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  1. Cultural differences between People from the Same Country: cost, speak, cons - Americas
  2. Trinidad and Tobago to Launch Massive Deportation Campaign: crime, 2014, country - Americas
  3. Who has been to MANAUS? Your impressions? What did you do? What did you like/dislike about Manaus?: move, time - Americas
  4. If you wanted to see multiple regions in South America, what would be the cheapest and easiest ways to do so?: safe - Americas
  5. Why is racist used for hispanics?: best, life, place, people - Americas
  6. What countries helped - Americas
  7. British tropical or subtropical Hamptons: place, people, cons - Americas
  8. 1/8 native american: people, cons, culture, citizen - Americas
  9. Nicaraguan Atlantic Coast: life, cost, country, people - Americas
  10. Relocating to Panama?: life, cost, place, people - Americas
  11. Mexico Opens Up Energy To Investors: country, jobs, move, 2014 - Americas
  12. Americas sideways
  13. Uruguay needs a name change...: place, people - Americas
  14. How safe is Panama? How corrupt is Panama?: crime rate, best, cost - Americas
  15. Bogota or Mexico for 6 months?: life, country, place, people - Americas
  16. Job Opportunity Arequipa, Peru: crime, cost, country, safer - Americas
  17. Willemstad, Curacao - has real beauty to it, based on photos... - Americas
  18. Baragua, Cuba(English Caribbean community in Cuba) - Americas
  19. First New York Visit: best, life, safest, place - Americas
  20. Is this true about Nicaragua and El Salvador?: famous - Americas
  21. use of word austral in Southern Cone vs. rest of world: places, areas - Americas
  22. Are there cities in Latin or Central America that have a climate that's similar to the PNW?: live, areas - Americas
  23. circum-Caribbean areas: cost, places, cons, population - Americas
  24. Why do all Dominican's claim that they're from The Capital ?: best, country - Americas
  25. First Confirmed Ebola in the Western Hemisphere!: crime, best, country - Americas
  26. do ethnic asians serve in the Armed Forces in South America?: life, people - Americas
  27. Opinion: The future of Petrocaribe, another default?: country, people, speaking - Americas
  28. What is the legal minimum wage is your country in U.S. dollars?: people, population - Americas
  29. Are the people of Guadalajara the best kept secret in Latin America?: life, travel - Americas
  30. Perfect Beach Getaway for Someone who Hates the Beach: best, cost, speak - Americas
  31. Brazil election: Dilma Rousseff to face Aecio Neves in run-off: country, time - Americas
  32. CHILE: Is this a custom in Chile?: cost, people, move - Americas
  33. What do other Latin Americans think of Mexico Mexican culture, and Mexican people?: country, famous - Americas
  34. Where in LA would an Atheist feel the most comfortable?: life, country - Americas
  35. Dominicana Haitianos will advance further than us: jobs, people, speaking - Americas
  36. Spanish clubs in Latin America: cheap, live, emigrate - Americas
  37. Native American Gives Props To Black People: life, country, place - Americas
  38. The Guardian: Why Dilma Rousseff could win Brazil’s presidential election: cost, country - Americas
  39. Cartagena, colombia.: cost, people, speak, hotel - Americas
  40. Guyana's Ethnic Groups: best, country, people, cons - Americas
  41. from Jamaica know about the Tivoli Gardens?: people - Americas
  42. TMZ: Lindsay Lohan - My Presidential Candidate Has a Chopper Filled with Coke!: 2014, people - Americas
  43. Brazil vs. Portugal - in terms of 'living in one or the other': crime, people - Americas
  44. south american language adventure: crime, best, cost, safe - Americas
  45. been to PORTO ALEGRE in Brazil? Thoughts on this city?: life, country - Americas
  46. time zones in Argentina and in the Southern Cone: cons, standard - Americas
  47. Which island has more British influence? Jamaica or Barbados?: speak, population, live - Americas
  48. relocating to another country but which: crime, life, place - Americas
  49. Indigenous liberation during colonial times?: place, people, move, cons - Americas
  50. Video: 2 blasts in in Santiago metro, Los Leones station. Jan 13, 2015 - Americas
  51. Bogota vs. Lima vs. Mexico City (the arts, cafe culture, affordabilty): crime, best - Americas
