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  79. Who is genetically more Northeast Asian Thai/Tai/Dai or Viet/Kinh?: best, people
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  84. visiting south korea: best, life, country, places - Asia
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  86. Asians and height?: life, people, kids, Europeans
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  110. Why are Asian Americans Feminist?: country, culture, speak, kids
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  113. Southern Chinese: genetically closer to Vietnamese or Northern Chinese?: people, move, speaking - Asia
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  115. The Best Nature Scenery Areas and Smaller Cities/Towns That Are Not Very Heavily Populated Cities in Asia.: life, country
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  125. speak Chinese or an Asian Language?: life, country, people
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  134. Koh Samui/Thailand: cost, place, people, move - Asia
  135. How Comfortable Do The Chinese Feel in SE Asian Countries?: country, place
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  141. Living in Hong Kong and working in Shenzen, is it a good idea?: cheap, cons - Asia
  142. A foreigner’s life in Iloilo City: crime, best, place - Asia
  143. It annoys me when people deny there isn't a Euro-centric standard of beauty in Asia: life, jobs
  144. How do Chinese, Koreans and Japanese compare in temperament?: best, people, culture - Asia
  145. interracial relationship between black women and east asian men: country, people, cons
  146. If history had gone differently, would Manila be like Bangkok today?: life, people - Asia
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  152. Most underrated area of the Philippines: safer, place, time, areas - Asia
  153. Are there countries in South and East Asia you have no interest in visiting, and if not why?: country, safe
  154. Is Lebanan a place you'd avoid traveling right now (2013)?: crime, life, country - Asia
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  163. think that Busan is quite underrated?: country, people, move - Asia
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  165. ever been to Goa?: life, cost, safe, place - Asia
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  178. Classify my family and give reasons - Asia
  179. The Himalayas, a Time Lapse Video: beautiful - Asia
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  184. Online marketing: areas - Asia
  185. high school sports game in China - Asia
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  187. Annapurna base camp completed by 15 Isle of Man Trekkers: country, safe - Asia
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  192. I want to Find Name of a movie: people - Asia
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  199. Eldeco Group Pankaj Bajaj: cons, construction - Asia
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