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  39. What's the most impressive single manmade building/structure in Asia been to?
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  41. know about Korean culture in regard to birthdays?: people, cons, time - Asia
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  57. Asian Monetary Unit (Currency): country, areas
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  61. Right-wing Japanese groups have a sense of inferiority against Korea?: country, train - Asia
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  63. Video games of Asia: cons, time, 2013
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  65. Why are parts of India so much poorer than others?: life, country - Asia
  66. What are the 5 top must-see destinations in India?: best, life, place - Asia
  67. Preferred airline to South Korea from USA west coast: speaking, cheap, time - Asia
  68. Why Filipinos are everywhere , all ,YouTube , can tell me why????: life, country - Asia
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  72. aside from curry... - Asia
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  74. Most Tolerant Asian Country?: people, pros, population, foreigners
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  78. Would you consider China a full blown first world country now?: best, life - Asia
  79. Caucasian minority of China: people, move, hotel, girls
  80. National soccer teams of Asia: best, kids, vs, Europeans
  81. Where would you rank Hong Kong in a 'world's beautiful harbors' list?: hotel, famous - Asia
  82. What about the PHILIPPINES?: crime, best, life, country - Asia
  83. 1st world Asian Countries: country, places, people, move
  84. speak Philippine English?: best, country, speaking, cons - Asia
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  86. Top 10 Asian countries with the most handsome men in asia?: train, people
  87. Do you believe Chongqing will be a major city in the near future?: life, people - Asia
  88. Can Seoul match Tokyo or Hong Kong as a Travel Destination?: country, people - Asia
  89. To Men Married to Filipinas: life, people, kids, teach - Asia
  90. China could someday become an Immigrant Nation?: country, place, train - Asia
  91. How much would a trip costs to Tokyo - estimates: cheap, hotel - Asia
  92. why are Filipinas so popular with white guys? why not go to Brazil or Argentina, Mexico?: country, speaking - Asia
  93. MSG use in Korean food (Seoul): best, place, people, cons - Asia
  94. Which language is easier for an English speaker: Cantonese or Mandarin?: people, speak - Asia
  95. How to Act while in China.: country, people, culture, move - Asia
  96. Demographic & economic future of Japan?: crime, life, cost, country - Asia
  97. 50 Chinese troops intrude into India: cost, country, place, time - Asia
  98. Drinking water in Seoul, Korea: best, place, people, cheap - Asia
  99. Half Palestinian, half Israeli: life, country, people, live - Asia
  100. with years of English education why do Koreans & Japanese speak so badly?: country, people - Asia
  101. Muslims who support Israel: best, country, train, travel - Asia
  102. Seoul, S. Korea: best, cost, country, place - Asia
  103. Would you say that Philippines is a dangerous place to live becaues of the typhoons and earthquakes?: crime rate, move - Asia
  104. Portuguese in Macau - Will it eventually die out? Or thrive?: best, place - Asia
  105. As Beijing air pollution worsens, American expats clear out-LA Times: cost, country - Asia
  106. One way ticket to Thailand - doable?: cost, country, people - Asia
  107. Stuff Asian Moms Say: people, speaking, materialistic, schools
  108. Is Taiwan-China relations not that tense and relatively peaceful the situation?: life, country - Asia
  109. How much is India changing recently, especially for economic wealth development? Does India have a bright future?: best, life - Asia
  110. Most Important Languages In Asia?: people, speak, names, Europeans
  111. Singapore used to be part of Malaysia not that long ago. Does Singapore continue to have Malaysian influence?: life, country - Asia
  112. What is the best Chinese city for a single white man?: place, people - Asia
  113. Where would you rather visit, Cambodia or Myanmar?: country, dangerous, people - Asia
  114. What is the relationship between China and the other nations in Asia?: places, people
  115. Japanese National Who Does Not Like Immigrants: country, places, people - Asia
  116. Visiting Manila!: best, life, country, place - Asia
  117. Incredibly 1/3 of worlds 'absolute poor' live in India: WB: life, country, people - Asia
  118. How Indian influenced is Singapore?: life, country, dangerous, people - Asia
  119. TOP 3 Asian destinations for summer 2013: country, place, people, culture
  120. Chinese troops 19km inside Indian territory: country, people, time - Asia
  121. The level of French connections to Vietnam in modern times. Is it very subtle and mostly historical relations?: best, people - Asia
  122. Does Singapore have soul?: best, life, safe, place - Asia
  123. Questions about working in Asia and languages needed: jobs, people, speak
  124. In Southeast Asia, are the chinese well represented in the menial labor sector of the economy: country, jobs
  125. Move to Singapore is confirmed: best, life, country, safest - Asia
  126. Help Me Find a Nice Chinese Lady: people, move, names - Asia
