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  1. SOUTH AFRICA: Who has most 'long-term rights? - Khoisan, Colored, Bantu, Whites, Asiatics, Afrikaners...: country, living
  2. Our African countries really that bad?
  3. Water Pump Transforming African Farming
  4. Least Expensive / Safest Sub-Saharan Cities For Western Expats: crime, cost, living - Africa
  5. Chad army officer's powerful message to Boko Haram terrorists: people - Africa
  6. Tunisia: it's culture: country, life, speak, features - Africa
  7. Over 1000 African churches burned: A petition to the one man most responsible: people
  8. i plan to visit Nigeria and Ghana: tourist, life, culture - Africa
  9. Top 10 Greatest African Conquerors/Kings/Leaders on film!!
  10. Is it easy to get into Cape Town from stellenbosch?: crime rate, country - Africa
  11. Angola: How Corruption Hurts Health Care: country, people, 2014 - Africa
  12. Durban pros and cons: crime rate, safety, tourist, travel - Africa
  13. How many days would you spend in MAPUTO (Mozambique) - 3 days? 2 days? Then move on?: country, travel - Africa
  14. Seychelles: tourists, hotel - Africa
  15. Rescuing Timbuktu: people, culture, 2015 - Africa
  16. How popular is San Francisco in Africa?: speak, people, move
  17. GOMA, D.R. CONGO (in EAST AFRICA) - off and on the 'backpacker trail'...would you go?: country, violence
  18. Zanzibar (Tanzania) vs Mombasa (Kenya): influence, travel, accents, cons - Africa
  19. Rwanda/Uganda worth it, if planning on Kenya/Tanzania?: country, visiting - Africa
  20. Could someone recommend popular Central and West African dishes?
  21. Tunisia or Algiers? Which would you rather visit?: country, tourist, people - Africa
  22. Are there cities in Africa that have a mild Oceanic climate?: beautiful
  23. What would make the murder rate in LESOTHO & SWAZILAND the highest in Africa?: crime, people
  24. The mad dog King of Abyssinia and the modern founder of Ethiopia, Kings of Kings Tewedros II: safety, country - Africa
  25. Medical Volunteering Africa?: cons
  26. This looks like a future conflict - South African Voortrekkers moving to Mozambique: life, people
  27. Liberia is 'Ebola free' as last patient is discharged: country, 2015 - Africa
  28. Which type of Arabic should I learn?: country, speak, culture - Africa
  29. Ethiopia, Long Mired in Poverty, Rides an Economic Boom: country, cost, culture - Africa
  30. Help me move to Africa: vacation
  31. Africa Gate Algeria (beautiful algerian area)
  32. Anthony Bourdain Visits Senegal: beautiful, visiting - Africa
  33. Warri Africa welding job: safety, violence, travel, pros
  34. Popular American Baby Name: move, 2015 - Africa
  35. Are all African politics tribal?: violence, culture, living, people
  36. More Tutsi and Hutu Violence: people - Africa
  37. Victoria Fallls: crime, tourists, visit - Africa
  38. Which African countries will see the most rapid development?
  39. The Dangers Of Fighting Corruption: crime, country, 2015 - Africa
  40. Good cities for living with children and travel to other African countries?: crime, move
  41. Revival of African civilization: speak, culture, people, cons
  42. are tuaregs in mali white or black?: features, people - Africa
  43. US expat in Lagos, Nigeria: safety, life, travel, living - Africa
  44. Nefertiti the hermaphrodite: country, cons, visit - Africa
  45. Bed-Stuy, 400 block Dekalb Ave safe at night: people, move, cons - Africa
  46. Cairo - Somebody living there?: life, move, westerners, vs - Africa
  47. Real Cure For Malaria ? Blocked By Special Interests: travel, people, 2013 - Africa
  48. When will Africa develop its for commercial agriculture?: cost, international, 2013
  49. Appropriate youth attire in Marrakech: country, travel - Africa
  50. Beauty tunisia - Africa
  51. African economics: safety, country, cost, view
  52. Getting around in Cape Town area?: train, safest - Africa
  53. Photos Algeria: 2014, hotel - Africa
  54. News, Ebola returns to Liberia months after nation declared free of virus: 2015 - Africa
  55. Marriage proposal from a Gambian woman: country, tourists, life, dating - Africa
  56. Are Kenyans a bit ethnically different from others on the continent?: country, people - Africa
  57. have experience living or working in Chad?: country - Africa
  58. LAGOS - Africa's Model Mega-City |
  59. What is the best way to learn Twi?: travel - Africa
  60. Beira-Harare-Lusaka-Angola railroad: would that be a viable project?: life, speak, move - Africa
  61. Does know of good websites to find Central or West African surnames?: country
  62. Khoisan, Colored, Bantu, Whites...'the argument who came first, ': people, cons - Africa
  63. ZAMBIA - to be one of the safer, and unknown countries in Africa...what do you know about ZAMBIA?: country, tourists
  64. News, Ebola death toll rises in West Africa while Americans' interest wanes: country, living
