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  130. IRAN: Robbers receive amputation as punishment!: crime, life, country, place - Asia
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  135. Asian: country, people, names, quality
  136. Asian language: country, people, speaking, beautiful
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  140. Central Asian = White: people, cons, names, population
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  144. one child policy: best, cost, country, people - Asia
  145. Istanbul, Turkey: country, place, people, cheap - Asia
  146. Tokyo, Osaka or Shanghai: place, people, culture, live - Asia
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  151. California vs. Japan: places, people, speak, cons - Asia
  152. how did china become so populated?: country, safe, place, people - Asia
  153. Tashkent, Uzbekistan: life, country, dangerous, place - Asia
  154. Help-India: best, life, country, place - Asia
  155. News, Ď60 Minutesí Anchor, Crew Roughed Up In China.: activities - Asia
  156. Release the Lion near Borders to Iran: best, safe, people - Asia
  157. News, China announces $586 billion economic stimulus.: move - Asia
  158. News, Baghdad celebrates first public Christmas amid hope, memories.: distance, 2008 - Asia
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  162. Singapore, Hong Kong, or Shanghai? - Asia
  164. Israeli security apparatus: school - Asia
  165. News, Real estate and womanising greatest sins in Communist Party.: move, cheap - Asia
  166. News, Beijing Police Launch Virtual Web Patrol.: international - Asia
  167. News, China to reduce tariffs by 20-30 percent: report.: time, international - Asia
  168. News, China offers pieces of Bird's Nest for 420 dollars: report.: cons, construction - Asia
  169. Help on Indonesia: country, people - Asia
  170. Condolences in Japanese - Help: permits, children, direct - Asia
  171. News, Report: China Tops List of World's Deadliest Roads for 11th Consecutive Year.: international, statistics - Asia
  172. News, China Cracks Down on Rights Ahead of Beijing Olympics.: house, cities - Asia
  173. News, Saudi Arabia: Woman detained for driving.: international - Asia
  174. News, Speaker Pelosi Meets With Dalai Lama, Denounces Chinese Rule in Tibet.: cons - Asia
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  177. N. Korea Reportedly Fires Short-Range Missiles: news, agency, government - Asia
  178. This is China: best, culture, travel - Asia
  179. Oroquita City, Philippines: safe, island, unsafe - Asia
  180. Shirokane-Takanawa japan...: move, places - Asia
  181. News, India beggar amasses coin fortune.: transfer, earnings, money - Asia
  182. News, Bodies retrieved as quake toll tops 12,000.: live - Asia
  183. News, China orders heightened efforts to stop deadly virus.: health, children - Asia
  184. News, Report: Iran Hangs 29 Convicts.: crime, people, international - Asia
  185. News, Israelís welcome for Ethiopian Jews wears thin.: transport, land - Asia
  186. News, Japan offers a high-tech afterlife.: home, yard, island - Asia
  187. News Video, Indian Train Station Dresses Man as Monkey to Scare Actual Primates.: people - Asia
  188. News, Poll: Pakistanis Turn Against Bin Laden.: country, international - Asia
  189. Does Japan have nationalized healthcare?: cons, pros - Asia
  190. News, India's outsourcing industry takes toll on workforce.: life, salary - Asia
  191. News, Fishermen To Launch Fish Strike In Philippines To Protest Rising Fuel Prices: country - Asia
  192. News, NEW DELHI, Lights turn red for stunned jaywalkers.: life, time - Asia
  193. Definition of the Middle East?: land, central, countries - Asia
  194. News Video, North Koreaís Kim Jong Il Reportedly Suffers Stroke.: country - Asia
  195. News, Many Iranians, rich and poor, want real change.: jobs, live - Asia
  196. moving to asia: move, jobs
  197. Teaching english in taiwan: best, country, jobs, people - Asia
  198. News, Olympics clean up Chinese style: Inside Beijing's shocking death camp for cats.: aggressive, live - Asia
  199. News, Beijing says torch can stay alight atop Everest.: top, Chinese - Asia
  200. News, Japan's Obama town set to party for U.S. namesake.: residential, Japanese - Asia