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  1. Why does it seem like E. and SE. Asians eat more animals (eg. snakes, rodents ) than W. or S. Asians?: life, people
  2. English in Japan and Korea: country, train, people, speaking - Asia
  3. MH370, Sewol ferry disaster, mt sinabung volcano erupt , Nepal avalanche: interesting, population - Asia
  4. Getting dual citizenship status vs. 5 year exempt for Vietnam: best, country, cons - Asia
  5. 200 Million Voters Turn Out.: people, compared - Asia
  6. Is Bangladesh secure to travel ?: safe, place, visit - Asia
  7. What National Parks/major nature reserves in Asia have you visited?: cons, visit
  8. Delhi's Pollution: live, quality, time, visit - Asia
  9. Why Central Asian countries don't send domestic workers to Middle East?: culture, influence
  10. Laundromats in India???: cost, people, foreigners, apartments - Asia
  11. Chinese city population and their equivalent countries: country, cons, developed - Asia
  12. Tokyo vs Hong Kong, daytime density/crowds: life, places, people - Asia
  13. Is Vietnam Similiar to China in Regard to.......: people, culture, pros - Asia
  14. Would the average Japanese person eat this?: live - Asia
  15. How to live and die in Syria: 2014 - Asia
  16. Khmer New Year: life, people, cons, water - Asia
  17. How much of the Philippines' economy comes from Overseas Filipinos?: country - Asia
  18. thailand crisis - Asia
  19. Do You Think Pacific Islander Men On Average Are As Tall As Western Men ?: live - Asia
  20. Which Region Of China Has The Friendliest Women ?: people, speak, hotel - Asia
  21. Is there an I-Pop?: culture, beautiful, influence - Asia
  22. Do Petroleum Engineers enjoy their job in Jakarta Indonesia?: life, jobs, people - Asia
  23. Why does it seem many Asian (east/southeast/south) cuisines don't really have raw veggies/salads but cooked veggies?: life, country
  24. How successful are the tv dramas, movies and music of places in other countries & territories?: people, cons - Asia
  25. Terror Attack On Passover Eve In Israel: country, people, travel - Asia
  26. Philippines waives visa requirements for 7 countries: cost, places, people, population - Asia
  27. Learning Mandarin -: best, life, people, speaking - Asia
  28. Church Demolition in China: teach, time, 2014 - Asia
  29. Sharia Law Is Now the Law of the Land in Brunei: international, 2014 - Asia
  30. Only in India: people, travel, live, water - Asia
  31. North Korea fires 5 missiles into South Korean waters, island evacuated: people, cons - Asia
  32. Hospital situation in Israel: life, country, jobs, kids - Asia
  33. Israel - Asia
  34. What Do You Think About......?: best, country, places, people - Asia
  35. India: How technology and development are not the same thing: cost, country - Asia
  36. Silicon Wadi - Asia
  37. South Korea not safe days: life, place, time - Asia
  38. Proof that Xeonphobia is a big issue in SIngapore: life, cons, population - Asia
  39. Tourist Attractions in Beijing and Shanghai (And Vicinity): places, travel, areas - Asia
  40. For who are interested in Singapore: best, people, foreigners - Asia
  41. Will be harder for foreigners to find jobs in Singapore - Asia
  42. Most interesting thing INDIA???????: place, 2013 - Asia
  43. Is the caste system in India fading away?: life, time, visit - Asia
  44. Hua Hin vs Nha Trang?: cost, country, place, people - Asia
  45. Was E/SE Asian (like China, Japan, Philippines) more liberal on gender than South/West Asia, due to western influence?: country, places
  46. cargo ship sink in Hong Kong: life, hotel - Asia
  47. Heihaizi, China's illegal children: country, people, travel, population - Asia
  48. How Long Can I Visit the Philippines Without Problems?: best, country, place - Asia
  49. Pre-Hispanic writing (Baybayin) in the Philippines: time - Asia
  50. FT in Singapore: life, cost, country, safe - Asia
  51. Which other Asian country or countries do you most relate to/feel kinship with?: life, people
  52. How do you think about Indian punctuality?: life, people, culture - Asia
  53. North Korea changes as contraband seeps in: life, country, people - Asia
  54. Does send money to their significant other overseas?: cheap - Asia