  65. Stopping Africa's Plunder: country
  66. Owner of Nigerian Hospital Recounts Losses in Wake of Ebola Deaths: country, speak - Africa
  67. Africa to have the largest independent power plant built in Ghana: country, cost
  68. Taiwo: living - Africa
  69. Ebola Disease: Fourth American Infected in Liberia: life, cost, travel - Africa
  70. American/Russian mercenary snipers needed to irradicate Boko Huram: influence, quality - Africa
  71. South Africa, unlike Africa, has hope - Zuma: country, life, speak
  72. crime and other societal threats in South Africa: safety, country, life
  73. Shared prosperity: Algeria and Nigeria |: country, quality, travel, people - Africa
  74. Moving to Cape Town from the USA. Neighborhood help and tips!: crime, country - Africa
  75. New Jersey White Nurse released from hospital: country, travel, view - Africa
  76. Videos from Africa : The good and the bad: travel
  77. New Aerotropolis to be constructed at OR Tambo International Airport in South Africa: cost, 2014
  78. popularity of Marmite in South Africa vs. Australia/New Zealand or UK: country
  79. Israel Firm (Nikuv) in the Center of Mozambique's Elections: country, people, move - Africa
  80. Learning MSA or Egyptian Arabic.: country, culture, people, visit - Africa
  81. Visiting South Africa: safety
  82. How Corruption Reduces Life Expectancy: people, 2014 - Africa
  83. A nazi parole in South Africa: people
  84. Antananarivo, looking really good!: people, visit, culture - Africa
  85. Advice for first time traveler to Africa: country, tourist, speak
  86. The Admirable Determination of One Man . . . in South Sudan - Africa
  87. been to KHARTOUM, SUDAN? What did you experience/observe there?: tourist, life - Africa
  88. What will South Africa's political future be?: influence, move
  89. What will Egypt do if the GERD dries out the nile? - Africa
  90. EU grants US$ 2.55bn for sustainable energy development in five Africa countries: cons, 2014
  91. Burkino Faso: people - Africa
  92. Saharan Cheetah -barbary cheetah - Africa
  93. Go Africa!!: crime, quality, jobs, pros
  94. Nigeria Profiled On PBS Newshour: country, people, 2015 - Africa
  95. Emigration from South Africa: country, life, quality, travel
  96. China pledges 60 Billion...: influence, culture, people, pros - Africa
  97. Africa Today Without European Colonization??: crime rate, country, speak, culture
  98. been to MAPUTO in Mozambique?: crime, life, people, move - Africa
  99. How shall Africa protect its interests in Antarctica?: country, life, 2014
  100. Ethiopia gets the first metro system in sub-Saharan Africa: life, people, cons
  101. Race: culture, people, cons - Africa
  102. Nigeria the 3rd most populous country in the world in 2100?: people, 2015 - Africa
  103. Why Africans Are Poor: country, cost, quality, travel
  104. Afrikaners moving to Dutch-speaking vs. English-speaking countries: country, move, cons - Africa
  105. Pan-Africanism does it exist or is it a delusional fantasy?: country, speak
  106. Socialism Destroyed Africa?: country, influence, speak, view
  107. food/water in Africa: country, travel, people, beautiful
  108. DNA from 4,500 year old Ethiopian reveals Eurasian DNA: country, features, people - Africa
  109. South Africans view on the rest of Africa?: crime, country, violence
  110. Cape Town, I come!: crime, safety, country, tourists - Africa
  111. African Baby Names: people
  112. What's it like to be white in South Africa?: crime rate, safest, country
  113. How Ebola virus disease jumped from Liberia into Nigeria: safety, life, speak - Africa
  114. Modern land grabs in Africa: crime, country, life, cost
  115. How rare are monolingual English speakers in South Africa?: country, accents, people
  116. Why bushmeat is good for Africa: life, culture, people, move
  117. Is It True His African Mother Would Disapprove of Me?: life, speak
  118. Marrying a Sierra Leone Native: country, speak, people, move - Africa
  119. Travel to Africa Advice: country, tourists, speak, living
  120. How Much Did Africa Develop Europe?: cost, people, 2014
  121. Beaches in Africa: country, tourist, people, cheap
  122. Archaeologist Discuss African History.: people, cheap
  123. Challenges for Angola: country, life, quality, people - Africa
  124. Is SOUTH AFRICA the best country to live in Africa?: crime rate, life
  125. If Africa is so rich in resources why can't they put them to good use?: country, jobs
  126. Slavery Africans: life, speak, people, 2013
  127. Man hired to have sex with children..: culture, people - Africa
  128. Tourisme en Algérie: crime, country, tourists, violence - Africa
  129. Thinking about this move to Africa: crime, life, cost, culture
  130. language in morocco: tourist, speak, travel, people - Africa
  131. The beauty of African women by country.: living, people, beautiful
