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  39. What are the best small towns or cities for access to the outdoors?: places, beautiful - Americas
  40. 2nd trip to Brasil, lookin for insight on: best, life, country - Americas
  41. I would like to go to a resort in Puerto Plata of Punta Cuna and give clothes to in need: cost, place - Americas
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  46. Nudist Colonies - Americas
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  55. Earthquakes Risk in....the Dominican Republic?: conditions, time - Americas
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  58. Is Punta del Este as exclusive as people think?: country, place, speaking - Americas
  59. San Jose, Cr; Santiago, Chile; Montevideo, Uruguay: best, life, cost - Americas
  60. Dembow Music (Dominican Republic)...reminds me a bit of Angola's Kuduro...a little bit: move, cheap - Americas
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  66. Venezuela Claims About 50% of Guyana as Venezuelan Territory: country, people, speak - Americas
  67. Nicaragua in 'undeclared state of siege' as hooded gunmen rule the streets: place - Americas
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  69. Can Central America get it's own forum.: best, people, cons - Americas
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  71. African origins of the black diaspora in the Americas: best, people, move
  72. Why are so many left-wing outlets ignoring that most western-born Indians are anti-immigration?: jobs, people - Americas
  73. Plurilingualism in Latin America: country, place, people, speaking - Americas
  74. Which countries are fierce when it comes to hand signals?: speaking, population - Americas
  75. Life in Colombia After the Peace Treaty: crime, country, safer - Americas
  76. Bogota - Yelp equivalent?: best, safe, live, quality - Americas
  77. Places with most Blondes (US/CA)?: place, people, cheap, population - Americas
  78. Why is 'Machete Fighting' a thing in the Dominican Republic?: country, place - Americas
  79. Carnival Fashion: best, cost, people, cheap - Americas
  80. Learning English in South America: country, speaking, cheap, cons - Americas
  81. Latin America Had a Black Queen and Her Name Was Celia: life, country - Americas
  82. Massive Volcano Eruption in Guatemala! Most of Country Covered in Ashes!: best, life - Americas
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  85. Gold in Colombia: best, cost, place, people - Americas
  86. Long-Term, The Future Of Latin America With Low Fertility Rates?: best, life - Americas
  87. IMF agree to $50 billion dollar deal to help Argentina's economy: country, jobs - Americas
  88. Blacks living in central and south america, and caribbean: life, cost, country - Americas
  89. South American countries are running out of children, why are the governments not doing anything?: country, people - Americas
  90. African words in Caribbean Creole languages: people, accent, standard, similarities - Americas
  91. Holy Week in Latin America: country, places, people, speaking - Americas
  92. Fury as Bolsonaro orders Brazil army to mark 55th anniversary of military coup: country, people - Americas
  93. Duque: Colombia's new president: life, country, safe, jobs - Americas
  94. life in buenos aires? racist? safe?: crime, cost, country, places - Americas
  95. Best hub to use as a base when exploring Central/South America longterm: place, cheap - Americas
  96. How common is this in the USA with their migrants?: best, life - Americas
  97. Do you think there’s more racial unity in Latin America than in the United States?: place, jobs - Americas
  98. Colombia,Brazil,Mexico which country is the safest to travel alone.: best, people - Americas
  99. NY Times Article on Honduras: crime, country, jobs, people - Americas
  100. Colombians and race: country, place, people, move - Americas
  101. Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Featuring Places in the Americas: life, country, people
  102. Number 8 Man Killed In The Dominican Republic......!!!!!!: cost, country, safe - Americas
  103. Best Metro and Commuter Rail Systems in Latin America: country, train, people - Americas
  104. Why is San Diego, California so much more expensive than Iquique, Chile?: crime, place - Americas
  105. The Americas in Graphs and Maps: cost, country, jobs, cons
  106. Is Brazil going to suffer a workforce population decline crisis?: crime, country - Americas
  107. How can I learn Spanish: best, life, country, train - Americas
  108. Mexico City's controversial new Airport: best, cost, country, people - Americas
  109. Signs of the Times in the USA (What will happen to the influence abroad?): life, country - Americas
  110. Why don't Latin American countries consider uniting?: cost, country, jobs - Americas
  111. Plaza Mayor in Spanish America: country, place, people, cons - Americas
  112. Should America make attempts to improve ties with Mexico?: crime, best, life - Americas
  113. Wariness as China eyes El Salvador: life, places, speak, famous - Americas
  114. Punta Cana: best, country, place, people - Americas
  115. Precautions in Medellin: crime rate, safest, places, people - Americas
  116. What is Arica like?: best, life, cost, place - Americas
  117. Santiago Chile is rioting!: best, cost, place, people - Americas
  118. Black political figures in Latin America?: cost, country, speak, cons - Americas
  119. Central America’s Violent Northern Triangle - What keeps Nicaragua so much safer?: crime, cost - Americas
  120. Brazilians of German descent: place, people, speaking, live - Americas
  121. Top 5 places in 'Latin America' that you are interested in...: cost, country - Americas
  122. Best waterfront cities in Latin America: life, places, people - Americas
  123. Medellin has a Metro, why not Bogota: crime, cost, places - Americas
  124. El Salvador Ancestry DNA: country, people, cons - Americas
  125. Best idea for Haiti: life, country, place, jobs - Americas
  126. EU-Mercosur got its free trade deal!: country, jobs, people - Americas
  127. Most popular Latin American/Caribbean moving destinations for non-white Americans: cost, country - Americas
  128. Malecón in Spanish America: cost, place, people, cons - Americas
  129. Hundreds of skulls reveal massive scale of human sacrifice in Aztec capital: best, life - Americas