  127. Could people fit in korea or japan?: places, kids, names - Asia
  128. Spaghetti, Filipino-style: country, people, time, live - Asia
  129. Best airline?: life, cheap, travel, cons - Asia
  130. Which Asians Tend To Have The Nicest Teeth: best, life, people
  131. How do most Indians today view Britain and the British?: life, country - Asia
  132. Music of Asia: 2015
  133. What is the best side trip from Hong Kong?: crime, life, safe - Asia
  134. Why is Singapore so against homosexuality?: country, people, pros, population - Asia
  135. which one is more likely to pass in singapore: country, people, names - Asia
  136. Why do Chinese people cut in line and feel no shame at all?: move, travel - Asia
  137. Singapore - is housing the only thing that is ridiculously expensive - or is everything ridiculously expensive?: best, cost - Asia
  138. Best chinese city: life, cost, people, cons - Asia
  139. If Israel is a part of Asia, then why is it in the Eurovision Song Festival ?: life, country
  140. Little Africa in Guangzhou: move, population, time, interesting - Asia
  141. Japanese women vs Korean women vs Chinese Women vs Singaporean women: best, country - Asia
  142. could she pass as a typical hispanic/latino in America??: country, people - Asia
  143. What are your favourite cities in China?: life, place, people - Asia
  144. Next Expat city in Philippines?: cheap, retirement, live - Asia
  145. beauty of s. korean people, especially women: country, kids, travel - Asia
  146. Pick One City, Cultural and Natural Attraction You'd See in Each Asian Country: life, people
  147. Top cities in Asia for food: best, cost, country, places
  148. Weird food tried in Asia: beautiful, time, live
  149. Sports of Asia: country, cons, live, vs
  150. why do filipinos need to look: people, time, school - Asia
  151. What cities in Asia left left you disappointed? Why?: life, country, people
  152. Friendliest and Least Friendliest Asian Country?...: place, people, speak, experiences
  153. CD Poll - Which Asian Countries Have You Visited?: life, country, visiting
  154. What are your 12 favourite/must-try Asian dishes?: names
  155. Asian TV & Movie & Animation
  156. Asian girls like smart guys?: place, jobs, people, cons
  157. How much has the average person's quality of life in China and India improved compared to 1990?: people, live - Asia
  158. Thoughts on Tel Aviv: best, life, place, people - Asia
  159. Asian Mathematical Olympiad rank of year 2010/2011/2012: best, country, train, people
  160. Taiwanese Aborigines: cost, places, people, culture - Asia
  161. Does this sound like Vietnamese to you?: best, country, people - Asia
  162. Who has been to the Intramuros?: place, people, compared, time - Asia
  163. Pakistan Election 2013.: best, country, people, citizen - Asia
  164. Why are Hong Kong and Singapore such intense Rivals?: places, speaking, cons - Asia
  165. Dating in Chinese Culture: country, place, people, cons - Asia
  166. More Food Deception in China: people, live, citizen, quality - Asia
  167. Your Favorite Chinese Provinces?: life, country, place, people - Asia
  168. Best City In Asia?: life, country, places, people
  169. Top 3 must see cities in Asia: best, life, time
  170. Should developed industrialized Asian countries open themselves to immigration?: country, places, people
  171. What do you do in a party?: people, move, cons - Asia
  172. Why do korean men dislike it when they see a foreign man with a korean woman?: best, life - Asia
  173. Best Vacation Combo Package: Tokyo and Hong Kong vs Seoul and Singapore: life, cost - Asia
  174. China's extreme nationalism: crime, life, country, speak - Asia
  175. Which American cities are the most popular in your (Asian) country?: life, people
  176. which group looks more EA??: people, compared - Asia
  177. Your Destination in Vietnam?: best, life, place, travel - Asia
  178. help visiting Singapore: cost, cheap, live, compared - Asia
  179. Language in the Philippines: best, places, people, speaking - Asia
  180. Apartment in VietNam: best, place - Asia
  181. starting a business in Nepal on 10,000 US: live - Asia
  182. Watching internet streamed movies in Korea? - Asia
  183. Appears to be an Asian concept: What is fan-Lily income?
  184. Which Asia script do you find looks the most (and least) aesthetically pleasing?: interesting
  185. New revuluation in Bangladesh in housing.: country, developed - Asia
  186. Regional nationalism in relatively homogeneous Asian countries?: people, culture, move
  187. How come Korea - Asia
  188. Became a Star euphemism - Asia
  189. Amrapali Princely Estate Offers Homes in Noida Sec 76 Uttar Pradesh India: best, life - Asia
  190. Online Food ordering services in India by coupons, vouchers - Asia
  191. Residential and Commercial Ahmedabad Properties: life, people, live, standard - Asia
  192. India's crying shame.: 2013 - Asia
  193. How to understand a Philippine Election?: 2013, people - Asia
  194. To Americans who have moved to Israel: life - Asia
  195. North Korea’s Kippumjo: life, girls, live, beautiful - Asia
  196. Prototypes of Asian populations: people
  197. Job Offer put on hold: cons, time - Asia
  198. How do most Asian nations tend to view China the place/civilisation and Chinese culture?
  199. who has been in the Abu Dhabi airport: travel, time - Asia
  200. from Burnei for cultural interview: country - Asia