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  10. 7B USD promised to S Africa
  11. To who has been to both Hawaii and Africa, which city in Africa is most like Honolulu?: beautiful
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  18. Livingstone/Victoria Falls - how many countries could you reasonably visit just from this location alone?: country, travel - Africa
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  20. The Gospel of Hate: Having lost the culture war in the United States Evangelicals are turning to Africa: country, violence
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  23. Breaking Africa's Trade Barriers: highways, roads, development
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  26. East African Federation: people, cons
  27. China: Is the enemy of your enemy your friend?: view, cons, pros - Africa
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  29. thanks to Russia and Putin: country, train, people, international - Africa
  30. on the health of former President Mandela: issued by the Presidency - Africa
  31. Questions about Regions in Africa...: people
  32. AFRICA - Stories you do not see: culture
  33. Corruption Cost Africa $148 Billion A Year: people
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  36. France in demand as Central Africa crisis deepens: country, violence, people
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  38. Norway: What Africa Can Learn: country, standard, visit, citizen
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  40. South African Elections 2014: country, move
  41. There once was a day, when many people wanted to visit ALGIERS...what happened?: country, tourist - Africa
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  43. moved to johannesburg need advice - Africa
  44. Bear Grylls TV series - Zero or Hero - Your Views?: people, hotel - Africa
  45. Meanwhile in South Africa: BMW to Halt South Africa Expansion Plans After Strikes: country, violence
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  48. Nigerian Wedding - Africa
  49. Emerging Tourist Destinations in AFRICA!: life, features, people, cons
  50. Is their a physical difference amongst sub sahara Africans?: culture, features, people
  51. Top 10 African countries by Human Development Index: country, life, speak
  52. Reliable resources on Algerian Bedouin culture in the 1920s for planned historical fantasy novel?: country, influence - Africa
  53. the Dutch in South Africa vs. NE Brazil in the 1600s: country, culture
  54. Mercks Fight Against River Blindness: people, move, 2013 - Africa
  55. The Gambia withdraws from Commonwealth of Nations: country, influence, culture - Africa
  56. Victoria Rubadiri (Kenyan): country, 2013 - Africa
  57. SAF travelling to Egypt: safety, country, life, visiting - Africa
  58. My employer wants to fire me: country, people, cons - Africa
  59. Documentary During the Prelude to the Fall of Rhodesia: country, living, beautiful - Africa
  60. Amazing Africa! (videos)
  61. Whats living in Durban South Africa like?: life
  62. Cape Town Voted Most Favourite City To Visit: crime, country, tourists - Africa
  63. Legalizing African Development: speak
  64. Travel to Egypt: Good or Bad?: country, tourist, culture, train - Africa
  65. Chinese-African Brotherhood?: friendly, racist, island
  66. Job opportunities in Africa: country, tourists, travel, people
  67. Something for the folks: title, architecture, radio - Africa
  68. sign this petition to stop Uganda killing gays: people - Africa
  69. Unfinished buildings: life, cost, travel, jobs - Africa
  70. Information on Somalia: travel - Africa
  71. (West) African recipes: features, people, cheap, cons
  72. Africa's Legal Issues: pros
  73. Collapse of Shopping Mall in Accra, Ghana: people - Africa
  74. Rape Statistics - South Africa & Worldwide 2011: country, life, people
  75. Travelling from Spain/Morocco to Senegal overland: train, people, cheap - Africa
  76. Military Regimes,Political Exclusion: crime, country, move, citizen - Africa
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  79. Civil Rights Org Criticized Over Equatorial Guinea: country, speak, people - Africa
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  81. New Google Streetviews Available: life, travel - Africa
  82. Uganda: country, life, visit - Africa