  52. We loved Las Terrenas, DR and might go back. Where should we consider?: crime, best - Americas
  53. Where Is Closest Post Office In Nassau to The Cruise Ship Terminal - Americas
  54. Why do they join the gang?: country, people, time - Americas
  55. Nice San Salvador!: live, compared, areas - Americas
  56. Tell me about Paraguay.: life, country, place, people - Americas
  57. Central America Tourism: cost, country, people, facts - Americas
  58. Why are there so many blacks in the USA and Brazil compared to the rest of America?: best, country - Americas
  59. Best way to make Brasileiro penpals?: people, time, live, school - Americas
  60. Colombia ponders how to deal with feral hippos: country, people, relocating - Americas
  61. Inside the U.S. Citzenship and Immigration Service office: country, people, speak - Americas
  62. Are Indo-Caribbeans (East Indians) as conservative as their Indian counterparts?: life, country - Americas
  63. What was your first time to New York City?: place, train, people - Americas
  64. Uruguay Nursing: travel, developed - Americas
  65. Moving from the UK to America as a Quantity Surveyor/Cost Manager: jobs, train - Americas
  66. Why is Honduras the most violent?: cost, country, move, cons - Americas
  67. African influence in the Americas - architecture and urban form: 2013, country
  68. What's going on in Venezuela?: people, cons, time - Americas
  69. What are the racial stratification in Guyana?: best, country, cons - Americas
  70. Are there Thai people in Brazil?: travel, population, time - Americas
  71. Island Time: life, places, people, move - Americas
  72. Is now a good time to visit Brazil or better to wait until 2015?: country, place - Americas
  73. Thriving food scenes in Latin America: international, places - Americas
  74. U.S. States vs Latin American countries/regions: cost, country, place - Americas
  75. Brazil to always be the country of the future, and always will be .: 2015 - Americas
  76. Maldives Banner At Football: 2014 - Americas
  77. which Latin American country has the best cuisine?: places, time, vacation - Americas
  78. Where in Latin America has a middle class?: life, cost, country - Americas
  79. Port-au-Prince, Haiti 5 Years After the Earthquake: best, country, place, people - Americas
  80. Do Brazilians care if an American moves there and speaks Spanish?: life, country - Americas
  81. Martinique vs. Barbados: place, people, speaking, population - Americas
  82. Which BRAZILIAN cities would you consider living in...and WHY?: crime rate, country - Americas
  83. Another reason to cry for Argentina: crime, country, people, cons - Americas
  84. Which is safer: Cancun or Orlando?: crime, country, safe, dangerous - Americas
  85. Is there a growing anti-Columbus sentiment in Latin America like in the US?: life, safe - Americas
  86. Whatever happened to Northeastern Brazil, where it has shot up statistically in murder rates?: crime, life - Americas
  87. The Haitian Migration Dilemma in the Bahamas: best, life, country - Americas
  88. Pre-Columbus conflict in the Americas?: best, country, place, people
  89. Do you think Brazil will surpass the United States when it comes to having better mass transit in the next 20-30 years?: best, country - Americas
  90. Does Havana qualify as a cosmopolitan city?: country, people, travel - Americas
  91. Gay American, should I go to Colombia or Argentina?: country, safe, jobs - Americas
  92. Capitalism In Cuba: 2014 - Americas
  93. Ethnic groups in the Americas?: country, people, culture, areas
  94. Drug addiction in Cuba: crime, life, country, place - Americas
  95. Thoughts on Rio Grande do Sul and Parana?: life, places, people - Americas
  96. I have uestions about cities in South America: best, life, country - Americas
  97. World's Top 26 Hipster Neighborhoods - 4 are in South America: country, place, people - Americas
  98. Guns in the USA and white people: culture, time, 2013 - Americas
  99. First time visitor to Latin America: where to go?: cost, country, safest - Americas
  100. Unsure and depressed about having to leave America: country, place, move - Americas
  101. Did Hispanics participate in slavery?: life, cost, people, speaking - Americas
