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  41. News, Confused Japanese tourists trigger highway pursuit in Utah: dangerous, place, people - Asia
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  45. Why most topic in asia are very personal amd racist?i: best, people
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  65. Do you know IIMC EPSM Program?: live - Asia
  66. Thai Selling Burmese Muslims to Malaysia: country, people, 2013 - Asia
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  68. Cataracts for my old age Mom: move - Asia
  69. Has Malaysia relaxed it's executions?: country, cons, time, interesting - Asia
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  76. Historical/Record Breaking Snowstorm in Jerusalem: safe, dangerous, people, speaking - Asia
  77. Whatever happened to the feminism in China?: jobs, people, culture - Asia
  78. How different are the Chinese dialects from one another?: place, people, speaking - Asia
  79. Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, Philippines: place, visit, vacation, 2013 - Asia
  80. Do you see China as exploiting Africa or helping Africa?: country, culture - Asia
  81. Does it make sense to lump South-East Asians in the same category as East Asians or not?: country, place
  82. Black Asians: life, places, people, speak
  83. Malaysia's ethnic tensions rise as its economy declines: country, people, pros - Asia
  84. Hong Kong or Taipei for US Tourists: best, cost, place - Asia
  85. with a strong desire to visit BANGLADESH?: cost, country, places - Asia
  86. Are 4 countries the most developed in Asia?: life, country, citizen
  87. Why is spitting so prevalent in many Asian cultures?: life, country, people
  88. Quality of Life: China vs Vietnam...?: crime, best, cost, country - Asia
  89. Why Do Asians in Asia Look So Much Nerdier than Americanized Asians?: country, people
  90. It's A Girl !!: country, jobs, people, culture - Asia
  91. South Korea church mourns bomb dead: cost, people, time, interesting - Asia
  92. We hear that Singaporeans aren't too pleased with foreigners coming...: best, life - Asia
  93. US-China City Equivalents: life, places, people, culture - Asia
  94. Are other Asian countries starting to look up to China?: country, dangerous
  95. Why is Bishkek not widely known?: country, people, culture, speaking - Asia
  96. Number of women compared to men in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan?: life, places - Asia
  97. English names in Asia: life, country, people, culture
  98. Ever wonder why Thais loved their King?: country, people, move - Asia
  99. Moving to Chengdu: crime, cost, place, jobs - Asia
  100. Are China and India really much better off than they were 20 years ago?: life, cost - Asia
  101. 28 Dead & 113 Injured In Terrorist Attack At Chinese Railway Station: country, people - Asia
  102. Drug use in Asia?: crime, life, place, jobs
  103. Malaysian Aircraft To Beijing Still Missing: best, life, citizen, names - Asia
  104. Tajikistan women vs. Turkmenistan women vs. Kazakhstan women vs. Uzbekistan women...: best, people - Asia
  105. Kazakhstan vs. Uzbekistan: country, people, culture, cons - Asia
  106. Is it true Asian and Japanese women like only American men and black men: place, people
  107. Do you expect tourism to South Korea to increase a lot due to the 'Korean wave'?: cost, country - Asia
  108. Why do elements of the Chinese still dislike the Japanese?: crime, life - Asia
  109. English ability in Asia based on subjective experience travelling: life, jobs, people
  110. What's the most 'exotic' country in Asia iyo?: best, life, place
  111. Bombay vs Rangoon, which city deserves to be the London of Asia?: country, safe
  112. IQ of 8~10 yo children in Chinese provinces: people, cons, developed - Asia
  113. Science fiction in Asia: time, cultures
  114. China's Economy: life, cost, places, train - Asia
  115. Which Asian city is the most chaotic?: place, people, travel
  116. What is the relationship between Vietnam and Hainan?: place, people, culture - Asia
  117. Difficulty in learning Asian languages: life, country, people, speaking
  118. Do the Hainanese (Han in Hainan) tend to look distinct?: people, culture - Asia
  119. Asian education dominates: country, people, kids, cons
  120. The sex ratio in Vietnam vs China and Korea: country, place, people - Asia
  121. Japan in October: cost, country, place, train - Asia
  122. Is Cebu worth visiting?: best, life, cost, country - Asia
  123. How Islamic is Indonesia?: life, country, places, people - Asia
  124. Pakistan an underrated Travel Destination: country, place, train, people - Asia
  125. Does Japan have the lowest economic inequality of Asian nations? If so, what are the reasons?: best, life
  126. Spratly Islands: best, life, country, names - Asia
  127. How seriously do most Thais take their Buddhism?: best, life, country - Asia
  128. What are the main cultural differences between North and South China?: country, people - Asia
  129. India outraged over diplomat being strip-searched in U.S.: crime, country, places - Asia
  130. Do you think that the Filipinos and the Indigenous Mexicans look similar or very different?: best, place - Asia
  131. Which asian countries are more likely to make friends with a foreigner?: place, people
