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  61. I'm adament Asians are more sexually liked than Blacks for LGBT: people, culture
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  92. What's your favorite city in asia? Why?: crime, best, life
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  107. View from budget condo...Bangkok.: cost, train, move, cheap - Asia
  108. Do White girls find East Asian men attractive?: life, culture, compared
  109. Should Eastern Indonesia(Wallacea) been considered Southeast Asia?: people, move, speaking
  110. Macau's Light Rail Transit....opening best, place, train - Asia
  111. Asian languages can you name them?: cost, country, places, people
  112. South Korean Neighbor: move, cons, live, time - Asia
  113. Your Most Favorite Southeast Asian Country? Least Favorite?: best, life, cost
  114. Shandong farmers and Vietnamese cities: 2013, obesity, foreigners - Asia
  115. Chinese Mandarin Vs. Taiwanese Mandarin: country, places, people, speaking - Asia
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  119. I'm going to go live in Japan should I hide my finiacial situation from the girls I date?: life, places - Asia
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  122. Is Tokyo as clean and grand as people say it is?: best, country - Asia
  123. Going to Southeast Asia this month, what can I not miss?: best, life
  124. Is it wise to sell property in Beijing and buy in California now in 2018?: best, life - Asia
  125. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Safety, Things To Do, Culture): safe, people, cons - Asia
  126. Vietnam Vs Bangkok: life, country, place, cheap - Asia
  127. Where is the centers of the Phillipine Diaspora?: country, place, cultures - Asia
  128. Women soldiers, armed and ready: train, quality, time, people - Asia
  129. China's Declining Birth Rate (Good or Bad)?: people, cons, population - Asia
  130. Which is more overdue for a major earthquake - Manila or Jakarta?: time, water - Asia
  131. 4 days in Taipei - attractions and restaurants: best, cost, safe - Asia
  132. Is Asia over-rated?: best, life, safe, places
  133. Will Xi Jinping move himself and his family into the Forbidden city?: places, train - Asia
  134. When will India rise?: life, country, places, people - Asia
  135. Korea United: cost, country, people, culture - Asia
  136. Demonic Chinese Zoo feeds live puppy to snake: cost, country, places - Asia
  137. Development of Chinese Entertainment: life, train, people, culture - Asia
  138. Vietnamese behavior and manners...?: life, country, people, speak - Asia
  139. If I lived in Philippines I'd want this radical feature in my car...: life, cost - Asia
  140. Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai? Looking to relocate.: best, life, places - Asia
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  142. Trip to Beijing (Advice ): best, cost, place, people - Asia
  143. Would you rather visit Cambodia or Bhutan?: cost, country, dangerous - Asia
  144. Japan population crisis: best, country, jobs, people - Asia
  145. Sold my Chiang Mai condo....: best, cost, safest, foreigners - Asia
  146. Do you think that Israel's rapidly growing population will eventually cause it to build more settlements?: cost, place - Asia
  147. Trip to Japan: crime, best, life, cost - Asia
  148. 1,518 foreigners were granted Cambodian nationality from 2014 to 2017.: country, people, culture - Asia
  149. Thailand - how to prepare myself??: life, country, travel, hotel - Asia
  150. The ongoing rescuing of the caved Thai soccer team ...: life, people, kids - Asia
  151. Is Duterte popular in the Philippines?: country, people, travel, dating - Asia
  152. Forbes' ranks Pakistan amongst '10 coolest places to visit in 2019': country, people - Asia
  153. Did Buddhism ever reach the Philippines?: country, people, influence, facts - Asia
  154. Growing Beyond Teaching English in China: country, places, jobs, people - Asia
  155. Philippines fake p10,000 bills: people, foreigners, time, water - Asia
  156. Vietnam to Thailand: country, safe, place, people - Asia
  157. Pakistanis look nothing like Indians IMO: life, country, people, speak - Asia
  158. Would China be a better country if it had been colonized?: best, places - Asia
  159. And the Indian caste system endures...: country, people, speak, kids - Asia
  160. Chinese girls preference for blonde girls: best, people, culture, cons - Asia
  161. Why is Kangba Tibetan so poor But so tall?: 2013, people, compared - Asia
  162. Taiwan to station US Marines in Taipei: life, people, move - Asia
  163. Cambodia Jails 10 Dirty Dancing Backpackers....: country, place, cheap, kids - Asia
  164. Phnom Penh vs Cebu City: country, safer, place, people - Asia
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  166. Salaries of common jobs in Hong Kong: best, cost, place - Asia
  167. Filipina: best, place, people, culture - Asia
  168. Why are so many ex Korean and Taiwan presidents jailed?: life, country - Asia
  169. Is Turkey going to become the next Iran?: country, place, people - Asia
  170. What if Northern Chinese first immigrated to the West instead of Southerners: place, people - Asia
  171. What do you love about Jakarta?: country, places, cons, foreigners - Asia
  172. Which European country is most similar to Japan?: life, safe, place - Asia
  173. Teaching English In South Korea: best, country, place, move - Asia
  174. Why is Japan so clean?: crime, life, country, place - Asia
  175. Getting to have fun weddings in Iran, too: country, culture, cons - Asia
  176. Why are Imperial Japan war crimes largely ignored?: country, dangerous, people - Asia
  177. Arab Muslims and Haredi Jews as poorest sectors in Israel: life, people - Asia
  178. Cantonese for Hong Kong Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities: speaking, kids, citizen - Asia
  179. What are misconceptions about India that come across?: country, people - Asia
  180. Living in the Philippines: best, life, cost, country - Asia
  181. A Taste of Macau....: people - Asia
  182. Forbidden Satires of China: train, people, international, interesting - Asia
  183. Your favorite thing about Phnom Penh?: people - Asia
  184. The last Chinese cave-dwellers: time - Asia
  185. Best beaches in Japan: cons, beautiful, time, visiting - Asia
  186. Legal maverick tries to hang on in China: time - Asia
  187. blueprint for improving NORTH Korea's railroads - Asia
  188. Phuket, Thailand. Best beachfront area to stay for 6 months?: travel, time - Asia
  189. being lgbtq in south korea??: people, cons - Asia
  190. Looking for a condotel in the angeles city or manila, s? - Asia
  191. Shoko Asahara was executed several days ago, how do people in Japan view him and how come such a cult get so popular? - Asia
  192. Bungee off the world's highest glass bridge - Asia
  193. good, modern, clean, cheap hotels..give us your best...: hotel, time - Asia
  194. 90 year-old Indian sex columnist: culture, time, 2014 - Asia
  195. Mark Vines Food Travel to Pakistan - Instantly hits 2 million views on YT: interesting - Asia
  196. The unique languages of Wallacea aka Eastern Indonesia: cons, famous - Asia
  197. Business opportunities in China or India?: travel, live, citizen - Asia
  198. Which is the best engineering college in bhopal city ? - Asia
  199. Magazine newspaper articles onda Philippines and the truth: live - Asia
  200. Water pressure at home is very low, when bathing very distressed? The shower head I use now can solve the problem of low: time - Asia