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  16. Africa 2050: people, cons, beautiful
  17. News, East Africa Doesn't Want 'Clothes of Dead White People' Anymore
  18. Why is Kenya rife with election violence, political kidnappings and murder?: cons, international - Africa
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  21. Africa's Post-Colonial Preparedness?: life, influence, culture, train
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  25. Sub-Saharan African cities with best infrastructure and walkability: country, influence, speak
  26. Mozambique: crime, safety, country, tourist - Africa
  27. Africans and Time: life, view, people, move
  28. Why is Air travel in Africa so terrible (news article): safety, country
  29. The Best Gov't Model For African Countries?: country, influence, culture
  30. Different Namibia advisories?: crime rate, country, travel, visit - Africa
  31. Is Botswana pretty much South Africa's Canada?: cons
  32. What long-term issues does NAMIBIA have, that might be similar to South Africa?: crime, country
  33. African Wild Dogs Are Starting to Eat Baboons
  34. Rwanda: French or English?: country, life, speak, train - Africa
  35. School Reunions Solo or with your Spouse?: life, travel, people - Africa
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  37. happy funerals in Ghana and in Africa: life, cost
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  40. Walter Rodney's Book? - Africa
  41. Mountainous Ethiopia: country, travel, beautiful, visit - Africa
  42. Ancient structures in modern Ethiopia/Eritrea - Africa
  43. Iboga (spiritual medicine) of Gabon...What do you think?: life, cost, travel - Africa
  44. Connaissez - vous Madagascar? - Africa
  45. 12 awesome Nigeria's maps to download in large size - Africa
  46. East African Federation: country, people, cons
  47. Was Kwame Nkrumah Bad For Africa?: country, life, people, citizen
  48. French overseas territories in Africa.: crime, country, life, quality
  49. China-nomics: Where It Has and Hasn't Worked: country, influence - Africa
  50. Need help: country, life, cost, people - Africa
  51. Head shaving.: people, beautiful - Africa
  52. Ethiopia Airlines JUST opened their flights to ERITREA!: country, tourist, travel - Africa
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  54. following YouTuber Jermaine Ellis travelling in Africa?
  55. Rwandan Economy: country, cons - Africa
  56. The abducted boys of Boku Haram: crime, culture, train, people - Africa
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  60. Black American traveling to Cape Town, South Africa -: crime, country
  61. Child murder in South Africa
  62. Trans-African Highway Network: will it ever be built?: country, standard
  63. Palm Sunday Church bombings in Egypt: speak, people - Africa
  64. New ancient DNA study from South Africa.: life, people, 2013
  65. Better place to spend Christmas in Africa: cons
  66. South Africa, a nation with sharp inequality, considers a minimum wage: vacation, international
  67. What is your view on Madagascar/Malagasy people...?: country, living, beautiful - Africa
  68. Connection From Sub-Saharan Africa and The Americas
  69. Visiting Cairo Advice: crime, safety, country, tourists - Africa
  70. Outside of Cairo or other Egyptian cities, what's the best city in North Africa?: country, speak
  71. Dimensions of the courtyard in Moroccan riads.: people - Africa
  72. Africa's Development Had Colonialism Never Happened?: country, influence, people
  73. Hausa and Fulani difference in physical features?: country, people - Africa
  74. Nigeria is planning a six lane 'superhighway' through a remote rainforest: tourist - Africa
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  77. Kampala, Uganda - one of the most urban walkable sub-saharan African cities?
