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  1. why most nigeria go into home based business.: country, travel, people - Africa
  2. American traveling to Morocco: crime, country, tourist, speak - Africa
  3. Investing in the Future of South Africa?: country, people, cheap
  4. News, Gadhafi clan's antics and feuds revealed.: living - Africa
  5. English in SA: country, speak, people, move - Africa
  6. When do you think When Africa will get their 1st Olympic Games? What Year and What City?: country, life
  7. british journalist killed in libya: life, people, cons, safety - Africa
  8. help on zambian culture and tradition: people - Africa
  9. What are South Africans like?: crime, country, tourists, life
  10. I want to move to Cape Town and attend UCT: crime rate, cost - Africa
  11. UN declares first famine in Africa for three decades: country, life, influence
  12. sending package to south Africa: home, neighborhood, how to
  13. somalia: crime, country, life, people - Africa
  14. Cairo vs. Lagos: crime, country, culture, cons - Africa
  15. American Gifts for South Africans?: live, price, delivery
  16. Meds without presciption in South Africa?: to buy, limit, drugs
  17. African Americans moving to Africa: life, culture, living, people
  18. Monrovia,Liberia West Africa: travel, living
  19. South Africa: travel, living
  20. Alexandria, Egypt: life, violence, cost, train - Africa
  21. Visiting Egypt - s?: safety, country, tourists, life - Africa
  22. Egypt,Curacao,Marsa alam in the south or Sharm el sheik: cheap - Africa
  23. Moving to Cape Town: crime, speak, culture, jobs - Africa
  24. Your Stories about Africa: country, life, speak, travel
  25. Government insurgents in Somalia. More background on Somalia.: between, state - Africa
  26. African Soccer Magic Begin's: home, land, place
  27. Car Jacking in South Africa......: life, cons, standard, safety
  28. South Africans Are You Worried About Your Long Term Future?: country, life
  29. Has been to Durban, South Africa?: visiting
  30. 'I want to stop giving birth' after nine pregnancies!: life, people, cons - Africa
  31. Africa's Mineral Wealth: income
  32. French or Arabic: Which is better to learn for Morocco?: country, influence - Africa
  33. Al-Qaeda-backed Islamist militants destroying Timbuktu.: crime, country, violence, speak - Africa
  34. Invest in Agriculture: buying, business, population - Africa
  35. Sierra Leone seeks to move into slave tourism: tourists, culture, people - Africa
  36. News, The World’s Last Worm: A Dreaded Disease Nears Eradication.: life, speak - Africa
  37. low birth rates: country - Africa
  38. Differences between Cape Town and Durban, South Africa: life, culture
  39. South African police kill ten striking platinum miners: dangerous, job
  40. News, South Africa Sees Rarity: Snow: country, people
  41. Kwame Nkrumah vs Félix Houphouët-Boigny: country, life, culture - Africa
  42. Dambisa Moyo: people, cons, international - Africa
  43. News, Zimbabwe's Mr Ugly: My face makes me special.: people, living - Africa
  44. Low Obesity rates in Africa? (But higher in Carribbean, ) What gives?: culture, people
  45. You go...Gabon!!!: country, speak, travel, cons - Africa
  46. Of Cape Town and Durban, South Africa: country, tourist, life
  47. Senegal and The Gambia: country, tourists, influence, culture - Africa
  48. Is Nigeria ranked one of the least desireable to travel to in Africa?: crime, country
  49. The new Arab Spring Egypt. This is not an improvement: culture, view - Africa
  50. Egyptian Soccer fight: life, people, vs - Africa
  51. What can you tell me about Bryanston, Gauteng?: country, visiting, vacation - Africa
  52. Luanda, Angola...How expensive?: country, speak, cost, living - Africa
  53. Egypt viewpoint: Democracy under military boots.: country - Africa
  54. Non-African Metro's with most homeless people?: mortgage, live, cities
  55. Alarmingly high birth rates persist in Africa: country, life, influence
  56. Mogadishu, Somalia making major comeback: country, life, people, cons - Africa
  57. Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi rollcall: country, pros - Africa
  58. Morocco: country, tourist, dating, cons - Africa
  59. South African man devoured by lions: cons
  60. Thinking about visiting Egypt: life, travel, train, standard - Africa
  61. Locating to Launda: country, life, speak, travel - Africa
  62. The Country & People of Algeria: violence, speak, move, cons - Africa
  63. Seychelles?: life, speak, view, cheap - Africa
  64. Customs duties in Ghana: broker, calculated, assess - Africa
  65. South African bans the Dalai Lama from peace conference.: people
  66. Ethiopia: country, life, culture, people - Africa
  67. know where I can order frozen South African Pies?: move
  68. Goats and Mazdas in Nigeria: people - Africa
