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  11. Official diplomatic relations with Taiwan: cons - Asia
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  13. Thailand has highest literacy ratio in Southeast Asia?: 2013
  14. Japanese Priestess of local temple stab with a katana by rival brother and wife who then kills wife and kills himself: interesting - Asia
  15. US citizen visiting the Philippines - visa requirements?: travel, time - Asia
  16. able to read the Japanese alphabet?: life - Asia
  17. In Asia which weeks each year due students have off?: life, time
  18. Future of Syria: country, people, population - Asia
  19. Japan/Tokyo - Healthy air?: quality - Asia
  20. Is there anything in Tokyo to do other than stay in the central core?: place, areas - Asia
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  22. Fukushima TOURISM....?: interesting, travel - Asia
  23. Dog Vaccination Schedule in India: best, cons, time, vacation - Asia
  24. When visiting the Philippines.....should I trust public transportation from the airport (NAIA)?: best, cost - Asia
  25. 22 year old male going to Istanbul for 7 days next month. Where is the nightlife center?: place, hotel - Asia
  26. BATAM, Indonesia (next to Singapore): place, cheap, interesting, beaches - Asia
  27. Taiwan vs Japan: best, culture, interesting - Asia
  28. Dubai COL?: cost, place, people, salary - Asia
  29. udaipur India - what is it like to visit for a few months?: cost, place - Asia
  30. Dalian Or Changsha, China To Live?: life, country, train, people - Asia
  31. Turkey vs Iran: country, places, people, speaking - Asia
  32. The Maldives and The Seychelles. (What I've read. What have you read or experienced?): life, cost - Asia
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  34. VND Reset: pros - Asia
  35. Happy 52th Birthday Singapore: cost, country, compared - Asia
  36. Shanghai Chengdu China Air quality, pollution: place, people, cons, live - Asia
  37. Which is most beautiful places in India?: people - Asia
  38. Fiji - more resort-oriented, and difficult to see the 'real' Fiji?: crime, cost - Asia
  39. Trouble in Asia Pac?: time, dangerous
  40. Tourist Attractions In Hong Kong?: places, people, speaking, travel - Asia
  41. Asian domestics in the Middle East: best, country, move, cheap
  42. As a US citizen, is it feasible and legal to work remotely for a US company from Hong Kong?: cost, country - Asia
  43. Do all Indian cultures walk in packs ?: people, cons, time - Asia
  44. India has been the biggest winner internationally in Trump's election.: country, dangerous - Asia
  45. lingering resentment againsat Americans because of war: crime, best, country - Asia
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  47. Happy Year of the Rooster!: pros, names - Asia
  48. Small thank-you presents for people in India: best, country, jobs - Asia
  49. Why do rountrip air fares from Asia to USA cost much more than the reverse?: cheap, cons
  50. Indonesia..blow torching live dogs at market..: people, move, cons - Asia
  51. Training People to Leave?: best, country, jobs, speaking - Asia
  52. have experience buying residential real estate in VN recently?: people, live - Asia
  53. Traditional Asian Music and Dance
  54. North Korea may no longer really be the Hermit Kingdom: life, country - Asia
  55. News, Park in China uses facial recognition to prevent toilet paper theft.: people, cons - Asia
  56. traveling and stopping in japan: people, pros, citizen, time - Asia
  57. Hong Kong's new Chief Executive: cons, developed - Asia
  58. Bangkok Street Food and Night Markets: cost - Asia
  59. Taiwanese Immigrants In Mainland China Or Hong Kong?: country, people, cons - Asia
  60. Most hectic city in Asia?: best, cons, comparison, vs
  61. Migrant Workers in Guangzhou: people, foreigners, areas, neighborhoods - Asia
  62. Want to visit Thailand: Two little concerns: country, places, people - Asia
  63. Kim Jong-nam's murder: travel, cons, time, housing - Asia
  64. Shanghai marketplaces - where do locals shop?: place, people, cheap - Asia
  65. Recommendations in Hoi An and Da Nang: country, place, beautiful - Asia
  66. Buying Land in Japan (There are no restrictions on foreigners owning land in Japan): life, cost - Asia
  67. Dark-shadows Chinese Exclusion Act in Trump's Muslim Ban: country, people, travel - Asia
  68. Welcome to USA gift for a Chinese: country, dangerous, place - Asia
  69. Filipino Cuisine vs Thai Cuisine: country, people, cons, developed - Asia
  70. Who should own Liancourt Rocks / Dokdo / Takeshima?: crime, country, safe - Asia
  71. Besides Manila and Makati, whatever other part of the Manila Metro would be worth staying in?: best, life - Asia
  72. Crime in China: crime rate, 2013, country, places - Asia
  73. The future of Bali (Indonesia): best, life, place, jobs - Asia
  74. Bangladesh - between 'death of bloggers', rise of extremism, and cost of visa...sheesh: life, country - Asia
  75. how is quality of construction of buildings in fast growing cities: places, people - Asia
