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  116. I find this disgusting.: best, country, people, cultures - Asia
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  154. how much do you know about Kurds ?: country, people, culture - Asia
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  157. Why do the Chinese say actually so much when they speak English?: best, train - Asia
  158. 420 China: best, places, people, population - Asia
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  161. To men who live in Phillipines/Thailand: crime, life, country - Asia
  162. Dubai: life, places, people, hotel - Asia
  163. Which Country Would You Rather Visit: rd 1, China or Japan?: people, culture - Asia
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  165. about Kazakhstan?: life, country, place, people - Asia
  166. Large US companies offer expat positions in Singapore?: best, cost, place - Asia
  167. Nice beach cities in the Philippines?: best, life, cost, country - Asia
  168. Japan: best, country, places, train - Asia
  169. Macau, for living?: cost, place, people, cheap - Asia
  170. Sapporo, Japan: country, people, cons, beautiful - Asia
  171. News, China buys the world.: cheap - Asia
  172. News, World's highest drug levels entering India stream.: time, water - Asia
  173. Civilian working conditions in Iraq: cons - Asia
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  176. Dubai and the Emirates: recommend, about, information - Asia
  177. African-Americans and Asian-Americans- Share Your Experience Finding ESL work in Asia: jobs, people
  178. News, Trapped man cut off own leg after Indonesian earthquake.: emergency, young - Asia
  179. News, Travellers in for a shock at India's new airport terminal.: time, international - Asia
  180. News, In China, one man crusades to help disabled people.: time - Asia
  181. Yunnan Normal University: school - Asia
  182. News, Strong quake felt in Taiwan, no reports of damage.: earthquake, weather - Asia
  183. willing to attend the 2010 EXPO hosted by Shanghai - Asia
  184. News, China Tries to Sterilize 10,000 Parents Over One-Child Rule.: people - Asia
  185. News, Moussavi appears at Iran protest rally.: time - Asia
  186. News, New Orleans mayor quarantined in China for flu exposure.: office, recommend - Asia
  187. How difficult to get a VA job at the Manila clinic?: live - Asia
  188. Off the beaten path - Hokkaido: life, places, train, culture - Asia
  189. News, World's Tallest Tower Lookout Suddenly Shuttered.: travel - Asia
  190. Death toll rises to 96 in Indonesia dam failure: people, water, live - Asia
  191. As war ebbs, Europe returns to Iraq: country - Asia
  192. News, China Pushes to End Public Shaming.: time - Asia
  193. News, Woman found 25 hours after Indonesia ferry sank.: people, water - Asia
  194. Sanda, Japan: time, areas - Asia
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  196. News, 6.0-Magnitude Earthquake Hits West of Manila.: international - Asia
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