  83. Cameroon Language?: country, speak, culture, people - Africa
  84. Urban Africa: life, vs
  85. Travel within Africa - planes, buses - it all problematic?: safety, country
  86. In Police Shooting of Miners, South Africa Charges Miners: crime, country, people
  87. Ethiopian Man Claims to be 160 Years Old: country, living, people - Africa
  88. Mugabe wins elections again: jobs, people - Africa
  89. Sending money home: country, life, speak, culture - Africa
  90. West-African Countries: country, tourists, life, violence
  91. Violence in Kenya: country, life, living, cons - Africa
  92. What's African About Black-Americans?: country, influence, speak, train
  93. What do you know about Tanzania: safest, country, tourists, life - Africa
  94. Senegal: Dakar, the capital of Senegal, has been without running water for 2 weeks.: country, people - Africa
  95. Ask a Nigerian uestion About Nigeria: crime rate, country, tourist - Africa
  96. Singapore: What Africa can learn: country, life, travel, culture
  97. Which African Countries Have Actually Used Aid For Development?: country, life, culture
  98. Why did so many whites move to South Africa?: country, culture, train
  99. Why is the African forum the least popular?: country, culture, features
  100. Iam going to move to South Africa: crime, country, life
  101. The status of women in Africa: crime, country, life, quality
  102. Pictures: Kenyan Middle Class: safety, country, influence, travel - Africa
  103. What Pre-Colonial Africa Was Really Like: features, view, people, cons
  104. South Africans and the Dutch: crime, country, influence, speak
  105. Does Africa Get More Sun than Other Continents?: people, cons, beautiful
  106. why can't west african women be the most beautiful ?: features, people, cons
  107. Would you travel to EGYPT in early 2014?: country, tourist, speak - Africa
  108. What if Russia had colonized parts of Africa?: crime, country, influence
  109. Why are there so many threads about Africans vs Afircan Americans: life, influence
  110. Genocide of the Khoisan people: country, life, speak, quality - Africa
  111. blond and white race in Tunisia: people - Africa
  112. Traveling to Africa: cost, cons, visiting, international
  113. What to do and how to react when being carjacked: life, train - Africa
  114. Ethiopia appears to be the emerging african country right now: people, beautiful
  115. Nelson Mandela Has Died: beautiful - Africa
  116. Songs about Africa: move, hotel
  117. Non-Africans, do you think you'll realistically visit Africa before you die?: safety, country
  118. The world's first developed African country: travel, people
  119. Are African/African Descent the most populous?: country, travel, culture
  120. How do you travel between USA and Africa?: country, cheap
  121. Constitution for East African Federation is being drafted!: country, speak, citizen
  122. The King Tut European DNA Debunked: life, speak, living - Africa
  123. Musical controverse Cheb Khaled & Marc Anthony: 2013 - Africa
  124. Ancient African Civilizations 101: country, influence, dating, travel
  125. What are native Africans taught about the Slave Trade to America.: country, view
  126. Ethiopia: country, speak, features, people - Africa
  127. how do you send a package to africa safely: country, life, cost
  128. Do Not Look Under Your Car Hood While In Africa: live in, yard
  129. Can you name all the countries of Africa on a map?: country, 2015
  130. When Africans Meet African-Americans: life, influence, speak, view
  131. algeria: country, tourists, life, travel - Africa
  132. How Did Africa End Up With So Many Bad Leaders?: country, life
  133. Are African Women Too Dominated?: crime, country, life, speak
  134. Africa's Nicest Cities!: travel, culture, view, people
  135. For Economic Development in South Africa: crime, country, speak
  136. How Socialism Underdeveloped Africa: country, people, cons, pros
  137. How would you redraw the map of Africa?: country, living, people
  138. Whats up with the hate from African woman towards me, a beautiful Black American woman??: country, life
  139. Slavery in Mali: crime, country, dating, people - Africa
  140. Why Poor Countries Are Poor: country, influence, living, view - Africa
  141. The Slave Kingdoms: crime, country, culture, people - Africa