  76. JAKARTA - similar city to Manila, but similar stresses?: life, cost, 2014 - Asia
  77. Retire or pre-retire in Asia: best, life, cost, country
  78. 40 percent of Malaysia's population is not Muslim, and the country has a dual legal system: place, people - Asia
  79. Farang Deaths: Documenting deaths of foreigners in Thailand: 2014, country, dangerous - Asia
  80. Best city to be a base to explore Asia: life, cost, country
  81. China's mistress dispellers: places, pros, live, quality - Asia
  82. Filipino Birthday: Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you,: people, cultures - Asia
  83. Are Asians less happy?: country, people, speaking, pros
  84. Denpasar....the seldom talked about large city in Bali.: place, people, live - Asia
  85. Teaching English in Japan...City suggestions: life, country, train, people - Asia
  86. What happened to Tibetan Independence movements?: best, place, people - Asia
  87. 2017: Places in Asia that interest you, at least, at this time, in 2017: country, place
  88. 2 Weeks in China - help: place, people, cheap, hotel - Asia
  89. America's NBC Previews Pyeongchang (Winter Olympics 2018): best, country, places, train - Asia
  90. My daughter took her 21 and 18 yr old to Bali: best, place, people - Asia
  91. Iran Protests: cost, people, move, cons - Asia
  92. Does Supremacy Exist In China?: life, country, people, culture - Asia
  93. Average Life Expectancy in Asia: country, places, people, cheap
  94. China eats dog meat: people, travel, cons, conditions - Asia
  95. Phnom Penh: country, people, travel, developed - Asia
  96. My recent trip to the Philippines to meet my GF - my opinion of the country: best, life - Asia
  97. Best South Asia holiday Place?: life, cost, country, travel
  98. Language conflict in Hong Kong: life, dangerous, people, speaking - Asia
  99. Chinese mainlanders and manners: life, country, places, people - Asia
  100. BGC- coolest new development in Southeast Asia?: best, country, place
  101. Laglag Bala: travel, pros, foreigners, airport - Asia
  102. Shanghainese Demographics: best, country, place, people - Asia
  103. Malaysians and Singaporeans Sound Like Jamaicans: speaking, cons, population, influence - Asia
  104. which country is the number one Buddhist country: place, cons, compared - Asia
  105. Myanmar Genocide: country, people, move, population - Asia
  106. Chinese Catholics: country, people, population, beautiful - Asia
  107. which are 3 asian countries often to be mentioned ,when asia were recalled ? give the reason: country, places
  108. Super-commuting on a weekly basis: Manila to Shanghai... Is this: best, cost - Asia
  109. Plans Changed for New Delhi visit?: best, dangerous, place, people - Asia
  110. Thanks to China, Kpop Dominates U.S. and the West: country, place - Asia
  111. NPR. Indonesia at Crossroads?: country, place, people, culture - Asia
  112. Asian Diaspora: country, people, travel, cons
  113. Trump notified if US Navy enters Taiwan harbor, China will re-unify the island by force: best, train - Asia
  114. Country with tallest height in East and Southeast asia?: place, people, cons
  115. Is Tokyo still the most high tech city in Asia?: train, population
  116. The oldest Asian culture is....Vietnamese?!?: place, people, cons, population
  117. Thailand to retire: life, cost, country, place - Asia
  118. Do Indians have pride?: people, culture, time, comparison - Asia
  119. Do you think Manila has the richest history?: country, cons, influence - Asia
  120. top 5 Asian cities: country, people, travel
  121. Kazakhstan, what is it like?: country, people, beautiful, emigrate - Asia
  122. Seoul vs Tokyo, which is the most futurisitic: places, people, culture - Asia
  123. Chinese vs Indian cities:cleanliness: cost, country, people, culture - Asia
  124. News, Taiwan bans dog and cat meat from table as attitudes change.: country, people - Asia
  125. The partition of India: country, move, cons, population - Asia
  126. China's regional difference (and their position in the world): cost, country, people - Asia
  127. Experience on trip to Sounth East Asia: best, life, cost
  128. Job Offer in Chengdu (questions about CoL and benefits): best, life - Asia
  129. Taipei vs Shanghai?: best, places, people, pros - Asia
  130. What do Asians think of Non-Asians who are into their cultures?: best, country
  131. Best time of year to go to Japan?: life, country, places - Asia
  132. Cannibals in South East Asia??: country, place, people, cultures
  133. Turmoil in the Philippines: people, time, standard, visit - Asia
  134. Cambodia: best, country, place, cheap - Asia
  135. China cripples CIA operations: country, people, culture, cons - Asia
  136. Israel vs. Cyprus: life, country, people, culture - Asia
  137. Sichuan, China police stop protesters angered at student death: people, live, facts - Asia
  138. High Speed Railroad: China vs Japan: best, safer, train, cons - Asia
  139. How much has PATTAYA changed?: place, people, cheap, travel - Asia
