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  18. Commomwealth Countries In the Americas?: country, move, live, time
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  23. Argentina: Strike paralyses Buenos Aires and other cities: cost, country, place - Americas
  24. why salvadorians are ashame of their country?: crime rate, best, people - Americas
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  26. Popular Caribbean songs: quality - Americas
  27. Barbados rapes: Victims say innocent man charged: crime, country, speaking - Americas
  28. Will Colorado and Washington's New Legal Cannabis Law Affect the Drug War?: cost, country - Americas
  29. French West Indies - with personal experience?: places, neighborhoods - Americas
  30. Health Issues from La Paz?: people, move, time, visit - Americas
  31. Garden City- parking at Merillon Station?: train, time - Americas
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  36. Old School Pilot Early Retirement @ 47 ......: life, people, move, cons - Americas
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  38. As Growth Ebbs, Brazil Powers Up Its Bulldozers: country, place, time - Americas
  39. Which city's living level is higher?: life, cost, standard - Americas
  40. Brazilian Soap Operas: place, live, time - Americas
  41. Statement on Sandy - Americas
  42. Bible Society of the West Indies publishes Jamaican patois Bible: best, people - Americas
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  48. Sorry, New York. The Hip-Hop Thrill Has Gone South to Rio: country, famous - Americas
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  51. Search for Relatives: emigrate, live - Americas
  52. One Way Ticket?: country, cheap, time - Americas
  53. Americas 'settled in three waves'.: people, international
  54. Enough with the Non-Sense...Who's Going to Carnival?: place, people, live - Americas
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  63. genealogy in St. Lucia: people, time - Americas
  64. China and Brazil in $30bn currency swap agreement: country - Americas
  65. Caribbean carnivals - Your thoughts: cost, beautiful, famous, experiences - Americas
  66. Peru's economy: Prosperity brings remarkable change to Lima: best, life, country - Americas
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  68. Brazil Gains Business and Influence as It Offers Aid and Loans in Africa: country, train - Americas
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  70. Agriculture in South America: international - Americas
  71. Latin America: 2020: life, cost, country, place - Americas
  72. Is Jamaica really as dangerous as i hear it is?: crime, country - Americas
  73. Do black people in latin american countries have problems getting good jobs? and why?: country, place - Americas
  74. Best country in Latin America for what I'm looking for? help): crime rate, life - Americas
  75. Living in Panama: crime, best, life, cost - Americas
  76. Best music from Latin America?: country, people, population - Americas
  77. Argentines opinions of Spain, Italy: best, life, cost, country - Americas
  78. Cuba has high standard of living relative to Latin American standards?: life, country - Americas
  79. Videos of the Best Latin American Carnivals: people, cons, 2013 - Americas
  80. Best & Worst countries for Latin Cuisine: cost, country, place - Americas
  81. What do YOU know about the small Caribbean Islands: best, life, cost - Americas
  82. West Indian Carnival vs Mardi Gras (New Orleans): crime rate, best, place - Americas
  83. Driving Videos through the Largest Cities in Latin America: cost, people, vacation - Americas
  84. What Caribbean Islands are wealthiest/have the highest standard of living?: life, cost - Americas
  85. Which major city in Latin America would have you thinking you're in Europe based on how its inhabitants look?: best, cost - Americas
  86. Why are Americans so obsessed with race?: crime rate, life, country - Americas
  87. Most liberal areas in Latin America?: country, people, population, live - Americas
  88. Nightclub Fire Kills Over 200 In Sao Paulo, Brazil: safe, places, people - Americas
  89. Most conservative country in Latin America?: life, speaking, visit, nightlife - Americas
  90. How are the French west indian islands? How do they compare to other islands in the West Indies?: country, place - Americas
  91. The Languages of the New World: country, place, people, speaking - Americas
  92. why latin america hates mexico: cost, country, people, speaking - Americas
