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  108. Jamaica or Trinidad and Toboga: crime rate, best, life, country - Americas
  109. Spanish is NOT my language: country, people, speak, travel - Americas
  110. white Haitians?: country, people, move, culture - Americas
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  113. Havana, Cuba - Most 'european' city in the Carribbean?: country, place, speaking - Americas
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  115. Does your experience reinforce the American stereotype?: life, country, people - Americas
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  124. just how dangerou is Guayaquil and Quito?: crime, life, cost - Americas
  125. Out of the major Latin American cities, which one would you prefer to live in?: crime rate, best - Americas
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  127. 2014 World Cup put in jeopardy(brazilian's management failure): best, place, people - Americas
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  134. South America: life, cost, safe, place - Americas
  135. United States and Brazil most diverse countries in the world?: life, country - Americas
  136. Which Caribbean island?: life, country, safe, people - Americas
  137. How different are the nations of South America?: best, country, people - Americas
  138. How big is the Puerto Rican community in the Dominican Republic?: cost, place - Americas
  139. What is it like to live in Panama?: crime, cost, country - Americas
  140. American moving to caribbean: best, place, jobs, people - Americas
  141. UN brought Cholera to Haiti?: place, train, people, time - Americas
  142. I'm mad as hell about Haiti: best, life, safe, place - Americas
  143. Best Spanish School in South America: country, safe, place, people - Americas
  144. Medellin - a city in transformation: best, country, safest, places - Americas
  145. 3 Miners Hoisted to Freedom in Chile: people, time - Americas
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  147. Latin America: best, life, country, dangerous - Americas
  148. Racism against Asians in Argentina vs Spain: country, places, people - Americas
  149. How should I prepare for my first trip to Argentina?: best, safe - Americas
  150. Brazil's obesity rate could match US by 2022: cost, country, people - Americas
  151. What is the best way to get around São Paulo?: cost, country - Americas
  152. Emigration to Uruguay from the United States: best, life, country - Americas
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  154. Looking for on Panama City, Panama: best, life, cost - Americas
  155. Moving to Rio de Janiero (or Houston) from Los Angeles: crime, best - Americas
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  158. Americans in Brazil: crime, cost, country, safe - Americas
  159. Brazilian Cities: Salvador v Sao Paulo: crime rate, life, place, people - Americas
  160. After 6 months living in Ecuador...: crime, best, cost, country - Americas
  161. RACE in BRAZIL???: country, people, cons, population - Americas
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  168. The popularity of Spiritism (Kardecism) in Brazil: life, country, places - Americas
  169. World of Cuban dance(s) ... Help with a really awkward penis =): people, move - Americas
  170. Has ever moved to Ecuador from the US or other countries?: crime, best - Americas
  171. Do you think of Dominicans as Latin American or Afro-Caribbean?: country, place - Americas
  172. Peru OR Puerto Rico OR Dominican Republic? (Study Abroad): crime, life, cost - Americas
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  174. Need opinions on Trinidad and Tobago?: crime rate, best, life - Americas
  175. What US city is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil most like?: crime, best - Americas
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  177. outside of Brazil ever move to Rio de Janiero, São Paulo or Florianopolis?: best, life - Americas
  178. Brasil Advice: Fortaleza/Recife Help: crime, best, life, country - Americas
  179. Does Brazil Have of Different Regional Accents?: country, people, speaking - Americas
  180. Compare: Asuncion (Paraguay) to Montevideo (Uruguay) and Buenos Aires: life, places, people - Americas
  181. What can be done to help Jamaica and it's citizens at the grassroots level?: crime rate, country - Americas
  182. Brazil’s Boom Draws Americans Eager to Profit - New York Times: cost, safer - Americas
  183. Spanish in Chile and Argentina: best, country, people, speaking - Americas
  184. many Haitians migrating to Brazil's Amazon region: time, citizen, income - Americas
  185. Where can I have a suprise 75th birthday party in St. Kitts for my mom?: place - Americas
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  190. Video, Jet engine blows foolish beachgoer into a wall.: airport - Americas
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  192. ROSADO of BELIZE, BRITISH HONDURAS: Spanish, looking for - Americas
  193. Guadalajara vs. Rosario: cities, American, Latin - Americas
  194. Huminaes Llenos, his family, and other Filipino families in Cuba: live - Americas
  195. obits/grave in cuba: looking for - Americas
  196. 6.9 magnitude earthquake hits Peru - Americas
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