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  67. s on Placencia, San Ignacio, Caye Caulker Belize?: life, cost, country - Americas
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  69. Official pictures/photos/snaps for the Americas: 2013, places
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  74. What places in America have the highest percentage of O- blood type? Not including O+: best, life - Americas
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  76. Which Country Do You See More Mismatched Couples In Terms Of Looks, The U.S Or Brazil ?: pros - Americas
  77. Greetings from Peru - Land of Coffee, Cocoa, Coca, Cuban Cigars: best, country - Americas
  78. Anglo Caribbean cuisine vs French Caribbean cuisine vs Spanish Caribbean cuisine: best, places - Americas
  79. Lima, the capital of Peru, is now on Google Street View: country, places - Americas
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  81. What Is The Actual Black Population Of The U.S?: place, people - Americas
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  84. Brazil Angered Over Report N.S.A. Spied on President: best, life - Americas
  85. Coming to think about it, Fidel Castro is the least ruthless dicator in the Americas: country, train
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  88. Why do Latin Americans hate the Spaniards? And vice versa?: life, country - Americas
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  91. South of Brazil, most like of Europe: life, country, travel - Americas
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  93. Why do people from Panama: country, cons, culture, population - Americas
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  95. Is Evo Morales anti-American?: country, people, population, developed - Americas
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  97. Black-American Men (USA): best, country, move, speak - Americas
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  104. Italian Argentines and Italian Americans compare and contrast?: life, country, people - Americas
  105. South-Eastern US vs The Caribbean: life, places, cons, culture - Americas
  106. Uruguay votes to legalize marijuana: country, travel, cons, time - Americas
  107. Estimates show 90% of indigenous people were wiped out due to colonial contact: life, jobs - Americas
  108. How Will More Hispanics Change The U.S?: places, people, cons - Americas
  109. How Did Caribbean Accents Develop?: people, speaking, population - Americas
  110. Are most Hispanics Mestizo?: life, country, places, people - Americas
  111. Inside Cuba: country, people, population, international - Americas
  112. Do you think Puerto Rico should become a state?: country, people, speaking - Americas
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  114. Are they latino?: country, people, speaking, cons - Americas
  115. If you're an American, be proud (My story): best, life, cost - Americas
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  117. dont be fooled by latino cuture: country, people, speaking - Americas
  118. Dominican Republic To End Citizenship Of Whose Parents Entered Illegally: country, dangerous - Americas
  119. Better Skyline - Cincinnati vs Minneapolis: people - Americas
  120. Chile busting 20.000 USD capita end of year!: best, country, places - Americas
  121. The Mulatto-ization of the Spanish Caribbean: country, places, people, move - Americas
  122. Which Latin American country has the highest percentage of people of pure Iberian descent?: cost, place - Americas
  123. Afro Latino Awareness: cost, country, place, people - Americas
  124. Is it fair to say the Spanish Caribbean has a regional variation instead of a national one?: best, country - Americas
  125. The best music in the Americas comes out of the Caribbean region: time, international
  126. Best looking women in Latin America: country, people, speaking, travel - Americas
  127. Why Haiti is so poor!: crime, country, move, time - Americas
  128. has the influx of hispanics caused uneasy race relations in the US?: country, place - Americas
  129. Would Rapper Ice T be Considered Black In Haiti?: life, country, places - Americas
  130. Which independent Caribbean country is worthy of developed status?: best, life - Americas
  131. Anguilla independence referendum 2014 - will it be the 36th nation in the Americas?: place, people
  132. Brazilian music: best, people, cons - Americas
  133. Do Americans hate Iraqis?: best, country, place, people - Americas
  134. Argentina: Are they all violent? (See video): country, people, travel - Americas
  135. Success Caribbean American&Latin American groups: life, cost, country - Americas
  136. Brazil: attire for guys: country, places, people, cons - Americas
  137. In which Latin American country are blacks treated the best?: place, people - Americas
  138. If Cuba is as great as people believe...: best, life, country - Americas