  78. I'm Hungry...let's go to Africa.: travel, people, cons, 2013
  79. African mythology
  80. Recommendations for Zanzibar & Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and Kigali Rwanda: tourists, life - Africa
  81. Population growth from 1600-1850 - Africa
  82. Tax Evasion Affecting Development: cons - Africa
  83. Seretse Khama Day!: people - Africa
  84. help translating english to Bambara (Mali) - Africa
  85. Race relations in South Africa: country, life, living, people
  86. PBS Series On African History: living, people, cons
  87. Move to Stellenbosch or Pretoria?: safety, life, speak, cost - Africa
  88. Need help with a book: cost, culture - Africa
  89. Travel to Africa: cons
  90. Information needed on Malinke of Guinea West Africa: people
  91. Slavery in Ghana: country, tourists, life, living - Africa
  92. Soukous, Highlife & sub-genres: country, influence - Africa
  93. Does Africa Need More African Economics ?: country, speak, culture
  94. South Africa Rape Culture and Vigilantism: crime, tourist, life, violence
  95. How to have natural straight hair.: speak, features, people, cons - Africa
  96. How African Empires Fell: speak, culture, people, living
  97. United Nations finds mass atrocities during Congo War: crime, country, life - Africa
  98. Is South Africa really that bad?: crime rate, safety, country, tourists
  99. European National Languages:Good or Bad?: country, speak, view, people - Africa
  100. Is it true that the EU has a negative impact on African farmers/agriculture?: country, people
  101. Why Do African Cities Still Have German, Dutch and European Names?: country, cost
  102. Lifestyle as a westerner in Mozambique: country, speak, people, visit - Africa
  103. Travel Destinations in Africa: crime, country, tourists, life
  104. Are African Americans the white people of the African diaspora?: crime, country
  105. Black-Americans Learn Their African DNA: travel, people, move
  106. Candombe Drumming Of Uruguay: influence, people, culture - Africa
  107. What would you really expect Africa to be like?: safety, country, life
  108. What Can Africa Learn From America?: country, speak, travel, people
  109. Which African countries do you like to visit and why: country, life
  110. Tell me about Niger: country, life, living, train - Africa
  111. As a white European, is it weird I constantly think about living in Africa?: life, culture
  112. Egypt's Reluctant African Identity: culture, view, people, cons
  113. Youtubers in Africa...: travel, living
  114. American kidnapped on Ugandan safari, $500,000 ransom demanded: safety, country, tourist - Africa
  115. Do African Leaders Enjoy Keeping Africa Fked Up?: country, life, cost
  116. Over 100 African migrants stormed into the Spanish territory of Ceuta from Morocoo on Wednesday: safety, people
  117. Ancient Atlantis Found in Northwest Africa? (Mauritania): country, culture, people
  118. Whats Algeria like?: crime, country, tourist, life - Africa
  119. Why is China in Africa?: country, influence, people
  120. Why Accuse Children Of Being Witches?: culture, people, cons - Africa
  121. Who are Cape Verdeans most similar to?: influence, speak, culture - Africa
  122. South African Farm Seizures: people, cheap, cons, living
  123. The Greatness of Ancient West Africa: country, violence, influence, culture
  124. Could there be hope for Zimbabwe ?: country, influence, people, cons - Africa
  125. Emerging African cities: violence, culture, cons, beautiful
  126. What book(s) can I read to understand Africa culture/history/politics?: life, speak
  127. Recent visit to Zimbabwe- my impressions.(Long): crime, safety, country - Africa
  128. American women, African men: life, speak, travel, culture
  129. How homophobic/transphobic are Africans in general?: country, life, violence
  130. European Colonial debt: crime, life, speak, living - Africa
  131. Growing Economies Not Ending Poverty: country, life, quality, travel - Africa
  132. New DNA Study Proves Real Origin of Ancient Egyptians: country, influence, travel - Africa
  133. When Did Africans Become Africans?: people, cons
  134. Recent Attacks in Burkina Faso: country, life, people - Africa
  135. Popularity of African Drumming: influence, culture, features, people