  142. Are they Hispanic?: country, influence, speak, people - Africa
  143. Exposing Nigeria's Corruption: country, life, cost, culture - Africa
  144. African music and dance: influence, speak, people, beautiful
  145. African Professionals Bring Their Training Home: country, life, living, jobs
  146. Your Favorite Mainland Sub-Saharan African Country (NOT S.Africa)?: cons
  147. Africa's Progress Tied To Better Leaders: life, influence, view, people
  148. How are race relations like most average folk in South Africa?: crime, safety
  149. Spanish Language in Africa: country, tourists, life, influence
  150. Angola: country, life, quality, travel - Africa
  151. 'Land Grabbing' in Africa....: speak, people, move, cons
  152. Overlanding it in Eastern Africa - Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia - would you do it?: country, life
  153. Mali: country, life, influence, people - Africa
  154. South Africa and its Train system: country, tourist, life, cost
  155. Africa: Where black is not really beautiful (BBC article): country, tourist, travel
  156. what do you know about algeria: country, life, influence, speak - Africa
  157. The world's water is running out... Africa's future?: culture, living, people
  158. Meeting women in West Africa: country, dating, speak, travel
  159. Ugandan chess prodigy Phiona Mutesi: life, people, cons, beautiful - Africa
  160. How much historic architecture does Ethiopia have?: safest, tourists, dating - Africa
  161. Do you think Pistorious will get special treatment in jail? He most likely will end up in jail for killing his girlfrien: crime, country - Africa
  162. Do people look arab/north african?: influence
  163. Has Dogon Astronomy Been Exaggerated?: country, culture, view, people - Africa
  164. Why is Africa so intolerant?: country, life, speak, culture
  165. Botswana: country, life, influence, cost - Africa
  166. Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill To Pass This Year: Official: country, people, move - Africa
  167. Homosexuality in South Africa: crime, country, quality, travel
  168. What are the safest countries in Africa?: crime, travel, people
  169. How come Africans don't have their OWN religions?: cons
  170. Pitch me a French-speaking city: safety, tourist, life, cost - Africa
  171. Can African gays seek asylum in US and other countries?: quality, people
  172. British women fly to Africa to find romance: country, life, travel
  173. Descendant From Kings & Queens: country, dating, speak - Africa
  174. white South Africa as Anglo-Dutch or Anglo-Afrikaner society: country, tourists, life
  175. Africa Needs More People Like This: life, travel, culture, features
  176. Dambisa Moyo vs Bill Gates: country, travel, living, people - Africa
  177. Why Does Africa Have So Many Natural Resources?: country, cost, people
  178. Hebrews of africa: people, move
  179. what foods are most popular in Africa?: people, visit
  180. Where did the term 'Sub-Saharan Africa' come from?: country, speak, culture
  181. What is life as a wealthy South African like?: crime, country, tourists
  182. What are the standards of beauty in Africa: life, influence, people
  183. Summers in South African cities
  184. Offer you the services offered by the university for direct teaching students at the University of Malaysia: life, cons - Africa
  185. Al-Madinah International University: quality, culture, train, cons - Africa
  186. Short-term Application of Silver Sol (Nano Technology) to irradicate Malaria in Africa: toxic
  187. study abroad - south africa: cheap
  188. has installed multisports artificial grass: install - Africa
  189. News, African Union Gets First Female Leader.: charge, top
  190. Religious Extremism: accept, trip, good - Africa
  191. Is Dainfern safe?: gated communities, estates, golf - Africa
  192. Would You Invest in Modern African Art?
  193. Books about Uganda?: country, dating - Africa
  194. British connection in South Africa vs. in other British dominions after World War II
  195. Africapitalism
  196. CNN's Africa Shows: international
  197. The Luba Empire Model: influence - Africa
  198. The Growing African Middle Class: people, international
  199. Feedback/Advice from students at UNISA: country, cost - Africa
  200. Botswana women allowed to inherit: property, news, countries - Africa