  139. Toilet Tissue Shortage In Venezuela: life, country, people, speak - Americas
  140. Uruguay or Brazil?: best, life, country, safe - Americas
  141. Is Chile more like Peru or Argentina?: country, people, speaking - Americas
  142. U.S. cities vs. Brazilian cities. Which one would you pick?: crime, life - Americas
  143. has Brazil always been an expensive country?: cost, place, cheap - Americas
  144. Trini, Bajan and Jamaican Accents: people, speaking, water, airport - Americas
  145. Which Central American country has the most economic: cost, dangerous, places - Americas
  146. Most musically influential countries in Latin-America: best, cost, country, people - Americas
  147. Is the CIA Factbook Demographics for Latin America realible?: country, cons, population - Americas
  148. No, I'm not going to the world cup! Brazilian protests! #Acordouogigante #changebrazil: best, life - Americas
  149. USA versus UK living: best, life, cost, place - Americas
  150. Which country in Latin America has the Prettiest girls ?: place, people - Americas
  151. Do Latin-Americans call the Spanish they speak Espanol or Castellano ?: country, people - Americas
  152. Ecuador Retirement: best, cost, people, move - Americas
  153. HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean: life, places, people, pros - Americas
  154. Metro and LRT systems in Latin America: train, conditions, 2014 - Americas
  155. Why do the Americas have so much violence?: crime rate, life, cost
  156. What are the biggest cultural differences between West Indians and African Americans: crime, life - Americas
  157. americans have no culture?: life, country, people, travel - Americas
  158. Economic Results Of Latin America's Leftward Move: country, people, cheap - Americas
  159. Congratulations to Buenos Aires, Argentina for giving the world a new Pope!: life, country - Americas
  160. Why no black Brazilian's visible at the Pope's mass ?: cost, country, people - Americas
  161. Circumcision in Hispanic countries: travel, time - Americas
  162. safety of certain Brazilian cities: crime rate, life, cost, safest - Americas
  163. Who is the Dominican Republic more likely to unite with?: life, country - Americas
  164. Belize living for non standard expats: crime, life, cost - Americas
  165. Which city in colonial Latin America has the best city scape and architecture?: country, place - Americas
  166. Non-African descented Brazilians want to defy the Samba and big butt stereotypes: country, people - Americas
  167. How are they treated in Spain?: life, country, places, jobs - Americas
  168. psychology in Argentina vs. rest of Latin America: country, people, live - Americas
  169. Jamaicans & Cubans: place, people, move, speak - Americas
  170. Cubans: The most educated in Latin America?: country, places, people - Americas
  171. Cuba: A where Googling failed me- Guajiro dialect in Guantanamo?: life, country - Americas
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  174. Trying to find someone in Ecuador - Americas
  175. U.S.- Another Public Gun Attack: people, airport - Americas
  176. good shopping site:3w-thekeytrade-net: quality - Americas
  177. Ruins: time, hotel - Americas
  178. know about job situation in Cayman Islands?: land, engineering - Americas
  179. Where did the Mexican accent come from?: people, cons, developed - Americas
  180. Volunteer/work in Ecuador: life, country, place, people - Americas
  181. Vodou mystic bathes in fire - Americas
  182. Guyanese-Americans - World in America Documentary - Americas
  183. Tips For Financing...: best - Americas
  184. Haitian Vodou exorcism - Americas
  185. Mexico tourism: Gulf coast vs. Pacific and Caribbean coasts: Europeans, compared - Americas
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  187. Designer Dogs Better Dogs Or Just Mutts The Truth About Designer Copied with permission from: life, cost - Americas
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  189. Help finding German (and other) speaking communities in Buenos Aires - Americas
  190. St Kitts: time - Americas
  191. Paraguay vs. Argentine NW/Cuyo starting in 1700s-early 1800s: live, areas - Americas
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  193. relocating to NYC/Northern NJ: neighborhoods, school - Americas
  194. Deportees expelled from the US are a burden on the countries they're sent back to?: crime - Americas
  195. Dominican Peso - Americas
  196. Americas Changing Demographic Trends: people, population, statistics
  197. Guarani language in Paraguay vs. northeastern Argentine provinces like Corrientes: culture - Americas
  198. about accents: speak - Americas
  199. why so many dictatorships in the past in Paraguay?: people - Americas
  200. How long did Mexico's Zambo population last, and when did it dilute into the greater Mestizo population?: live, Europeans - Americas