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  1. Majority of Brazilian homes have a car or a motorcycle: country, people - Americas
  2. News, Machu Picchu streakers at rock bottom as authorities enforce cover-up.: people, 2014 - Americas
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  14. Cheapest place to fly to OUT OF Colombia (Bogota or otherwise): best, cost - Americas
  15. Manaus, Brazil: best, life, place, people - Americas
  16. do i have a good chance at getting the job?: place - Americas
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  26. Ecuador electrical grid: water - Americas
  27. Are there really 1 million people in Argentina who can speak Arabic?: country, statistics - Americas
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  29. Ecuador seeks to end investment protection treaty with U.S: 2013 - Americas
  30. Punta del Este: life, country, place, people - Americas
  31. honeymoon in caribbean: best, people, travel, hotel - Americas
  32. Most prolific national hero in the Americas: place, school, 2013
  33. Could This Be the Next Silicon Valley?: country, dangerous, place - Americas
  34. Ukrainian Charitable civic organization: country, people, live, emigrate - Americas
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  36. Jeitinho brasileiro: country, people, visit, live - Americas
  37. Popularity of American (continent) Presidents: cost, country, place, people - Americas
  38. News, The Bahamas: Where Every Cell Phone Call Is Recorded.: place, people - Americas
  39. Olympic Yachting Venue!!: move, time, water, standard - Americas
  40. Highest murder rates: country, place, people, population - Americas
  41. How can a small country: dangerous, culture - Americas
  42. Rural U.S./Canada border crossings: people, move, time, areas - Americas
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  46. Panama Intensifies Friendship and Cooperation with Haiti: country, jobs, people - Americas
  47. Davenport,ia: cost, place, move, experiences - Americas
  48. How well are first-generation or second generation immigrants assimilated in Latin America?: life, country - Americas
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  50. Once again Peru is LATAM's fastest growing Economy.: life, 2013, country - Americas
  51. Fire in Valparaiso: country, cons, live, construction - Americas
  52. Avenida Paulista vs 9 de Julio vs Paseo de la Reforma: best, life - Americas
  53. The Nicest Seaside Drives in Latin America: best, place, people - Americas
  54. Why wasn't there a lot of Spanish immigration to the US?: country, places - Americas
  55. Can i electrofy my metal to eliminate bats ?: life, live, areas - Americas
  56. Cuban Americans: life, people, culture, time - Americas
  57. Cubans trace ancestry to remote Sierra Leone village: people, travel, beautiful - Americas
  58. After Hugo Chavez: best, country, people, developed - Americas
  59. Adios, Garcia-Márquez. Adios Cheo Feliciano.: life, people, cons, culture - Americas
  60. Designing your own town: places, people, time, areas - Americas
  61. Has been to Montevideo?: best, life, train, people - Americas
  62. What are the chances of SB1 visa approval: time, visit - Americas
  63. What does melocoton mean?: people, time, school - Americas
  64. Best views of your Latin American town: train - Americas
  65. into latin traditional, folk music? - Americas
  66. Study Abroad Location Suggestions?: speaking, cons, international - Americas
  67. brazil or peru: best, time, dangerous, vacation - Americas
  68. Is Medellin and Monterrey pretty similar?: crime, country, places, population - Americas
  69. What was the richest Caribbean colony in British America?: life - Americas
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  74. Patagonia: life, place, train, people - Americas
