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  1. Japanese term for the quality of a thing obtained from aging: time, 2013 - Asia
  2. Does Asian Culture Promote Capital Punishment?: crime rate, best, life, cost
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  4. How important is it for you to buy a branded product at lowest price ?: cheap, quality - Asia
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  6. Hotel close to Hanoi Airport (Noibai Airport) ?: place - Asia
  7. China opens world's longest sea bridge: place, train, vs, quality - Asia
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  9. Hong Kong vs Shanghai vs Tokyo vs Seoul: life, people, speak - Asia
  10. Pakistani Women and American Culture: time, school, live - Asia
  11. Mysterious New AIDS-Like Disease Affects Asians: time, interesting
  12. Tibet worth visiting? or should I go to Japan: best, life, place - Asia
  13. Would you say Indian identity is basically Hindu identity?: life, country, people - Asia
  14. Altay/Altiac Regions and People?: culture, population, areas - Asia
  15. Do you find it easier to make lifelong/close friends in Asia than in the West?: country, place
  16. Hanoi, Vietnam information and how to get visa to Vietnam: life, cost - Asia
  17. Johor Babru, Malaysia - worthy of being #2 best city in Malaysia?: crime rate, country - Asia
  18. Curiosities in SE Asia: best, life, country, place
  19. Only in Malaysia: best - Asia
  20. Japan's stagnant economy: place, jobs, people, move - Asia
  21. Cross ethnic marriages in the United States in the coming years: girls, population - Asia
  22. M I just plain ugly: people, girls, time - Asia
  23. Hoi An Vietnam: very much a town: best, place, train - Asia
  24. Thinking of visiting Bangalore in December: country, safer, place, jobs - Asia
  25. Taiwan: An underrated gem: best, country, place, people - Asia
  26. Favourite Packaged Asian snack-foods?: cheap, names, time, water
  27. one know how to read in Filipino?: country, place, speak - Asia
  28. Singlish: speaking, influence, accent, time - Asia
  29. Why is Sri Lanka still so Buddhist?: people, population, time - Asia
  30. Didn't Burma seem more well known/at least as well known as Siam in the Colonial Era?: place, people - Asia
  31. Seeing asia as a coherent region.: life, people, cultures, influence
  32. What are the differences between Syria and Jordan?: country, safer, cheap - Asia
  33. What percentage of people in China to have debit or credit cards?: places, live - Asia
  34. been to Sri Lanka?: life, country, people, nightlife - Asia
  35. Shenzhen/Guangzhou Culture: country, people, speak, cons - Asia
  36. What is Malaysia's Lingua Franca?: country, places, people, speak - Asia
  37. What's the best Asian country for______: life, cost, places, people
  38. Photos of sapa vietnam: best, country, place, people - Asia
  39. Danger of thunder or earthquakes in Malaysia: country, people, live - Asia
  40. Is there much of a sense of a common pan-Asian identity across the continent?: country, people
  41. Fantasizes versions of Asian nations: life, cost, people, live
  42. What to do in Seoul: best, country, places, speaking - Asia
  43. Bali vs. Thailand beach areas: best, life, place, people - Asia
  44. Has taught English in Istanbul, Turkey?: best, country, place - Asia
  45. Do you agree with Jim Rogers?: country, train, people, move - Asia
  46. Traffic? Hong Kong vs. Los Angeles?: best, cost, place, people - Asia
  47. Is there hope for Myanmar (Burma) in the near future?: place, people - Asia
  48. Dubai or Abu Dhabi for family: best, life, cost, place - Asia
  49. Ease of moving to HK vs Singapore vs Vietnam: best, country, move - Asia
  50. Tsunami in the Indian Ocean: people - Asia
  51. Why won't the UN recognise Taiwan?: country, people, cons, time - Asia
  52. Malaysians protest for clean democratic election.: people, time, population - Asia
  53. Are cities very similar to Dubai?: place, population, live - Asia
  54. Searching for an internship in Southeast Asia: travel, interesting
  55. Shampoo ad using Hitlerís image sparks outrage, calls for removal: cost, country - Asia
  56. Rank crities by criteria: Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Beijing: crime, best - Asia
  57. cities of pakistan: beautiful, live - Asia
  58. Shanghai to Beijing...train or flight?: best, life, cheap, travel - Asia
  59. How liberal is Turkey?: best, life, country, people - Asia
  60. Yugioh retail store in Istanbul: sell, near, good - Asia
  61. Hainan, Sanya - China: best, hotel, live, time - Asia
  62. Astana, Kazakhstan: best, life, country, place - Asia
  63. learning the Georgian language: country, places, people, cultures - Asia
  64. Indians and laughable grammar errors: people, move, speak, cons - Asia
  65. What places in Asia feel stuck in time/ancient?: life, people, culture
  66. Where in Asia should I go for vacation?: best, life, country
  67. Why are there so many Western tourists in Thailand?: country, people, cheap - Asia
  68. Which Asian language sounds most foreign to an English speaker? Least foreign?: place, people
