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  1. Southeast Asia's largest church?: country, cons, beautiful, 2013
  2. Jobs/programs in Japan for when I graduate in undergraduate college in 2016?: country, people - Asia
  3. Where are foods produced in Turkey?: country, places, developed - Asia
  4. Top 5 Chinese provinces with the best quality of life?: cost, people, cons - Asia
  5. humidity in the phils--FILIPINAS pease ;): best, train, travel, cons - Asia
  6. Introduction to Nepal: life, country, people, live - Asia
  7. Do I need to purchase Tokyo Disneyland tickets in advance?: best, 2013 - Asia
  8. How would a single American man do at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan?: country, cons - Asia
  9. Dokdo is Korean territory: move, time, areas - Asia
  10. Malaysia - ethnicity maps: country, places, people, cons - Asia
  11. SOSO Maps Streetview (China): time, interesting - Asia
  12. the hammer: country, live, time - Asia
  13. Living half time in Busan SK and half in Guangzhou?: life, cost - Asia
  14. India Honor Killing: cons, time, 2013, live - Asia
  15. Xiamen, China: travel, live, teacher, time - Asia
  16. Which of 2 South-East Asian itinerary ideas would you choose?: country, place
  17. List the following features for the major Asian cities...: place, people, move
  18. How do Indians and Chinese see each other, from a cultural/identity point of view?: place, people - Asia
  19. The Himalayan nations: Bhutan and Nepal.: place, people, cultures, travel - Asia
  20. Gang Rape in India.. - Asia
  21. Attractions in Russia's Far East for a quick trip from Japan and/or China: places, travel - Asia
  22. Technology of Asia: live
  23. China as a middle class, consumer nation?: life, country, people - Asia
  24. Major cities of S.Korea: 2013 - Asia
  25. Fighting in Zamboanga: life, country, people, move - Asia
  26. Visiting Japan, would like: life, place, train, people - Asia
  27. Standard american living in hong kong? (potentially): cost, country, jobs - Asia
  28. Halloween in Thailand!: culture, time, live - Asia
  29. Wow, roaming I clicked on Asia. Much hate if people are representative of Asia as a whole.: country, live
  30. My 'Cline' of Asian Appearance: names, time, water, statistics
  31. Should we boycott new member ,PRIMETIMEALLTHETIME ??: cons - Asia
  32. Uzbekistan's economy and its cities: country, girls, influence, visit - Asia
  33. China - why build so much in the northwest?: cons, population, beautiful - Asia
  34. How do you live in Asia full time?: country, people, citizen
  35. Choosing a Thai Beach vacation: best, country, place, people - Asia
  36. Documentary of Asia
  37. Japan! What the . . . ?!?!: train, people, kids, cons - Asia
  38. about moving to Japan: life, country, people, live - Asia
  39. rental car services in manila: people, live - Asia
  40. Kyoto, Osaka or Tokyo for exchange?: life, cost, place, people - Asia
  41. How is Typhoon Haiyan now?: people - Asia
  42. has had dental work done in asia?: cost, quality
  43. first time dating a Chinese girl, I dont want to blow it up!!: girls, teacher - Asia
  44. Money from ATM in Japan: best - Asia
  45. Singapore the Lion City in 1957, share old videos of your city and your memories: life, country - Asia
  46. Tell me about Malaysia: crime, cost, country, people - Asia
  47. shenzhen or hk landlords ?: people, cheap, foreigners, famous - Asia
  48. Christmas & New Years in Istanbul, Turkey: cons, visiting, interesting - Asia
  49. in Beijing and/or read Chinese?: cons, construction, interesting - Asia
  50. India launches rocket with unmanned probe to Mars: move, time, 2013 - Asia
  51. Jobs in china - Asia
  52. Retirement in Sri Lanka: life, country, safe, place - Asia
  53. Kish Island, IRAN: life, country, people, culture - Asia
  54. An Extreme Discrepancy Between South Korea vs. North Korea. An Insightful Look at Their Opposite Demographics.: country, people - Asia
  55. job seeker - Asia
  56. Turkey vs. Georgia. Which country is more European?: influence - Asia
  57. Which is a better option?: time, international, income - Asia
  58. The situation between Thailand and Myanmar. Modern relations and were they ever the same in historic times?: country, people - Asia
  59. Chinese zoo passes off Tibetan mastiff dog as lion...: life, people, cheap - Asia
  60. Finding a birth mother in South Korea: people, travel, time - Asia
  61. Sports China. Hong Kong, Taiwan: people, time, famous - Asia
  62. Post graduation in Finance abroad - Asia
  63. Tragedy in the Philippines: time, people - Asia
  64. Does KMB (Kowloon Motor Bus) still have the old buses: train, time - Asia
  65. Central Asian admixture on Turkey and South Caucasus?: compared
  66. Taking a child to Philippines: best, cost, country, place - Asia
  67. abroad study: people, standard, international - Asia
  68. Is diabetes a problem in the Philippines?: life, country, places - Asia
  69. Visit Seoul city, Korea - Asia
  70. One week in Mumbai: country, places, people, cheap - Asia
  71. What do you think of SHENZHEN? (China): places, people, time - Asia
  72. South Asian admixture of Turks vs. Kurds: people
  73. Sports Brands: life, train, people, names - Asia