  132. Does Chinese (and Sinitic) society tend to lack politeness, decorum, courtesy? Do you find it a bit brusque/rude?: best, people - Asia
  133. Which Country would you prefer to live and work in? Malaysia or Singapore?: best, cost - Asia
  134. Is there less of a mall culture in Japan/Korea vs developed South-East Asia?: cost, place
  135. Chinese intelligence vs. Indian intelligence? Who are smarter? How are they different?: places, people - Asia
  136. Just how many bargirls/prostitutes in Thailand are really from Isan?: life, country - Asia
  137. If a Mestizo were in Asia (China/Japan/Korea),?: people, travel, population
  138. Your top 10 Asian country in terms of food!: people, travel, names
  139. Oversea Asians in other Asian countries: people, cheap, population, names
  140. How much do foreign tourists get hassled in India?: country, safer, dangerous - Asia
  141. if it's time to leave Japan for good: life, country, safe - Asia
  142. What languages do you speak/understand?: country, speaking, interesting, school - Asia
  143. will japan's reserved and introverted society be a downfall for the country?: life, cost - Asia
  144. India Elections 2014 - A New Beginning?: life, country, people, cheap - Asia
  145. Workaholic East Asian nations and their rapid economic rise: life, jobs, people
  146. Is Hong Kong becoming more desirable for the Japanese?: crime, cost, country - Asia
  147. is japan a no go?: country, people, live, beautiful - Asia
  148. Wuxi, China s?: country, safer, place, train - Asia
  149. Anything about Okinawa? How different is it from the rest of Japan?: place, jobs - Asia
  150. Israel's Ariel Sharon dies at 85: country, place, move, cons - Asia
  151. Favorite countries to travel to in Southeast Asia: best, life, country
  152. Honeymoon in China officially booked: best, life, cost, place - Asia
  153. Culture shock: from most to least?: life, places, people, move - Asia
  154. Which of Asian megamalls have you been to?: place, people, travel
  155. Dolphin killing in Japan: best, people, international, 2014 - Asia
  156. Can most Asians recognise the Roman alphabet/read common English words? What about common spoken words?: people, travel
  157. How much of a connection do South-East Asians feel towards China vs. India?: country, place
  158. Skipping Asia?: cost, country, places, people
  159. Your Asian top 10 shopping city!: best, cost, safe, place
  160. Pollution in China: life, cost, country, place - Asia
  161. Do Muslim non-Middle Eastern Asians (eg. Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indonesians) feel an affinity to the Middle East?: life, country
  162. How is India like? How are Indian men like?: best, life, safe - Asia
  163. Is Thailand's Monarchy In Jeopardy?: country, people, speaking, cons - Asia
  164. Are the children of wealthy Singaporean families becoming 'spoilt'?: life, country, place - Asia
  165. When did South Korea really become developed? compared to Japan): life, country - Asia
  166. Will Shanghai surpass Tokyo?: best, life, people, culture - Asia
  167. List the 5 of the most well-known Asian stars you think.: country, move
  168. Why is Filipino food so lacklustre and/or bad?*: best, country, places - Asia
  169. Will Tibetans ever get their country back from China?: people, move, speak - Asia
  170. Just how bad is the radiation in Japan?: best, safe, people - Asia
  171. What do Chinese in China think of 'Overseas Chinese?': country, people - Asia
  172. Should I visit Singapore?: crime, life, country, people - Asia
  173. Do Asian people consider Pakistanis Asian ?: places, culture, speak
  174. My neighbor almost put his hands on me this morning!!: country, move - Asia
  175. Under One Roof: life - Asia
  176. Article about Asian guest workers in National Geographic: live, conditions, 2014
  177. El Fraile Island: Fort Drum (Concrete Island, Philippines) - Asia
  178. Inside Qatars' Squalid Labor Camps: interesting - Asia
  179. photos of asia test photo
  180. News, China Wal-Mart surprise: How did fox meat get into donkey products?: 2014 - Asia
  181. Japanese private school: experiences, teach - Asia
  182. Japanese language schools - Asia
  183. feasible source of soapstone in asia: school
  184. Hai all - Asia
  185. Young people in India starting to wear more western clothing?: cost, cons - Asia
  186. Elementary schools for foreigners in Tokyo: speaking, international - Asia
  187. Life on a ‘Death River’ in Bangladesh: people, time, 2014 - Asia
  188. free online korean lessons available: 2013 - Asia
  189. Indonesian Volcano Erupts: 2014 - Asia
  190. Working in Hong Kong (for new grad): life, people, move - Asia
  191. The demolition of Kashgar's Old City and the situation in Xinjiang: places, people - Asia
  192. Tianjin Tutors: move - Asia
  193. Is Japanese a must when living in Tokyo??????? - Asia
  194. 24 Hours of Happy (H.K. Edition) - Asia
  195. Thailand becoming more corrupt?: country - Asia
  196. Should I Choose Alphapackers for Relocations in Bangalore???: best, move - Asia
  197. Italy recalls ambassador to India after Supreme Court delays decision on detained marines: 2014 - Asia
  198. shenzen teeth / dental. / implants? - Asia
  199. holiday travels: country, beautiful, places - Asia
  200. Do most Japanese in Hokkaido have Ainu ancestry?: people, population - Asia