  93. Paraguay suffered a lot at the hands of Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina!: country, train - Americas
  94. America: The Continent of Immigrants: life, cost, country, place - Americas
  95. PCC violence and bus burning in São Paulo: crime, country, place - Americas
  96. Rank the Latin American countries in how similar to the United States they are: best, country - Americas
  97. Is it true that Nordic looking models are preferred in Brazil? Why aren't darker Brazilian women as embraced?: jobs, people - Americas
  98. The Americas. . .: life, country, place, people
  99. São Paulo versus New York versus Mexico City: crime, life, safe - Americas
  100. Learning To Speak Spanish: best, cost, train, speaking - Americas
  101. Bolivian Congressmen Rape A Woman: crime, country, places, jobs - Americas
  102. everybody in brazil is model like beautiful????: best, country, people - Americas
  103. Latin America's Most Popular Beach Destinations: best, life, cost, places - Americas
  104. Afro Caribbean music - Your thoughts: American, video - Americas
  105. Who has been to Cuba?: crime, best, life, country - Americas
  106. Muslims in the Caribbean: best, life, cost, country - Americas
  107. Chinese Peruvians: cost, country, people, move - Americas
  108. Is Latin American society more violent across the board, or is it mostly economically-related organized crime?: crime rate, best - Americas
  109. Hey Spanish speakers: country, places, people, speaking - Americas
  110. Caribbean-Americans: An Invisible Minority Seeking Identity And Affirmation: country, places, people - Americas
  111. Is it true that kids in Latin America grow up faster than kids in North America?: country, people - Americas
  112. Trying to understand Racism and Political Issues in Bolivia and my Bolivian side of the family: country, places - Americas
  113. Why do people from South America and Canada get mad at the term Americans: life, country - Americas
  114. Cuba--African names, surnames: life, country, people, speaking - Americas
  115. What are Bahamian and Carribean whites like: people, speak, live - Americas
  116. How prudish/conservative is Latin America? How does it vary by country?: places, people - Americas
  117. Is there city in Latin America where English is widely spoken?: cost, country - Americas
  118. Spanish Language in the US: best, country, people, speaking - Americas
  119. What's your favorite major cities in the Americas?: life, live
  120. Will the U.S. break apart?: country, move, speak, cons - Americas
  121. Uruguay, been there?: crime, best, life, cost - Americas
  122. Which African country is Trinidad & Tobago very similar to?: life, people - Americas
  123. Argentina vs The World: country, place, train, people - Americas
  124. does latin america ever get snow?: compared, areas, places - Americas
  125. temp relocation to belize: crime, best, safe, dangerous - Americas
  126. U.S.-Canada merger: best, cost, country, people - Americas
  127. Trinidad & Tobago: North America or South America: place, people, cons - Americas
  128. Which is your favourite city in the Americas for history?: beautiful, areas
  129. Popular songs in Brazilian Portuguese/ Movies: time - Americas
  130. Most French City in Brazil?: places, people, cons - Americas
  131. Where does the idea of the america's as one continent come from?: country, people - Americas
  132. Party's Over: How Did Brazil's Economy Get So Bad So Fast?: best, life - Americas
  133. Unbeliveable example of misunderstanding about Brazil - on Forbes magazine.: best, country - Americas
  134. Is the West Indies a Model for Positive Race Relations?: life, country - Americas
  135. which latin america country has the best economy?: cons, pros, developed - Americas
  136. Papiamento speakers: best, move, speak, beautiful - Americas
  137. How to stay cheaply in Cuba?: best, life, cost, country - Americas
  138. 'Americas' Forum or 'Latin America' Forum?: people, areas, places
  139. Recife vs Salvador vs Fortaleza (large Northeast Brazilian city showdown!): crime, best - Americas
  140. 'Mulatto' - Brazil vs USA - acceptable word?: people, cons, beautiful - Americas
  141. Brazil vs. Colombia? Which you prefer getting to know better?: crime, country - Americas
  142. Cities in Brazil you like better than RIO DE JANEIRO...and why?: life, country - Americas
  143. Are women in Latin America much less race conscious when dating?: cost, country - Americas
  144. Is Cuba more or less exempt from the drug epidemics plaguing the rest of the Americas?: crime, country
