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  14. What's up with that green algae in the Yellow Sea?: time - Asia
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  16. in Bacoor Cavite Phillipines can assist me with postal service?: live - Asia
  17. China To Go Non-Smoking: country, places, people, move - Asia
  18. Extreme Tourism: A Japanese Tourist Goes Inside the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Evacuation Zone: interesting - Asia
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  21. US military medical facilities in South Korea: people, time - Asia
  22. News, Powerful quake in NE Myanmar kills more than 70: people, move, live - Asia
  23. A suspicion of The Red Squirt on Torpedo: cons, international - Asia
  24. Craziest things ever seen (or heard about) with INDIA!: places, train - Asia
  25. China News, Food poisoning sends dozens to hospitals.: people - Asia
  26. Kuala Lumpur - beaches with beach bars, restaurants, lively, ?: country, place - Asia
  27. Beautiful India (thanks to all who decide to contribute to this .: life, country - Asia
  28. News, Magnitude 6.1 quake hits Japan near Tokyo.: earthquake, buildings - Asia
  29. Living in Shanghai, China: best, life, cons, live - Asia
  30. Japan Earthquake: Ethical Residents Return $78 Million From Rubble: place, train, people - Asia
  31. Pickpocketing in Hong Kong?: crime, best, country, safe - Asia
  32. ((= Work life USA VS. DUBAI =)): country, move, cons, pros - Asia
  33. India is killing its women...........: country, girls, population - Asia
  34. News, New restaurant aims to be the “Hooters for women”: cons, construction - Asia
  35. News, INDIA OFFERS CARS TO LURE STERILIZATION VOLUNTEERS.: country, cons, population - Asia
  36. News, Bizarre structures in the desert in China discovered on Google Maps.: cons, live - Asia
  37. Living in Tokyo?: life, cost, country, people - Asia
  38. Dec 31/Jan 1 in Israel: best, cost, country, places - Asia
  39. What do you love about Tokyo?: place, train, people, speak - Asia
  40. News, Pakistan begins demolition of bin Laden's compound.: country, places, people - Asia
  41. Australian Dump, Malaysia Dumb: life, cost, jobs, people - Asia
  42. Cage people of Hong Kong: life, move, live, time - Asia
  43. Tall Guy in Shangahi: country, dangerous, people, culture - Asia
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  45. Another Royal Wedding: best, country, travel, cons - Asia
  46. China dentist: speaking - Asia
  47. Somewhat complicated situation Chinese visa and Hong Kong I.D. card: time - Asia
  48. Saudi Arabia News, Restaurant fines diners for leftovers.: life, cost, country - Asia
  49. Mumbai (India) was better than I - and is why...: best, safe - Asia
  50. Best/easiest way to travel from Huanggang to Wuhan?: train, hotel, time - Asia
  51. Sakhalin: Russia's East Asia trump card: cons, conditions
  52. S'Pore Bottom Pinching Scam: people, time - Asia
  53. News, 'Kosher' Facebook launched in Israel.: people, girls - Asia
  54. Cyprus, oil and Turkey: Greek, agreement, countries - Asia
  55. Manilla: safe, travel - Asia
  56. Singapore / Macau / Hong Kong real estate? looked into that?: life, country - Asia
  57. News, Women in Saudi Arabia to vote and run in elections.: time, live - Asia
  58. Japan cleanup: life, places, people - Asia
  59. 1 Million Told to Evacuate Tokyo: areas, water - Asia
  60. Locating Family & Friends in Japan Assistance...from RedCross: best, country, people - Asia
  61. Mumbai VS Shanghai; New Deli VS Peking: people, culture, travel - Asia
  62. lived in hong kong with family????: cheap, kids, areas - Asia
  63. Jungles in SE Asia: people, travel, influence, visit
  64. Posting From The Philippines? From Cebu?: live - Asia
  65. New Year's Eve/Day in Israel: best, country, people, hotels - Asia
  66. is it really pork that you ate? by Northkorean defector: best, life - Asia
  67. Vietnam: life, places - Asia
  68. What is Kyrgyzstani food like?: horse, land, Asian
  69. Going into North Korea: best, cost, train, people - Asia
  70. iran next?: life, country, people, live - Asia
  71. Hong Kong Family Destinations: place - Asia
  72. Northkorea became the double prize winner!~: best, cost, country, people - Asia
  73. Preference for Osaka or Tokyo?: life, cost, train, people - Asia
  74. Judging by my photos, which city do you think would suit me best, London, Newyork, Barcelona, or Tokyo?: life, cost - Asia
  75. The Middle East (shopping, travels, more!): best, country, place, people - Asia
  76. Most Beautyful Places in China: beautiful, developed, water - Asia
  77. China needs to take a rational stance!: cons, international - Asia