  69. News, Somali Pirates Take Another Ship.: cons, international - Africa
  70. Egypt and the credit crunch: country, tourist, life, living - Africa
  71. I tried to ship food to Africa...: tourists, travel, train
  72. Asian Investment in Africa: jobs
  73. Zimbabwe: Inflation Hits One Million Percent As Prices Continue to Skyrocket: country - Africa
  74. Europeans driving cars to sell in Africa: country, cost, travel
  75. Animals in Kenya?: country, cost, travel, cheap - Africa
  76. More African Leaders Need To Do This: country, influence, people
  77. Wolof spelling needed !!: standard - Africa
  78. News, Kenya women stage 'sex strike': country - Africa
  79. Andrew Young On African Development: pros
  80. Need To Interview South Africans: people
  81. News, Monkey urinates on Zambian president.: life - Africa
  82. Obama's 1st crisis ( Somalia Pirates) ends well: country, speak, people - Africa
  83. Traditions of Senegal: time, 2008, around - Africa
  84. What do you think it's the most beautiful African city ?: country, people
  85. African American Men: What the HELL do you know?: country, tourists, life
  86. Does EGYPT seem to volatile to bother with?: crime, country, tourists - Africa
  87. Travel through Sudan, Rwanda-Congo border, Horn of Africa: country, tourists, life
  88. Truth about how dangerous South Africa is.: crime rate, country, travel
  89. Lusophone Africa: country, speak, view, train
  90. What are White South Africans like?: crime rate, country, speak, travel
  91. Do you think Nigeria should split into 2 countries?: country, people, cons - Africa
  92. Is China good for Africa?: country, people, westerners
  93. Vice Guide to Liberia (not for the faint of the heart): country, life - Africa
  94. What's the Deal with Botswana?: crime, country, life, influence - Africa
  95. Ghana or Senegal: Which is more interesting to you?: country, influence, culture - Africa
  96. Gay rights in Africa: country, life, people, cons
  97. been to Mozambique? What do you know about this country?: crime, tourist - Africa
  98. Which Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa would you most be interested in?: country, tourists
  99. Is Africa the pit of humanity?: crime, country, violence, speak
  100. Have you been to Luanda Angola?: crime rate, country, life, speak - Africa
  101. The World View Of Africa: country, influence, speak, people
  102. Everything you know about Ethiopia & Eritrea...: country, tourist, life - Africa
  103. Is Mighty China trying to colonize Africa and other 3rd world countries?: country, people
  104. Is Ethiopia the Russia of Africa?: country, living, people, cons
  105. Switzerland: A Model For Africa?: country, speak, people, cheap
  106. Zimbabwe in ruins: country, quality, people, move - Africa
  107. South Africans?: country, cost, living, people
  108. African View of the Diaspora: country, life, speak, culture
  109. Just Go.: country, life, speak, cost - Africa
  110. Africa - Visit and Africa - Progressive/Safe: safest, country, quality
  111. What about Rwanda: crime, safety, country, tourists - Africa
  112. Journalist Struggles In Nigeria/Africa: country, view, people, standard
  113. Ghana's President Suddenly Dies: country, life, people, cons - Africa
  114. Should Africa Get an Opportunity to Host the Summer Olympic Games?: country, tourist
  115. South Africa: crime rate, safest, country, tourists
  116. Most BRAZIL-like African country?: life, influence, speak, culture
  117. Would you rather go to ETHIOPIA or SENEGAL or MADAGASCAR? Why?: tourist, culture - Africa
  118. Africa! What is wrong with Africa?: country, life, violence, speak
  119. Africa: country, life, violence, travel
  120. Speaking Multiple Languages in Africa: country, travel, people, living
  121. has the world left africa out?: country, violence, speak, culture
  122. Americans visiting or living on the continent of Africa: country, tourists, travel
  123. How was Ethiopia able to avoid Colonization?: country, people, vs - Africa
  124. South Africa: More Dutch influenced or British influenced?: country, speak, culture
  125. Mauritius - most interesting multicultural country...: tourist, speak, culture, people - Africa
  126. Most livable countries in Africa? Are there: crime rate, country, life
  127. been to ADDIS ABABA (capital of Ethiopia)? What'd you think of it?: crime, safest - Africa
  128. Mass starvation in Africa inevitable?: life, culture, jobs, people
  129. Cities in Africa been, and your impression of them.: crime rate, safety
  130. Can Africans rule Africa? A record of failure: country, quality, culture
  131. Which city is the de facto Capitol of Africa? Nairobi, Lagos or Johannesburg?: crime, country
  132. Sudan's president says international courts can't touch him. Imagine such obstinance.: crime, life - Africa