  75. Which independence was the most prolific in the Americas?
  76. So exactly what aspect of brazilian culture is inspired by the portuguese?: people, move - Americas
  77. Danzon music from Veracruz - Americas
  78. use USPS to La Paz, Bolivia?: country, live - Americas
  79. Which of two Latin American artists had the better voice?: beautiful, time - Americas
  80. Disparities and Migration Pressures on American Borders: cost, country, people - Americas
  81. New York vs Mexico City vs Sao Paulo on urbanity/crowdedness: life, places - Americas
  82. The proposed West Indies Federation(1958-1962): crime, people, cons, population - Americas
  83. Opera House in the Amazon?: culture, 2013 - Americas
  84. What Norway Can Teach Mexico On Oil: country, people, cons - Americas
  85. Intensive Spanish Course in Latin America: country, place, people, speaking - Americas
  86. Argentinian telenovelas - Americas
  87. folks should visit bolivia: country, beautiful, citizen, live - Americas
  88. Black Americans are ashamed of being black?: best, life, place - Americas
  89. Which latin american countries have the best cuisine?: country, people, cons - Americas
  90. African Americans: What are your views on Latin America?: country, place, people - Americas
  91. Would it be beneficial if all the central american countries Panama would become part of Mexico?: crime, cost - Americas
  92. Which Latin American countries are currently drawing many immigrants, if at all?: cost, country - Americas
  93. China Buys Peruvian Copper Mine for $6 Billion: cost, country, cons - Americas
  94. What is the new Panama City for Americans?: life, cost, country - Americas
  95. Beach/surf towns in Latin America.: cost, place, people, travel - Americas
  96. Can the average Black American pass as a Nigerian?: country, people, time - Americas
  97. Was Cuba really a developed country relatively pre Castro?: life, people, speaking - Americas
  98. Television for Mexicans in America is funny and racist too!: country, people - Americas
  99. How are Spaniard women different from Latin American women?: crime, places, people - Americas
  100. How is Venezuela for vacation? I want to book something soon: crime, best - Americas
  101. Why does it seem that much of Latin America is left wing, or there are many left-wing countries there?: country, place - Americas
  102. Are hyphenated identities less common in other countries of the Americas than in the USA?: best, people
  103. America's most European city: life, people, cons, quality - Americas
  104. It's election year in Brazil, and the UK and USA media have a side: country, train - Americas
  105. What nationality are you?: country, place, people, travel - Americas
  106. going to the Rio Olympics?: best, place, people, hotel - Americas
  107. living in Santiago for a year I'll stay there) can gringo's fully be a part of society there.: life, country - Americas
  108. Miss Universe: Why does Latin America keep winning?: cost, train, speaking - Americas
  109. Are African Americans the most racist?: life, people, speaking, cons - Americas
  110. Why is every Latino in the South (USA): people, move, population - Americas
  111. Why is Americas overwhelmingly dominated by 9 countries?: country, people, cons
  112. Latin American Countries Visited: life, country, place, people - Americas
  113. St Kitts and Nevis: best, life, cost, country - Americas
  114. tango and crazy Argentine politics as two sides of same coin?: best, life - Americas
  115. Brazilians and other Latin Americans: country, people, speaking, culture - Americas
  116. portuguese vs spanish: country, people, speaking, cons - Americas
  117. Is this a US citizen-only thing?: life, people, speaking, travel - Americas
  118. Really wanting to visit Dominican Republic but....: best, life, cost - Americas
  119. Is Sao Paulo, Brazil a Good Place to Live for African Americans?: country, dangerous - Americas
  120. How racially mixed is the average Black American?: people, speaking, areas - Americas
  121. bus travel through Mexico: cost, country, people, cheap - Americas
  122. The Best Universities in each Cultural America: speaking, quality, school - Americas
  123. What is caribbean culture?: life, country, people, speaking - Americas
  124. Why people think Dominican are just black? or self hater ?: best, life - Americas
  125. How does Costa Rica keep itself from being invaded: best, country, people - Americas
  126. Santiago, Chile: cost, country, people, move - Americas
  127. A Southern Brazilian talks about race in Brazil: life, country, place - Americas
  128. Which Costa Rican city for study abroad?: best, life, country - Americas
  129. does being a native english speaker inhibit your learning of other languages?: country, people - Americas
  130. About Mexico and Race Relations: best, country, place, people - Americas
  131. American Countries with indigenous names: country, place, people, cons - Americas
  132. Would you say the Major cities in Latin America are now like in 1st World Developed Countries?: crime, life - Americas
  133. An educational video about the African diaspora in Latin America: life, people - Americas
  134. Cuba's high life expectancy is a result of both diet and medical access: cost, country - Americas
  135. What in the World: Brazil's Downturn: best, 2013, country, people - Americas
  136. How is Vitoria?: life, beautiful, compared, water - Americas