  69. Will Hong Kong be absorbed by China ?: life, country, place - Asia
  70. Do Many Asian Women Seek out and Prefer Caucasian Men?: crime, best
  71. Kolkata vs New Delhi vs Mumbai: best, life, country, place - Asia
  72. Dubai vs Atlanta(Which actually has a bigger skyline): time, visit, interesting - Asia
  73. Hair Colour/Type East Asians: life, people, speaking, kids
  74. Mongolians: East Asia or Central Asia: best, people, cultures, time
  75. Do you sometimes find traditional Chinese architecture a bit boring/samey?: people, travel - Asia
  76. Underrated and Overrated Destinations in Asia: life, country, place, people
  77. Rank the countries in the order you would visit - by region: country, place - Asia
  78. Where will Myanmar be in 20 years IYO?: country, places, people - Asia
  79. Why does Shanghainese sound so different from other Chinese dialects?: people, speaking - Asia
  80. Blacks in Shanghai: life, cost, places, people - Asia
  81. Would Japanese men like a Latina stripper?: time, interesting - Asia
  82. The Integration of the 'Overseas Chinese' in South-East Asia: country, people, culture
  83. Why are so many people obsessed with Japan?: life, cost, country - Asia
  84. English Fluency Is Greater in Philippines than in India or UK: people, speak - Asia
  85. Why is it More FUN in the PHILIPPINES?: crime, life, country - Asia
  86. Best Asian City?: crime rate, places, people, cheap
  87. Taiwan vs Yunnan Province: best, life, cost, country - Asia
  88. Bollywood or Hollywood?: country, place, people, population - Asia
  89. prior to becoming a superpower, did Chinese look at South East Asia as a Land of Opportunity: crime, best
  90. Must see attractions or activities in Taipei?: crime, best, life - Asia
  91. Is Asia the new land of opportunity?: country, population, quality
  92. What do you think of Fujian Province, China?: places, cons, population - Asia
  93. Top 3 Obese Nations in the World: #1 Qatar, #2 Lebanon, #3 Saudi Arabia: people, culture - Asia
  94. Which Asian City to live for a year?: cost, country, safe
  95. Do Hong Kong and Singapore feel significantly more international than Tokyo?: life, place - Asia
  96. UAE (United Arab Emirates) has the highest gender imblance in the world.: life, country - Asia
  97. Where to stay relatively inexpensively in Hong Kong: best, place, cheap - Asia
  98. Vegas vs Macau: crime, best, life, people - Asia
  99. Malaysia vs Thailand vs Vietnam: best, cost, country, safe - Asia
  100. Old vs New Names: country, places, people, cons - Asia
  101. My proposition for Visayas and Mindanao to secede from Manila: country, move - Asia
  102. Kyoto vs. Osaka vs. Taipei vs. Shenzhen vs. Hanoi vs. Kuala Lumpur: best, life - Asia
  103. What do you think of the New China Leadership: people, cons, time - Asia
  104. Sri Lanka or Taiwan?: best, life, culture, cheap - Asia
  105. About what percentage of Asians eat western-style breakfasts?: best, country, people
  106. Mall Capital of Asia: best, place, speaking, travel
  107. Which Asian city has the best public transport system?: country, train, population
  108. What's the difference in physical features between northern Chinese and southern Chinese? good examples?: country, place - Asia
  109. Your favorite country in East Asia: life, people, pros, beautiful
  110. What made Korea become so cool?: life, country, people, culture - Asia
  111. Best Thailand beach areas early November?: life, safe, place, train - Asia
  112. Is pushing in part of Asia culture, or were people just rude?: life, places
  113. Lightening skin is a fad in China: country, people, cultures - Asia
  114. Singapore or Saigon: crime, best, life, cost - Asia
  115. Filipinos are not Asians??: country, place, culture, speaking
  116. Koh Samui: place, people, cheap, population - Asia
  117. Macau, for living and working?: life, cost, place, jobs - Asia
  118. Kyoto and Tokyo in February: cost, train, cheap, beautiful - Asia
  119. London vs. Tokyo: best, life, places, train - Asia
  120. Thailand & Tokyo- help me plan my vacation: best, life, cost - Asia
  121. Is Fear of Failure part of Chinese culture?: life, people, cons - Asia
  122. Hanoi: interesting or boring?: best, country, place, train - Asia
  123. What is the least known country in Asia?: cost, people, speak
  124. Different kinds of Asian food dessert?: island, ice cream, photos
  125. what would you consider: country, people, speaking, live - Asia
  126. Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, MALASYIA - much different than Peninsular Malaysia?: travel, population - Asia
  127. How strictly Islamic are Indonesia and Malaysia?: life, country, place - Asia
  128. Is English common as a first language in Israel?: country, people, speaking - Asia
  129. Why do Malaysia and Indonesia appear to be overlooked in SE Asia?: best, country
  130. What is the favorite Asian band?: live
  131. What's the most liberal city in Asia?: best, country, places
  132. Why is tan skin not considered attractive in Asia?: life, country, people
  133. The export and popularity of Japanese culture: best, cost, place - Asia