  133. What is Lagos, Nigeria like?: crime, safety, country, violence - Africa
  134. Why do all black Africans have the same English accent?: country, tourist
  135. is egypt dangerous for turists: crime, safest, country, tourists - Africa
  136. Match an American city with an African city: crime, country, violence
  137. Egypt!: country, tourists, life, people - Africa
  138. What is happening in South Africa?: crime, country, violence, culture
  139. Africa...: crime rate, country, tourist, violence
  140. Would you like to live in South Africa? Yes? No?: crime, country
  141. Boer War era South African military insignia: country, standard, citizen
  142. been to CAPE VERDE?: country, tourist, speak, travel - Africa
  143. So is North Africa Middle East or not?: life, speak, people
  144. Talk to me about Cape Town, South Africa: crime, country, tourist
  145. Ghana & The Change in U.S. work life from now on: safest, country - Africa
  146. News, Africans With Albinism Hunted: Limbs Sold on Tanzania's Black Market.: country, life
  147. chaos in South Africa: crime rate, country, tourists, violence
  148. Flights to Africa?: cost, travel, cheap
  149. Living in Johannesburg or Pretoria, South Africa...: crime, safety, country
  150. African language: speak, people, move, visiting
  151. Algiers, Algeria: crime, safety, tourists, life - Africa
  152. Is Capetown safe to visit?: crime rate, safety, country, tourists - Africa
  153. News: European women flock to Senegal for sex: country, tourists, life - Africa
  154. Skyline battle: continent of Africa: quality
  155. Mubarak resigns: country, culture, living, people - Africa
  156. Lagos or Nairobi, which is a more reasonable choice between the two??: safety, country - Africa
  157. Safe countries in Africa: safety, country, tourists, life
  158. What is the number 1 city in Africa?: crime, life, influence
  159. Are Ethiopians, Somalis, and Eritreans black?: country, features, people, cons - Africa
  160. What do Africans think of African Americans?: country, culture, view
  161. The world has a new country: South Sudan: people, pros, international - Africa
  162. Egypt: Cairo: live, best, distance - Africa
  163. Gaddaffi is dead- long live the good people of Libya: deals, money - Africa
  164. Are Berber people white or black or a distinct races (Berber Race)?: influence, speak - Africa
  165. African-American's perceptions of Africa: country, life, speak, accents
  166. South Africa at stage 6 genocide: Obama, vote, world, job
  167. What's Johannesburg like?: crime rate, country, life, dating - Africa
  168. Do you consider North Africa to be part of the Middle East?: influence, culture
  169. Questions about Africa: crime, safety, country, cost
  170. libya military action?: crime, country, people, move - Africa
  171. Poor Zimbabwe: country, people, beautiful, living - Africa
  172. Somali Pirates.: country, life, travel, culture - Africa
  173. Is the majority of traveling to Africa usually for volunteering?: country, tourists
  174. Stellenbosch & Somerset West: cost, living, jobs - Africa
  175. News, Nigeria: All 153 onboard feared killed as plane crashes into building.: airport, residential - Africa
  176. ever travelled to Togo??: standard, experiences - Africa
  177. Sri Lanka: calling all International school teachers: citizen - Africa
  178. News, Crewmember reported dead in Somali cargo ship hijacking.: Russian, - Africa
  179. Which non-Muslim oriented African countries interest you the most?: free, white
  180. South Africa's white farmers are moving further north: country
  181. Egypt vote: The novelty of democracy in the village: country - Africa
  182. Swaziland birthday significance for girls 21 yrs: college, rated, birthday party - Africa
  183. Time for a Change: MBA - Africa
  184. Zambia's Economy: country - Africa
  185. Swahili: song - Africa
  186. Dv 2013: interview - Africa
  187. Sri Lanka: cons - Africa
  188. South African pop-culture: district, filmed, prison
  189. Johannesburg: crime rate, safety - Africa
  190. Ibeji Photo: people - Africa
  191. Domestic Construction: firms, work, foreign - Africa
  192. Somali vs Somali-Bantu: features, people - Africa
  193. News, Irish Build 200 Homes for S. Africa Poor.: people, move, cons
  194. Ghana, West Africa: money, packages, how to
  195. Which are the African Safari destinations in Kenya?: country, life
  196. King of Swaziland, population 1.14 million...: worst, 2007, default - Africa
  197. News, $86 Million Shopping Mall Helps To Heal Racially Divided South Africa.: features, jobs
  198. What is the influence of crime on the S.A.: safety, life - Africa
  199. Business trip to Cameroon: purchase, inspect, local - Africa
  200. How A Water Pump Reduces Poverty: farmers, money, engineer - Africa