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  1. Africa's Post-Colonial Preparedness?: life, influence, culture, train
  2. African Wild Dogs Are Starting to Eat Baboons
  3. What long-term issues does NAMIBIA have, that might be similar to South Africa?: crime, country
  4. News, East Africa Doesn't Want 'Clothes of Dead White People' Anymore
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  10. Africans and Time: life, view, people, move
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  12. Africa 2050: people, cons, beautiful
  13. Why is Kenya rife with election violence, political kidnappings and murder?: cons, international - Africa
  14. Mountainous Ethiopia: country, travel, beautiful, visit - Africa
  15. Seretse Khama Day!: people - Africa
  16. I'm Hungry...let's go to Africa.: travel, people, cons, 2013
  17. Walter Rodney's Book? - Africa
  18. Travel to Africa: cons
  19. Ancient structures in modern Ethiopia/Eritrea - Africa
  20. happy funerals in Ghana and in Africa: life, cost
  21. Is Botswana pretty much South Africa's Canada?: cons
  22. The drug khat undermining Ethiopia: life, violence, culture, view - Africa
  23. first solo trip to Africa solo woman: country, tourists, life
  24. Kampala, Kigali or Windhoek - which city interests you more?: hotel - Africa
  25. Connaissez - vous Madagascar? - Africa
  26. Somalia vs Botswana: country, culture, living, move - Africa
  27. Was Kwame Nkrumah Bad For Africa?: country, life, people, citizen
  28. French overseas territories in Africa.: crime, country, life, quality
  29. 12 awesome Nigeria's maps to download in large size - Africa
  30. Minnesota Orchestra tour in South Africa: crime, tourists, travel, living
  31. Cape Town. Tourist recommendations.: visiting - Africa
  32. The Details Of Benefiting From Natural Resources: country, vs, influence - Africa
  33. Ethiopia: is Amharic still used country-wide? - Africa
  34. China-nomics: Where It Has and Hasn't Worked: country, influence - Africa
  35. The Best Gov't Model For African Countries?: country, influence, culture
  36. Why is Air travel in Africa so terrible (news article): safety, country
  37. Should We Boycott Chocolate?: country - Africa
  38. Need help: country, life, cost, people - Africa
  39. The future of Eritrea: One of the world's most repressive states: country, speak - Africa
  40. Rwandan Economy: country, cons - Africa
  41. East Africans vs West Africans: influence, travel, culture, features
  42. Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls: country, tourist, people, visit - Africa
  43. Uganda & The Mini-Skirt Ban: life, culture, cons, 2014 - Africa
  44. News, Nigeria's first-ever bobsled team prepares triumphant Olympic arrival: move - Africa
  45. African Safari: tourists, life, cost, beautiful
  46. Victoria Falls: view, hotel, living - Africa
  47. Warlords Looting South Sudan: country, people - Africa
  48. The abducted boys of Boku Haram: crime, culture, train, people - Africa
  49. Ugandan MP says Beat Your Wife: living - Africa
  50. New ancient DNA study from South Africa.: life, people, 2013
  51. Why Is Reading Still A Problem?: people, move - Africa
  52. Visiting Cairo Advice: crime, safety, country, tourists - Africa
  53. Connection From Sub-Saharan Africa and The Americas
  54. Information needed on Malinke of Guinea West Africa: people
  55. Africa's Development Had Colonialism Never Happened?: country, influence, people
  56. Kampala, Uganda - one of the most urban walkable sub-saharan African cities?
  57. Sub-Saharan African cities with best infrastructure and walkability: country, influence, speak
  58. Black American traveling to Cape Town, South Africa -: crime, country
  59. Will Somaliland ever be recognized as its own country?: move - Africa
  60. Move to Stellenbosch or Pretoria?: safety, life, speak, cost - Africa
  61. PBS Series On African History: living, people, cons
  62. Nigeria is planning a six lane 'superhighway' through a remote rainforest: tourist - Africa
  63. Has checked out Luanda?: country, people - Africa
  64. Race relations in South Africa: country, life, living, people
  65. Best City in Africa with ualities: safety, speak, features
  66. Population growth from 1600-1850 - Africa
  67. Tax Evasion Affecting Development: cons - Africa
  68. Does Africa Need More African Economics ?: country, speak, culture
  69. Botswana and Diamonds - Africa
  70. Hausa and Fulani difference in physical features?: country, people - Africa
  71. To All the Indigenous Africans of Africa: country, life, speak
  72. Trans-African Highway Network: will it ever be built?: country, standard
  73. Better place to spend Christmas in Africa: cons
  74. What is your view on Madagascar/Malagasy people...?: country, living, beautiful - Africa
  75. South Africa, a nation with sharp inequality, considers a minimum wage: vacation, international
  76. A bittersweet experience: country, travel, people, experiences - Africa
  77. following YouTuber Jermaine Ellis travelling in Africa?