  55. What Singaporeans in general are unhappy about: country, places, live - Asia
  56. What Percentage Of Indonesians Are Multiracial ?: place, people, kids, cons - Asia
  57. How does crowdedness of Dhaka compare to cities in India?: people, travel - Asia
  58. Elderly in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong: places, jobs, people - Asia
  59. Nikkei / Japanese Descent: life - Asia
  60. Do Australians or New Zealanders feel an affinity to Asia or the Asia-Pacific based on geography (not race)?: cultures, speak
  61. What's it like for a foreigner to party in Seoul? Is it expensive?: best, life - Asia
  62. How do you find rooms for rent in the Philippines?: best, cost - Asia
  63. My fiancee is looking for his birth mom and/or siblings!: time, 2014 - Asia
  64. Are the young generation of Singaporeans becoming more united in their national identity?: place, people - Asia
  65. What's Varanasi like (gasp!) away from the ghats?: famous, time, visiting - Asia
  66. How are Asian Hispanics viewed/treated?: places, move, speak, kids
  67. Laos - misc. travel questions: life, cost, country, safe - Asia
  68. Man helps school pupils cross deep flood inside a plastic bag: life, country - Asia
  69. Hybrid Vigor Asians: country, people
  70. Problem Solving Abilities Nations: train, foreigners, international - Asia
  71. Do you think that climate or vegetation regions of Asia match the way people split Asia by region culturally/ethnically.: places, culture
  72. To whose visited India with a tourist visa:: country, place, cheap - Asia
  73. Why does it seem Southeast and East Asia is more liberal on sexual norms than South Asia?: places, people
  74. Khmer more like Thai or Vietnamese?: cost, people, culture, influence - Asia
  75. What are generalised differences between Thai and Filipino women?: life, country - Asia
  76. Former PM Olmert convicted of taking bribes: time - Asia
  77. Jobs in Japan and South Korea ?: country, cultures, speaking, cons - Asia
  78. The Chinese Megathread: country, place, people, move - Asia
  79. Do you think Tibet is part of China: life, girls, time - Asia
  80. Indian-Chinese cross cultural experiences: best, places, people, move - Asia
  81. Ageing: life, country, places, jobs - Asia
  82. Wouldn't it be cool if Singapore had more land?: country, places, time - Asia
  83. South Korea or Taiwan, which is more developed?: country, jobs, people - Asia
  84. Graduate Jobs in Singapore: best, people, travel, population - Asia
  85. 'Singapore: First World Economy, First World Costs, Third World Everything: country, people - Asia
  86. Why does the world tolerate N. Korea?: crime, life, country - Asia
  87. The world biggest metropolitan area is Pearl River Delta: people, population, developed - Asia
  88. What do you think India would be like if the British stuck around?: cost, country - Asia
  89. My Korean Rant: life, country, place, people - Asia
  90. Visiting or Residing in the Philippines: cost, country, places, people - Asia
  91. China set to become the largest economy this year: crime, best, life - Asia
  92. Which Asian Country Has the Most Unrealistic Beauty Standards?: best, culture, cons
  93. Gutter Oil in China: country, places, people, cheap - Asia
  94. Will shanghai become another major tourist destination: place, quality, statistics - Asia
  95. Which is your favorite Chinese cuisine?: influence, famous - Asia
  96. Nobody cares about Thailand ??: country, people, move, travel - Asia
  97. Restrictions of locals entering casinos in Asia: people, citizen, foreigners
  98. Why do you think about israel?: life, country, place, people - Asia
  99. In which Asian countries are marriages still commonly arranged (by family, matchmaker ): places, people
  100. Why does Singapore has a large number of non-citizens?: country, place, people - Asia
  101. Malaysian official says plane was hijacked: best, people, travel, cons - Asia
  102. live full time in Vietnam?: life, 2013, country, place - Asia
  103. Military coup in Thailand: country, place, people, travel - Asia
  104. China's Greedy?: country, people, population, compared - Asia
  105. Filipino Dual Citizenship: life, country, place, culture - Asia
  106. CHINA - the worst country on earth - enter at your own risk!!!!!: life, cost - Asia