  130. Visiting Colombia: crime, life, country, safe - Americas
  131. relative lack of Brazilian immigration to Argentina: country, places, train - Americas
  132. Why is Trinidad so unknown, whereas Jamaica practically has legendary status?: places, people - Americas
  133. So much hatred of Haitians: crime, best, life, country - Americas
  134. Why is there little population in the eastern part of Colombia?: life, country - Americas
  135. Mexico City vs Santiago De Chile (quality of life, safety, public transit, environs,: crime, best - Americas
  136. most scenic country in South America: life, beautiful, time, visit - Americas
  137. There will be presidential elections in Brazil in October of this year: crime rate, best - Americas
  138. Venezuela's Inflation is Expected to be 1,000,00%!: best, life, cost, country - Americas
  139. Jakarta vs Bogota: Top 2 Mega-diverse battle (capitals): crime, life, country - Americas
  140. British and Argentine relations: country, Europeans, experiences, visit - Americas
  141. If the US suffers a catastrophic natural disaster, would the world fall into chaos?: best, country - Americas
  142. Brazil vs Colombia as a tourist: life, cost, safe, places - Americas
  143. Maduro’s drone attack: country - Americas
  144. Should Dominican Republic build a border wall to control immigration: crime rate, life - Americas
  145. Guyana, Trinidad, Suriname: East Indian-Black race relations & mixed race persons: country, places - Americas
  146. Canada, Colombia & Guyana refuse to rule out military intervention in Venezuela: cost, country - Americas
  147. Cuba cities look so much cooler/more attractive than Dominican Republic cities. Thoughts?: place, people - Americas
  148. Panama: Most obese in Latin America?: life, country, places, people - Americas
  149. How safe is Bogota, Colombia for a tourist traveling alone?: crime, best - Americas
  150. Let's make Cuba, DR, PR, Panama and parts of Colombia...and make one country...what should we call it?: life, place - Americas
  151. Relations between Spain and Latin American countries: country, jobs, people - Americas
  152. The Hague Court Rejects Chile's Obligation on Bolivia's Claim: country, people, move - Americas
  153. Should the Dominican Republic (be allowed to) join CARICOM?: best, country, people - Americas
  154. Ethnicity of Panama City, Panama: country, people, live, population - Americas
  155. San Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala invading Mexico on the way to USA....: crime, life - Americas
  156. Top Expat Destinations 2018: Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia - on the list....: best, country - Americas
  157. The Dominican Republic is lacking charming cities (i.e. Cartagena, Havana), but if you were to recommend a city?: life, country - Americas
  158. One of the Greatest Museums in Latin America has Burned Down!!!: life, cost - Americas
  159. Rank the ones you'd most want to go: Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico: best, country - Americas
  160. Can I do coke in plain sight in Colombia, Peru or Venezuela?: country, people - Americas
  161. 9hr layover in São Paulo - Is there anything I can hope to do?: best, cost - Americas
  162. Most Native Influenced National Culture: country, speak, population, live - Americas
  163. Who is Hispanic?: country, place, people, speaking - Americas
  164. Islenos in Louisiana: life, places, people, move - Americas
  165. Caribbean Music....: cost, cons, time - Americas
  166. French language in the Caribbean and South America: life, country, place - Americas
  167. Coffee rivalries in Latin America?: best, cost, country, people - Americas
  168. Hotties in Columbia: best, country, place, people - Americas
  169. What makes the Southern Cone the most prosperous region in Latin America?: crime rate, life - Americas
  170. What is music education like in Brazil?: best, train, people - Americas
  171. Why didn't Mexico try to take back the lands that the Americans stole from them?: cost, country - Americas
  172. First Cuba, then Venezuela, now Mexico? Socialism in Latin America: country, people - Americas
  173. The next couple days - Colombia and Venezuela: best, life, people - Americas
  174. The history of the terms Hispanic and Latino: country, people, speaking - Americas
  175. Brazen Street Thieves in Rio de Janeiro: safe, place, train - Americas
  176. What to do and see in Medellin but only in the afternoon?: best, life - Americas
  177. What are the safest countries in Latin America to move to from the U.S.?: crime, best - Americas
  178. Why is Brazil such a hedonistic society?: life, cost, country - Americas
  179. The Systematic Erasure of African Descendents in Latin America: life, country, places - Americas
  180. How common is traditional Mexican food in other parts of Latin America?: cost, place - Americas
  181. Fortaleza (Brazil) on Google Street View, several neighbourhoods, with map and link: place, areas - Americas
  182. No coverage of Colombia’s expresident Alvaro Uribe scandal: crime, country, places - Americas
  183. Favorite Latin American Mega City?: best, life, people, cons - Americas
  184. Apartment in Cali: best, place, move, speaking - Americas
  185. The Catholic Church in Latin America: cost - Americas
  186. Progress Report on St Martin/St Barthelemy: visit - Americas
  187. American tourists are canceling their trips to Dominican Republic: life - Americas
  188. Legal Drug Cultivation In South America?: crime, people - Americas
  189. 2019 Global Peace Index: The Americas: crime, cost, international, safest
  190. La Lupe - Americas
  191. What are stereotypical Latin American right wingers?: people - Americas
  192. Current Real Estate Conditions in Puerto Rico: place, time - Americas
  193. Fibre supply in Alon: quality - Americas
  194. Mexican Scientists Cure HPV - Americas
  195. What would you add to a Galapagos trip? - Americas
  196. Pushback from an Amazon tribe: time, versus - Americas
  197. Bolivia 10 Year multiple entry tourist visa for US citizens - requirements for second entry?: country, hotel - Americas
  198. Interactive Smart Mirrors in Gyms or Fitness Studio - Americas
  199. Affect of Uber on Transport in South America: safe, people, live - Americas
  200. Where in Ecuador do you consider the nicest place to live, see the options then the choices: crime - Americas