  102. Will U.S Investment Really Improve Cuba?: country, place, people - Americas
  103. Which South American Country for me?: crime, best, life, safe - Americas
  104. Is Paquita la del barrio the most feminist of Latin American singers?: speaking, famous - Americas
  105. Who remembers the Balsero(raft) crisis when Cubans left in the thousands for Florida?: people, travel - Americas
  106. Which country has more African retention? Cuba or Brazil?: life, people, speaking - Americas
  107. Turkey's Erdogan says Muslims Found America before Columbus: people, move, pros - Americas
  108. Um, where are the trees?: best, country, place, train - Americas
  109. Chile, Peru, Argentina or Uruguay for a summer or spring vacation: country, safest - Americas
  110. Brazil re-elects Dilma Rousseff as president: country, people, cons, conditions - Americas
  111. US/Cuba undergoing steps to open up direct travel to Cuba: cost, country - Americas
  112. Why did advance indigenous civilizations developed in the Andes and Mesoamerica but not in modern day U.S/ Canada?: move, cons - Americas
  113. Caribbean identity in Colombia: areas, population - Americas
  114. Slum Populations in Latin America & the Caribbean: cost, country, place - Americas
  115. Are there places with a good climate all year long?: country, travel - Americas
  116. Slaves were treated more brutally in the British Caribbean than in North America?: life, place - Americas
  117. Why doesn't the Domincan Republic have a MLB team?: cost, country, train - Americas
  118. Chile or Costa Rica for vacation and eventual move: crime, best, life - Americas
  119. Latin Americans of Catalan ancestry: country, place, travel, compared - Americas
  120. What would the Americas be like if European colonialism wasn't as strong?: country, people
  121. Can you speak Portunol ?: people, speaking, accent, time - Americas
  122. Why China wants to build a railway across South America: places, train - Americas
  123. 1 year in South America (hypothetical): best, country, places, people - Americas
  124. French Guiana as part of the EUROPEAN UNION - Side effects?: cost, country - Americas
  125. Poll: Which American country has the most attractive people.: travel, cons, beautiful - Americas
  126. What will it take for it to happen?: crime, cost, 2013 - Americas
  127. Orale: country, time, school, live - Americas
  128. Most Anglofied country in Latin America: cost, people, speak - Americas
  129. Taking a boat up through all of little Caribbean Islands? Feasibility?: cost, country - Americas
  130. US Americans Opinions about other American Countries: country, places, people - Americas
  131. Mexico and Latin America: people, move, speak, travel - Americas
  132. What's up with Latin Americans and Israel?: country, places, people - Americas
  133. Would say that CARTAGENA (Colombia) has a NEW ORLEANS vibe?: country, places - Americas
  134. When and why did Sao Paulo overtake Rio as Brazil's largest city?: life, country - Americas
  135. Is it just me, or do I seldom hear of people RETIRING in BRAZIL?: crime rate, cost - Americas
  136. Argentina defaults again... how come it always failed to become a developed country?: people, move - Americas
  137. Buenos Aires ? What's a good area for tourists to stay in?: best, safe - Americas
  138. < Your Favorite Latino Flag >: country, speaking, facts - Americas
  139. 'Argentina: the superpower that never was': country, people, speaking, developed - Americas
  140. Unfriendliness in the US: life, country, people, culture - Americas
  141. Rio De Janeiro - safe vacation, prices and more tips ;): best, place - Americas
  142. Costa Rica - Must See Places?: best, life, country, dangerous - Americas
  143. Panties In A Twist Over Calling Americans Americans: country, place - Americas
  144. Criticism of Brazil hosting the World Cup: best, life, cost - Americas
  145. ethnic based intelligence studies in Latin America?: people, cons, population - Americas
  146. What to bring from South America to US to make money?: cost, safer - Americas
  147. Why didn't the Spanish Caribbean adopt soccer like its South American counterparts?: places, people - Americas
  148. What does Vos mean?: cost, country, cons, time - Americas
  149. Brazil and its People: crime, life, country, places - Americas