  107. man stark naked at Universal Studio Singapore: life, country, place - Asia
  108. Yes. Initially planned event for Pinoys in Singapore's Orchard Road changed.: life, country - Asia
  109. Do you think the Middle East's transition to the rest of Asia is a very sharp/fine line or a gradual one?: country, people
  110. What parts of Asia would you place India vs. China's zones of influence.: people, culture
  111. Travellers, stay away from North Korea!: crime, country, safest, people - Asia
  112. Manila and Jakarta to overtake Singapore as global cities in 20 years: country, place - Asia
  113. I'm Malaysian. Questions?: people, culture, cheap, time - Asia
  114. Poor Vietnam...: country, place, jobs, move - Asia
  115. China made a lot of headlines days: best, cons, influence - Asia
  116. Expats coming to Singapore..: life, place, salaries, famous - Asia
  117. Reverse immigration: best, life, places, move - Asia
  118. If this person wins the Indonesian Presidential Election, we may have the first ever metalhead Head of State! \m/: best, country - Asia
  119. China's share of world GDP - history: best, country, people - Asia
  120. Narendra Modi elected to lead India--what does it mean for the region: best, life - Asia
  121. Number of foreigners/immigrants in different Asian countries: country, population, live
  122. U.S. Is No. 1, China Is So Yesterday: life, country, dangerous - Asia
  123. May 19 Atatürk Commemoration and Youth and Sports Day Turkey: best, country - Asia
  124. Anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam: best, safer, place, people - Asia
  125. Do The Younger Chinese Really Want To Know What Happened During The Cultural Revolution?: crime, life - Asia
  126. Taipei is no longer safe: crime, life, country, safest - Asia
  127. Do people in Asia really think of themselves as Asian or part of a large category called Asia ?: life, cons
  128. Do you think physical appearance is an important feature defining Asians or not at all compared to culture?: people, cons
  129. Search cost for MH370: country, live - Asia
  130. Fall of Communism in China: country, people, kids, Europeans - Asia
  131. What Would You Do In My Situation? Quezon City: best, life, cost - Asia
  132. Which city has the best infrastructure: cost, country, train, people - Asia
  133. Is food in Southeast Asia influenced by both E. and S. Asian cuisine? Which is it more like?: best, country
  134. Why are East Asian desserts so lacking in sweetness, but South Asian desserts so sweet?: influence, names
  135. Are the Filipino people and Southeast Asians viewed positively or negatively by the Americans, espcially The women?: best, country
  136. Who is closest to the average person from Henan province, China? Japanese, Koreans, Mongolians or un-sinicised Jurchen?: place, people - Asia
  137. How do Asians Catholic celebrate Lenten Season?: life, 2013, place
  138. Qingdao vs Xiamen: life, cost, places, people - Asia
  139. Russians in Israel: country, people, emigrate, time - Asia
  140. chance that the Philippine dynasty/elite dominance and inequality comes to an end in elections of 2016?: crime rate, best - Asia
  141. Half East Asian + Half Pacific Islander = Southeast Asian Phenotype ?: people, girls, influence
  142. The accents of various Asian countries when speaking English: best, people, influence
  143. Gay rights in Asia: country, people, cons, girls
  144. Which region of Asia do you think was most influenced post-Western colonialism/European dominance in modern history?: life, cost
  145. Real estate bubble in Chinese cities?: cost, country, places, jobs - Asia
  146. Why Chinese believe U.S is the largest trouble maker on earth?: best, life - Asia
  147. If the westerner talk about asia , which 3 asian countries are often mentioned??: people, cons
  148. Which has a higher standard of English, Malaysia or the Philippines?: best, country - Asia
  149. Which countries do you prefer in match-ups...: country, place, live - Asia
  150. Israeli diplomats brawl with Indian official in Delhi Read more: Israeli diplomats brawl with Indian official in Delhi: best, cons - Asia
  151. Are Chinese living along the Huang He (Gansu, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Shandong) the closest to the 'original' Chinese?: people, culture - Asia