  78. Why just both Kims are getting fatter everyday?: country, people, cons - Asia
  79. Top 10 Tours in Bangkok: hotels - Asia
  80. How to Celebrate Christmas in Japan: people, culture, kids, girls - Asia
  81. Cebu, Philippines: best, life, country, places - Asia
  82. Fun stuff to do in Okinawa..: time, interesting, live, beaches - Asia
  83. can tell me the Pakistani language spoken in this video of Good Morning Pakistan?: digital - Asia
  84. Can speak Korean? I need help!: people - Asia
  85. Tokyo Social Forums: people, time - Asia
  86. News, Japan Hit With 7.3-Magnitude Earthquake.: people, areas - Asia
  87. Nepal, What should I know?: country, travel, pros, time - Asia
  88. The Strong China and It's People: live - Asia
  89. option to move to Shanghai: best, life, cost, country - Asia
  90. The better nightlife capital of the Middle East - DUBAI or BEIRUT?: best, country - Asia
  91. Living in Korea: life, cost, safe, places - Asia
  92. Chinese Students Brilliantly Outscore Counterparts In Other Countries!: best, speaking, kids - Asia
  93. Malaysia - 2nd home program: crime, best, life, cost - Asia
  94. Dubai, Oman, Qatar - becoming more and more cosmopolitan. Interesting? The future?: country, places - Asia
  95. Honeymoon in Tokyo post earthquake - should we go?: best, life, country - Asia
  96. Top of Chinese wealthy's wish list? To leave China: crime, best, life - Asia
  97. Is Japanese culture more different to Western culture than Chinese culture?: country, places - Asia
  98. Mumbai, Goa, and Sri Lanka: best, life, country, places - Asia
  99. Japanese women: beautiful, experiences, dating, live - Asia
  100. Singapore: crime rate, best, life, cost - Asia
  101. Breaking News - 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Japan: best, people, population - Asia
  102. When will developing countries such as Afghanistan or Haiti become fully developed?: life, country - Asia
  103. Does Beer Laos live up to it's hype?: cheap, compared - Asia
  104. Southern Thailand vs. Malaysia: country, place, train, people - Asia
  105. United Arab Emirates: What do you know about it, besides Dubai?: crime, country - Asia
  106. What country in asia I can buy a house and start a new life?: best, place
  107. The chinese toddler who was run over: country, people, culture - Asia
  108. Hong Kong vs. Tokyo vs. New York City: best, life, cost - Asia
  109. Thinking of India..: life, country, place, jobs - Asia
  110. Which culture do you find more fascinating: India or China?: life, country - Asia
  111. North Korean leader Kim Jung Ill is dead: best, country, place - Asia
  112. How ridiculous exactly is calling Cantonese a dialect of Chinese?: people, travel - Asia
  113. Most overrated and underrated country in Asia: place, people, travel
  114. chinese mourn death of japanese porn star: best, country, people - Asia
  115. DAMN! Japan just gave up s at cooling reactor 3: place, people - Asia
  116. Worlds second largest building Mecca Saudi Arabia: people, speaking, hotel - Asia
  117. Most/least attractive Asians?: girls, time, dating
  118. North Korea attacks South...: best, country, train, population - Asia
  119. Shame on indian leaders and legislators: country, people, culture, travel - Asia
  120. Will Japan recover from the tsunami in the near future?: country, people - Asia
  121. KFC - Kung Fu Chicken: time, live - Asia
  122. How does tagalog (Philippines National Language) sounds like to you?: life, place - Asia
  123. Another explosion at the Japanese nuclear facility, worried about another another Chernobyl?: people, water - Asia
  124. Qatar and World Cup?: life, country, place, train - Asia
  125. Why no Christmas decorations in Israel?: country, cultures, cons, population - Asia
  126. Is Thailand more Indian or Chinese?: country, place, people, culture - Asia
  127. The Arab Tower: place, hotel, beautiful, famous - Asia
  128. Living in Japan: crime rate, best, country, places - Asia
  129. Hu Jintao, Kim, You Can't Feed 20 Million People?: cons, population - Asia
  130. Americans in India?: crime, life, cost, country - Asia
  131. On Average Which Southeast Asian Country Do You Think Has The Best Looking Women ?: names, compared
  132. Best Walking Cities in Asia: life, country, place, people
  133. Best Asian cities?: place, train, people, move
  134. Studying for Tokyo University: best, life, country, place - Asia
  135. News, North Korea: One of the Happiest Places on Earth?: country, place - Asia
  136. Cost of living adjustment from NYC to Singapore: place, jobs, people - Asia
  137. Malaysian Billionaire gives back - 50%: people, cheap, cons, names - Asia
  138. Are you concerned about North Korea?: best, country, people, move - Asia