  150. New World Bank GNI (PPP) 2013 Estimate: cost, country, places, speaking - Americas
  151. Are Central Americans known for doing this?: cost, country, train - Americas
  152. Is Hispanic the only ethnicity?: people, speaking, cons, culture - Americas
  153. Visa Waiver Program extended to Chile: cost, country, places, cheap - Americas
  154. Santos Dumont x Right Brothers in Americas: country, people, cons
  155. Montevideo (Uruguay) often doubles as Havana in films. Is Montevideo therefore quite underrated as tourist destination?: crime, best - Americas
  156. American countries with decent and accessible healthcare systems.: best, life, cost - Americas
  157. Changing accents: country, place, people, speaking - Americas
  158. Is this a US citizen-only thing?: life, people, speaking, travel - Americas
  159. Things You Learn When Living in Argentina: life, place, people - Americas
  160. Are ALL the street signs and business signs in Brazil going to be in Portuguese?: country, speaking - Americas
  161. Comparing Central American countries for travel: crime rate, best, life, cost - Americas
  162. Why Don't We Have Primates In North America?: country, people, beautiful - Americas
  163. Brazil is officially in economic recession!: best, life, cost, country - Americas
  164. Which countries helped?: country, place, people, move - Americas
  165. Miami Cubans: country, people, move, speaking - Americas
  166. Ever had a harrowing experience while living and traveling in Latin-America?: best, life - Americas
  167. Travelling to Peru: best, life, country, dangerous - Americas
  168. Is Brazil a race obsessed nation like the America?: crime rate, country, people - Americas
  169. Do you think they look like Latinos/Latina?: country, place, people - Americas
  170. Would you rather live in Medellin, Cali, Bogota, Rio De Janeiro, or Sao Paulo?: crime, life - Americas
  171. Is racism alive in Argentina?: country, people, travel, cons - Americas
  172. What two Latin American countries would you most want to live in?: crime, best - Americas
  173. Which city is more expensive, Sao Paulo or Rio De Janeiro?: place, people - Americas
  174. If they united: crime, dangerous, people, time - Americas
  175. Top 5 things you like about Dominican Republic?: country, people, speak - Americas
  176. Expat on the cheap! - Where in Central America can I find...: crime, best - Americas
  177. Where would you say is the most beautiful locations in the Americans?: cost, people - Americas
  178. Which Latin American city is best to live in without a personal vehicle?: people, teach - Americas
  179. Spanish immigration: country, people, emigrate, time - Americas
  180. hispanohablante vs. hispanoparlante: people, speaking, cons, culture - Americas
  181. Are Americans charged more for rent when they rent apartments in Brazil?: life, cost - Americas
  182. Black Spanish?: country, places, people, speaking - Americas
  183. Have you heard of Americans retiring in Cuba?: country, place, people - Americas
  184. Latin Americans on C/D - how many of can trace your ancestry?: safe, people - Americas
  185. what Americans think of Colombians: best, life, cost, country - Americas
  186. Dade City Injury Attorney - Americas
  187. Live in Antigua, Guate or Punta Chame, Panama?: life, jobs, cheap - Americas
  188. Is it true that 50% of pensions due are not paid by Dominican Republic? - Americas
  189. Early Retirement to Costa Rica: life, country, people, move - Americas
  190. Turks & Caicos Islands [Official Discussion - Americas
  191. 5 World Cup Facts for Non-Soccer Lovers - Americas
  192. Best way to get US proxy for Pandora in D.R.: cost - Americas
  193. Devils draft Santini, trade for&nbspSchneider: cost, place, jobs - Americas
  194. Cytogenetic and Molecular Characterization of Hematological Neoplasm in an Ecuadorian Population: 2013 - Americas
  195. A winter must have - Americas
  196. Volunteering in Salasaka: life, cons, beautiful, time - Americas
  197. ***Americas Forum Guidelines***: time
  198. Rolling Blackouts Back in Brazil?: place, population, live - Americas
  199. One day in Lima, Peru from a cruise ship. What to do on our own?: dangerous, speak - Americas
  200. Argentina according to argentines from Buenos Aires: time - Americas