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  20. Muslims Kill 115 People, Burn 1500 Buildings And Destroy 400 Vehicles: international, 2014 - Africa
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  39. Africa: Stolen funds dwarf development aid - mbeki
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  41. What Africans Think of Democracy ?
  42. Ethiopian Lawmakers To Pass Anti-Gay Bill: people, cons, international, 2014 - Africa
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  44. Tunisia turns to Star Wars to boost tourism: 2014 - Africa
  45. Uganda Lawmakers Draft Another Anti-Gay Law: country, citizen - Africa
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  51. Best Soccer/Football player in/from Africa: cons
  52. Girls Becoming Slaves To Pay For A Family Members Misdeed: influence, people - Africa
  53. Dutch immigration to South Africa in the 19th and 20th centuries: people, move
  54. Language in sub-saharan Africa: country, influence, speak, living
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  58. South Sudan: people, 2013 - Africa
  59. Is it safe for visible minorities to travel to South Africa?: crime, safety
  60. Crocodile tears: The African presidents who need to learn from Madiba: speak, people
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  62. U.S Africa Summit
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  66. How To Rob Africa: international
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  68. Egypt in the past century: jobs, cons - Africa
  69. I hate what Africa do
  70. Jim Brown on Black Economics & Pan Africanism: travel, culture, view
  71. white family with 6 kids move to to one of Johannesburg most dangerous neighbourhoods: violence, people - Africa
  72. How can African women become more effective in regards to Africa's development?: country, move
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  76. 24 Hours of Happy (Cape Town): people - Africa
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  78. Mugabe Elected First Vice-Chair of the African Union: people, cons, 2014
  79. Zimbabwe loses again - Africa
  80. Africa's Cowboy Capitalists: people
  81. Made in Ghana: Luxury shoes put sparkle in your step: 2014 - Africa
  82. What are good West African first and last names for a male?
  83. The Policy to Disrupt All Africans of the Dispora from uniting: life, violence
  84. The name Kenya - Africa
  85. Lupita Nyong'o of Kenya named world's most beautiful person: life, people, 2015 - Africa
  86. What is it like living in Dubai?: country, life, cost - Africa
  87. Malian army flees Tuareg rebels in northern town: train, cons - Africa
  88. Africa Is Still Colonized By France: country, move, pros, 2014
  89. if you had to choose - San Diego VS Cape Town: safety, life - Africa
  90. African life in video documentary: tourist
  91. Africa’s Top Ten Problems – And They Are Not The Ones You’re Thinking About!: country, people
  92. South Africa - Such a sad state... Murdering kids...: country, life, living
  93. Only a Third of Nigerians are Poor, Says World Bank: country, life - Africa
  94. Why do African men like Female Genital Mutilation?: people, move, cons
  95. Africa Proverbs
  96. Woman, 27, PREGNANT to be flogged to death for the 'crime' of marrying a Chris: people, move - Africa
  97. How many African immigrants are in the United States?: country, people, standard
  98. If You Weren’t Clear What European Colonialists Really Did to Africa, This Video Tells the Devastating Story: country, life
  99. China to build new East Africa railway line: safety, life, train
  100. African Nationalities you most come across outside Africa?: country, speak, culture
  101. South Africans Fed Up With Corruption: view, people, cons
  102. 250 Nigerian Girls Kidnapped: safety, life, influence, speak - Africa
  103. Who Are The Neocolonialist?: country, life, vs, influence - Africa
  104. Africa's Growing Middle Class: country, violence, quality, jobs
  105. European Drawn Borders & Ethnic Problems: country, culture, living, people - Africa
  106. Reverse exodus: Africa’s brain gain: country, life, quality, living
  107. How are Africans able to maining strong families in the U.S.: life, culture
  108. Dersh: South Africa is a failed country: crime, life, culture
  109. How integrated in South Africa days?: crime, country, influence
  110. Is Promoting Anti-Gay Sentiment Hurthing Africa?: country, violence, influence, speak
  111. Obama warns Uganda over anti-gay law: crime, country, tourists, speak - Africa
  112. African church leaders resist gay rights, call it a colonial import: country, people
  113. Which are the cleanest, nicest looking and most organized cities in the African continent?: crime, safest
  114. Interviews of African personalities: international, 2013
  115. Do many African nations lack a sense of national identity/patriotic fervour?: country, speak
  116. Kenya: Polygamy bill 'threatens family values': view, people, 2014 - Africa
  117. Why do people think that the original African slaves all looked alike?: vs
  118. Africa's Scientist & Engineers?: country, life, train, people
  119. China Planning High-Tech Military Base in Zimbabwe: country, culture, features - Africa
  120. Renting a car to drive around South Africa: crime, safety, country
  121. World Bank postpones $90m Uganda loan over anti-gay law: country, speak, culture - Africa
  122. JUSTIN BIEBER officially in festival Mawazine RABAT in Morocco 2014: people - Africa
  123. China Is Africa's New Colonial Overlord, Says Famed Primate Researcher Jane Goodall: country, life
  124. How Botswana Did It: country, life, cost, culture - Africa
  125. Ebola in Guinea: travel, people, cons, international - Africa
  126. I just spent the last 10 days in Cairo (Egypt) & Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) - Feb 2014: country, tourists - Africa
  127. Is Cape Verde North Africa or Southern Europe?: country, speak, cons
  128. Why do Afrocentists try to relate themselves to Egypt rather than claim their real history?: country, features - Africa