  136. What Exactly Is African Unity?: life, speak, culture, people
  137. If Africa Was Never Colonized?: life, quality, culture, people
  138. Africa Before The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade: crime, life, living
  139. Trevor Noah: vs, view, people, 2013 - Africa
  140. Anthony Bourdain Visits Lagos: tourist, life, cost, travel - Africa
  141. American fast food comes to Africa: people
  142. Why Claim Egypt?: travel, people, culture, jobs - Africa
  143. why afro-Americans call themselves moors !: influence, speak, culture, people - Africa
  144. Angolan capital 'most expensive city for expats': country, tourists, life - Africa
  145. Africans Visited Other African Countries?: country, quality, travel, culture
  146. Year of Return - 400 Years of Slavery - Africans Unite: country, life
  147. South Africans Look Mongolian?: tourist, travel, culture, people
  148. What Do Africans Think Of Tarzan Movies?: life, culture, view
  149. Suggestions -- Two Weeks In South Africa.: crime, country, tourists
  150. African mega cities?: country, life, speak, cons
  151. Tourist to Egypt arrested for insulting Egypt on facebook: crime, safety, country - Africa
  152. Human trafficking in Nigeria up through Libya: violence, quality, travel - Africa
  153. Ethiopia gets a new Prime Minister: country, speak, people, move - Africa
  154. How can an American invest in Africa from abroad: citizen
  155. How Are The World Bank and IMF Harmful?: country, life, cost - Africa
  156. Rwanda, Botswana, Namibia, Seychelles or Ghana for family vacation: safety, country, travel - Africa
  157. South Africa for retirement: crime rate, safety, country, life
  158. Ancient African Civilization: country, influence, dating, culture
  159. What do you think of Nigeria?: country, culture, people, 2014 - Africa
  160. Solo female traveler to South Africa (Feb 2019): crime, safety, country
  161. Is South Africa the next Zimbabwe?: crime, country, people, cons
  162. Ritual Killings?: crime, culture, people, 2015 - Africa
  163. Idai destruction and help: people - Africa
  164. The Genetics of Africa: people
  165. How conservative are Afrikaners/white South Africans?
  166. Kenya Tanzania safari tour operators: vacation - Africa
  167. Introducing myself2019 - Africa
  168. Come wiz me to ze Casbah - Africa
  169. Phone Apps to study an Ethiopian/Eritrean language? - Africa
  170. Of the top 10 most powerful emerging African countries, which one do you root for its success the most?
  171. Which the best route to enter Tanzania from Kenya on bike?: visiting - Africa
  172. Great story of girl fighting against Kenya tribal tradition of FGM: speak - Africa
  173. Botswana - testament/will: living - Africa
  174. Ghana's Democratic Model - Africa
  175. More Christians massacred in Egypt - Africa
  176. Nigerian Corruption Cartoon: people - Africa
  177. African nation with a good conservation record?: tourist, life, travel
  178. Power-less in Liberia: living - Africa
  179. Are there interesting CITIES to see in Madagascar?: country - Africa
  180. Excellent Documentary on the Sahara Desert! - Africa
  181. MOMBASA vs NAIROBI (Kenya): tourists, influence, people, vacation - Africa
  182. Drama Scandal South Africa: people
  183. Mugabe's Wife Positions Herself to Assume the Presidency of Zimbabwe: country, people - Africa
  184. Which African cities would you rank above ALGIERS? i.e. aesthetically-pleasing...
  185. Hello friends - Africa
  186. on company to climb killimanjaro ?: visit - Africa
  187. Nigerian women forced into prostitution: crime - Africa
  188. Fascinating cave homes near Garyan Libya. - Africa
  189. Jobless Educator: people, international - Africa
  190. Ebola could spread from DRC to Uganda, Rwanda, WHO warns - Africa
  191. If you could help: culture - Africa
  192. Congo approves WHO's use of experimental Ebola vaccine - Africa
  193. Ghanaian shoe seller vows to bring Yahya Jammeh to justice: life, living - Africa
  194. Which tour operator is best for Tanzania tour? - Africa
  195. Yoruba Culture In Brazil - Africa
  196. Horn of Africa - looks if UnColonized...Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia,: country
  197. Salvation in Oman's rocks? - Africa
  198. Protect Ya Neck Africa.: country, culture