  132. Strongest armies in Africa: train, people, citizen
  133. Why do Eritreans/Somalis/Ethiopians look so different to other sub saharan Africans?: speak
  134. News, ‘No Africans’ policy at Chinese restaurant in Kenya prompts arrest, outrage: people, move
  135. Are poor white South Africans being left behind?: speak, people, cons
  136. When should Africa revert back to tribal nations?: country, violence, speak
  137. Tutankhamun was not black: antiquities chief: speak, features, people, move - Africa
  138. warning for Africa students in North America: country, life, speak
  139. Nigeria vs Kenya vs Ethiopia: country, life, culture, people - Africa
  140. Which African Countries Have Diverse Economies?: country, culture, features, train
  141. Eurpeans Immigrating to Africa for Better Life: crime, country, cost
  142. travelled to Egypt through Cairo International Airport?: country, tourist, speak - Africa
  143. Can Stop Discussing Africa As If It Where A Country...: people
  144. Do I really look Kenyan??: speak, people - Africa
  145. The traditional clothes of the Habesha people (Ethiopia) - Africa
  146. Xenophobic attacks in South Africa: crime rate, country, violence, people
  147. 4 countries (Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa) account for about 60% of the entire economy of Africa.: country, pros
  148. Why is Ethiopia undeveloped: country, violence, influence, speak - Africa
  149. Afrca:Are Radical Muslims Funded By the West?: country, influence, cost - Africa
  150. Nairobi, Kenya >> Essential to visit for East Africa...or a good city to skip?: crime, safety
  151. Why Europeans do want want to accept that Egyptians Were Black: speak, culture - Africa
  152. African football cup of nations 2015: people, cons
  153. Amaizing pictures of African cities: life, quality, travel, cons
  154. Do most Africans really live in huts?: life, people
  155. The Khoisan tribes of Southern Africa Carry Eurasian DNA: features, people, cons
  156. Should Africa stop taking US Aid and close markets.: influence, view
  157. Are South Africans African-American?: country, culture, people, move
  158. Why Do African Governments Over Regulate?: country, train, move, cons
  159. Africas first white president in 20 years: life, speak, view, people
  160. African success in track and field - good or bad?: quality, travel
  161. What is your view on Ethiopia/Ethiopians.: country, people, beautiful - Africa
  162. Top 5 countries you'd most like to visit in Africa...and why?: country, life
  163. If you were the president of the entire coninent of Africa?!: country, life
  164. RIP Cecil: crime, tourist, travel, jobs - Africa
  165. 3 First Ladies Suddenly Named for Presidency Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa: country, pros
  166. Manufacturing in Africa?Why not more?: country, cost, quality, culture
  167. Homophobia costing Africa Billions: crime, country, tourists, life
  168. To take MALARIA pills, or NOT take MALARIA pills, that is the: travel, people - Africa
  169. Not of African Origin Speaking African Language?: people
  170. Ask me anything about Kenya.: life, influence, culture, people - Africa
  171. Jewish hatred in South Africa: people, move, cons, 2015
  172. Does the West export Homophobia? ... why?: crime rate, country, tourist - Africa
  173. Under-20 Championship South Africa in Manchester: travel, hotel
  174. Thiouraye Senegalese incense? - Africa
  175. Has heard of this author known as Habeeb Akande? - Africa
  176. Zanzibar/Tanzania visit- advice?: safety, country, life, travel - Africa
  177. Find my daughter father!: people - Africa
  178. Sharm El Sheikh 2016?: tourists, hotel - Africa
  179. Cote d'Ivoire wins African Football Cup of Nations
  180. Lions of Africa - animals documentary 2015
  181. President Mugabe Becomes A.U Chairman: 2015 - Africa
  182. Newest crime map and rates of South Africa
  183. Video on gold mining in Mali the miners are exploited. - Africa
  184. Malidome Patrice - Africa
  185. Human Rights and African-US Relations: view, people, cons, citizen
  186. Africans Fixing Africa
  187. U.S. to funnel travelers from Ebola-hit region through five airports: 2014 - Africa
  188. World Most Outstanding Place Nigeria With FlyABS: country, tourist, life - Africa
  189. ALGERIA from above: country - Africa
  190. Rwanda unveils Ebola screening – for Americans: 2014 - Africa
  191. News from Nollywood: life - Africa
  192. Ex-squeeze me!! - Africa
  193. Why does Niger not have... - Africa
  194. SOMALI WAR: A Win Recorded by AU: people - Africa
  195. Who lives in Namibia? - Africa
  196. Africans Listed In The Panama Papers: people
  197. A Documentary on the Jos Crisis in Nigeria: violence, people - Africa
  198. Untouched African Beauty: travel
  199. Attracting And Keeping Africa's Scientist: people
  200. Nollywood Movies (Lagos Nigeria) - Africa