  129. Cape Town in NYT's 1st place in the world to visit in 2014: safety, country - Africa
  130. Do you see China as exploiting Africa or helping Africa?(poll): country, jobs
  131. Is there no 'Rio de Jainero' with beachlife in Africa, that is worldfamous?: tourists, speak
  132. Quotes from Nelson Mandela: country, people - Africa
  133. It's Time for Africa's Stolen Artefacts to Come Home: culture, view, people
  134. Nigeria Becomes Africa's Biggest Economy: country, life, cost, living
  135. Does have tea on Mandela's personal life?: culture, train, people - Africa
  136. Slap on the face of America: country, life, speak, 2013 - Africa
  137. Nelson Mandela Interviews - Africa
  138. News Video, Free surgery saves children's lives in Africa
  139. Why Africa Has Had So Many Civil Wars
  140. Is 'land grabbing'good for Africa ??? BBC Africa Debate February.2012
  141. Congo Republic set to climb African oil producer rankings: 2014
  142. Vandals cause blast at Nigeria's Port Harcourt refinery jetty: 2014 - Africa
  143. Ghana's mental health sent to prayer camps: people - Africa
  144. Algeria's Sonatrach recalls workers from Libya, land border closed - sources: country, 2014 - Africa
  145. Why Do African Gov'ts Complicate Business Activity?
  146. In Egypt, the court cases of the Muslim Brotherhood: country, 2014 - Africa
  147. Africa: Water Aids's Interactive Online Map Shows Africans Will Access Clean Water By 2030: 2014
  148. Kenyan MPs demand seizure of British-owned farms over khat ban - Africa
  149. Blood, Fear and Ritual: Witness to Female Circumcision in Kenya: 2014 - Africa
  150. de beers and botswanna: life - Africa
  151. This is my country before and after earthquake 1960 - Africa
  152. The Last Train to Zona Verde: country, tourists, life, violence - Africa
  153. Hypocrisy of the US media in Libya - Africa
  154. Sahara Reporters - Africa
  155. Ethiopian Army - Africa
  156. Africa: Powering Science and Technology for Africa's Economic Transformation: 2014
  157. New York Forum Africa 2013: The ICC, judicial colonialism in Africa?
  158. Smartphones Improving Lives & Business: people - Africa
  159. Pan-Africanism and the World Cup: 2014
  160. Libya militia stole US weapons in raid - Africa
  161. Africa, a myriad of markets
  162. Let’s spread the wealth in Africa – Mahama: 2014
  163. New Research Reveals How Africa Tweets: 2014
  164. Half of a Yellow Sun film delayed by Nigeria censors - Africa
  165. President Uhuru Kenyatta signs Kenya polygamy law - Africa
  166. Africa's Internet divide
  167. Rwanda at the Forefront?: 2014 - Africa
  168. No Refugee Status for Gay Ugandans, Says Namibia: international - Africa
  169. Africa Calls for EU Summit Boycott: 2014
  170. Zimbabwe: Opposition MDC suspends Morgan Tsvangirai - Africa
  171. Top 10 largest companies in Africa
  172. Africa: Western Union, Moneygram Accused of Excessive Charges On Africa Remittances: 2014
  173. Nigeria, Third On World Poverty Index - Report: 2014 - Africa
  174. Ivory Coast : Total Discovers Oil in Coast: 2014 - Africa
  175. Apology for UN refusal to stop Rwanda genocide - Africa
  176. U.S,UK plus EU and United Nations recognize the rights of Somali people in Ogaden Region - Africa
  177. Nigeria's Nollywood - Most Prolific Movie Machine: 2014 - Africa
  178. The Gambia for extended visit: travel - Africa
  179. Inspirational: Amazing African Genius (14yr Old Self-Taught Engineer Harnessed Electricity Via Windmill FOr His Village)
  180. 20 years since apartheid: What's changed in South Africa, and what hasn't
  181. Top 10: Best destinations and Attractions in Africa
  182. Boots on the ground needed in Africa?
  183. China Premier Arrives in Africa Eyeing Better Ties: international
  184. Tony Benn, former Labour politician, dies at 88: life, 2014 - Africa
  185. Gift recommendations for wife from Africa: people
  186. Africans and the Ukraine issue: crime, people
  187. CAR is victim of West vs China fight for influence in Africa
  188. Boko Haram kill one Chinese, 10 missing in Cameroon: Police: 2014 - Africa
  189. Is It for me to run for president??..: country, influence, people - Africa
  190. A Fulani village in Algeria - Africa
  191. China's trade with Africa at record high: 2014
  192. City of Cape Town official host city of African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa in May: 2014
  193. African scientists sequence genome of the tsetse fly: 2014
  194. Cape Town: Hollywood's hottest new destination - Africa
  195. Sahara Screenings: World's Most Remote Film Festival Prepares for Another Run: culture - Africa
  196. Africa must benefit from its mineral resources
  197. Relatives of Ghanaian Who Died During Deportation Win Ruling in Japan: 2014 - Africa
  198. Unicef to be investigated for abuse of liberian children - Africa
  199. Equatorial Guinea Attracts Foreign Workers Despite Dictatorship - Africa
  200. NYF Africa 2013: We are not beggars, says Ali Bongo