  140. flight itinerary for Chinese visa: cost, travel, hotel, cons - Asia
  141. What do you miss most about Asia?: life, cost, country
  142. Which country is more scenically beautiful, China or Japan: place, train, people - Asia
  143. Foreign Tourism Experience Of South Korea, Taiwan, Japan. Tell Me The Overrated, Appropriately Rated, Underrated Choice.: 2014, country - Asia
  144. Why Are A lot Of Older Generations Chinese Parents Arrogant?: life, places - Asia
  145. Which One Is Progressing Further Right Now: Indonesia Or The Philippines? Acts Of Moving Correctly In The Right Route: place, people - Asia
  146. Revealing To Us Your Favorite Cities Of Mainland Asia: life, place, jobs
  147. Shanghai vs Seoul vs Tokyo: life, people, cons, developed - Asia
  148. Which countries have drinkable water from the tap?: country, safe, places - Asia
  149. Amos Yee granted asylym in the US: best, cost, country - Asia
  150. Singapore will have a presidential election in September 2017: best, people, pros - Asia
  151. to people from Asia countries, do you trust and have faith in your country's police force ?: crime rate, places
  152. Wage Discrimination in the Middle East: best, jobs, people, travel - Asia
  153. What city may be today's (2017) best real estate investment target in Asia today?: people, move
  154. Seriously? Olympics to be held in Fukushima?: life, place, people - Asia
  155. Ranking of Asian cities: time, income
  156. Panama establishes ties with China, ditches Taiwan in win for Beijing: best, country - Asia
  157. Bangalore, Goa, and Pondicherry - which India destinations would you like to get to?: life, country - Asia
  158. Watch out Hong Kong and Shanghai, Shenzhen is coming for you: cost, country - Asia
  159. Japan on the rise: best, country, move, cons - Asia
  160. Thailand, the most exotic destination in Asia?: country, place, travel
  161. How is it like living in Singapore?: best, life, cost - Asia
  162. Which Chinese city is the entertainment capital of China?: country, people, live - Asia
  163. More understood in Seoul: Mandarin or English: life, places, train - Asia
  164. How are China's Expats Getting Ready for Chinese New Year?: best, place - Asia
  165. Are there places with Low Humidity and Mild Winters in China: country, people - Asia
  166. Why are there so many more South Koreans in America than Americans in South Korea?: life, country - Asia
  167. Has South Korea eclipsed Japan?: best, cost, country, place - Asia
  168. Is Chine ONE of the greatest countries ever: best, life, country - Asia
  169. Cities in Indonesia that interest you...? Impressions of the ones you have been to...: best, life - Asia
  170. North Korea aand anti-communism propaganda.: best, country, people, speaking - Asia
  171. Bangalore vs Calcutta vs Delhi (INDIA): best, dangerous, place, train - Asia
  172. Which Chinese province is the most advanced?: people, speak, cons - Asia
  173. Shanghai for a week - recommendations?: best, life, place, train - Asia
  174. How dense is Manila?: best, life, place, people - Asia
  175. Major Asian City With Most Beautiful Natural Setting (within 100 km.): place, people
  176. Care to share your experiences (if with Singlish ??: best, country - Asia
  177. Jakarta or Manila: best, life, country, move - Asia
  178. Mainland Chinese people vs Taiwanese people: life, cultures, travel, cons - Asia
  179. Taiwan likely gone, so Bhutan: people, cons, pros, time - Asia
  180. is Manila where the Hollywood of the Philippines located?: country, speaking - Asia
  181. Tastes Like Chicken........: people, time, live - Asia
  182. How to move to China with no money?: best, country, place - Asia
  183. Oh brother...., Winnie-the-Pooh is banned in China! ~ S Palin: comparison, 2015 - Asia
  184. Nearly half of Japanese young adults entering their 30s as virgins: people, time - Asia
  185. Hong Kong vs Seoul: more urban: best, place, people, cheap - Asia
  186. Out of curiosity: How come Korean culture is so popular days compared to China or others?: people, population - Asia
  187. WhatsApp Censorship in China: places, people, travel, developed - Asia
  188. Batak and Armenian massacres: Turkeys dirty little secrets: crime, life, country - Asia
  189. The Japanese Tunnel Man: life, time, people, live - Asia
  190. A Recipe for Delicious Morning Minas Coffee by Salvador Mourra: place, train - Asia
  191. rabies fear - Asia
  192. What happened to Odyssey Science City, Anantapur - Asia
  193. Questionnaire on backpacking: time, travel - Asia
  194. What if Lee Kuan Yew was born and grew up in Penang?: country, culture - Asia
  195. Lenient Chinese Visa Agencies In Hong Kong?: experiences - Asia
  196. self employed and charging talent/production fees in the philippines: time - Asia
  197. Japan/Low Fertility Rate/Mannequins To Relieve The Loneliness?: life, people, population - Asia
  198. Asian domestics in the Middle East: school
  199. Interracial relationships South Asians: people
  200. The traps and allures of Kolkata's Dance Bars? (India): people, pros - Asia