  78. Dimensions of the courtyard in Moroccan riads.: people - Africa
  79. East African Federation: country, people, cons
  80. Recommendations for Zanzibar & Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and Kigali Rwanda: tourists, life - Africa
  81. help translating english to Bambara (Mali) - Africa
  82. Palm Sunday Church bombings in Egypt: speak, people - Africa
  83. Child murder in South Africa
  84. Squirrel Population in Africa: country, move, cons, hotel
  85. Soukous, Highlife & sub-genres: country, influence - Africa
  86. Travel to Algeria for an American?: country, tourists, speak, cons - Africa
  87. Outside of Cairo or other Egyptian cities, what's the best city in North Africa?: country, speak
  88. Need help with a book: cost, culture - Africa
  89. Is Ramadan a bad month to visit Morocco?: country, tourist, speak - Africa
  90. Is it true that the EU has a negative impact on African farmers/agriculture?: country, people
  91. Best African Music Artist: life, speak, culture, people
  92. Is South Africa really that bad?: crime rate, safety, country, tourists
  93. As a white European, is it weird I constantly think about living in Africa?: life, culture
  94. American kidnapped on Ugandan safari, $500,000 ransom demanded: safety, country, tourist - Africa
  95. Whats Algeria like?: crime, country, tourist, life - Africa
  96. Egypt's Reluctant African Identity: view, people, cons, visit
  97. United Nations finds mass atrocities during Congo War: crime, country, life - Africa
  98. How African Empires Fell: speak, culture, people, living
  99. European National Languages:Good or Bad?: country, speak, view, people - Africa
  100. European Colonial debt: crime, life, speak, living - Africa
  101. African Ancestry DNA: country, life, influence, speak
  102. about Cape Verde for Historians: country, living, people, cons - Africa
  103. African mythology: people, cons, beautiful
  104. Recent Attacks in Burkina Faso: country, life, people - Africa
  105. Are African Americans the white people of the African diaspora?: crime, country
  106. Which African countries do you like to visit and why: country, life
  107. Black-Americans Learn Their African DNA: travel, people, move
  108. Ritual Killings?: crime, culture, people, 2015 - Africa
  109. Candombe Drumming Of Uruguay: influence, people, culture - Africa
  110. Youtubers in Africa...: travel, living
  111. Why is China in Africa?: country, influence, people
  112. why afro-Americans call themselves moors !: influence, speak, culture, people - Africa
  113. Who are Cape Verdeans most similar to?: influence, speak, culture - Africa
  114. South African Farm Seizures: people, cheap, cons, living
  115. What would you really expect Africa to be like?: safety, country, life
  116. South Africa Rape Culture and Vigilantism: crime, tourist, life, violence
  117. Over 100 African migrants stormed into the Spanish territory of Ceuta from Morocoo on Wednesday: safety, people
  118. Year of Return - 400 Years of Slavery - Africans Unite: country, life
  119. Ethiopia Airlines JUST opened their flights to ERITREA!: country, tourist, travel - Africa
  120. Ancient Atlantis Found in Northwest Africa? (Mauritania): country, culture, people
  121. Of the top 10 most powerful emerging African countries, which one do you root for its success the most?: crime, country
  122. How can an American invest in Africa from abroad: citizen
  123. Suggestions -- Two Weeks In South Africa.: crime, country, tourists
  124. If Africa Was Never Colonized?: life, quality, culture, people
  125. Trevor Noah: vs, view, people, 2013 - Africa
  126. Why Claim Egypt?: travel, people, culture, jobs - Africa
  127. Recent visit to Zimbabwe- my impressions.(Long): crime, safety, country - Africa
  128. South Africa for retirement: crime rate, safety, country, life
  129. Popularity of African Drumming: influence, culture, features, people
  130. When Did Africans Become Africans?: people, cons
  131. What book(s) can I read to understand Africa culture/history/politics?: life, speak
  132. Anthony Bourdain Visits Lagos: tourist, life, cost, travel - Africa
  133. American fast food comes to Africa: people
  134. Africa Before The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade: crime, life, living
  135. How homophobic/transphobic are Africans in general?: country, life, violence