  134. Do you think that the Japanese are morally superior to Americans?: crime, best - Asia
  135. Japan issue: life, country, people, move - Asia
  136. Chinese Work Week: life, speaking, live, developed - Asia
  137. An Asian City that feels the most exotic/foreign for a (native)English-speaker?: country, places
  138. Would you rather live and work in TURKEY or MALAYSIA? If a choice?: life, country - Asia
  139. Adventure Travelling - Thailand: best, life, country, safe - Asia
  140. Resentment against Americans in Vietnam: country, people, speak, cons - Asia
  141. Asian rock and roll bands?: best, interesting, famous
  142. Are Japanese women overrated?: culture, cons, girls, beautiful - Asia
  143. Asian people who don't understand/won't accept Asian Westerners: life, country, place
  144. Best places to go in Indonesia?: life, country, safe, place - Asia
  145. Will there be a Syrian intervention?: people, move, kids, time - Asia
  146. What is your impression of or experience with Singapore like?: life, cost - Asia
  147. Taiwan vs. South Korea vs. Thailand: best, life, cost, country - Asia
  148. What European languages do Asian languages sound like?: country, people, speak
  149. Is Asian pop culture more popular than Western/Hollywood in Asia?: best, place
  150. India - the regional differences?: country, people, speak, cons - Asia
  151. How can so many of China's cities afford to have such impressive skylines?: life, country - Asia
  152. What do people from India think of........: culture, travel, time - Asia
  153. Spoken Japanese and Spoken Korean? How to tell the Difference?: people, speaking - Asia
  154. Tokyo vs Hong Kong trip: cost, places, train, people - Asia
  155. Traveling In The Mid East After Visiting Israel: country - Asia
  156. So what is the best street food dish in Asia?: safe, place
  157. Tokyo Sky Tree opens: country, people, 2014 - Asia
  158. Are Asian Men attracted to Black Women?: people, move, kids
  159. Rank Asian languages in order of your preference: names, compared, time
  160. Can you see Japan ever becoming an immigrant nation?: best, country, jobs - Asia
  161. Why is Singapore's justice system so Draconian?: crime rate, best, country - Asia
  162. Most beautiful women in Asia: people, names, quality, interesting
  163. Future of Turkey/Turkish Langauge: best, country, people, move - Asia
  164. Where in Asia should I go for custom tailored clothes?: best, cost
  165. Japan is now the first major economy in the modern era without nuclear power: dangerous, people - Asia
  166. Why Is Asia So Populous?: country, people, speak, cheap
  167. I want to visit Asia but don't know where?: people, culture, speaking
  168. Which Asian language to learn?: country, place, people, move
  169. Cities in Asia with the most Western Culture: life, country, place
  170. Israel as a Tourist Destination: country, safer, people, culture - Asia
  171. Going to the Philippines to meet a woman.: life, country, safe - Asia
  172. European Chinese: places, jobs, people, speaking - Asia
  173. Cross ethnic marriages in the United States in the coming years: best, people - Asia
  174. Similarities between Japanese, Korean, Mongol, and Turkish Culture?: country, places, people - Asia
  175. had experience with living/visiting Iran?: country, safe, people - Asia
  176. Istanbul Relocation: best, life, places, jobs - Asia
  177. Philippines. the good - the bad - and damn right ugly: crime, life - Asia
  178. Why does Taipei have such an unimpressive skyline?: best, cost, place - Asia
  179. Traditional dress: cost, country, places, people - Asia
  180. Which would you choose of locations?: best, life, cost - Asia
  181. If Singapore is Asia for Beginners , what are the other Asian countries then?: best, country
  182. The Myth of Japan's Failure: train, people, population, citizen - Asia
  183. Central Asia is underrated: best, country, place, people
  184. South (china) sea issue. Boiling point or posturing??: best, life, country - Asia
  185. How 'Indian' are Pakistan and Bangladesh? Are they the same as Indian states?: life, country - Asia
  186. all in USA: life, country, speak, beautiful - Asia
  187. Hmong People and their culture: life, speaking, kids, travel - Asia
  188. Storm Brewing in the South China Sea: island, race - Asia
  189. News, Yangtze River Turns Red and Turns Up a Mystery.: water - Asia
  190. Introducing myselfs: student, information - Asia
  191. Seoul, Korea for the summer; soccer: recreational, teams, direct - Asia
  192. Timor Leste (East Timor) & Macao or Macau: place - Asia
  193. What level is AP Chinese equivalent to in Singapore?: move, school - Asia
  194. Gender Segregation in the Middle East - UAE, Oman, Qatar, Turkey?: visiting - Asia
  195. tourist attraction Event..Ideass pleease :): country - Asia
  196. interested in qatar: speak - Asia
  197. Fukushima Fallout Still Ongoing: hottest, community, news - Asia
  198. Capital Punishment in Asia: crime rate, places, people, cultures
  199. How do I adjust the prices ?: cost, country, cheap, time - Asia
  200. Best in Guindy: place, visit - Asia