  139. Going to China--trip ideas?: life, country, place, train - Asia
  140. Month in Tel Aviv - help!: country, places, travel, beautiful - Asia
  141. Recommended Tokyo Hostess Clubs and Maid Cafes: best, life, country - Asia
  142. Which countries are most similar to China?: places, people, culture - Asia
  143. Your Opinion of Life in Seoul: crime, best, country, safe - Asia
  144. Rank/group the Asian peoples in how outgoing/friendly vs how reserved they are: life, country
  145. Is Mumbai, fun?: life, country, place, people - Asia
  146. Chengdu, China: life, country, places, train - Asia
  147. Studying abroad in Japan or South Korea: best, life, country - Asia
  148. Work in the Middle East?: best, country, safe, place - Asia
  149. What are Asia's Top Outsourcing Cities?: best, cost, place, cheap
  150. Why Chinese are everywhere: life, place, people, move - Asia
  151. Military and moving to Naples or Singapore...: crime rate, country, safe - Asia
  152. Skin color in India, how much does it vary with the people?: country, places - Asia
  153. Living and working in southeast Asia: best, life, cost, country
  154. Kuala Lumpur/Yangon/Sri Lanka/Singapore/Bali: country, place, people - Asia
  155. Moving to Dubai with children: country, place, people, move - Asia
  156. Her backside is gorgeous !: best, cost, country, cheap - Asia
  157. Visiting Herzliyya, Israel: place, kids, travel, time - Asia
  158. Is Japan as well mannered a culture as it's reputation suggests?: crime, best - Asia
  159. China to create largest mega city in the world with 42 million people: place, population - Asia
  160. Is Delhi safe?: country, place, train, people - Asia
  161. Shanghai vs. Bangkok: best, life, cost, country - Asia
  162. Will India become a Superpower? Yes or No: life, country, place - Asia
  163. Thailand, Thailand, Thailand: best, life, country, place - Asia
  164. What do native Japanese people think of Americans: best, country, safer - Asia
  165. Goa, India: place, train, people, speak - Asia
  166. The United States of America V The People's Republic of China for the next 200 years (2011-2211): best, cost - Asia
  167. Why are the people in Afganistan so mean and cruel to trying to help them?: country, citizen - Asia
  168. South Korea, what an awful country: crime, place, people, culture - Asia
  169. Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani’s Death Sentence Upheld by Iranian Supreme Court: crime, country - Asia
  170. The future of Siberia: a US or Chinese territory?: country, people, travel - Asia
  171. Dubai!!: crime rate, safe, place, people - Asia
  172. Recommendations for hotel in Seoul with excellent high speed wifi: best, country - Asia
  173. Letter X can land you in Turkey jail: names, time, standard - Asia
  174. China, India or Brazil: life, country, jobs, culture - Asia
  175. Do you associate the Philippines with Asia, Hispanics, or with Polynesia/the Pacific?: life, country
  176. Two journalists killed in Syria: people, time - Asia
  177. In just over 2 months from now..: visiting, places - Asia
  178. Abu Dhabi Reaffirms Its Grand Plan for Museums: time - Asia
  179. Need advice on couple houses in Taiwan vs USA: cost, place - Asia
  180. Work Permits for Hong Kong or Macau: business, obtain - Asia
  181. Japan issues tsunami alert following strong quake: color - Asia
  182. Beirut/Lebanon: country, places, speak, cheap - Asia
  183. Xiantao, China: best, travel - Asia
  184. Japan nuclear problem and lies about it: firms, work - Asia
  185. News, Beijing air pollution off the charts, US says.: people, quality - Asia
  186. News, New Ferris wheel attracts leisure-starved Iraqis.: capita, capital - Asia
  187. the ambivalence of japan: country, people, cons, citizen - Asia
  188. News, 6.7-magnitude quake strikes off Indonesia: earthquake, epicenter, center - Asia
  189. Hujintao's present to Kim Jung il - Asia
  190. Top Christmas Destinations in the Philippines: volcano - Asia
  191. Caste and Capitalism in India: time, school - Asia
  192. Whose the Worst: American youth or Saudi youth?: police - Asia
  193. News, How the World Works goes to China.: mayor, Americans - Asia
  194. News, Harry Potter blamed for fuelling India owls' demise: books, environment - Asia
  195. Information Needed on Visiting Kuwait: country, citizen, airport, live - Asia
  196. News, Japan's quake lifted seabed 16 stories – largest recorded: cons - Asia
  197. News, Turkish morgue is equipped for the living.: live - Asia
  198. Management consulting/leadership development/coaching opportunities for US citizen in SE Asia: life, country
  199. Living and working in Singapore: country, time, visiting - Asia
  200. Spotlight on Pakistan - a telling article!: houses, calculated - Asia