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  134. A future BRAZIL sub-forum?: country, people, speaking, travel - Americas
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  137. Generally speaking, which city is more racist between Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo?: country, people - Americas
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  144. Why aren't Guyana and other Caribbean countries called Latino ?: life, country - Americas
  145. If you had to move to COUNTRY in Latin America / South America: Where would you pick?: crime, population - Americas
  146. Dominicans strip haitians of citizenship!: crime, country, place, people - Americas
  147. Ok this is panama. What do you think?: cost, country, people - Americas
  148. Does speak Spanish?: best - Americas
  149. Why is Brazil not a developed country? Chile made it.: cheap, quality - Americas
  150. Is it safe to be at Manizales, Colombia?: crime rate, cost, places - Americas
  151. Costa Rica goes 75 days powering itself using only renewable energy: country, place - Americas
  152. Brazil has the most densely populated semi-arid region of the world.: best, 2013 - Americas
  153. Looking to rent an AirBnB in Rio De Jeneiro near a favela named Vidigal. How safe is the area?: country, place - Americas
  154. The what if I am scared something might happen to me guide for tourists visiting Colombia: life, country - Americas
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  157. The Americas are extremely violent: safe, people, cons, population
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  159. Arepas: best, life, place, live - Americas
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  167. Which Central/South American or Caribean Country is most like Spain?: safe, place - Americas
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  170. Have you seen the Pope in Latin America?: places, 2015 - Americas
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  175. Rio Grande do Sul state in Brazil - military heritage and dictatorships: life, cost - Americas
  176. 50 years of Globo TV, the highest audience in whole western hemisphere: cost, country - Americas
  177. The Chinese are in Central America: best, cost, country, jobs - Americas
  178. João Pessoa & Maceió - Make Top 10 dangerous cities in the world - whatever happened to Northeast Brazil?: crime, safe - Americas
  179. I'm not buying the move to save money story more: crime rate, best - Americas
  180. economic decline in Cuba vs. Argentina: life, country, place, people - Americas
  181. American countries by Human Development Index corrected with inequality: crime, cost, people - Americas
  182. Puerto Rico's 73 billon dollar debt and the flight of ppl out of country: place, jobs - Americas
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  188. Work of translator - Americas
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  191. Dr. Keith Rowley is Trinidad's new prime minister - Americas
  192. i need help!!: live - Americas
  193. blind services and job opportunities: people, jobs - Americas
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  197. The Truth is No One is Suffering - Americas
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