  136. New DNA Study Proves Real Origin of Ancient Egyptians: country, influence, travel - Africa
  137. Why Accuse Children Of Being Witches?: culture, people, cons - Africa
  138. Travel Destinations in Africa: crime, country, tourists, life
  139. What Can Africa Learn From America?: country, speak, travel, people
  140. Slavery in Ghana: country, tourists, life, living - Africa
  141. Tell me about Niger: country, life, living, train - Africa
  142. Do African Leaders Enjoy Keeping Africa Fked Up?: country, life, cost
  143. Lifestyle as a westerner in Mozambique: country, speak, people, visit - Africa
  144. South Africans Look Mongolian?: tourist, travel, culture, people
  145. What Do Africans Think Of Tarzan Movies?: life, culture, view
  146. How Are The World Bank and IMF Harmful?: country, life, cost - Africa
  147. Why Do African Cities Still Have German, Dutch and European Names?: country, cost
  148. Emerging African cities: violence, culture, cons, beautiful
  149. What Exactly Is African Unity?: life, speak, culture, people
  150. Could there be hope for Zimbabwe ?: country, influence, people, cons - Africa
  151. Solo female traveler to South Africa (Feb 2019): crime, safety, country
  152. Is South Africa the next Zimbabwe?: crime, country, people, cons
  153. What do you think of Nigeria?: country, culture, people, 2014 - Africa
  154. Human trafficking in Nigeria up through Libya: violence, quality, travel - Africa
  155. African mega cities?: country, life, speak, cons
  156. The Greatness of Ancient West Africa: country, violence, influence, culture
  157. Tourist to Egypt arrested for insulting Egypt on facebook: crime, safety, country - Africa
  158. Ancient African Civilization: country, influence, dating, culture
  159. Rwanda, Botswana, Namibia, Seychelles or Ghana for family vacation: safety, country, travel - Africa
  160. Ethiopia gets a new Prime Minister: country, speak, people, move - Africa
  161. Africans Visited Other African Countries?: country, quality, travel, culture
  162. American women, African men: life, speak, travel, culture
  163. Growing Economies Not Ending Poverty: country, life, quality, travel - Africa
  164. Angolan capital 'most expensive city for expats': country, tourists, life - Africa
  165. Phone Apps to study an Ethiopian/Eritrean language? - Africa
  166. Ghanaian shoe seller vows to bring Yahya Jammeh to justice: life, living - Africa
  167. Mugabe's Wife Positions Herself to Assume the Presidency of Zimbabwe: country, people - Africa
  168. Ebola could spread from DRC to Uganda, Rwanda, WHO warns - Africa
  169. Salvation in Oman's rocks? - Africa
  170. Which the best route to enter Tanzania from Kenya on bike?: visiting - Africa
  171. Which African cities would you rank above ALGIERS? i.e. aesthetically-pleasing...
  172. The Genetics of Africa: people
  173. Kenya Tanzania safari tour operators: vacation - Africa
  174. MOMBASA vs NAIROBI (Kenya): tourists, influence, people, vacation - Africa
  175. If you could help: culture - Africa
  176. on company to climb killimanjaro ?: visit - Africa
  177. Excellent Documentary on the Sahara Desert! - Africa
  178. Congo approves WHO's use of experimental Ebola vaccine - Africa
  179. Hello friends - Africa
  180. Drama Scandal South Africa: people
  181. diet for health , health supplement , body building - Africa
  182. Fascinating cave homes near Garyan Libya. - Africa
  183. Protect Ya Neck Africa.: country, culture
  184. Introducing myself2019 - Africa
  185. Idai destruction and help: people - Africa
  186. African nation with a good conservation record?: tourist, life, travel
  187. Yoruba Culture In Brazil - Africa
  188. Jobless Educator: people, international - Africa
  189. Nigerian Corruption Cartoon: people - Africa
  190. Nigerian women forced into prostitution: crime - Africa
  191. How conservative are Afrikaners/white South Africans?
  192. Great story of girl fighting against Kenya tribal tradition of FGM: speak - Africa
  193. Ghana's Democratic Model - Africa
  194. Power-less in Liberia: living - Africa
  195. Are there interesting CITIES to see in Madagascar?: country - Africa
  196. Botswana - testament/will: living - Africa
  197. Horn of Africa - looks if UnColonized...Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia,: country
  198. More Christians massacred in Egypt - Africa
  199. Which tour operator is best for Tanzania tour? - Africa
  200. Come wiz me to ze Casbah - Africa