standard, international - Asia
  146. 65 million unoccupied apartments in China: safe, place, people, population - Asia
  147. Western China: best, people, travel, cons - Asia
  148. Why Christianity is so popular in South Korea, but not in Japan?: best, life - Asia
  149. The Future of Kazakhstan: country, people, influence - Asia
  150. Should Japan bring in millions of Chinese and Korean immigrants: country, places - Asia
  151. Japan's strategic mistake: cost, country, people, speaking - Asia
  152. The richest region of China: best, country, places, people - Asia
  153. Are Japanese women turned on by Sumo wrestlers?: train, people, beautiful - Asia
  154. Can I get the visa after I arrive Thailand or must I get it at an embassy abroad?: country, people - Asia
  155. The US claim for freedom of navigation in the SCS: country, train - Asia
  156. Best City in Asia for Entrepreneurs?: life, cost, place, jobs
  157. How do a foreigner teach a language, including English in Asia?: best, cost
  158. Can Iraq sue US/UK?: crime, country, move, cons - Asia
  159. Coup d'Etat in Turkey!: country, move, cons, time - Asia
  160. Common Similarities Between South Korea, Japan, Taiwan. Correlation Of Available.: crime rate, life - Asia
  161. Original Starting Point Of Hong Kong, Macau's separate historical existence compared to mainland China.: country, live - Asia
  162. rio medal count for south asia: life, country, places, train
  163. Going to Turkey in a couple weeks: country, safe, place - Asia
  164. No Room For Gays ........: crime, life, country, place - Asia
  165. Are most ex pats from The Philippines expected to send their earnings home?: life, cost - Asia
  166. Filipinos the Biggest FOOLS in the World Making Duterte President: crime, cost - Asia
  167. Ideal population for Asia?: best, life, country, places
  168. UN rules in favor of Philippines in SCS dispute: country, cons, time - Asia
  169. Thailand tourism officials cracking down on domestic sex industry: crime, country, jobs - Asia
  170. Shanghai or Shenzhen?: best, life, cost, country - Asia
  171. Learning Chinese | 学习中文 | Xuéxí Zhōngwén: best, country, place - Asia
  172. What are the best food cities in Asia? Which is your favorite?: life, place
  173. give us advice for moving to China: best, place, train - Asia
  174. What is the name of this Asian island that is crescent-shaped?: names
  175. What are Vietnamese Women like?: people, culture, move, cons - Asia
  176. Visit to Taipei Planned. What's Good to See and Do?: best, life - Asia
  177. Solving Manila's Traffic Problem, by increased Bike Use!: best, 2014, people - Asia
  178. Shanghai to become an ‘Excellent Global City’; Expansion of Urban Clusters Ongoing: country, cons - Asia
  179. A twisting fog eating tower is going up in Taipei, Taiwan - Asia
  180. Atlast found the section where I can Find Indians :): 2013, people - Asia
  181. Spectacular lightning strikes documented in Singapore by photographer: time, international - Asia
  182. Tsunami Warning Issued After Quake Off Fukushima in Japan - Asia
  183. Study Abroad Vietnam to Canada: train, cons, live, quality - Asia
  184. Unique Independent Cafe Atmosphere Of Vietnam. Tradition To Create Business Icon Landmarks.: best, life - Asia
  185. know a good LCL service from the USA to India? - Asia
  186. Highest Temperature Ever: interesting, water - Asia
  187. touring china and possibly teach ENG: travel, cons, teachers - Asia
  188. Restoration of historical village of Sideng, in China: time - Asia
  189. Are there too many professionals in Taiwan or other Asian places?: people, cheap
  190. Ryali - Asia
  191. How do you rate tier 1 Chinese companies?: cheap, cons, quality - Asia
  192. major in fashion business: people, salary - Asia
  193. PM Lee and his sister Lee Wei Ling .. - Asia
  194. Shinrin yoku - Asia
  195. Shipping from USA to South Korea - Customs: train - Asia
  196. Postage to USA from Asia and currency acceptance
  197. News, Japan’s corpse hotels upset of the neighbors - Asia
  198. Kim Jong Un’s Wife Losing Power Battle, Defector Claims: life - Asia
  199. The sound of Arabic - Asia
  200. How to attack your fate in Magnum 4D?: best, life, people - Asia