  74. Fell in love and now want something to give me a hope!!!!!!: life, country - Asia
  75. Newspaper article cites increasing tension between Japan and Korea: 2013 - Asia
  76. Beijing/Shanghai = Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City: country, places, people - Asia
  77. Why does it seem the Lion is more popular as a national symbol than the Tiger in Asia?: culture, names
  78. hotels/pension houses near manila embassy: best, life, places, hotel - Asia
  79. Busan S.Korea: people, cons, beautiful, compared - Asia
  80. The mutual inteligibility of the Chinese and Indian languages: developed, compared, time - Asia
  81. Massive protests in Thailand: people, cons, foreigners, compared - Asia
  82. could the Philippines become another Hawaii?: life, country, people, population - Asia
  83. News, Crazy things that happen only in India: life, culture, cheap - Asia
  84. K-Pop and J-Pop could incorporate more traditional music: place, people, speaking - Asia
  85. best/cheapest/more frequent flights to take from phils. to US: travel, time - Asia
  86. Number of whites in Hong Kong?: people, speak, population, live - Asia
  87. What are your experience or impression with locals of Beijing, Tianjin, Yantze and Pearl River deltas like?: jobs, people - Asia
  88. News, I Want an American Baby! Chinese Women Flock to the U.S. to Give Birth.: best, country - Asia
  89. wi-fi for home use in the phils?: airport - Asia
  90. Where can I find a dirt cheap tailor that makes Westen stuff like jumpsuits, suits dresses: place, people - Asia
  91. ♫..indonesia ℳϟЇc..♫: influence, developed - Asia
  92. Where would you rather visit: Taipei or Ho Chi Minh City?: life, country - Asia
  93. In which Asian countries are women most likely to put white men on a pedestal? In which the least? What about the men?: life, country
  94. Would you rather visit, KUWAIT or BAHRAIN?: country, culture, move - Asia
  95. Do you think Kurdistan will ever happen?: life, people, speaking - Asia
  96. Would you rather live in METRO Manila or METRO Kuala Lumpur?: best, country - Asia
  97. Which are the friendliest Asian countries?: people, culture, travel, cons
  98. One day in Bahrain. One day in Kuwait. What to see and do?: country, people - Asia
  99. My impressions of Dubai: crime, country, places, people - Asia
  100. Vietnamese mail order brides: life, country, people, move - Asia
  101. Be careful what you eat in China: best, 2013, people - Asia
  102. Asian Military: best, country, cons, population
  103. Can you name all countries of Asia on a map?: best, country
  104. Best city for expats in India?: life, places, jobs, girls - Asia
  105. How other Asians celebrate their traditional Christmas?: people, kids, teachers
  106. American teaching English in Taiwan: life, cost, country, safe - Asia
  107. Why was Protestantism less successful in India than in China?: country, people - Asia
  108. Which Asian place or country would you recommend for this guy?: best, people
  109. Asians don't know much about Geography or History do they?: best, country
  110. What Would It Take For You to vacation in China Today?: country, places - Asia
  111. Japanese nationalism, Abe, and a growing military-industrial complex?: country, train, cons - Asia
  112. How can The Philippines Better Protect Itself?: best, country, people - Asia
  113. News, The Chinese Communist Party should end the one-child policy for its own sake: people, cons - Asia
  114. Political correctness relating to Asians: best, people, speaking, cons
  115. News, China destroys 500 barbecues to tame Beijing pollution - media: life, 2013 - Asia
  116. Vietnamese Communism. Is this mostly the same characteristics compared to Chinese Communism?: life, country - Asia
  117. Super Typhoon Makes Landfall in the Philippines: life, country, safe - Asia
  118. Is Singapore part of the Anglosphere?: country, places, culture, move - Asia
  119. Buy a home in Malaysia?: best, cost, country, safer - Asia
  120. Prayer for the Philippines: best, life, country, place - Asia
  121. First trip to Asia: Bangkok vs Tokyo vs Hong Kong: best, country
  122. New Development houses throughout the Philippines...: people, move, live, retirement - Asia
  123. Ethnicity and average look of Lao and Thai: country, people, move - Asia
  124. Southeast South Korea?: people, live, visit, airport - Asia
  125. Why do Singaporeans drink so little?: best, life, cost, place - Asia
  126. Taiwanese as opposed to Chinese identity: best, place, people, culture - Asia
  127. Rank the beautiful & classic skyline of Asian capital city?: best, 2013
  128. Which Asian countries do you think will abolish capital punishment soon?: crime rate, life
  129. Rank the Asian cuisines you're with by preference: names, time
  130. College in Japan or South Korea: cost, country, place, people - Asia
  131. Is Japan stagnating compared to most of Asia experiencing the astronomical cultural and economic growth in modern times?: best, life
  132. The quality of life in Taiwan. The possibility of having the overall highest quality of life in Asia.: crime rate, place
  133. The Philippines and Mexico: Striking similarities: crime rate, cost, country, people - Asia