  145. desire to visit Guyana/Suriname/French Guiana?: cost, country, place - Americas
  146. Panama vs. Columbia: cost, country, safe, place - Americas
  147. Where in South/Central America Can I Buy a house and start a new life?: crime rate, cost - Americas
  148. Anti-Americanism (again)...: best, life, country, place - Americas
  149. Canadian tourists: best, life, cost, country - Americas
  150. American like Countries in South America: crime rate, life, cost, country - Americas
  151. Overrated travel destination in Latin America: best, cost, country, culture - Americas
  152. Sao Paulo vs Rio de Janeiro: life, country, place, people - Americas
  153. A, B or C ? Argentina, Brazil or Chile for family living ?: crime, best - Americas
  154. Cheap and fun, but safe places to visit in Latin America?: crime, country - Americas
  155. How integrated are Asian Hispanics?: life, country, place, people - Americas
  156. What is the ancestry of most Cuban people?: cons, population, accent - Americas
  157. How seriously do most Latin Americans take religion?: best, country, place - Americas
  158. This is how Americans talk: country, people, accent, time - Americas
  159. Does find the latino race classification irritating?: country, jobs, people - Americas
  160. Brazil's third city: best, people, move, population - Americas
  161. Just how much are Blonde hair and blue eyes loved in Latin America?: place, people - Americas
  162. Which South American country to go to?: crime, cost, safest - Americas
  163. Rio de Janeiro vs. Buenos Aires vs. Sao Paulo vs. Santiago vs. Mexico City - where will they be 20 years from now?: best, cost - Americas
  164. Are most people aware that Puerto Rico is part of the US?: country, places - Americas
  165. Are areas similar to the South in the US or are they similar to an area like the Mississippi Delta?: cost, country - Americas
  166. Latin America is a disaster!: crime, cost, country, safe - Americas
  167. How is the crime rate in Guyana compared to Brazil?: life, cost - Americas
  168. Chicago Vs Montreal? Vs Toronto Vs NYC: move, cons, beautiful - Americas
  169. Ecuador advice?: life, place, train, people - Americas
  170. Why Brazil’s Big-Spending Tourists Heart New York: best, life, country - Americas
  171. United Statians?: country, place, people, speaking - Americas
  172. The High Level of Urbanization of Latin America: country, people, move - Americas
  173. American Cities with Metros: best, country, safe, dangerous - Americas
  174. Mexico/Latin America: more like the U.S. or Spain?: life, cost - Americas
  175. Puerto Rico or Costa Rica for vacation this fall/winter, I prefer to be in the water: life, country - Americas
  176. Would this be a realistic Brazilian family?: life, country, people - Americas
  177. Subjective: who are the most humorous Latin Americans and why?: best, place - Americas
  178. Hondurans of Italian birth and descent ?: cost, country, places, people - Americas
  179. Rio de Janeiro - specific neighborhoods?: crime, country, dangerous, places - Americas
  180. Which parts of the Americas retain closest cultural affinities with Europe?: country, places
  181. Brazilian cities and high rises: crime, cost, country, dangerous - Americas
  182. Brasilia: life, place, people, move - Americas
  183. How Argentina and Brazil Help Iran - is this a threat?: crime, best - Americas
  184. Brazilian College Student Fakes Own Kidnapping: time - Americas
  185. Most well stocked bookstore or library in the carribean islands: travel - Americas
  186. Urgent … the Awaited Imam Mahdi announces to humans the of the overflowing sea from the clear verses of t - Americas
  187. Sailing away from Cuba? Crew change?: people - Americas
  188. City data , yelp , city search: people - Americas
  189. How to apply International Driving license?: house, avoid, direct - Americas
  190. has installed multisports artificial grass field: better - Americas
  191. Rowlett Locksmiths: property, technician, systems - Americas
  192. about paradise island in Bahamas: time - Americas
  193. How are the women in Panama and Ecuador?: beautiful - Americas
  194. ESL teaching in Brazil: teach - Americas
  195. San Paolo Megacity: places, people, cons, live - Americas
  196. New Profile - Americas
  197. Two more questions about the Bahamas: culture - Americas
  198. Looking for a small chill beach town to relocate to: life, jobs - Americas
  199. Has been to Saint Kitts: culture - Americas
  200. Need good clear skyline of the Twin Cities for art project.: credit, work - Americas