  152. How Would You Rank Mongoloid Asians From Darkest To Lightest ?: country, people
  153. Battle of the '5 Noodle Soups': life, place, people, quality - Asia
  154. China or India: country, developed, Europeans, time - Asia
  155. Do most Chinese people consider people of Chinese descent who can't speak Chinese Chinese?: country, place - Asia
  156. Do looks in Japan vary regionally?: place, people, culture, move - Asia
  157. know Wuhan, China?: best, place, kids, population - Asia
  158. Despite high visitor numbers, does it seem that China hasn't caught on as much the 'backpacker' crowd?: country, place - Asia
  159. Why is there so much obsession with race in this forum?: country, people - Asia
  160. Singapore is the most expensive city.....: cost, country, people, culture - Asia
  161. Next East, South, or Southeast Asian country to become a developed country?: cost, people
  162. Parents in ASIA: life, kids, cons, teacher
  163. 'Thailand's Full Moon Parties Have Become a Trashy Disgrace': country, place, people - Asia
  164. Workers in China, Japan, S. Korea, Philippines, India, Singapore: country, people, culture - Asia
  165. If Beijing Was Its Own Country, Would You Consider It A First World Country ?: developed, time - Asia
  166. How do people in your country view other Asian nationalities?: names, income
  167. Tragedies: life, cost, train, people - Asia
  168. East Asians - Jekyll and Hyde: cost, country, place, people
  169. Which is more linguistically more diverse: China or India?: people, speaking, kids - Asia
  170. What Are Indonesian People's General Overall Opinion Of Papua New Guineans ?: crime, country - Asia
  171. Overseas Chinese identity: life, country, people, culture - Asia
  172. So what is the dating culture like in India?: jobs, cons, girls - Asia
  173. What are the greatest animosities in Asia in history and today?: country, people
  174. Which has greater influence on all of Asia: China or India?: culture, move
  175. Top Asian city in 20-30 years: Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, ?: life, train
  176. Who are THE friendliest Asians IYE?: country, place, people, cheap
  177. Australian cities are getting a lot more Asian, especially the inner areas: country, train
  178. I've heard Singaporeans described as conservative, how true is this and why would it be so? I kind of this...: best, country - Asia
  179. Did Indian emigrants overseas come from mainly North India, South India or equally from all parts of India?: place, people - Asia
  180. Is China becoming Christian?: life, country, people, culture - Asia
  181. Strong anti Phillipines Sentiment over Singapore lately: people, citizen - Asia
  182. What do you think of Nicaragua canal and the Thai Canal?: cost, time - Asia
  183. Which ingredients/foods do you think are pan-Asian or representative of all of Asia?: best, country
  184. Why has Malaysian/Indonesian cuisine not achieved the same popularity as Thai cuisine?: best, country - Asia
  185. Sense of cultural unity/kinship between the Straits settlements: people, culture, speaking - Asia
  186. New political party formed to put Singaporeans FIrst: time - Asia
  187. Iran has criticized EU legitimacy to countries on human rights - Asia
  188. Super Savings Account | IDBI Super Savings Account: visit - Asia
  189. Career Coach: Tips for rising women leaders: school - Asia
  190. DNA Study of 1,054 Khmers Confirms Indian Genetic Predominance: population, areas, 2013 - Asia
  191. Indian diplomat indicted again: 2014 - Asia
  192. To members who are in China -Post MH370: move - Asia
  193. The Avanti Group Law articles: Getting Legal advice in Japan: life, country - Asia
  194. Receiving a mortgage in japan as a US citizen.: cost, place, time - Asia
  195. Approaching Asians casully in Asia: life, places, people, westerners
  196. Two Wheeler Insurance - Asia
  197. Westward Group Renewable Energy News: Leading economies to global clean: move, cons - Asia
  198. Interesting article on the cultural differences between India and Sri Lanka: life, cost - Asia
  199. Seeking Fluent Bi-Lingual Korean Speakers as Translators: airport - Asia
  200. Blog for reading - Asia