  134. why retiring in penang, Malaysia ?: best, life, cost, country - Asia
  135. 'The Strange Case of Circumcision in Korea': country, people, move - Asia
  136. The Peranakan/Baba-Nyonya: life, country, people, culture - Asia
  137. How connected or separate is Hong Kong to mainland China? What is the level of integration between Hong Kong to China: best, life - Asia
  138. The Southeast Asian world of events between Thailand-Malaysia-Vietnam-Cambodia-Laos-Indonesia-Singapore.: best, cost, country
  139. Why is Asia not as racially diverse as the West ?: best, country
  140. would a filipina date / marry a non Christian? or non religious person?: country, people - Asia
  141. using US debit/credit cards in the phils/other parts of asia: best, cost
  142. Which is the most open country in transgender?: life, places, people - Asia
  143. Do Indonesian Look a like CHINESE ?: people, move, time - Asia
  144. applying for english teaching schools in korea: country, places, jobs - Asia
  145. Consumption of Cat and Dog Meat in China, Korea, Phillipines, & Vietnam: people, cultures - Asia
  146. How friendly are Turkish people in general?: best, country, place - Asia
  147. Which country has the most powerful influence in south east asia?: best, people
  148. Indonesia is actually run by China?: cost, country, place, people - Asia
  149. If you could only visit one city in Asia to visit which would it be?: move, cons
  150. Ancient Voices : BBC Documentary Series - Asia
  151. KPop Songs - Asia
  152. Is Thai friendliness overrated?: life, country, place, train - Asia
  153. Life in Seoul: more like Shanghai or Tokyo?: cost, people, speaking - Asia
  154. Why aren't the Yue (Cantonese) and Minnan (Hokkien) people considered separate ethnicities?: place, train - Asia
  155. Art of Kundiman Songs (Filipinas): people, names - Asia
  156. In your opinion,The superstar of which SEA countries are best looking??: girls, compared - Asia
  157. Pictures of East/Southeast Asia people per country: speaking, population, beautiful
  158. Average tall of Asian(In order tallest to shortest): people, pros, developed
  159. Most attractive Asian country (males): speaking, pros, population
  160. Filipinas I need feedback in my pursuit of a Filipina: best, cost - Asia
  161. Do most Thai Chinese/Chinese Thai consider themselves 'Chinese'?: life, country, culture - Asia
  162. India to start Visa on Arrival thing: crime, country, population - Asia
  163. I just accepted a position in Hong Kong!: crime, best, life - Asia
  164. How can I spend time in a late night in Tokyo?: crime, best - Asia
  165. Asian Airport that left you dissapointed and why?: people, speak, cons
  166. How do Asians view arabs ?: crime, people, cons, population
  167. How will japan solve its future population crisis?: life, cost, jobs - Asia
  168. is it easy to move to Japan?: best, country, train - Asia
  169. Bangkok is #1 !: best, country, people, culture - Asia
  170. Which asian country has the best weather??: people, live, time
  171. Which country is more corrupt? Thailand or Vietnam?: life, travel, time - Asia
  172. Is Bankok or Hong Kong safe for a single traveler?: country, safest - Asia
  173. Do you know the real truth about Dalai Lama: best, life, country - Asia
  174. Kuwait and other Gulf countries to implement gay test at border: crime, life - Asia
  175. Why must Westerners refer to Taiwan and China as separate?: country, people - Asia
  176. Best place for Surf Vacation?: cost, train, speaking, cheap - Asia
  177. Iranian women vs cambodian women vs indonesian women vs japanese men: best, country - Asia
  178. Why do South Asians overwhelmingly oppose interracial relationships?: best, life, country
  179. Asian Fashion: girls, 2014
  180. Ever wonder how the Democratic People's Republic of Korea looked like?: place, travel - Asia
  181. for Chinese residents: live - Asia
  182. Sub-Saharan African admixture is greater in...Turks or Kurds? - Asia
  183. North African admixture in Turks vs. Kurds: influence, Europeans - Asia
  184. Video, Pedestrian Bridge Collapse Caught on Camera in China.: time - Asia
  185. Interview procedure @US embassy in Manila: people, appearance - Asia
  186. Chengdu Travel Tips: best, life, cost, place - Asia
  187. x - Asia
  188. The Yunnan International Education Exhibition: country, train, people, cons - Asia
  189. How's the internet service in Bangkok?: live - Asia
  190. watching/using dramafever in the philippines? - Asia
  191. Chinese vs Thai Sepak Takraw - Asia
  192. T-Mobile - Free calls and texts to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan - Asia
  193. Where can I buy Japanese computer games in Hong Kong?: train, people - Asia
  194. What country has your favourite style of traditional/folk (not pop) music? - Asia
  195. Distribution of Islam in India: live - Asia
  196. Seoul and Busan: 2013 - Asia
  197. how to start a radio station - Asia
  198. Syrian village is 'liberated' by rebels... who then forced Christians to convert to Islam: place, people - Asia
  199. Welcome to Thailand! PAY US at the door.: move - Asia
  200. Top Attractions in Beihai: culture, cons, beautiful, famous - Asia