  137. Where should I go in Central/South America for vacation?: best, cost - Americas
  138. Obesity in Latin America: people, cheap, cons, culture - Americas
  139. Black Americans.. Have you Been to Latin America?: life, country, place - Americas
  140. Canada vs USA to start over in life: crime, country, safer - Americas
  141. Which are the nicest, cleanest and most organized cities in Latin America?: place, speaking - Americas
  142. How racially mixed is the average white LatinAmerican?: people, Europeans - Americas
  143. Carnival in Brazil: best, life, country, jobs - Americas
  144. Are Americans more easily offended than in other countries?: country, people, travel - Americas
  145. Great Brazilian cities you have never heard of: best, safe, places - Americas
  146. How racially mixed is the average white american?: people, speaking, cons - Americas
  147. Expats and the coming economic collapse: life, cost, country, places - Americas
  148. Turmoil in Venezuela: country, people, speak, time - Americas
  149. A Latin American Alliance?: best, cost, 2013, people - Americas
  150. I Just Got Back from Colombia..: crime, country, dangerous, places - Americas
  151. Haiti – Four Years Later: crime, life, country, places - Americas
  152. Nicaragua canal construction to begin in December: people, travel, areas - Americas
  153. Havana, Cuba Without Filters: country, place, people, live - Americas
  154. What is your favorite overall Central American country to vacation to and why?: life, cost - Americas
  155. Thinking about moving to Montevideo or Punta Del Este: crime, best, life - Americas
  156. Nord Haiti: best, place, people, beautiful - Americas
  157. Why is the U.S. currently in a Heroin Epidemic ?: best, life - Americas
  158. Why Mexicans not liked by Hispanics?: people, time, population - Americas
  159. What would you say would be the first 5 Latin American countries to become developed?: cost, country - Americas
  160. Choco in Colombia and Esmeraldas in Ecuador: life, cost, country - Americas
  161. been to Managua?: crime, country, safer, place - Americas
  162. What Latin American countries have the least racism?: life, places, people - Americas
  163. Moving to Colombia - is it good? where to go?: crime rate, best - Americas
  164. ¿ Why is Mexico one of the most beloved countries amongst the other Spanish speaking countries by the world?: best, cost - Americas
  165. in T&T for Carnival this year?: 2013, cheap, travel - Americas
  166. Rocinha - inside Rio's biggest favela: crime rate, life, country, safe - Americas
  167. Festa Confedereta: life, country, places, people - Americas
  168. Are white americans pure? I find them so different looking from Europeans..: life, people - Americas
  169. Which are the most boring latin american cities?: place, people, travel - Americas
  170. Why isn't there a for other countries?: best, country, people - Americas
  171. Most culturally interesting Latin American countries?: people, culture, population - Americas
  172. if you could have a beach house anywhere in Brazil wherw would you choose?: crime, best - Americas
  173. Most Important Cities in Latin America: cost, move, time, visit - Americas
  174. Barbados set to cut 3000 public sector jobs: crime, best, cost - Americas
  175. Americans and Their Heritage: life, country, place, people - Americas
  176. Panama Has a New Metro!: people, cons, teach, areas - Americas
  177. What is the most Mixed Race Anglo Caribbean Island?: place, people, speaking - Americas
  178. 8.0 Earthquake Hits Northern Chile: cost, water, international, 2014 - Americas
  179. Should I live in Brazil?: best, life, cost, country - Americas
  180. Should Harlem Be Allowed to Change?: dangerous, place, people, move - Americas
  181. Afro Latino Interviews: life, people, speaking, cons - Americas
  182. root reasons for Argentina's decline: country, train, people, cons - Americas
  183. Want to See What Socialism Does to a Country?: crime, life, places - Americas
  184. America is a terrorist nation: crime, life, country, dangerous - Americas
  185. Brazil: For Americans Going to World Cup in 2014 - A Primer: crime rate, best - Americas
  186. Jamaica the Do's & Donts: crime, best, country, people - Americas
  187. Does Spanish Caribbean solidarity exist?: cost, country, place, people - Americas
  188. Since russia has annexed crimea, can the US annex cuba now?: country, places - Americas
  189. Brazillians or people who have used public transport in Brazil: crime rate, cost - Americas
  190. Why didn't the United States annex most of the Caribbean islands in the late 19th/early 20th century?: best, country - Americas
  191. Is Brazil getting safer? Is gang violence declining in the slums?: crime rate, country - Americas
  192. Chris Geo About Medicines - Americas
  193. Questionnaire for degree work: life, cons, culture, time - Americas
  194. Interesting video about NAFTA.: people, cons, conditions, visit - Americas
  195. differences between Argentine and Chilean political cultures: population, compared, similarities - Americas
  196. German Town Jamaica and the Jamaican Germans - Americas
  197. Had a Spanish or grandad who fought with Germany? - Americas
  198. Brazil rations water to 140 cities: time, 2014, population - Americas
  199. weather comparison between cities in countries other than the USA - Americas
  200. Ki gal Miss kita c mainu Daso: 2014 - Americas